Toy Boeing Stearman Kaydet Bi-Plane

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Blog series by RandyMorter updated 06-12-2012 03:17 PM 10 parts 42668 reads 10 comments total

Part 1: Initial Body Glue-up

10-11-2011 03:15 AM by RandyMorter | 2 comments »

I made a toy Boeing Stearman Kaydet Bi-Plane for one of my grandsons in early 2011. My other daughters said they wanted me to make one for each of my other 5 grandsons so in September 2011, once it started getting cool enough in my Phoenix, AZ area garage, I started on a batch of these toy planes. I’ve posted my SketchUp drawings for this project at: Note that the SketchUp design is not complete – I may update it...

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Part 2: Layout and drill holes

10-11-2011 04:01 AM by RandyMorter | 0 comments »

When I made my first one of these I created templates out of some hardboard. I used them to lay out the hole locations (except for the hole for the propeller which I just center on the front end). I set up my new (at the time) Grizzly Drill Press Table Top to align the fence and stop for the cockpit holes. I drilled all of the front holes on each of the 5 pieces using a 7/8” Forstner bit, drilled to 1-1/8” deep from the top. Then I repositioned the stop for the rear cockpit and...

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Part 3: Cutting the tail slot

10-11-2011 04:21 AM by RandyMorter | 0 comments »

On the first one of these I made, I cut the slot at the rear (for holding the tail) on the band saw. But that was because I didn’t have a table saw that I liked to use. So, I decided to try the slot on the table saw. The tail and all wing pieces will be out of 1/4” thick material. I have a Freud thin kerf blade installed, which cuts about a 3/32” wide kerf, and didn’t want to bother installing my dado blade. Two passes of the thin kerf is less than 1/4”. I ...

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Part 4: Shape the body

10-11-2011 04:49 AM by RandyMorter | 0 comments »

The final shaping of the body is done using a band saw, router, and sander. First I laid out the taper of the sides. Either way the cuts are done means that the flat surfaces will be reduced after one cut or the other, and it will also be harder to lay out the cuts because the lines need to be drawn on non-flat surfaces. I decided to cut the side tapers first thinking I could use double sided tape to re-attach one cut out to help preserve a good flat surface. I didn’t end up followin...

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Part 5: Cut out the Tail

11-10-2011 08:25 AM by RandyMorter | 2 comments »

For the horizontal tail pieces, I laid all 5 of them out on a larger 1/4” x 5” by 24” piece of poplar. I did a rough cut using the band saw with the intent of finishing them on my sander. DON’T DO THIS: I cut the 5 vertical pieces the same way, using another 1/4” x 4” by 24” piece, consuming one of the 10 pieces I’d originally purchased. I thought I just needed 10 of the 1/4” x 4” pieces, to get the 2 wings per plane. After I started cutting the vertical tail pieces I guessed that I’...

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Part 6: Cut out the Main Wings

11-10-2011 08:32 AM by RandyMorter | 1 comment »

I laid out the wings on 10 1/4” x 4” x 24” pieces of poplar (after replacing the one I’d used earlier by mistake). Here’s a picture of the lower wing outline along with a vertical tail piece outline, showing that they easily fit on one of the work pieces. You can also see the notch that I added to the vertical tail template. I laid out both the top and bottom wings. Since my plan calls for a 3-1/8” width on the wings, I decided to rip the 10 pieces using my table saw rather than cut...

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Part 7: Landing Gear and Struts

11-10-2011 08:37 AM by RandyMorter | 1 comment »

As I mentioned earlier, another LJer, nitewalker41, had modified my plans (see the earlier notes) and I liked how he did his landing gear struts better than my original design so I followed his lead. I bought some 1/2” dowel from Lowe’s. That wasn’t hard. I cut off 3-1/2” lengths and then set my miter to 30 degrees and made another cut on each strut so that the end would be parallel to the “ground” when the plane was at rest. Next I needed to drill holes for the axles. They also have to...

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Part 8: Main wing struts and propeller

11-20-2011 12:52 AM by RandyMorter | 0 comments »

I cut the main wing struts a bit over length, with the expectation that I’ll have to fit the struts on each plane. There are 8 struts that hold the top wing on – it doesn’t have any connection directly to the fuselage. I used store bought 3/16” dowels for the struts. I cut the rear two body-to-top-wing struts at 1-3/8” and the forward two body-to-top-wing struts at 1-1/2”. I cut the two vertical lower-to-upper-wing struts (the center struts) at 3-1/2” and the other four struts to 3-7/8”. I cu...

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Part 9: Finishing and Assembly

11-20-2011 01:27 AM by RandyMorter | 2 comments »

I decided to just wipe on some Danish Oil for these projects, mainly because I’m lazy and didn’t want to try to do the Arm-R-Coat. I MAY spray some shellac on them but I’m not committed to it at this point. Sometimes it seems easier to apply finish before the full assembly in order to get into all the nooks and crannies. Since I’m just doing a wipe on oil I figured I could proceed with glue up. First I glued the bottom wing to the fuselage. I marked the center of the front of the bottom...

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Part 10: Finally - Delivery!

06-12-2012 03:17 PM by RandyMorter | 2 comments »

I’ve had a bit of a lull in my woodworking, but finally delivered one of the planes to my Project Manager Janice’s grandson Shadair. Janice said he liked it but wasn’t going to smile for a picture. I’m happy that one of the planes finally ended up with someone who might enjoy it!

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