The Sawcliffe Green man

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Blog series by Michael Anthony Zelonis updated 09-08-2014 10:30 PM 23 parts 28745 reads 51 comments total

Part 1: Drawing

03-03-2014 01:13 AM by Michael Anthony Zelonis | 3 comments »

This is a new piece I will be working on over the next 3 or 4 months. It is 5”x7”x3.20”, a small carving for me, the wood is Alaskan Yellow Cedar. All in all this will be an unusual project. I will be on a trip to Florida next week to visit my dad, and when I get back I will begin a full fledged commission work for a client/friend, a bust of her Swiss mountain dog! I will spend an hour or two on most days after the commission piece working on this Green man for The Sawcliffe...

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Part 2: The Sawcliffe Green man #2

03-14-2014 07:02 PM by Michael Anthony Zelonis | 3 comments »

First cuts into the Sawcliffe Green man….let me extol the wonders of my new found favorite wood, Alaskan yellow cedar! I am already addicted to it’s texture. It has more resistance to the tool than basswood as it is somewhat more dense, and although the grain is tighter, fine, fingerprint like figure comes to light with every slice of the gouge. The hardness, while easy to cut through and cooperative in every direction (no tear out, splinters, or flaking here!), will compliment th...

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Part 3: The Sawcliffe Green man #3

03-16-2014 01:17 AM by Michael Anthony Zelonis | 2 comments »

a few steps further…....

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Part 4: The Sawcliffe Green man #4

03-17-2014 12:20 AM by Michael Anthony Zelonis | 2 comments »

I had an epiphany today while looking at this carving and realizing this will take me just as long as the larger Green men despite being less than half the size. Don’t laugh, but it took me 15 months to figure out I am treating carving like tattooing. An intricate drawing on a flat surface (or surfaces) then working away at it until it looks like the picture in my head, it works, but it is inefficient because I spend so much time carving away waste wood, re-drawing the design when I car...

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Part 5: The Sawcliffe Green man #5

03-23-2014 11:08 AM by Michael Anthony Zelonis | 3 comments »

Working down to the level of the leaves and starting to shape them out to see how much ‘in the round’ effect I am actually going to capture. So far, so good!

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Part 6: The Sawcliffe Green man #6

03-26-2014 12:34 AM by Michael Anthony Zelonis | 1 comment »

Other top leaf finished, bottom leaves chunked and ready to be shaped…..

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Part 7: The Sawcliffe Green man #7

03-28-2014 10:31 PM by Michael Anthony Zelonis | 1 comment »

Progress on the Sawcliffe Green man this morning. I am now working on this and my new commission, ‘Holly’s Jasper’ at the same time. This is something new for me as I am so OCD I can hardly concentrate on two things at once! Once I glue up the other project, I will come back to this one while the other dries…..

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Part 8: The Sawcliffe Green man #8

04-01-2014 11:08 AM by Michael Anthony Zelonis | 3 comments »

More progress on the Man, chin area is beginning to take shape, More work on the top of the head…..

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Part 9: The Sawcliffe Green man #9

04-07-2014 03:12 PM by Michael Anthony Zelonis | 3 comments »

Further progress. Details on the twigs and buds are much easier to do with my new Helvie knife, I am really beginning to love the tool. I will be concentrating on my other project for a few days to get it established, then I will start splitting my days between the two.

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Part 10: The Sawcliffe Green man #10

04-17-2014 01:14 PM by Michael Anthony Zelonis | 2 comments »

Worked on the Sawcliffe green man for a day, getting ready to shape the acorns. Should be fun, I have never carved acorns before….

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Part 11: The Sawcliffe Green man #11

04-23-2014 08:37 PM by Michael Anthony Zelonis | 3 comments »

started working on the acorns, but something feels off even though my calipers and measurements from the drawing tell me all is correct, and I have some room for error on the nuts. So, I worked around them and will come back to them in a few days with fresh eyes and see if I can find the solution. If anyone sees something I don’t, let me know!

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Part 12: The Sawcliffe Green man #12

05-03-2014 08:57 PM by Michael Anthony Zelonis | 3 comments »

shaped the acorns a bit more, and have come to agree with some others that they need to be shorter. I also figured out they need to set further down in the carving, the indent in the caps are supposed to fit under the edge of the leaves! Then I went back to the lower facial leaves and worked more depth and detail there…..

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Part 13: The Sawcliffe Green man #13

05-24-2014 12:21 PM by Michael Anthony Zelonis | 1 comment »

Got a lot done on the sawcliffe Green man through the last few days, The layering is almost done, then the detailing can continue…... Once the detail has begun I will need to be careful, as Alaskan yellow cedar seems to fracture along the grain if one is not careful….

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Part 14: The Sawcliffe Green man #14

06-05-2014 12:35 PM by Michael Anthony Zelonis | 0 comments »

More progress on the Sawcliffe Green man. Rough out will be done today, then back to ‘Holly’s Jasper’ for a week.

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Part 15: The Sawcliffe Green man #15

06-16-2014 09:41 AM by Michael Anthony Zelonis | 2 comments »

Back to the Sawcliffe Green man and on a roll. I love doing detail work, so it always seems to go by much quicker. That being said the last two days have been productive, eyes are drawn in and the nose is just about done, along with the brows, which I connected to the large angled leaves. I began working on the very front of the forehead leaf and noticed I still did not like the shape or placement of the acorns, so I decided to take another leap into the learning experience lane. I...

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Part 16: The Sawcliffe Green man #16

06-18-2014 10:52 AM by Michael Anthony Zelonis | 1 comment »

The reworking of the acorns and twigs went faster than I thought! Took one day to excise the twigs, shape the acorns and checker the caps. Finish carving the twigs went smoothly as did their repositioning and gluing. Onto the ‘Jasper’ carving next. When I come back to this I will be working on the acorns and the last of the leaf areas undone on the sides of the cheeks…..

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Part 17: The Sawcliffe Green man #17

06-27-2014 08:56 PM by Michael Anthony Zelonis | 1 comment »

Eyes are done on the Green man…...

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Part 18: The Sawcliffe Green man #18

07-04-2014 09:44 AM by Michael Anthony Zelonis | 2 comments »

Cheekcorns, twig, and leaf are done, except for the checking on the ‘corn caps on the left side. Twig and leaf to go on the right. Back to the big dog new for the next ten days or so to detail the muzzle and face.

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Part 19: The Sawcliffe Green man #19

07-20-2014 10:32 AM by Michael Anthony Zelonis | 4 comments »

Cheekcorns and twigs are done, leaf mustache and mouth area are in the works…...

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Part 20: The Sawcliffe Green man #20

08-21-2014 04:11 PM by Michael Anthony Zelonis | 1 comment »

Back to the Green man…..jumping around finishing up the last of the actual carving, then onto a few weeks of detailing and cleanup. I will be using boiled linseed oil for the first time, I saw some basswood carvings finished with it and liked the way it complimented the grain. It should be interesting to see how the Alaskan yellow cedar looks with this treatment.

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Part 21: The Sawcliffe Green man #21

08-29-2014 10:52 AM by Michael Anthony Zelonis | 2 comments »

Finishing up the final details. Checked the caps on the cheekcorns, curved the upper lip and hollowed the mouth, veining the leaves. After sanding and finish, I will build a box to ship it to the UK.

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Part 22: The Sawcliffe Green man #22

09-07-2014 09:55 AM by Michael Anthony Zelonis | 3 comments »

Monogrammed, sanded, and 50/50 turp and linseed oil applied, one coat of full strength to go!

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Part 23: The Sawcliffe Green man #23

09-08-2014 10:30 PM by Michael Anthony Zelonis | 5 comments »

Last coat of linseed oil is dry, all set to ship it out to the UK!

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