Stickley 802 Hall Table

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Blog series by TigerTed updated 07-03-2019 07:46 PM 9 parts 7023 reads 5 comments total

Part 1: Starting a new project

12-20-2018 10:19 PM by TigerTed | 3 comments »

My daughter said she would like a new table for her living room. Always thought of building this one. White oak is what I have in mind but she said she preferred Cherry. Cherry it is! I do this crazy job assignment. Travel to Cleveland during the week and come home to Michigan on the weekends. Went to Homestead Hardwoods which is between Cleveland and Toledo. Spent two hours going through 8/4 and 5/4 cherry. Found a wide board of 8/4 and two 5/4 boards that look like from the ...

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Part 2: Rough work

12-20-2018 10:44 PM by TigerTed | 0 comments »

Really do better enjoy joinery. Did that cut to rough length, joint and plane, blah blah. I was focused on getting the top and legs. 8/4 wasn’t really wide enough to get good rift sawn out of the edges. It will have to do. The top was a chore. The top is 18” wide taking two 7 1/2” boards and one 3.” I joined the wide boards where the grain is straight. Have to really look for the joint. Where the the narrow board matches is wavy so I did the best I could....

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Part 3: Panels

01-07-2019 05:26 PM by TigerTed | 0 comments »

Chose the best 5/4 stock for the top. 18” wide. Left over 8/4 was resawed (previous post) and used to make side panels and bottom shelf. These were glued up. Of course, there was a ton of hand planing. Flatten show side. Marking gauge to max dimension that will clean up the opposite face and plane. The top was cut to length with a miter saw guided by a Veritas magnetic guide. I make sure the tool is square using a 12” square. I did find some cracks in my...

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Part 4: Rough Joinery

01-07-2019 05:59 PM by TigerTed | 0 comments »

This is where I depart from the plan from the magazine. The side panels are mortise/tenon into the legs. The grain direction is the same as the stretcher too. I used a marking knife to mark the tenons, relieved the mark with a chisel and sawed to the line. Chisels were used to knock out most of the waste and I relied heavily on a router plane. The waste inbetween tenons was removed using a fret saw and cleaned up with a chisel. I slipped with the chisel and marked my good face...

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Part 5: Drawer Divider

02-25-2019 12:24 AM by TigerTed | 1 comment »

This is where I left it. Been too busy… This table has two drawers. A divider is needed. I chose to use a double ended sliding taper dovetail joint. The joint must be accurate as it is highly visible. The first divider I made was scrapped. One dovetail end was not long enough. Somehow I didn’t mark lengths properly from the case. Once the shoulders are a good fit, I used a taper jig to guide my chisel. Because the jig warped since last time I used it, I spent 20 mi...

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Part 6: Shaping

06-09-2019 10:57 PM by TigerTed | 0 comments »

The front apron needed a curve. I made a trammel taking care to have even margins by the leg joints. Rough cut on the bandsaw. The knot and ugly grain became waste. The rough cut was cleaned up with a spokeshave. With help from my son, we glued up the case. It was a panic. Glue setup way too fast. Think I would use hide glue in the future to give more open time. It’s strong enough. Everything turned out ok but too much of a panic.

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Part 7: insides

06-09-2019 11:21 PM by TigerTed | 0 comments »

Forgot to mention the tapering that was done. Used home made taper jig on the bandsaw. Cleaned up faces with plane. Lot of plane work. Used off cuts as cauls during glue up. They were taped on with blue tape. Added frame for drawers. Mortise/tenon. Same stuff done here. Sneak up on width with plane to just slip into case. Then we glue to the front carefully making sure it’s flush. drawers started by cutting pieces to barely fit opening tight and hand plane to sli...

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Part 8: Drawer Making

06-10-2019 06:22 PM by TigerTed | 1 comment »

The drawer frame is supported from below with 1”x1” blocks glue rubbed to the side panels. No support blocks are needed at the rear. We didn’t want cross grain condition. All my grooves are cut with plow plane. Once pieces barely fit into the opening, I made dovetail joints. Through at the rear and half blind at the front. Made this vise. Works great but need to find better way to clamp to bench. Screws are too long too.. Really like this method of having a reb...

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Part 9: Finishing up

07-03-2019 07:46 PM by TigerTed | 0 comments »

Made back of drawer 1/16” shorter than front facilitating the fit. After some planing things ran fine. Counterbored holes for bosses of drawer handles. These are Stickley and I bought from Rockler. If I am honest, I wish I considered the teardrop. Centered the bosses and not the handles. It’s ok. All parts sanded by hand to 220. Only needed one grade because I was careful hand planing. Set part outside to tan in the sun. Wiped on a couple coats of amber 1lb shellac and s...

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