Learning Curve

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Blog series by MsDebbieP updated 08-13-2008 01:15 PM 21 parts 43324 reads 263 comments total

Part 1: My Second Scrollwork Project

01-10-2007 09:45 PM by MsDebbieP | 0 comments »

Well, the skills are progressing. I’m not sure how long it took me to complete the Treble Clef but today I ventured into more difficult work and decided to make a ”dolphin napkin holder”. It looked simple enough but was served a purpose. This is good. Down I went into the shop and after an hour I had cut out one side of the napkin holder. “An hour”, I thought, “I’ll take forever to complete anything”. After lunch I returned to the saw to c...

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Part 2: The Learning Curve, Part II

01-15-2007 12:25 AM by MsDebbieP | 7 comments »

Having put the finishing touches on my latest project (that would be my second project ever) I decided to try and free a woodspirit from a piece of 2×4. The wood had edges of bark still on it, as well as lots of splinters-in-waiting. How to clean this up, I ask myself. I could ask Rick, but he was buy installing a wood vice and I hated to interupt him for the umpteenth time, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. What could I lose? A piece of old 2×4? So, “take a c...

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Part 3: Beginnings

01-18-2007 02:57 PM by MsDebbieP | 4 comments »

For the past few years, several of my photos have been hanging in a local restaurant. It has been a pleasure to sit down at a table and look up at one of my favourite creations. The restaurant is now changing hands and so the photos have been returned to me. It was a little exciting as I opened the box to view all of the photos, some of which I had forgotten about. Obviously they had been some of my favourite images at the time and I am once again captured by the beauty of the subjects. Se...

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Part 4: Personal Growth

02-02-2007 02:07 AM by MsDebbieP | 7 comments »

Today I made a couple more “Life Guide” tools to use with my clients and as I look back at my day I realized that I was quite efficient and if anyone had been watching they might have thought that I knew what I was doing! With an idea of what I wanted, I “selected” the wood that I wanted, I cut it to size on the mitre saw, I started up the ol’ (well, “new”) spindle sander and smoothed down the edges and sides, I used the scroll saw to cut out desig...

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Part 5: The Challenge

02-08-2007 05:34 PM by MsDebbieP | 21 comments »

And so, with my hat in the ring, I have made the commitment to participate in the next LJ contest (Universe permitting). Living up to this challenge has me walking with one foot on the skill-building path and the other foot in self-awareness as I seek to understand my goal of Spirit and the lessons that this opportunity is providing me. The skill-building journey took a few steps this morning as I experimented with the beginning stages of my vision. (When the glue dries I’ll post ...

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Part 6: Frustration

03-07-2007 11:51 PM by MsDebbieP | 7 comments »

...and so with excitement and anticipation I began my second purse. Step 1: the designAgain, adapting a design seen online I created a pattern for the purse handle, thinking everything through as much as I coud, given the amount of experience I had with making wooden purse handles (ah, that would be 1 prior handle) Step 2: Cutting the handlesI chose to use a 1/4” thick piece of hmm… was it oak that we had picked up? A hardwood, anyway, and I placed the pattern on the wood an...

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Part 7: I Quit!!

03-13-2007 05:32 PM by MsDebbieP | 2 comments »

and then I quit again.. and I quit again.. and I quit again… Note to self: reconsider trying something new when you are out of sync with the Universe… (I know, Frank, it “just is”.).. hehee My granddaughter, 4-yr-old Rowan, has recently shown an interest in whales and since I had found a pattern for a whale puzzle, I was eagerly waiting for today – time in the shop – to try my hand at scrollsawing a puzzle. Ha. I should have known right from the st...

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Part 8: A little box

03-20-2007 05:28 PM by MsDebbieP | 4 comments »

This past weekend I purchased a foot control device for the scroll saw. What a difference that makes!! (Mostly that it is a lot safer as two hands can remain on the piece of wood and you don’t have to take your eyes off your work to shut off the machine.) Good investment. My goal was to take the last pieces of willow that Rick had cut when practicing with the Little Ripper and, of course, make a box. I only had 3 pieces left and I had a pattern for a couple little boxes that I wan...

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Part 9: Box Review

03-22-2007 02:04 PM by MsDebbieP | 2 comments »

I have my little desk set now: the Plans Box, the Little box, and the Pencil Holder Box and I’ve tried different things on each and here’s what I’ve come up with: 1. the plan box with the plain edges with rabbit cuts is nice and clean looking on the front. I like that. 2. the little box with its uneven box joints is rustic looking and as Dick stated – “antique-ish”. 3. I took the first box, however, and rounded the corners to see what that would lo...

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Part 10: First it was my Legs....

03-29-2007 04:47 PM by MsDebbieP | 15 comments »

...and now… oh, my shoulder and forearm!!! I’m building muscles that I didn’t even know I had! Thanks to CarverRog and his beautiful chip carving, I had to go purchase a chip-knife to give it a try. Well this morning, I’m trying (TRYING—not actually “doing”) chip-carving and my arm is sore! This is hard work. The Learning Curve1. if these lines are supposed to be 4mm apart I’m going to have to get new glasses—that is teeny tiny wo...

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Part 11: Multi-tasking

04-12-2007 06:31 PM by MsDebbieP | 9 comments »

Thanks to Martin and his magic shuffle button my need to multi-task has taken on a new urgency. Today as I sat here, caught in the trap of the LJ Addiction, I also contemplated how I was going to put a few pieces of willow together for a box – and what purpose it would have. I decided that I would just have to go cut the wood and glue it together whatever way would fit and it would become a “just is” box, for whatever purpose it might have in the future. After getting ...

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Part 12: thanks to the LumberJocks

04-15-2007 01:08 AM by MsDebbieP | 16 comments »

Today I did another first and I have to thank my LumberJock buddies (especially the WoodWhisperer) for the strategies. I’m working on a new box (surprise, surprise) and I had a long piece of wood that was rough on both edges. I, of course, wanted to keep one edge rough but the other needed to be straight to make the bottom edge of the box. In the past I’ve worked with 12” long pieces of wood, which I can fit on the mitre saw and I just “eye” it up and cut it ...

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Part 13: Tenons

04-30-2007 08:47 PM by MsDebbieP | 9 comments »

I am in the process of building a second plant stand (I thought that I would be done today but the Universe had other ideas.) One thing that I am pleased with is the aging of the pine legs. Rick brought home some 1×2 pine which worked great for the legs but they were too white for my willow. So, I used some “greying” stuff that I bought at Home Hardware. (I’ll have to go look at the name of it). It turns wood a natural- weathered look. With just one light coat and an...

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Part 14: past to present

06-16-2007 01:27 AM by MsDebbieP | 8 comments »

During my short time at woodworking I’ve been asked about how I got into it and whether my Dad did any woodworking. Sadly, there was no direct woodworking mentors in my family. One of my other little passions is genealogy and I have now found where my woodworking interests come from! My great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather, Ludwig Horning, was a carpenter!!! He was born in 1708 in Germany and arrived in Skippack Township Pennsylvania at age 20. He took his Oath of Alleg...

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Part 15: 6 months in and counting

08-01-2007 08:05 PM by MsDebbieP | 14 comments »

I am now in the second half of my first year of woodworking and I thought that perhaps it was a good time to look back and assess my progress as well as set some goals for the future. The latest challenge, the Summer Awards, was an eye-opener for me, as I realized that my skills had indeed reached a new level. It was only this past January that I decided that it was time to try my hand at the hobby that had intrigued me for years but I had no experience with. Although i didn’t (an...

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Part 16: Router Phobia

10-04-2007 06:39 PM by MsDebbieP | 22 comments »

Today I decided to put new dividers in my kitchen drawer and so down to the workshop I went. Earlier this week I had purchased some 1/2” x 6” knotty pine at Rona. I thought that the 1/2” was too narrow to use the DowelMax on and so I chose to use a different joinery technique. Using the router is out—I’ve had too many difficulties with the machine and I’m not familiar enough with the Triton router to give that a go without some assistance from Rick (who ...

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Part 17: Scrollsaw Stars

11-26-2007 11:38 PM by MsDebbieP | 29 comments »

After being inspired by some beautiful scrollsaw work recently, I thought it was time I did a little practicing at my scroll saw. The WoodI purchased some 1/4” thick poplar—I didn’t want to use pine because it is so fragile and I didn’t want to use walnut for two reasons: 1) it is too hard and 2) After sacrificing some walnut to make my snowman bottle holder I didn’t think I dare sacrifice some more in order to “practice”. The ProcessI put tape ...

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Part 18: Scrollsaw Box

11-28-2007 12:58 AM by MsDebbieP | 34 comments »

With the success of my scrollsaw stars, I decided to get a little more challenging. I found this pattern for a “fern box” online and I used some leftover tongue & groove pine that Rick brought home from his work. Took me 3 hours to complete this stage. oh.. and only 1 scrollsaw blade!! Now THAT’s impressive

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Part 19: My Latest Project

12-21-2007 02:30 PM by MsDebbieP | 14 comments »

Yesterday was my day to make presents for my kids… (didn’t really happen). I just can’t think of the right gifts to make and then when I get an idea I need to print a pattern and my printer isn’t working right now, so frustration sets in and I go do housework instead. (See how frustrated I am??? I did housework – by choice and not by necessity!! That’s scary). But I had to make something…. something…. So down to the shop I went to listen t...

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Part 20: 365 Days Later

01-05-2008 12:33 PM by MsDebbieP | 25 comments »

Jan. 5, 2008Thanks to Cajunpen I remembered that today marks my one-year anniversary here at the LJ shop. It has been an interesting year, filled with surprises. Last year, on this day, I thought “give woodworking a try and see if you like it”. I had no background in woodworking, no mentor to copy, no woodworker or creations as an inspiration—just an appreciation of wood surfaces. I didn’t know what I wanted to make or how I wanted to make it. The only tools we h...

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Part 21: Chisels

08-13-2008 01:15 PM by MsDebbieP | 14 comments »

Aug 13, 2008 Well, with all the little fairy doors I’ve been making now (ok so it’s only 5 so far but I’m on a roll!!) my little $1 store chisel set is starting to lose its effectiveness. But I have to say what a great purchase that was! I thought it would break on the first use but I’ve used it MANY MANY times and it is still hanging in there. Yesterday, Rick and I took a drive to Lee Valley so I could “test drive” some new tools to see what fit in m...

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