Getting the Most out of your Shopsmith

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Blog series by MyGrowthRings updated 02-08-2022 10:26 PM 27 parts 20688 reads 17 comments total

Part 1: The Essential "Shopsmith Toolbox" (Old vs New)

06-25-2020 07:59 PM by MyGrowthRings | 0 comments »

I was about to type “A couple months ago…” but now I see I posted this video on the “Shopsmith Toolbox” in Dec 2017! Well anyway, this is another video that I shot as an aid to Shopsmith tool owners who might be in need of the go-to tool for the Shopsmith, which is a 5/32” Hex Wrench, or as some call it, an Allen wrench. Click the link below to check it out. Here’s the video link:

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Part 2: Using the Shopsmith 5-Piece Safety Kit (Push Stick, Fence Straddler, Featherboard, Push Blocks)

06-25-2020 07:36 PM by MyGrowthRings | 0 comments »

I’ve written a fair amount about the Shopsmith Safety Kit on my Blogger blog, but while I’m at it I figure that this blog deserves a little attention too. I recently posted a video on my “MyGrowthRings” Youtube channel on the use of Shopsmith’s Shopsmith 5-Piece Safety Kit, which has been a standard part of every Mark V sold since the mid-1980’s. That hit includes an excellent Push Stick, a Fence Straddler, for pushing narrow boards through the saw, a Feath...

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Part 3: The Shopsmith Mark V 5-Point Safety Check (+1)

06-25-2020 07:51 PM by MyGrowthRings | 0 comments »

Using the Shopsmith Mark V, or any of the Shopsmith multi-purpose tools for that matter, can seem daunting at first, but with a little practice it’ll become second nature, just like driving a stick or avoiding Yoko Ono music. There are a couple must-check items on the tool that I double-check every time I use mine. I’ve uploaded a video to my “MyGrowthRings” Youtube channel that is worth a look, if you are just getting introduced to Shopsmith woodworking. Here&...

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Part 4: You Are (Probably) Waxing Your Shopsmith Wrong!

07-06-2020 04:15 AM by MyGrowthRings | 4 comments »

In order to get the most out of our Shopsmith Mark Vs and other shop tools, it’s wise to give them an occasional polish with a good furniture grade paste wax. But what is the best wat to apply it? In this video we’ll run through the most common things I wax on my Mark V and I’ll offer a few tips that I learned while I was the Academy instructor at the Shopsmith Factory Showroom in Dayton, Ohio. Here’s the link:

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Part 5: Shopsmith Model 500 Front Table Extension

07-15-2020 12:09 AM by MyGrowthRings | 2 comments »

The Shopsmith Mark V Model 500 front table extension is one of those little add-on gadgets that brings so much more to the party than first meets the eye. In this video, we are in our buddy Isaac’s shop getting his new to him Shopsmith Mark v Model 500 ready for action after years in storage. I’ll link to Isaac’s channel as soon as it launches. Here’s the vid:

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Part 6: The new EZtension Bandsaw Tension Gauge and the Shopsmith Bandsaw

07-21-2020 02:29 AM by MyGrowthRings | 0 comments »

After seeing the EZtension in Fine Woodworking magazine I was intrigued, but also curious to know if it would work with the unique Shopsmith bandsaw. In this video I show what I learned and run through some of the cool features that make the Shopsmith bandsaw so special. Here’s the video:

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Part 7: An Indispensable Shopsmith Tool You Already Own: Stop Collars

07-29-2020 08:55 PM by MyGrowthRings | 0 comments »

Your Shopsmith multi-purpose tool came with a couple stop collars (AKA: shaft collars, tube collars) that can be used for far more than what you may know. In this video, I run you through the handiest non-standard uses I have for them in my shop. Here’s the video link:

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Part 8: How to tune a Shopsmith bandsaw

08-10-2020 04:07 AM by MyGrowthRings | 0 comments »

“Your wheels need to be co-planer” “Your tires are crowned” “The top wheel tilts forward and backward” “The blade rides in the center of the wheels”. All myths. At least when we are talking about the Shopsmith Bandsaw. In the video, we’ll continue our chat about the Shopsmith bandsaw and give you a couple of tips on how they work and what you might need to do to keep your Shopsmith bandsaw tracking properly. Here’s the link: ...

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Part 9: 5 Shopsmith Mark V Drill Press Tips (I think there's Five!)

08-18-2020 02:42 AM by MyGrowthRings | 0 comments »

In this video, I go over a few tips for getting the most of your Shopsmith Mark V drill press. There are so many little tips that we’ll eventually cover, but these are a few I use every time I drill:1.) Position your headstock, carriage, and table BEFORE you lift it into position.2.) Grip the way tube FIRMLY beneath the headstock and above when lifting.3.) You can reposition the headstock and carriage in the vertical position, but why risk it? 4.) Position the quill feed handle wherever...

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Part 10: But wait, there's more! Shopsmith Mark V Drill Press Follow-Up

08-23-2020 02:30 AM by MyGrowthRings | 2 comments »

I knew that this weekend’s video on the Shopsmith Mark V drill press video was just scratching the surface and that there would be more to say, but after several comments, (Thanks Damion and MRrwmac!) I realized that there was more to say, and that sooner is better than later.

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Part 11: STUMPED? Q&A's from "The "Business End" of the Shopsmith Bandsaw: Upper & Lower Guides & Bearings"

08-28-2020 11:39 PM by MyGrowthRings | 0 comments »

This video we will tackle Q&A’s from my last video: “The “Business End” of the Shopsmith Bandsaw: Upper & Lower Guides & Bearings” which you can view here: This is the first mid-week MyGrowthRings video, “STUMPED? Q&A” Why “STUMPED? Q&A?” Well, I asked viewers a week ago to suggest a good name for a follow-up show and while there were a bunch of wonderful suggestions, few conveyed the id...

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Part 12: Stupid Bandsaw Trick, Resawing & Straight Sawing with the Shopsmith Bandsaw

09-02-2020 03:55 AM by MyGrowthRings | 0 comments »

As I promised in the previous video on the “Business End of the Shopsmith Bandsaw” in this video we will cover the use of the bandsaw fence for straight cuts and for resawing, and while we are here we did a stupid bandsaw trick that the Shopsmith bandsaw can do by twisting the blade. Don’t forget to leave your questions, comments, and Cheapshots below and we’ll address them during our mid-week video. Here’s the video link:

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Part 13: Shop Short: Do you HAVE to slow the Shopsmith before turning it off?

09-02-2020 03:58 AM by MyGrowthRings | 5 comments »

Just in case you missed this tip at the end of this past week’s episode of “Stumped”, it’s an important question that deserves an honest answer. “Do you have to turn the speed dial on your Shopsmith tools all the way down to the “Slow” setting before turning it off?” Here’s the video:’s the entire episode:

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Part 14: Resawing and a Stupid Bandsaw Trick: Twisting the blade on a Shopsmith Bandsaw (On purpose!)

09-23-2020 09:26 PM by MyGrowthRings | 0 comments »

As I promised in the previous video on the “Business End of the Shopsmith Bandsaw” in this video I cover the use of the bandsaw fence for straight cuts and for resawing, and while we are here we did a stupid bandsaw trick that the Shopsmith bandsaw can do by twisting the blade. And the reson for twisting the blade? I forgot to mention it in the video! It’s to allow the saw to crosscut wider boards.

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Part 15: STUMPED? Q&A's from "Stupid Bandsaw Trick, Resawing & Straight Sawing with the Shopsmith Bandsaw"

09-23-2020 09:32 PM by MyGrowthRings | 0 comments »

“STUMPED? Q&A” is a mid-week video series on the “My Growth Rings” Youtube channel where I answer questions, comments and cheap-shots from the previous weekend’s video. In this case, I answered questions from the “Stupid Bandsaw Trick, Resawing & Straight Sawing with the Shopsmith Bandsaw” video. In many ways these STUMPED episodes are better than the original take on the subject. Watch the video here:

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Part 16: A Response to Stumpy Nubs "Table Saw Blade Guard Myths BUSTED!" & How To Use Shopsmith Saw Guards

09-25-2020 09:33 PM by MyGrowthRings | 0 comments »

James Hamilton AKA: Stumpy Nubs posted an excellent video this past weekend talking about safety and saw guard use among Youtube content creators and the myth that using guards is somehow unmanly. In this video response (of sorts) I go over how to install the modern Shopsmith Mark V and Mark 7 upper and lower saw guards. It’s not difficult and it could save your hand. And doing miss what happens at 5:55, when I do a real-time conversion of the Shopsmith Mark V from Drill Press to t...

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Part 17: SUPER EASY Ripping Support for your Shopsmith or other small DIY Table Saw.

09-25-2020 09:38 PM by MyGrowthRings | 0 comments »

Ripping lumber (sawing the length of a board) can be challenging enough as it is, but add gravity on the outfeed side of the saw to the mix and things can get dicey fast. This super-simple to build and easy to use shop-made accessory fence will earn a place in your shop the first time you use it. This fence any many other jigs and fixtures you will see on the “My Growth Rings” Youtube channel utilizes the inexpensive and easy-to-make “Bittner Nut ”, which was cover...

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Part 18: Homemade Thickness Sander; lathe-mounted or Shopsmith mount surface drum sander

10-12-2020 07:41 PM by MyGrowthRings | 2 comments »

Building a surface sander for your Shopsmith (or any wood lathe) is a pretty simple and straight forward project. Several people here and on the Shopsmith Forums and in the Shopsmith Owners Facebook Group have shared their versions, so I figure it’s time to share mine. I started with the basic design shared in R.J. DeCristoforo’s version of the book “Power Tool Woodworking For Everyone” (PTWWFE) but after building a segmented ring pro...

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Part 19: Horizontal Boring on a Shopsmith Mark V

10-20-2020 09:44 PM by MyGrowthRings | 0 comments »

A horizontal boring machine is one of those tools that few woodworker even consider, because with the exception of the Shopsmith Mark V, most other options are large and expensive dedicated tools. Any time I am drilling into the edge of a board for joinery I always go to this simple set-up. Watch it here:

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Part 20: Restoring a Rusty Shopsmith Jointer using the Ol' WD-40 and Scotch-Brite® method

10-26-2020 08:09 PM by MyGrowthRings | 0 comments »

I’ve put this off long enough. In this video we tackle my rusty Shopsmith 4” jointer and bring it back to life. Using the Ol’ tried-and-true WD-40 and Scotch-Brite® method I’ll get this down to bare metal and in our mid-week follow-up episode of “STUMPED? Q&A” we’ll answer your questions, comments, and cheap-shots, including my crazy polyurethane cast iron treatment. Also, for an excellent video on attacking and preventing rust, take a look at ...

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Part 21: Installing Carter "Upgrade" Blade Guides on a Shopsmith Bandsaw. Are They Worth it?

03-17-2021 03:53 AM by MyGrowthRings | 0 comments »

In this video, we will install a set of Carter Products ball-bearing blade guides on a Shopsmith bandsaw. According to their website “The Carter Shopsmith conversion kit updates your saws performance through the use of all sealed ball bearing roller guides. This provides your saw with reduced blade friction and improved cutting accuracy. The kit contains both upper and lower roller bearing side support assemblies, which work in conjunction with the existing Shopsmith thrust bearing.R...

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Part 22: Shopsmith Strip Sander: Better than any you've ever imagined!

03-17-2021 03:56 AM by MyGrowthRings | 0 comments »

The Shopsmith 42” Strip Sander is one of those tools that at first glance just doesn’t seem worth the money, but trust me, all you have to do is use it and you’ll fall in love. Watch the video here: Also, in this video, I announce a major change in the future of “Stumped Q&A” videos. Get the details here: Join this channel to get access to perks:

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Part 23: Shopsmith 4" Jointer Blade Replacement & Alignment

03-17-2021 03:58 AM by MyGrowthRings | 0 comments »

Installing and aligning the knives on a jointer can be a challenge, but the folks who invented the Shopsmith jointer were thinking of the DIY’er when they created it back in the 1950s. And the great news is this tool just got better and better from there. In this video, I’ll walk through the process of removing and installing knives in the Shopsmith jointer, and touch on the need to shift the blades to compensate for knicks. And yes, I would rather have been using my aluminum rul...

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Part 24: Carter Narrow Blade Stabilizer on Shopsmith Bandsaw. Is It Worth It?

03-17-2021 04:06 AM by MyGrowthRings | 0 comments »

In this video, we install a Carter Products Blade Stabilizer on a Shopsmith bandsaw and do a little playing around with a couple narrow 1/6” and 3/16” blades. Here’s the video: This set was loaned to me for testing by Carter Products. This is just one of several upgrades that Carter Products has for your Shopsmith bandsaw and are available directly from them on their site: (This is NOT an affiliate link) ...

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Part 25: Shop-built Shopsmith Speed Reducer AKA: Jackshaft

07-06-2021 09:30 PM by MyGrowthRings | 0 comments »

That’s right, it’s easy to make your own speed reducer for powering your Shopsmith bandsaw, jigsaw or scroll saw at a slower speed than normal for use with metals, plastic, and even stone. Watch it here: Don’t miss the links in the video description to the original 1960 articles that inspired it.

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Part 26: Kreg VS WEN Track Saw: The Perfect Companion for your Shopsmith?

07-26-2021 09:18 PM by MyGrowthRings | 0 comments »

If you clicked on this I doubt I need to convince you of the value of a track saw, but just in case you are on the fence, I shot this video playing with my new WEN Track Saw after learning that my sister had just purchased a similar bargain-basement saw from Kreg. Yes, this video rambles quite a bit, but I’m assuming that you know how to FF a video… An in case you are wondering, no, neither of them is in the same league as a Festool, Mafell, DeWalt or Makita, but clocking in a ...

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Part 27: Your Shopsmith has a Weak Link!!! (And what to do about it)

02-08-2022 10:26 PM by MyGrowthRings | 2 comments »

That’s right, your Shopsmith tools have a weak link, and there’s something you can do about it. In the video linked below I talk about a critical key feature of your Shopsmith that probably needs your attention. Scott Watch the video here Watch the video here

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