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Blog series by Tomcat1066 updated 09-08-2011 03:16 AM 10 parts 12839 reads 51 comments total

Part 1: Stocking/Coat hanger Part 1: The Beginning

11-25-2008 05:02 PM by Tomcat1066 | 4 comments »

So, just yesterday my wife and I were talking. With Christmas coming up, we were trying to figure out where to put up the stockings. Inspiration hit like a bolt of lightning…or maybe it was the third glass of Jameson (yesterday wasn’t a good day after all). Either way, I came up with an idea that should be a nice little project that will also help fill a definite need in our house. My plan is to take some simple pine and run coat pegs through it – enough so that there&...

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Part 2: Stocking/Coat hanger Part 2: Supplies

11-28-2008 03:55 AM by Tomcat1066 | 0 comments »

No project can begin without supplies. We need things like sand paper and whatnot. Well, I just ordered some and some contoured sanding grips to help sand inside the tricky spots of my stocking/coat hanger. In addition, I ordered the hooks and hangers for the back of it. So, I’m all set for getting this bad boy done as soon as they get here. Based on when I ordered, I suspect they’ll be here next Thursday, just in time for next weekend to serve for getting the whole thing don...

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Part 3: Stocking/Coat hanger Part 3: The Finished Product

12-06-2008 11:22 PM by Tomcat1066 | 2 comments »

I normally don’t like posting another blog while I’ve got one on the front page, but since it’s been a few hours, I thought I would share the finished product. Yes…it’s all done! While it’s a simple project, it’s still mine and it’s finished. The hanger has been posted in my projects, but a more direct route is here. I see the flaws, but am still very proud of it. The chamfer was hand done. It was hand sanded as well, and hand painted to...

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Part 4: Mom's Bookcase Part 1: Planning

12-09-2008 12:27 PM by Tomcat1066 | 3 comments »

Recently, my mother almost broke her foot while trying to put together one of those cheap partical board bookcases that Big Lots sells. She called me after the drop (she dropped it on her foot somehow) and I finished the job up. However, she still has one that hasn’t been put together and she’s in dire need of a bookcase. So…I’m going to build one. The problem is, I’m having trouble finding plans for one. Here’s what I’m thinking, and I figured...

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Part 5: Mom's Bookcase Part 2: There's Wood Here Now

12-12-2008 07:21 PM by Tomcat1066 | 4 comments »

Apparently, my dear old Mom is more impatient than I am! Why do I say this? Simple. We both happen to be off today, and she announces to me this morning that she’d like for us to go a pick up the Poplar for her bookcase this morning. I figured it makes a certain amount of sense, considering the wood needs to dry out a bit before being worked, despite coming from Lowe’s. There was just one little problem with this…I hadn’t designed it yet! So, this will be inter...

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Part 6: Mom's Bookcase Part 3: A Slight Hiccup

12-14-2008 04:31 AM by Tomcat1066 | 6 comments »

After making a run to Lowe’s today and dropping $200 on pipe clamps and router bits, I get home flat broke (luckily, I had gotten the rest of my Christmas shopping knocked out earlier today) and decide it’s time to play with my router. I like to mess around a bit with the instructions close at hand and get a feel for the tool for a bit before firing it up. The 690LR was no different, and I’m pretty glad I did. I learned two important things: 1. The 1/4” collet w...

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Part 7: Mom's Bookcase Part 4: Steel to Wood

12-28-2008 11:32 PM by Tomcat1066 | 2 comments »

After the hiccup a week or so ago, it was time to get back into the swing of things. I had the wood, and all the materials I needed. My tool issues were solves thanks to a very kind soul who took pity on me and sent me another collet for my router. I picked up a new bit and it was time to go to work. So, I got to cutting today. Everything was cut a little long, and I’ll be trimming everything down in a couple of days to final lengths. The 12” boards were ripped down to 10 ...

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Part 8: Mom's Bookcase Part 5: Getting Jiggy With It

12-31-2008 01:10 AM by Tomcat1066 | 5 comments »

Jigs are a part of every woodworker’s life it seems, especially for power tool users. However, when you only have hand held power tools, I personally believe they’re absolutely essential. After rough cutting the parts for the bookcase, I came to a sudden realization that I suck and freehand cutting. I already knew I’d suck at rips, hence my purchase of this little beauty: This is the Accu-Rip. It’s apparently put out by Craftsman, though I picked it up at Lo...

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Part 9: Mom's Bookcase Part 6: Great. I Can't Cut a Stinking Dado Right

01-02-2009 12:09 AM by Tomcat1066 | 15 comments »

It’s true. Apparently, I am unable to cut a sufficient dado to join the shelves of Mom’s bookcase. This isn’t good at all. But first, let me run down my day for you. 11:00 AM: I finally get out to the shop. It’s a little chilly this morning, so I wait for it to warm up a bit before heading out there. I plug in the new router (Porter Cable 690 for those keeping score at home) after putting in a 3/4” bit, set up a straight edge and cut a dado to test. Sur...

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Part 10: Sometimes, you just need a sawmill

09-08-2011 03:16 AM by Tomcat1066 | 10 comments »

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been somewhat fortunate. Finding out I was going to be a father is just one example. Another came the other day as Tropical Storm Lee blew through my area. A large chunk of the oak tree sitting in my front yard fell. Directly underneath is was my Jeep Grand Cherokee. Somehow though, the chunk spun and landed six inches from my front bumper. That, in and of itself, was pretty awesome. However, yesterday I had to cut that large chunk up. That...

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