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Part 1: The Beginning

08-23-2008 03:03 PM by NedB | 2 comments »

For all of my new (at this point in time anyway) LJ friends, I thought I would take a couple of minutes and go over how I got started in woodworking and where I hope to ‘go’ on this crazy journey called a woodshop. My woodworking hobby got its start a Long time ago on a small farm down in Drumore PA when I was around 13 . My cousin Lewis had a wonderfully equipped shop, with everything from a tablesaw to a metal lathe, he did it all in there. I got to use his bandsaw and sandin...

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Part 2: Doors!

08-25-2008 04:11 AM by NedB | 3 comments »

Howdy folks, got a little more progress on the shop this weekend. It’s been a long project, and I’m far from done. This weekend was spent avoiding the last summer blast of heat, and hanging the doors on the shop… This may seem like a small step, but for me it marks when I can truly start moving in equipment and stuff into the shop. Starting to get a little crowded in there, but that’s the nature of the beast… at only 240 sq ft I’ll be doing...

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Part 3: Pondering the next Tool Purchase

08-25-2008 07:00 PM by NedB | 10 comments »

I’m taking a few minutes during my lunch hour to think about my next tool purchase. I have a pretty good core set of tools, but there are a few items which I’ve used in the past, which were my mentor John’s tools. One of those was a dado stack, and I’m debating about whether or not to bump that up the priority list of tools to buy. Thinking of what a stack does might help. The primary function of course is to make a Dado. I can do that with multiple passes of my nor...

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Part 4: Lights, Camera, Bench!

08-26-2008 06:00 AM by NedB | 2 comments »

Now that my shop is dried in, I’m making a conscious effort to make progress every day to get all of my materials moved up from the storage unit, as well as get what I do move put together and functional. Tonight after work, I started with temporary power to the shop. I’ve been living off of an extension cord with a multi plug splitter. That ‘works’ for now. Obviously, I would rather have the power done before I move in, but I need to stop paying for the storage uni...

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Part 5: First turning on my lathe

08-28-2008 05:03 AM by NedB | 6 comments »

I glued a sacrificial block onto a chunk of Mahagony I found in my storage unit the day before yesterday. Last night I broke out the turning tools after cobbling together a temporary lathe stand… I actually used my miter stand: One thing I found, was that I want to lower the lathe a couple more inches, II will need to get shorter bolts, which will help, I wound up putting the 2×8 I bolted the lathe to on top of two 2×4’s, which really raised things up higher than ...

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Part 6: Organizing continues

08-29-2008 02:31 AM by NedB | 3 comments »

Picture your shop… now picture it packed into a storage unit for 2 years… As I’ve mentioned, I’m finally to the point where I can move stuff in, but that means I have to clear out the construction debris which I’ve been making of late. I spent an hour or so this morning after a Dr’s appt. I had the morning off from work as well, so I went out and tidied up. Not something I had done yet, I was just letting the sawdust and cutoffs pile up… until no...

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Part 7: Lumber Rack

09-01-2008 03:34 AM by NedB | 3 comments »

Looted my storage unit today. I had this pile of wood in there… plus just a bit more ‘shorts’ and ‘cutoffs’ but they’ll come home tomorrow. I had to clear out the rack just above the mitersaw, so I put up a couple more arms on the wall and moved the short stock over there. I won’t need to buy too much wood for awhile.. who am I kidding anyway? Mostly cherry, (middle section), plus some maple and butternut (bottom and top sections) ...

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Part 8: Storage cabinet for the shop

09-06-2008 03:31 AM by NedB | 4 comments »

Now I’m all for building my own cabinetry, but this one will be very tough to beat. It’s a cabinet any computer type who used to sit at a ‘terminal’ instead of a PC will recognize. Originally purposed to store data reel to reel tapes, I’m going to use it to store most of my tailed and battery op tools, along with a shelf for fasteners, etc… It measures a whopping 7’ 1/2” tall, 36” wide and 18 1.2 ” deep.The tambour door should keep ...

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Part 9: One more load in the shop...

09-07-2008 03:58 AM by NedB | 1 comment »

My youngest son and I spent the day together, and we loaded up the remainder of the short stock, plus several boxes of ‘shorts’ which I salvaged from the burn pit at the LOML’s fire company field days bbq. Several of the firemen work at Stickley, so I picked through after the weekend was over and came up with several boxes of cut offs similar to these: those are 6 to 8” long, 10 to 14” wide 8/4 Mahagony pieces… plus some QSWO hunks as wel. I need to go...

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Part 10: All Moved in... now on to the sorting phase...

09-15-2008 04:14 AM by NedB | 5 comments »

After nearly two and a half years in storage, I finally moved all of my stuff into the shop tonight. Here’s ‘proof’ that I emptied the storage unit… Now I know it doesn’t LOok empty, but as far as stuff I’m going to keep in the shop it is. The dishwasher and desk (including the box of shelves and hardware) are on craigslist as I type, and I’m giving them one week to ‘move’ then they go to charity as a donation, or to the curb with a &#...

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Part 11: Look what followed me home today

10-12-2008 05:08 AM by NedB | 5 comments »

pardon the crappy cell phone photo, my work camera was in the house, and I just wanted the proof of ownership…Picked this up from a fellow LJ member, whose screen name I must admit has slipped my mind at the moment. Found it through craigslist, and was happy to learn he was on LJ as well. Good price on a nice little DT jig, which I’m looking forward to putting into use for an upcoming kitchen renovation! I will have to pick up the proper bit and so forth of course. Thanks Bud!

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Part 12: Lights, camera Sawdust!

11-01-2008 01:04 AM by NedB | 3 comments »

I haven’t been out in the shop much the past couple of weeks, short of turning a couple of pens and starting a spoon last weekend. I decided to rearrange a few things today, starting with my temporary wiring panel. I’m still saving up for real wiring in the shop, among other things. I Swapped locations on the bandsaw and storage cabinet. I hung a 4’ shop fixture, which made a world of difference. I also ran an extension cord up and over to power my tablesaw and chop...

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Part 13: Wolvie Clone in progress

11-02-2008 03:16 AM by NedB | 5 comments »

With my shop mostly completed, I have turned towards getting my tools in order, including setting my grinder for sharpening my turning tools. I found this plan online and decided that it would be easy enough to build instead of shelling out $90 for the wolverine jig itself. I still have to mount the grinder to the platform at the proper height, as well as recut the v-block. The one there isn’t cut evenly, so I’m going to cut another piece on the tablesaw instead of the bands...

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Part 14: New fangled Bench

03-23-2009 06:03 AM by NedB | 4 comments »

Add me to the list of fans of the Jim White Newfangled workbench. I stopped at my local lumber yard today and picked up several 2×4x12’ boards. Then I headed up to Jim Capozzi’s shop where we dressed the boards and cut almost all of the major parts to size, I didn’t bring my 2×8 with me or I”m sure we’d have gotten ALL of the parts cut. I just looked at Ben’s bench blog, and realized I need to cut two more back bench support pieces, That’s n...

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Part 15: Drywall storage rack

03-28-2009 11:09 PM by NedB | 3 comments »

I picked up several sheets of drywall, plus some cement board and even some pegboard in the past year or so… all for very little money ($20 total), and no immediate plans to use it… It has been cluttering up one corner of my shop. Today I decided that I would do something about that. I”ve got my newfangled workbench to complete, and that is going to need a spot in the shop before I can assemble it, Well, here’s what I did to get rid of the clutter: I cut the 2x mate...

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Part 16: New fangled bench part II

04-02-2009 04:49 AM by NedB | 5 comments »

I’ve got most of the dimensional lumber cut to length now, as well as the pipes on hand, and the clamps. I’ve decided to make something of a traditional bench on one end however. I have been gathering tools for several years and I scored a very nice old Morgan model 100A quick release vise off of craigslist last a couple of years ago: the vice on the left is a different model which I had for a friend of mine, neither one of us have installed them yet. Speaking of whi...

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Part 17: New Pen Mills & I'm a glutton for Pen-ishment... a different swap underway

04-10-2009 06:08 PM by NedB | 3 comments »

I’m a member over on the IAP forums, and they recently had a group buy which I took advantage of for $15 a set, plus shipping you could order a full set of pen mill shafts and heads in all the usual diameters… interchangeable shafts and two different heads, one 4 blade, one 6 blade. Oh, and just for fun I started another pen swap over on Here’s the box as it stands now. A buddy of mine and I jointly loaded it up for the startup: Ther...

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Part 18: New fangled Bench almost complete

04-18-2009 04:21 PM by NedB | 5 comments »

Well the past two weeks the shop has actually warmed up to a point where I can be out there without losing body parts to frostbite. I hauled a few 2×4’s up to Grizz’s shop and we got nearly all of the parts cut to dimension. I could just as easily done it at my shop, but it was fun visiting his shop as always.Once I got them back in my shop, here’s what I wound up with:all cut to length and ready to go, except for the holes for the cross clamp piping. I tried asse...

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Part 19: New Home and (eventually) shop

09-19-2011 07:49 PM by NedB | 4 comments »

HI gang, Things have been very quiet of late, mostly because the LOML and I have moved to the Beautiful Shenandoah Valley. Unfortunately it hasn’t been as easy as we’d hoped, due to the economy and a lack of jobs for her. Still I’m trying to set up my new shop just the same. I have a couple of tools set up on the back porch, I started with this pile of stuff, and made sure my scroll saw still worked. I also got a ‘new’ Drill press, which I now have se...

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Part 20: Moving Back into my shop

07-13-2012 04:17 PM by NedB | 2 comments »

Hi folks, I’ve been away from LJ for awhile, mostly because my shop time has been effectively at zero for well over a year. Not anymore. My wife, youngest son and I moved to VA last summer, and back to NY about a month ago. This means that I a) moved most of my tools and lumber not once, but twice in the past year and b) I now have to clean out my shop and put them all back in it! Here’s the plan for the revised shop. I have a 12’x20’ mini barn that my tools ...

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Part 21: Upcoming Projects & Purchases...

07-14-2012 04:56 PM by NedB | 7 comments »

Since moving back into the shop, I’ve decided that I need to take a good hard look at what I have out there, and determine what I need or want to focus on building. For example, I’ve owned a midi lathe for almost 5 years, and have barely turned it on. Mostly because I’ve yet to learn how to sharpen my tools. I do have a grinder, and I’ve had a home built wolverine style sharpening jig in progress for awhile now, I just need to build the arm/base that the jig sits in...

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Part 22: Monday Morning Musings

07-16-2012 12:56 PM by NedB | 6 comments »

Say that three times fast… Morning all (yes, I know some of you won’t read this until some other time of the day, it is Now morning so there….) [_]D This morning I’m sitting here pondering what to do next in my shop… I have that stack of lumber ‘in the way’ at the moment, but for today at least it is going to have to Stay in that state, a stack of lumber vs a finished project. I’m building a set of Jake’s Chairs, and I realized ...

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Part 23: Short term Goals

07-18-2012 08:26 PM by NedB | 2 comments »

I’m to the point finally with the retrofit of my shop that I’m happy with my progress, and starting to seriously consider where I’m going with all of this. I finished putting up the sheathing over the insulation earlier this week, now I’ve brought my workbench back into the shop, and I’ve started decorating the shop a bit. I’m an ex trucker, and also ex dispatcher, so I’ve spent many an hour looking over atlases for routing and what not. To that end,...

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Part 24: Saturday already?!

07-21-2012 03:15 PM by NedB | 1 comment »

My vacation is almost over… I’ve been off work for a couple of weeks now, which has been great on getting stuff done in the shop, but that’s about to end. Next week, I get back under way and start my travel-heavy work schedule. That means today, with a short pause to photograph a friend’s wedding (civil ceremony, not a lot of pomp & Circumstance, and Not a paid gig (I’m a pro photographer by trade)) I’m going to do as much sorting and putting away as I ...

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Part 25: Shop clean out Done! Next!

07-23-2012 04:43 AM by NedB | 1 comment »

At this point, despite taking today ‘off’ from shop time, I’m going to call the interior shop cleaning ‘done’, in that once I put away what is left on top of my bench, I will have it all cleaned up and ready to work. Now it is on to bigger & better things. I’ve had my shop in various states of progress for about a decade. I’ve made a bunch of things from the shop itself, to several beds, a bunch of cutting boards and so forth. One thing I hav...

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Part 26: Goodies arrived yesterday!

07-26-2012 01:27 PM by NedB | 1 comment »

I splurged on a couple of new toyls this week: Picked up (had shipped…) a set of forstner bits: a band clamp (see overall pic above)I want to do some of the EZ Mitre boxes, and figured a band clamp would be useful for them! and an expanding collet chuck for the lathe: hey, I’m a Photographer… gotta play a little bit dontcha know… Thanks for looking, gotta dash off to work in a bit.

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Part 27: my Weekend is finally here: Projects and plans

07-29-2012 03:58 PM by NedB | 0 comments »

Hi folks, It was a good week, in addition to the shipment from woodcraft the other day, I also stopped at a Woodcraft Stick & Bricks store yesterday, picked up a couple of things, saving 15% because of their anniversary sale. I eventually want to pick up a HF DC, at which point my little old Jet will hit the classifieds with a budget price on it, so some other new woodworker can have a leg up on their shop. Looking to that point, I picked up a couple of fittings so I can build a ch...

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Part 28: The Punch-list

08-02-2012 03:12 PM by NedB | 0 comments »

Morning all! [_]D Regular readers will know that I managed to complete a new tool build this week. I find myself at a bit of a cross-road point today though. My shop has been in the works going all the way back to ‘08, and just like any other good shop, it is never ‘really’ done. In my case that is definitely true. Three major points that need to be done in the next two months are: Finish installing the siding on the upper section of the shop, My shop has always quali...

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Part 29: Been one of those weeks...

08-10-2012 01:48 PM by NedB | 6 comments »

Morning all [_]D taking a few minutes this morning to catch up here. I’m a professional photographer (as opposed to just your average person who owns a camera), and my ‘employer’ scheduled me for a training class this week to try and teach me to become a salesman for their products. Well folks, the class was ‘good’ as such things go. Instructors were earnest, knowledgeable and I did learn a few things. HOwever I’ve decided that I’m going to t...

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Part 30: Suffering from 'what-next?'-itis... time for a shop cleaning update

08-13-2012 05:44 PM by NedB | 3 comments »

Here I am about a month into my shop renovation and clearing… and I find myself in a bit of a quandry: What should I do or build ‘next’? I’ve got ‘all’ of the major tools at least marginally functional now, but I keep thinking of new ‘aha, that would be cool’ projects. that keep popping up. for example, I just got my lathe area in ‘order’. OK, that’s nice, but now I’m thinking there are more ‘organization&#...

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Part 31: Happy Birthday - the report

08-15-2012 10:00 AM by NedB | 11 comments »

Morning all, Well yesterday was my birthday, and my loving wife and kids gave me two tools, plus some clothes. Since I doubt you LJ’s would care about the clothes, here are the new tools: Just an 18v Jigsaw (with laser sight) and a countersink/driver bit set. Not earth shattering, but they’ll be well used out in the shop. I have a relatively complete kit of Ryobi One+ tools, so I’m well stocked with two chargers and several batteries already. Now I just need something ...

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Part 32: Fall is almost here: time for heat & other concerns

08-21-2012 02:24 PM by NedB | 0 comments »

Here it is late August (where DID the summer go?), and when I’ve let the dogs out the past couple of mornings I’ve noticed that it is almost chilly out there. Not cold by any means, & compared with the massive heat we’ve dealt with the past couple of months it is quite pleasant. That doesn’t mean it isn’t cool, and I’ve got one very large project on my punch list for the shop that I’ve decided is going to the Top of the list this week: I̵...

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Part 33: Some new cutting boards

08-23-2012 02:28 PM by NedB | 3 comments »

[_]D Morning all, Since the powers that be frown on WIP photos in the projects section, here are some in progress photos of what i did yesterday:I was cleaning out the tool shed (distinct from my Shop… it is where the lawn stuff, and family stuff is stored) and I found a whole bin of short cut-offs plus a single 5/4 cherry board. The board was weathered (it was when I got it) and I’ve had it for at least 8 years now. My how time flies when life gets in the way of woodworking. Th...

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Part 34: Rockler answered the call & the Brown truck delivereth

09-01-2012 10:00 AM by NedB | 1 comment »

Morning folks! Been a quiet week out in the shop. There were two days when I didn’t even make it out there at all, which is Not how I want to ‘run’ things, but life got in the way. That was OK though. I spent two of the non-shop days with my youngest son, we went to the movies and saw ‘the Dark Knight Rises’. I’m much more of a Marvel fan than DC in the comics realm, but I sure do like the latest iteration of the Batman movies, not just Dark Knight, but...

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Part 35: Kickback! Shop's closed for the day... (minimal injuries)

09-01-2012 03:43 PM by NedB | 10 comments »

I was trimming down a cutting board blank to width, had finished the cut and was pushing the cutting board through the end of the cut when I must have pushed sideways ‘just enough’. And I had a wooden frisbee spinning across the shop. Just barely caught my knuckle on its way by, as well as my turning muscle. (belly) my hand isn’t swollen, I’m just heavy. sorry to show this, but figure someone might learn from my stupidity well my nerves are shot now...

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Part 36: Time for a new crosscut sled

09-09-2012 06:38 PM by NedB | 5 comments »

I was cross-cutting the blanks for my latest set of cutting boards when I noticed that my cuts weren’t square. Not a big deal in this case, as I’m only going to be planing them down to thickness anyway, but in the long run it means that a Lot of projects have been ‘just a tad’ off, probably for awhile now. that shows the ‘variation’ here’s my venerable sled, just something that i threw together awhile back: it is about as simple as yo...

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Part 37: Cleaning Day!

09-13-2012 01:09 PM by NedB | 4 comments »

I was out in the shop for a bit last night, planing these down: And afterwards I was cleaning up the inevitable stray chips and dust with my new dust-rite nozzle. I noticed, however that it wasn’t doing such a great job of picking up. You guessed it, my DC is Chock full at the moment. So, job 1 today is to empty the DC, then I’m going to attack the creeping meatball that always shows up in my shop. That’s my term for clutter. I’ve got the first meeting for my Ro...

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Part 38: Information overload

09-17-2012 03:39 PM by NedB | 4 comments »

Irregular readers of my irregular musings will recall that I moved back to NY 3 months ago. We’ve been busy re-settling into our home here, and we’ve been busy with loads of projects around the house. You’ve seen what I’ve been up to, with refitting my workshop. What I have now is immeasurably better than what it was before I left. I always enjoyed going out there, but now I can actually get something accomplished. That’s what my DW (dear wife) un-earthed...

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Part 39: 1500 days ago... and current project update

10-02-2012 06:20 AM by NedB | 5 comments »

almost 4 and a half years ago; 1500 days ago (according to my ‘blog list’ page) I posted my first blog entry her on LJ’s which was about my woodworking journey. I’m still on that journey, and lately it has become nearly the center of my activities. I don’t get out to the shop every day, but even on the days I’m not out there, I’m still doing something online related to woodworking. Currently I’m in the midst of a massive cutting board proj...

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Part 40: End of year wrap up

12-29-2012 05:59 PM by NedB | 4 comments »

Hi folks, the hollydaze caught up with me, and I’ve honestly not been out in the shop in a week or more. (it is winter and we’ve got all of this nasty white stuff on the ground…) I had a very good christmas tools wise: I finally have some Thompson Lathetools gouges: 1/2” detail, 1/2” V Bowl gouge and 1/4” detail gouge. Wixey angle gauge idetail digital caliper Couple of pretty cool tools from Kobalt handsome little ‘...

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Part 41: The Grand Plan for 2013 -ok, you can stop laughing any time now... B-D

01-10-2013 06:28 PM by NedB | 5 comments »

Hi folks, My thermometer is lying to me at the moment (it says 40° but I really don’t believe it), so I decided to come in from the shop and thaw out my fingers for a bit. A little history: my shop has grown from literally a chop-saw on a picnic table to a fairly well equipped (if cold) small barn over the past 5 years. Before I built my shop, I shared shop space with my mentor for a few years, after building stuff in my yard, working out of the garden shed. I’ve done the typica...

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Part 42: Rediscovered a Lumber Source in CNY (central NY)

02-17-2013 12:25 AM by NedB | 3 comments »

I just made a happy re-discovery of a ‘local’ sawyer whom I’ve dealt with in the past. For those in the central NY area, chime in here if you’re looking for some decent hardwoods, Zach is the sawyer, and he has maple, ash, elm and hickory in 4/4 up through 10/4 at $1/bf. It may need some seasoning, but hey, that’s what lumber racks are for, right? I’m planning on making a run up his way in about a month, month and a half from now, just about the time that m...

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Part 43: I just hope that's not a train...

02-19-2013 01:48 PM by NedB | 8 comments »

Hi gang, at the risk of jinxing myself, I’ve had a bit of good luck finally. I left my last full time job back in August, and have been looking for a better job since then with predictably little success. However the past couple of weeks have seen a change in the job market. I started a new job last week, driving school bus for a local company, and I also got a call back on another job I had applied for, the interview for that went pretty well, and Yesterday I got the call back and a ...

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Part 44: Back in the shop (soon)

03-29-2013 02:02 AM by NedB | 5 comments »

My almost 8 yr. old DW734 has seen better days. and I pulled the trigger on a new Steel City 40100 13” planer as an investment in my cutting board venture. I also ordered a pair of Bowclamp cauls and a set of replacement wrenches for my PC router. While I’m waiting for the planer to arrive, I’m going to be doing a bit of Spring cleaning, since spring has finally sprung and I won’t freeze out in the shop. I’ll update with photos once I get some progress done.

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Part 45: sometimes you just have to walk away...

03-31-2013 09:19 PM by NedB | 2 comments »

after getting the shop in relative order, I decided to try my hand at turning and carving some spoons as a ‘getting back into the swing of things’ project after the winter. yeah….right… I cut several spoonish shapes out of some poplar, figuring, hey it’s a soft-er hardwood, easy to carve, right? suuure. I dig out my spoon plane, and my hook blade and proceed to go through all of the blanks in short order, saving just one of them, which wound up as a spatula...

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Part 46: New Tool in the shop!

04-20-2013 07:13 PM by NedB | 4 comments »

My old DW734 was making some really weird noises the last time I used it, and I’ve had it in the shop twice at $100 a pop to get it up and running… well, this would be the third time and at that rate I figured I might as well get a new planer. I may still get the 734 fixed, but probably will put it up for sale at a discounted rate and let the next guy fix it. I ordered and received a new Steel City 40100 13” planer. It is your basic lunchbox planer, no cutterhead loc...

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Part 47: Stop the Bus I want to get off!

04-27-2013 02:46 PM by NedB | 14 comments »

I started a new management job yesterday, and that of course is exciting! I will be managing a ‘fleet’ of contractors who deliver pharmaceuticals in and around central NY. This is all well and good, but I’m still a week away from leaving my bus driver’s job. I put in my notice for next friday, and this morning I’m wishing it was already Friday. I want to be out of there for two reasons, the new job has a great amount of flexibility in the hours I will be working...

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Part 48: Busy Busy Busy...

06-08-2013 05:41 PM by NedB | 4 comments »

Hi gang! I’m alive and well, just really busy with my new job. I’m a manager for a small courier service, and I do both deliveries still (I was a driver, took a mgt position for more $), as well as manage the ‘fleet’ of independent contractor drivers, as well as coordinate with our three main customers etc… I just picked up a new car for work. My aged and rapidly aging Buick Rendezvous was showing her age; I may still fix her up, but most likely she’l...

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Part 49: Greetings from beyond the edge of the world

07-04-2013 03:47 PM by NedB | 5 comments »

Hi gang, I know some of you have thought I fell over the edge of the world… Not at all. I simply haven’t had much blog time, or if I did have time, I didn’t have a lot of progress to report. That is what I’ve been ‘up to’, and who really needed to see yet another set of end grain boards in progress here on LJ’s? the LOML booked me into a show this coming weekend, and I’ve been out in the shop going through all of the necessary ...

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Part 50: First show, plus new job among other thoughts.

07-27-2013 07:07 PM by NedB | 5 comments »

Hi folks, been a very busy couple of months. The new job is going very well, in fact this past week, I got the nod and was promoted to site manager for the courier service finally. I knew it would be ‘different’... and it was in fact that, but it was a ‘good’ different, and the pay will be nice when it hits the bank account next week. I had been covering routes that brought it up close to that pay rate before, but now I’m busier than ever and getting more b...

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Part 51: building my version of the Ultimate Tool Stand and rearranging the shop

08-11-2013 08:44 AM by NedB | 5 comments »

I’ve got a very small shop footprint, which means that every square foot is important (yes, I know, what shop, no matter what size is that not the case?). To that end, I’ve always had the idea in the back of my mind that the Ultimate Tool Stand design from american woodworker magazine. There have been several built ‘here’, but I never felt the need to finalize it. Years ago, I started building a version of it, but ‘stopped’ after I made the top part of t...

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Part 52: Fall is almost here... some new tools in the shop

09-08-2013 09:59 AM by NedB | 4 comments »

Hi gang, Still haven’t ‘finished’ my ultimate tool stand, but thought I’d share some late night/early morning tool thoughts with you. My management job at the courier service has been keeping me hopping lately… and I’ve barely had any time to sleep, let alone get any shop time in the past couple of weeks. I had three drivers leave, and while I had interviews going on, and hiring etc… I’ve had to cover the routes with other drivers and take up ...

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Part 53: Polar Vortex & other thoughts.

01-29-2014 05:24 PM by NedB | 6 comments »

OK gang, I’ve finally ‘surfaced’ from a work caused hiatus, now here it is the end of January and I’m jonesing for shop time. Unfortunately it is hovering around 0° outside. I live in central NY, and I’m pretty unimpressed with cold and snow as a rule. 0° however is a hard limit for me. I’ll go out and do my job, but I’m certainly not going to go out and make much in the way of sawdust. Work has changed for me this past week. I stepped down as ma...

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Part 54: Ack, I've discovered youtube woodworking videos... which lead to tool lust...

02-15-2014 09:45 PM by NedB | 11 comments »

since my shop is at ambient temperature currently… and that is about 20° on a ‘good’ day of late. I’ve been getting my ‘fix’ of woodworking by watching youtube woodworking videos online. This is a double edged sword sort of thing. I get my ‘fix’... it is ‘free’, and I’ve even learned a few things… however. It also has me wishing for a slew of new tools, not the least of which in turn has led to my wishing for (in no pa...

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Part 55: overcoming inertia: How do you do it?

02-24-2014 05:38 PM by NedB | 1 comment »

Hi folks, Monday rolled around again and I am sad to say I missed a 5 day window of ‘warm’ weather, where I could have accomplished a few things out in the shop. I did get ‘something’ done… I have the 4×8 rigid insulation sheets clogging up the main part of my shop. Eventually the plan is to hang them up at the top sill of my shop. To that end, I needed at least one 2×4x12 to span the shop and give me a support to rest the sheets on. One thing led to ...

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Part 56: finally warm enough to get something done... & #facepalm moments

03-11-2014 06:08 PM by NedB | 3 comments »

pics to follow… my phone died and I’m still in the middle of things (came in to warm it up & get a charger cable). I’m finally getting to hanging my insulation out in the shop today. we’ve got temps in the 40’s finally… and while that’s not balmy to some, it is good enough for me. I picked up some lumbah for the project last week… but the thermometer kept reading just under 30°. That meant that IN the shop it would be about 20°. Today...

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Part 57: $69 +/-

04-10-2014 04:22 PM by NedB | 2 comments »

Spring is here finally and I’ve been doing a bit of shop cleaning. Naturally I’ve got some new plans in mind & what would new projects be without new tools?! Funny thing, I keep finding tools that are $69. I don’t need this, but I would like to have the Ryobi one+ impact driver from the Borg… sure enough $69 (oddly enough, I searched for a refurbished unit, and found a couple for $89. um, no, don’t think so…) I’m planning on doing some segme...

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Part 58: Woohoo! I made 'what's new' on Wood Talk online!

06-05-2014 07:21 PM by NedB | 0 comments »

I’ve finally joined the ‘00s and am listening to podcasts on my iphone while driving (which I do for work). Being a woodworker, I listen to Wood Talk Online primarily. Last week I sent them a link to a video, and they featured it under the what’s new segment! Check out woodtalk online #185

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