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Blog series by Tugboater78 updated 12-28-2016 09:12 PM 13 parts 20651 reads 72 comments total

Part 1: beginning the process

07-01-2013 06:47 PM by Tugboater78 | 15 comments »

I have been wanting/needing a solid workbench to use for hand tool work. Been trolling the site for almost 2 years now soaking in the needed information and ideas from many of the skilled members and i think i have an idea. I am still not for sure of exact dimensions or style i want. I am leaning towards a Nicholson/Sellers bench with a twin screw vice. I really like this one here. Roughly 7 foot length, 30 inches wide, ~35 inches in height ( 35 seems to be a comfortable height for me f...

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Part 2: starting some planing

07-02-2013 09:05 PM by Tugboater78 | 7 comments »

Started planing down some of the boards for the top. They will be two ~12” wide sections with an ~ 6” gap/well board between. I am leaning towards having the center section removeable, flipped one way it will be level with the other 2 sections, flipped upside down it will sit lower. All ideas are still not set in stone except the 2 sections. One problem i foresee is my lack of good clamps, wish I had the cash for a couple cabinet masters. I may go run the BigBlueBox card up a ...

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Part 3: and some more planing, and choosing orientation

07-04-2013 04:56 AM by Tugboater78 | 12 comments »

short lil bitty, just more planing and trying to figure up glueup. Mainly just a few pics, didn’t take many, phone weighed too much.. initial setup, i moved some around later and liked it betterI had them clamped together to be able to lift the slab and judge some weight..gonna be nice and heavy. Wards Master #6 took a 6.5’ full width shaving for me and had to catch the moment :0 I like where i have them aligned at this point, though i still gotta tweek the gl...

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Part 4: a bench to build a bench

07-08-2013 03:06 AM by Tugboater78 | 1 comment »

just wanted to put something up, not much progress… As you may notice most of my work thus far is being down outside. The last 2-3 days i have done nothing cause here in northern Kentucky all it has done is rain, almost nonstop. ?My yard turned into a swamp, and though the rain seemed to cool things down a bit, the humidity went to 100% and the temps stayed in the high 80s. Terrible weather to work in, i know this cause these are the conditions i work in at my job, and i refuse to su...

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Part 5: no real progress still...

08-12-2013 03:34 AM by Tugboater78 | 5 comments »

time, weather, work, other projects, overwhelmed by the dimensioning by hand, who knows the real reason but really haven’t made much progress. Today i used my newly acquired table saw to get things a little closer in size, and my new “outfeed” table to see if it could take it, and it did it like a champ, did have some burning here and there though, due to user error im sure. I mentioned before, the bench will be 2 ~12 inch slabs for the top. It will have a 2BDetermined...

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Part 6: So, its been 2 years...

08-29-2013 05:49 AM by Tugboater78 | 0 comments »

And still no bench completed… Had quite a few setbacks( back surgery, not setting aside enough material so having to aclimate more and wait), lack of time, motivation sometimes, frustrations etc.. For now the oak bench is on hold, i have a slab glued up for a top roughly 22”W, 6’L, 2 7/8” thick. And have 4 legs only lacking final deminsioning. But am currently frustrated with prepping it. The slab nowhere flat or square even after much planing and i am afraid i ...

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Part 7: A new beginning

11-01-2015 02:38 PM by Tugboater78 | 4 comments »

So yesterday mornin 6am i had this A rough cut true 4×8x12’4” beam of douglas fir So i cut it in half, or close to half, two 67” lengths Scrubbed, and jointed, fine tuned and made a sammich, with some glue in the middle. With aome clamps to keep it together. So this mornin i stropped up the scrubber grabbed a chisel, removed most the clamps , flipped it so i can look at its underdroopers. Had some very hard knots to chip out.. Tried to pull a coup...

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Part 8: Plowin ahead..

11-02-2015 12:27 AM by Tugboater78 | 5 comments »

In case i forgot to mention, i am currently making a Paul Sellers inspired bench. I am not making the one he shows in his blog/videos, but more like the one in his book, i think. I currently do not have his book, but from what i have read and seen elsewhere it is not as deep and the toolwell is more toward the back. I wanted to build a big bench but i have found most of what i will do will work on something smaller. My space doesnt really allow for such either. So planning on a 5.5&...

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Part 9: All parts roughed out (i think)

11-06-2015 04:08 AM by Tugboater78 | 5 comments »

So where did i leave off? Been sporadically working on rest of the parts needed. Morning after last post i took my toolwell and apron laminations out to the back shop. Changed blades on my Dewalt 733 planer. The last set ran into few nails from my reclaimed oak, unfortuently i do not own a metal detector yet. (Really need to get one). Scrounged around in the shop for rest of pieces i need for base assemblies. The base will all be oak. I already had 4 pieces for legs roughed out. ...

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Part 10: Chopping leg mortices

11-12-2015 01:57 AM by Tugboater78 | 6 comments »

So i finally getting around to some joinery. Ive never chopped out a mortice by hand before, but there is a first time for everything right? Not as hard as it may seem, didnt take long to get down with a sharp chisel. Cut about halfway through from one side, flipped leg and cut through from other side. After measuring multiple times and marking everything, my first one didnt line up in center. Was about 3/16ths off. Ill half to figure.out how to fix that later..Second wasnt ...

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Part 11: Leg assemblies dryfit and a mockup

11-13-2015 08:01 AM by Tugboater78 | 6 comments »

So i think i left off working on tenons. I worked on marking all of them out after posting last entry. Got two of them ready for first leg assembly. And after a lot of paring and beating about i got it together. It is nowhere near perfect cosmetically, but solid on a functional level. Then i went to bed. Got up this past morning, and worked on rough sizing of tenons for next assembly. I hadn’t gotten mortices done on other 2 legs but had marked them out. After my experience cho...

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Part 12: Putting it all together - part 1

11-20-2015 04:57 AM by Tugboater78 | 3 comments »

So i reckon i got too excited to get this together so not many pictures but I will try to explain as I can. Sure to be many edits…as i am posting this from memory i will do specifics later. So I left off with dryfitting my leg assemblies, i think. I took those assemblies and mated them to my top slab and aprons with clamps, while in my tight shop that night. I just had to see what it would look like. The next morning drug everything out onto my carport. And put it all together ...

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Part 13: I put it together, then tore it back apart...

12-28-2016 09:12 PM by Tugboater78 | 3 comments »

Well i should have updated this blog in a more timely fashion. I have lost many pictures over time. Anyway, after last entry i got the benchtop glued and bolted to the leg assemblies. It worked fine over a couple months, as is, no further upgrades. Though i was lacking a good front vice. Come sometime in the spring, i think, i lose track of time easily with my work schedule. I walked in the shop, after returning home. Found my front apron has twisted and pulled free of the bolts holdin...

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