Finished the Research and Making a WorkBench!

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Blog series by RichClark updated 01-12-2010 02:43 AM 16 parts 23587 reads 28 comments total

Part 1: The plan

05-22-2009 03:42 AM by RichClark | 4 comments »

I cant Plane a Dang thing on my “assembly” table to slippy and no place to clamp anything. So I got MAD (as I usually do) and Used this as an excuse to build a Workbench! I did allot of reading and research and I bought this wonderful book – Its By Christopher Schwarz and called “Workbenches from Design & Theory to Construction and use” I Picked the “Last” one in the Construction and use part but Modified it a bit for what I wanted it to ...

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Part 2: WE Got Legs.....

05-22-2009 05:54 AM by RichClark | 5 comments »

OK If you look at the cut list from the first post those 2×12x12’ are sliced up into a bunch of 33” long chunks and ripped in half and then again into 5 1/4” (for slop) The Tenon is achieved by tacking a block of Plywood (mine is 2 1/2”) wide at the Ends of two of the inner boards in the stack your going to glue up. I then Set up a stop in my miter Guage and choped 2 1/2 Off the outboard pieces and glued and clamped them… This is the setup before glue...

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Part 3: CLICK.... HUMMM ..... THUNK!

05-22-2009 08:31 AM by RichClark | 3 comments »

Interesting thing happened today ( took off work today, and Friday (oh its Friday!) and Was ripping more SYP for the table top and Fired up the TS and Literally it was CLICK…. HUMMM…. THUNK! Seems the “set allen screw” for the Motor pulley was not super perfectly tight! So the Click was turning the TS on… and It hummed for a few seconds and the blade came up to speed..and then I Was positioning the Board I was going to RIP and It JUMPED and Thunked!... ...

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Part 4: The Top...

06-09-2009 03:00 AM by RichClark | 2 comments »

Sorry I’m late.. but alot has been going on. Jumping back in Today were making the TOP… Only cut what you can glue up (trust me on this, Movement will kill you (and me I had to add 2 more sticks after I tossed several I just cut last weekend that did the Watusi on me and I decided it was cheaper to just spend another 16 bucks and get a pair of 10’ start over pieces) So, The Glue really needs to dry for at least 4 hours. On a good weekend I can really only make a pa...

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Part 5: Topping the "top"

06-09-2009 05:01 AM by RichClark | 1 comment »

We need to set up things first… (this is just CLAMPED, to heavy to chop them as the top) The center is marked and the big triangle will help me put it back the right way.. The legs need to be positioned so that they are FLUSH or a bit proud (the way I went, to make them flush, by hand later) and you need a starting point then need to pick out the pretty legs for the front and such.. Once I noodled it all out. At the pointy end I wrote BACK and Left and Right with arrows. I pla...

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Part 6: Dead Men may have a tale to tell

06-10-2009 01:34 AM by RichClark | 0 comments »

The dead man for this bench (its an Aide to hold the bottom of your stock to help when your working on it) fits in the front of the table. Ill cover making the rail for it next time but if your going to add it later it will be painful. You need it to float between the lower stretcher and the top.. to do that you mill it with a tongue on the inside and a “track” on the bottom.. the top looks like and “L” and the bottom like a inverted “V”. this lets you r...

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Part 7: He is back from the great outdoors... Think things that go boom in the night

11-15-2009 09:16 AM by RichClark | 2 comments »

I feel bad and hope no one was actually paying attention to this following along anyway…. I work in an environment where ya get poofed away at times.. I am back and I DID keep photo’s of everything SO I will go thru the painfull steps of getting my photo’s updated and ya be amazed an awed (or ya not admit it) if the end product! It looking sweed and I am building most of the rest of it on it.. It is a grunt, lift, drop to move it. Ya still need to “clamp crap to it...

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Part 8: Fit the legs and make the streachers

11-17-2009 03:07 AM by RichClark | 3 comments »

When I was being proactive on this I had just finished the top, chopped the leg mortises and cut the deadman riser groove. This is a pictorial of fitting the rails… The rails are all cut from the same stock and the only special piece is the front Rail.. you cut the others all to 3” and the Front rail is Proud by 1/2 an inch. you set up your Saw to 45 and Rip the Front outside rail putting a Point ^ on it. This is where the deadman will ride. I like to clamp stuff and then ...

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Part 9: Dead Ladies story..

11-17-2009 03:52 AM by RichClark | 0 comments »

The dead man Fits between the Top and the bottom stretcher and is used to hold longer lumber so that you can work the edges comfortably. You’ll see this makes sense once you see it finished and in place… SO Lets make it… If you remember, I offset the Cut for the big dado cut on the top 5/8 from the edge and 5/8 for the width… First you make two pieces…. A back and a front that are 21” and 22” tall ( For my table Height, you need to measure thes...

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Part 10: Sheesh... Trying to share is not happening

11-17-2009 05:02 AM by RichClark | 2 comments »

When I preview a publishing I am trying to get done its fine… but I have “direct access to the acount” and that seems to over ride life as users.. I do open a new iterance of a web browser to see how it looks. .but “YAPPPLE” has changed again (if Your a PC user its like fighting a really unsharp anything and I am tearing out my hair) I am trying to get thie photo’s to just be there and did what I didi last time and redit how I did it time afore. but now ph...

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Part 11: Tale of the Tail Vice...

11-21-2009 10:42 PM by RichClark | 0 comments »

The Tail vice is a Veritas Twin Screw Vice… You have to make the Faces for the vice as it is hung on the end of the bench by the rear Jaw/Face. I started with some 3/4” Red Oak and cross cut it to the bench width 24” and make 2 sets of Jaws that are 3×3/4. Here is what you get from the Kit… (all hardware is included and various bits to correctly size your chain.). Once the Jaws are dry you cut them/ clean them up… Veritas has a algorythm to ...

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Part 12: Vice is installed and now were going to drill the Vice/Table Holes for the Dogs

11-21-2009 11:43 PM by RichClark | 5 comments »

Back again! The Front Vice is installed and the table is looking more and more like one… OH and I am using the vice already to help hold stuff! Today I drilled all the holes for the bench appliances (dogs, stays, hold downs etc…) I plan on only using 3/4” fixtures so decided that a) They had to be square to the top b) Had to be spaced so that they would all work together. To that end I first measured out the distance my Vice would open to and then came up w...

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Part 13: Leg Vice - setup and installed

11-28-2009 05:19 AM by RichClark | 0 comments »

The Leg vice starts out 1 1/2×8 x34” Near table top height. The top tapers to the bottom in mine and the others I saw so that the bottom flexes first when its used. Mine Is 1/4 inside the leg width and 8”inches at the top.. You want the top face to drop its dimension down to the screw and then taper so that it looks like a coffin kinda… Here is a picture of it done and laying on the leg its to be mounted on.. I Already chopped and fitted the bottom of the ...

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Part 14: Leg vice part (Duet) (part II)

11-28-2009 05:31 AM by RichClark | 1 comment »

Continuing the last blog post. Took the Leg vice face to my table saw (It has a channel that the fence runs in (fits perfect) and placed a dead wood under it and drilled out 1” Spaced holes… (that way cool old cold steel pin, is yep! An old 3/4” Allen wrench!)The holes are for “expanding the jaw” for larger work.. This is it in place with a test fit of the “pin” you can use wood dowels also… or anything I suppose… OK that wor...

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Part 15: Forgot to add the Crochete!

01-06-2010 07:20 AM by RichClark | 0 comments »

The crochet is kinda a bench hook you place on the Side of the Table near its end by the leg vice. Its shaped like a comma with a flat leading edge. It works by essentially jamming a piece of wood into it and clamping it with the leg vise. I am using it alot, to plane the edges for the project I am doing. I forgot that I didn’t post how its made and works here… I have the photo’s and totally spaced the fact that I didn’t finish this blog ( I was like.. table is d...

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Part 16: The Chrochete

01-12-2010 02:43 AM by RichClark | 0 comments »

Ok sorry this took so long… The Crochet is really what it sounds like if you ever looked or have your self knitted… a Crochet hook is a comma fused to a needle, Another use Ive see for it is to reverse it and use it to disgorge hooks for fishing. Using the down force of the “comma” to free the fishing hook, then as the hook is released, the comma holds it hidden so it can be guided out without hurting the fish. Anyway on my table, its a comma that is fastened t...

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