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It had been a long week for 29 year old Jamie Green. She worked as a personal assistant at a high power law firm in the city, and the near constant stream of consultations and phone calls meant she was excruciatingly busy all week. Her boss, Mr. Harvey, took every opportunity to criticise her performance; berating her for messing up a phone greeting, making her go all the way back to the coffee shop to correct his order, and even rolling his eyes at her asking if he needed anything before she went home for the night. By the time 6pm came around, all Jamie wanted to do was have a quiet evening in and get a long night’s sleep.


Jamie walked into her small apartment and flicked on the light to the main room, her purse tucked under one arm. Kicking her black high heels off, she sighed with relief. She dropped her bag on a nearby console table, grabbing her cell phone out of it before making her way to the bedroom directly off the living area. She stood in front of the mirrored closet doors and examined her figure as she disrobed.


At five feet ten inches tall, Jamie was taller than many of her female friends, and even a few of the guys who she had dated over the years. Rather than be self conscious about this, she loved her body and her height. It got her a lot of attention, from men and women alike.


Her long legs seemed to go on for miles, ending below a plump, round ass and curvaceous hips. Her soft stomach wasn’t perfectly flat, but she still oozed confidence in her body. Jamie admired herself as she took her bra off, revealing her creamy breasts and soft pink nipples. She sighed, shivering softly as she released her long caramel coloured hair from the bun she wore all day at work. She smiled to herself as she heard the text notification go off on her phone.


Jamie turned and picked her phone up off her bed, gazing down at the message that had appeared on her screen. "Hey Jamie, thinking of having a few drinks, are you in?" the message read. It was from one of her friends she hadn’t heard from in weeks, Kelsey. Jamie was a little surprised at the invite, Kelsey hadn’t been up to going out on the weekend for over a year, ever since she and her boyfriend Marcus got engaged. Without thinking much more about it, Jamie considered her options. On one hand, she missed her friend and wanted to let loose and catch up... But on the other, after the week she had, a night in on the couch was very tempting...


Before she could think more on it, Jamie’s phone buzzed again; another text from Kelsey. "I could really some company, Marcus left me." Shocked at this sudden news, Jamie hurriedly replied, "Oh my God, Kels. I’m so sorry. Yes, I will absolutely be there. What bar are we meeting at?" Almost immediately Kelsey replied, "No bar, just my place." Jamie sighed and texted her friend back, acknowledging the plan before getting ready to go.


Jamie opened her car door and looked up at the small house in front of her. A soft sky blue summer dress with white daisies hugged her body, her small nipples pressing against the fabric as the crisp spring evening air danced across her skin. Jamie hadn’t bothered with a bra, her B cup boobs weren’t very big and she knew she could get away with it, but now she was suddenly very aware of the way her dress rubbed against her breasts as she approached the front door of her friend’s home.


Kelsey stood in the doorway, her shoulder length purple hair framed her round face and even with the smile on her lips, it was obvious she had been crying. Jamie’s heart broke for her friend as she immediately hugged her. "Kels I’m really sorry. This kind of shit is never easy." Jamie said as she stepped back from their hug. Kelsey motioned her into the house and let out a defeated sigh. "I just can’t believe he actually left me. I caught HIM cheating, and HE left ME." Jamie’s jaw dropped. "He cheated on you??" She exclaimed. Kelsey nodded, leading the way into the kitchen where she grabbed two shot glasses and a bottle of tequila.


"He sure did. I came home early to surprise him last night, since he works from home nowadays. He was literally fucking his ex girlfriend on my couch when I walked in." She poured a shot of tequila and downed it. "And after I freaked out and kicked her out of the house, he came clean and said he had been seeing her again for months."


Jamie could see the tears welling in Kelsey’s eyes. "Kels, you don’t have to tell me the details if it’s too fresh. I’m so sorry that he isn’t the man you thought he was." Kelsey shook her head and continued, "I have to say it, it’s too much for me to keep inside. He told me that he fell out of love with me and didn’t know how to tell me. That he didn’t want to hurt me and he thought that maybe it was wedding planning jitters, but it wasn’t. Then he had the audacity to tell me, after I caught him balls deep in another woman, that he thought we should see other people and break up."


Kelsey suddenly erupted into tears. Jamie was surprised by this but quickly stepped over to her friend, giving her a reassuring hug. "Kelsey he is such a scum bag, I’m so so sorry." Being several inches shorter, Kelsey cried into Jamie’s chest. ‘So much for hoping she didn’t notice my lack of a bra..’ Jamie thought as she patted her friends head and comforted her, waiting for her to gather herself.


As Kelsey pulled away she wiped her eyes. "I’m just so confused. I thought we were happy." Jamie nodded empathetically, her heart heavy. "I think we have all been there, Kels." Kelsey sighed and looked at Jamie before pouring each of them a shot of tequila. They drank the shots quickly and Kelsey immediately poured another round.


The next few hours went by quickly as the two friends made drinks and continued to take shots of tequila, Kelsey became less sad as the night wore on and she realised she was going to be better off now. She confided in Jamie that she had been unsure of her relationship with Marcus for a long time, and that maybe this was a blessing in disguise. Jamie Couldn’t be sure, but she thought she caught Kelsey looking at her breasts more than once. ‘Crap I bet she can totally see my nipples. I should have worn a bra..’ she thought to herself.


"I mean, I did love him. I think? I can’t be sure anymore, because I really did think we were happy! But clearly he wasn’t attracted to me anymore.." Kelsey sighed and looked at the floor. Jamie watched her friend as she spoke, unable to believe any man could see anything but pure beauty in Kelsey. She had soft porcelain skin, a curvy body hidden under a loose sweater and jeans, and a sweet almost angelic face. She changed her hair colour often, and the current shade of purple she had suited her so well.


"Kels, don’t take this the wrong way but Marcus is a fucking idiot if he didn’t think you were enough. You’re so smart and kind and loving, not to mention stunningly beautiful." Jamie told her friend, before continuing. "Any man should feel blessed to have you in his life. Hell, I’d be smitten if I had a girl like you by my side. You’re perfect." Kelsey smiled and looked up at Jamie, tilting her head to the side a bit. "You’re just saying that to make me feel better." Jamie shook her head. "I am not! You can do so much better than Marcus." Jamie looked at her friend, hoping that Kelsey believed her. She was being sincere. Kelsey sipped her drink and giggled to herself, blushing a little.


"Why are you laughing?" Jamie asked, a smile dancing across her own lips now as well. Kelsey looked at her and giggled more, biting her lip before saying, "You’re not wrong about being able to do better than him... in bed.

Taken by surprise, Jamie looked at her friend, her eyebrows raised. Kelsey burst out laughing and relaxed back into her chair, and for the first time all night Jamie saw a glimmer of her old friend. The happy girl she had known before. "Kelsey! You know you have to tell me all the details now. How bad could he be?? Selfish lover or just didn’t know what to do?" Kelsey smiled and nodded, "Oh definitely both. He never even went down on me once."


Kelsey quickly slapped her hand across her mouth and her cheeks blushed deep pink, embarrassed by her admission. Jamie laughed out loud at the sudden revelation, and her friend’s reaction. "He truly was a fool then, good God." Kelsey blushed more, and then burst out laughing with Jamie. The two friends leaned closer over the table as Jamie poured them another shot. They downed the tequila and continued to gossip about Marcus and his lacklustre skills in bed. Kelsey revealed how she hadn’t had a real orgasm with him in over three years, that she always had to fake it and then finish herself off later. The two women eventually decided to take the conversation to the living room, but Kelsey froze.


"I can’t sit on that couch... That’s where I caught them." The sadness returned to her eyes and voice, and Jamie could sense her distress. Quickly she offered an alternative. "Well you have a TV in your room, right? Let’s watch a movie in there and just chill. No couch needed." Kelsey agreed and walked up the stairs to her bedroom, with Jamie following.


Jamie couldn’t help but admire her friend’s ass as she climbed the stairs, even fully clothed it was easy to tell she had an incredible body. She was surprised at the feelings of desire she was having for her friend, but shrugged it off. This was not the time for feelings like this, her friend needed her for support.


They entered the bedroom and Kelsey told Jamie to make herself at home. "Jamie, do you care if I change real quick? I don’t want to wear jeans in my bed." Jamie’s heart skipped a beat. She had seen Kelsey in various stages of undress before, they had been friends for years after all. Why did this time feel different? "Girl it’s your house and I’ve seen your bare ass before at parties, change your clothes if you want!"


Kelsey laughed at Jamie’s words and turned away from her friend, swiftly pulling her sweater off over her head. Her bra came off next and Jamie blushed, looking away even though all she could see was her friend’s smooth bare back. Quickly Kelsey slipped an oversized tee shirt on over her head, letting it drape over her body and falling below her ass. She then unzipped her jeans and pushed them down. Jamie glanced at her friend and swore she saw a glimpse of flesh under the tee shirt. Her heart raced at the idea that Kelsey wasn’t wearing panties as she watched her turn the light off and slip into the bed. Kelsey climbed under the covers with Jamie and propped herself up on a pillow on one side of the bed, turning the TV on as she did.


Kelsey put a movie on Netflix and the two friends watched, chatting off and on through the film. By the time the credits rolled, the conversation had turned back to the fall of Kelsey’s relationship with Marcus.


"I just can’t believe I wasted so much time with him. And that even after years of bad sex I thought we could make it work. As if bad sex wouldn’t ruin it in ten or fifteen years if we had made it that far." Kelsey sighed as she rolled over on her side, facing her friend. Jamie looked at her and laid back in the bed, adjusting the pillow under her head. "And you’re serious that he never went down on you??" Jamie asked, surprising even herself. Kelsey’s cheeks turned bright pink and she bit her lip a little, nodding. "I asked him to and he said no. He said he didn’t like the taste of pussy, and that it was different than me blowing him because the only time I tasted anything was when he would cum."


Jamie propped up on her elbow facing her friend, one eyebrow raised.  "So he still had you suck his stupid dick?? And never reciprocated." Kelsey nodded, a look of embarrassment flashing across her face. Jamie shook her head. "Well he’s wrong. About a lot of things, but especially about pussy tasting bad. I bet he’s just lazy and didn’t want to do it." Kelsey looked into her friends eyes and tilted her head slightly. "Wait, have you... have you gone down on a woman before?"


Now it was Jamie’s turn to be embarrassed. she nodded, feeling her cheeks flush as Kelsey’s eyes widened. "Umm, yeah I have. A few times actually, in high school and again in college." Kelsey’s jaw dropped. Jamie suddenly felt very vulnerable and self conscious, a new experience for the typically bubbly and confident young woman. "It wasn’t anything serious really, just little flings. Exploring sexuality with friends and all that." Jamie told her friend, with a touch of defensiveness in her voice. Kelsey stared at Jamie intently as she spoke, making Jamie slightly uncomfortable. "Well uh.. how was it?"


Kelsey’s words took Jamie by surprise. She had not envisioned talking to her friend about her experimental sex with other girls being a topic of conversation for the evening. Jamie shrugged, her cheeks still pink. "It was fun.." she said, before adding, "I liked making them feel good. Using my mouth and fingers to push them over the edge, having the favour returned.. it was just a lot of fun." Jamie watched her friend intently, waiting for her reaction. You could have heard a pin drop in the room. Kelsey bit her lip and shuffled a little in the bed, looking at Jamie. ‘Is that.. longing on her face?’ Jamie thought, studying her friend’s expression.


Jamie laid back in the bed again and looked away from Kelsey, unsure of what the next second would hold, but much to Jamie’s dismay Kelsey didn’t say anything. The two friends laid together in silence for what felt like eternity. Then, Kelsey took a deep breath and looked at her friend. Jamie looked back into Kelsey’s eyes, the glow of the TV illuminating her face. "If I asked you to go down on me.... Would you?"


Jamie felt like time stood still. Her heart stopped and she searched Kelsey’s face, trying to decipher the look she was seeing. Was her friend really asking her to perform oral sex on her? Could she really consider saying YES?! Kelsey bit her lip and the colour rose in her cheeks, but her eyes looked intense. ‘She actually wants this. Like really actually wants it...’ Jamie thought. She weighed her words carefully before speaking.


"Kelsey, do you really want me to eat you out?" Kelsey nodded immediately, taking another deep breath and leaning in close, her lips inches from Jamie’s. "Please..

she whispered, a hint of desperation in her voice. That was all Jamie needed to hear, and she quickly closed the distance and pressed her lips against Kelsey’s. She closed her eyes and pulled her friend close, kissing her with more passion as she felt their bodies touch against each other. One hand slid up into Kelsey’s hair, holding her head as they kissed, the other hand resting on the curve of her waist.


Jamie pulled back from the kiss after several minutes, looking at Kelsey and seeing the lust in her eyes. She gently pushed her friend back on the bed, scooting up to her and leaning over her slightly as she traced a fingertip from Kelsey’s chin slowly down her neck and over her chest. Jamie kissed Kelsey again and nuzzled her softly, her finger running across Kelsey’s hard nipple, eliciting a soft moan from her friend. Jamie smiled and kissed her more, tracing her fingers down lower over Kelsey’s stomach and hips, slowly pulling the hem of her long shirt up. Before completely exposing her lower body Jamie stopped and looked at Kelsey. "You’re absolutely sure you want to do this? I don’t want to do anything you don’t want to do." Kelsey smiled and nodded, stealing another kiss from her friend. Jamie grinned and pulled the bottom of Kelsey’s shirt up over her hips, exposing her bare pussy and confirming Jamie’s suspicion that she hadn’t been wearing panties.


Gazing down at Kelsey’s body she could see her plump pussy lips, completely hairless between her legs. Kelsey quickly removed her shirt entirely, her round breasts coming into view. Jamie admired her body and slowly traced one finger down over Kelsey’s hips, biting her lip as she reached the pubis, feeling the heat radiating off of Kelsey’s hot pussy. Carefully, Jamie touched her friend’s slit, enjoying the soft sounds Kelsey made as she made contact. Kelsey’s legs spread slightly and she looked at Jamie, letting her friend explore her delicate folds.


Jamie took her time, teasing Kelsey as she slipped her finger slowly between her labia, grazing over her clit softly before sinking her finger directly into Kelsey’s pussy. Kelsey gasped, arching her back softly as she felt Jamie’s finger pushing all the way into her wet slit, before slowly pulling back out. Kelsey looked at Jamie, her breathing already unsteady. Jamie sucked her finger into her mouth, tasting her friends wetness. "I fucking knew it, you taste amazing..."


Looking down at Kelsey’s sexy body, Jamie leaned down over her friend. She slowly brought her tongue across her right breast, circling around Kelsey’s nipple before suckling it softly, bringing her hand up to massage her other boob. Kelsey moaned softly and closed her eyes, basking in the attention Jamie was giving her. Her hand ran over the back of Jamie’s head, tugging her long hair gently. Jamie looked up from her friend’s chest and smiled, flicking her tongue across her nipple once more before she slid her leg over Kelsey’s waist and straddled her. The two friends locked eyes and Jamie smiled mischievously, pulling her dress off over her head and dropping it off the side of the bed.


Kelsey bit her lip and watched as Jamie’s pert tits came into view. Nervously she reached up and slid her fingers across both her nipples, rubbing her thumbs over them gently. "Honestly I had been hoping I’d see these tonight from the moment I realised you didn’t have a bra on." Kelsey giggled as she spoke, watching Jamie as she pressed her panty-clad ass down over her hips gently. Jamie smiled and arched her back a little, tracing her fingers down her friends arms. "Well I didn’t think this was on the table tonight but I’m not gonna lie and tell you that I’m not happy it happened."


The two women smiled and Kelsey ran her hands down her friend’s hips and over her shapely ass, massaging her over the thin white cotton panties she still had on. Jamie shivered and lifted her hips a little, leaning over her friend she kissed her passionately on the lips. She slid her tongue over Kelsey’s lower lip, biting it gently. In turn Kelsey slipped her tongue out of her mouth, pressing it against Jamie’s as the two kissed. Jamie slipped a hand down between them and touched Kelsey’s pussy again, causing her friend to moan out in surprise as she touched her swollen clit. Jamie grinned and rubbed her friend’s clit with purpose, loving how the slippery little pearl squirmed under her touch.


Kelsey continued to moan and tipped her head back, spreading her legs out more as Jamie toyed with her clit. "Oh my fucking God, Jamie!" She squealed, gasping a little as Jamie pulled her fingers away. Jamie kissed her friend once more and started inching down her body, slowly dragging her tongue across her tits and belly, nipping her soft flesh as she positioned herself between Kelsey’s spread legs. Finally with her friends sopping pussy in front of her face, Jamie sighed happily, kissing the inside of Kelsey’s thighs as she inched closer and closer to her hot slit.


Without warning Jamie slid her tongue up through the folds of Kelsey’s pussy, causing her friend to gasp loudly and jerk her hips. Jamie smiled and slipped her hands up the inside of Kelsey’s thighs, pushing her legs out wider as she continued dragging her tongue up and down the other woman’s drenched pussy. Pressing her tongue against Kelsey’s small clit, Jamie rolled it against the little pearl, suckling it gently between her lips as she did. Kelsey moaned more, throwing her arms above her head and closing her eyes. She never dreamed that having a tongue on her clit would feel so good, but now that she had it she knew there was no going back.


Jamie closed her eyes and slipped her tongue down Kelsey’s cunt, lapping up her plentiful juices as her tongue found her wet hole. She tenderly pushed her tongue into her friend, glad to be the one to cause the moans of pleasure escaping Kelsey’s mouth with her tongue-fucking. Jamie slid her hands up Kelsey’s thighs to her pussy, she pulled her tongue back out of her friends dripping hole and looked at the beautiful pussy before her.


Gently she slid her fingertips over the soft outer labia completely concealing the treasures within. Slowly, Jamie spread apart her friends sexy pussy lips, revealing her glistening clit. Smiling to herself she spread Kelsey’s pussy more, revealing her small fuck hole that was dripping with her girly cum. Holding her pussy open, Jamie dove back in with new ferocity.


She sucked firmly on Kelsey’s little love button, causing her friend to squeal with delight once more as her breathing intensified. Rolling her tongue around the hardened little bud, Jamie easily slipped two fingers deep inside Kelsey’s soaked pussy. Focusing on rubbing her fingertips across her friend’s g-spot. She continued her assault on Kelsey’s clit, switching between suckling on it firmly and rolling her tongue across it in waves, it wasn’t long before Jamie felt Kelsey tensing up underneath her.


Jamie knew her friend was close to cumming and increased the pressure on her swollen clit, grinding her tongue against it firmly as her two fingers slid in and out of Kelsey’s pussy, her juices dripping down Jamie’s palm as she worked her g-spot furiously. "Oh my God Jamie don’t stop! Don’t stop, I’m cumming!" Kelsey screamed out, panting as she exploded into orgasm. Jamie had no intention of stopping and sucked hard on her friend’s little clit, her fingers being gripped firmly by Kelsey’s pulsating cunt. Jamie smiled to herself and kept going, pressing firmly on Kelsey’s g-spot as she screamed in delight, her breath coming in short gasps as her hot pussy gushed even more of her nectar over Jamie’s hand.


Kelsey looked down at Jamie and shuddered, she gently pushed her hand against her friend’s forehead and moaned softly, signalling to Jamie that she needed a break after her explosive orgasm. Jamie smiled up at Kelsey and slowly pulled her fingers completely out of Kelsey’s spent cunt, causing her friend to groan at the feeling of emptiness. Jamie sucked both her fingers into her mouth and shivered, tasting Kelsey’s sweet nectar. Kelsey watched her, totally transfixed by the sight of her friend suckling her cum off her fingers.


"I had no idea it would feel like that." Kelsey whispered breathily, her sweaty chest rising and falling rapidly as she came down from the earth shattering orgasm she just had. Jamie tilted her head and softly kissed her friend’s soaked pussy, licking her outer lips very gently. "Are you telling me that nobody had ever eaten you out before? At all??" Jamie asked, blown away at the possibility she was the first one to ever taste such a divine cunt.


Kelsey nodded and blushed a little, propping her knees up on either side of Jamie’s body. Jamie smiled and sat up, crawling over her friend’s body and leaning her face close to Kelsey’s. Softly she whispered, "Well have you ever tasted yourself?" Kelsey shook her head and Jamie immediately pressed her lips to her friend’s, pushing her tongue into Kelsey’s mouth. Kelsey moaned softly and closed her eyes, sliding her hands over Jamie’s plump ass as they kissed, tasting her sweet cum on Jamie’s tongue.


Jamie broke the kiss and grinned at her friend, looking deep into her eyes. "I can literally come over and do this for you again any time you want." She teased, causing Kelsey to giggle and tug at the waistband of Jamie’s soft panties. "I uhh... I’d like that.. I’d also like to...." Kelsey trailed off, her cheeks turning bright pink. Jamie placed a hand on her friend’s cheek and gazed into her eyes, planting a gentle kiss on her lips. "Say it. Tell me what you want. This can be a whole new chapter for both of us, if we really want it..." Kelsey looked up into Jamie’s eyes, slipping her fingertips into the waist of Jamie’s panties. "I umm, I want to eat you out too.. please? I want to make you feel good."


Jamie grinned and kissed her friend hard, nodding as she ran her tongue over Kelsey’s teasingly before whispering, "Any time, any place. But tonight is all about you... tomorrow if you still want to we can play more and you can have a turn making me cum...".

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