Journey into Woodturning

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Blog series by MovingChips updated 03-08-2022 01:55 PM 92 parts 83960 reads 60 comments total

Part 1: New turner and member... feedback welcome

06-30-2020 02:04 PM by MovingChips | 2 comments »

I’m starting my first ever blog! This is great. I am a new member to LumberJocks and I am a new wood tuner. I have always been a fan of turned wood and I final decided I would give it a shot. I found the most inexpensive lathe (under $200), just in case I didn’t like it. Bought a cheap set of starter tools and a face shield, what more do I need? Turns out, (pun intended) I like spinning wood. Let me step back a little though. Before I got started, I decided to wait for an opportunity...

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Part 2: Made an Ebony and Ivory Pen! Okay, its just dark and light wood.

07-07-2020 03:08 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

This weeks adventure in turning took toward making a pen. I made my own pen blank, thinking I could get a dark and light contrast pen. The exotic wood from the box I got off Amazon is getting slim. Not much left of the box, I’ll have to grab some more. This is not my first pen, but this is one of my first few times turning anything on the lathe. If you see anything that I’m doing wrong and could improve upon, please let me know. This was a fun project! Thanks Here is the ...

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Part 3: Lacewood bowl failure! And improper use of roughing gouge

07-14-2020 02:29 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

Improper use of a roughing gouge on end grain. I’m new to turning and found out after the fact that spindle roughing gouge and a roughing gouge are not two different types of tools. In this week’s video, you will see that I use the roughing gouge successfully on end grain, mostly as a scraper. The last of the fancy exotic wood from amazon, Lacewood. I believe, after some research on the Wood Database site, this particular piece of lacewood is Leopard Wood. The unfortunate thing is it had a...

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Part 4: Once people find out you have a lathe

07-21-2020 02:12 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

Funny thing about getting and lathe, when people find out you turn, requests start coming in (which I don’t mind right now). I had a request for a dark wood pen, so I turned the exotic wood of morado. I think it turned out great. Which of the exotic woods that I have do you think would have turned out better (see previous video)? On a side note, I like pen turning, but its not really my first passion on the lathe. I have no desire, at this point in my turning, to become a professional pen ...

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Part 5: EPIC FAIL.... on many fronts.

07-23-2020 02:40 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

Epic Failure! Big box of exotic wood cutoffs… NOT what I expected. The chuck seems to be losing grip. When I started sanding a segmented ring, it fell apart in my hands. I think I have reached the limitations of the lathe and chuck, but bad glue? It was going so well until it wasn’t. LOL Check out the video here: EPIC FAILS...

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Part 6: First Successful Box! while using a roughing gouge improperly

07-28-2020 02:10 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

My first successful box. Still not perfect but darn close. I used a soft maple kin dried bowl blank. The exotic wood from the first box from amazon was depleting. The second box was all small stuff. So, I went big and got some bowl blanks to push the machine and myself. There were a few challenges I faced, but in the end I think the box turned out great. I’m new to turning and although this was turned awhile ago using a roughing gouge on end grain, I have since discovered the prop...

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Part 7: Turned my first black walnut bowl... ice cream bowl?

08-04-2020 02:34 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

Turned Black Walnut into a beautiful “ice cream” bowl. I very much like the simplicity of the design. There are no marks of flare to take away from the dark wood and grain structure. I really enjoyed this wood turning project. Here is this week’s video: Wood Turning a Black Walnut Ice cream Bowl!

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Part 8: Maxed out the lathe? Failure turned to success!

08-11-2020 02:01 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

I think I’ve pushed the lathe a little too far, BUT… failure turned to success! The tool rest began giving out and coming loose and I discovered I was using the roughing gouge improperly. Got the tool rest fixed and finished turning a smaller project that became a potpourri box. It was a little expensive and I found out after the fact, I could have easily done it for much cheaper. Live and learn… boy am I learning. The feedback has been great, keep them coming. This week’s video: Maxed ...

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Part 9: 2 Pens & a Lathe! Twice the fun at one time!

08-13-2020 02:07 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

2 Pens & a Lathe! Twice the fun at one time! Prior to fathers day I made a pen for my dad and father-in-law. I used padauk and brushed nickel for my dads pen and purpleheart with copper accents for my father-in-law. I had a lot of fun making these pens and I can tell you now that they were surprised. I guess they didn’t know I can make a pen on a lathe. Of course now I have to make pens of mom and mother-in-law. LOL Here is the link to the video: 2 Pens & a Lathe! Wood tur...

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Part 10: Canary wood plate - first time using a glue block

08-18-2020 03:08 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

Canary wood, the last few pieces of wood turning lumber from Amazon. Trying to turn a plate is not easy and this was the first time I used a glue block, sanding sealer and lacquer finish. In both cases I was not happy. The glue block was a bit of a pain, gumming up the tool trying to cut through it. The sanding sealer was nice, but the lacquer was very fumy. Its one thing to circulate air, but the lingering smell was not a joy for me. I don’t think I will be using lacquer again, but I can’t s...

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Part 11: First Salt and Pepper Shakers!

08-25-2020 02:07 PM by MovingChips | 2 comments »

I attempted my first try at simple, yet challenging, salt and pepper dispensers. This was a fun project, even if it did not end perfectly. The salt shaker was made from Ash and the pepper was made from Black Walnut. The shakers were not the same size in the end and proves I need a lot of practice in duplicating items. I could have spent some time making measurements and getting the shapes a little closer. Live and learn I suppose. In the end, they are functional and look great independentl...

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Part 12: Best Turn Thus Far!

09-01-2020 02:19 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

I had no idea when I started turning this piece of cherry wood that it would turn out so well. I like the shape, but the shine is what truly makes this project a success. I can’t wait to see what my next project looks like after using the O.B. Shine Juice. Regardless, this was absolutely the best turn on the lathe thus far! I’m going to steal a line from Sinead O’connor, “nothing compares…. to you!”. Just WOW. LOL This week’s video: Potpourri Pot out of cherry, with O.B. Shine Juice

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Part 13: Wing Lid, Ring Minder, Padauk Bowl Project

09-08-2020 02:03 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

On a wing and a prayer, I set myself and the lathe up for a challenge. Sure, a bowl is a challenge in its own way, at my beginner level, but I wanted to push myself even farther with a “wing lid”. What’s the worst that could happen, right? I realized after I started the project, the lid was a little small to be cutting the corners to give it eight sides, so I left it at four sides. The lid was the scariest thing I think I’ve turned on the lathe. It was like a wooden saw blade spinning just...

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Part 14: EPIC FAILURE! Pushed the WEN lathe too far?

09-15-2020 11:17 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

While back I had that 7×4 bowl blank I was turning into a box and failed. I attempted to revisit the bowl blank with a new plan and tools, only to fail again. To find out if its me or the tools, I grabbed a 6×3 bowl blank and turned a nice bowl. Using the OB Shine Juice, is becoming my favorite finish. Here is this weeks video: EPIC FAILURE! Turning an Ash bowl

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Part 15: EPIC FAILURE turning "Legacy Old Line Pen kit"

09-17-2020 02:55 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

I tried my hand at turning a Legacy Old-Line Pen, which is a two part pen kit. Main body seem simply enough and even the top appeared to be straight forward. However, I need longer pen blanks for this kit. Also need 10mm drill bit, that I over look initially. Not to mention, old glue that seemed to dry on contact with the wood before I could activate it, were just a few problems I had along the way in this video. Eventually, I managed to get all my ducks in a row and marched toward a finis...

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Part 16: Humpty Dumpty sat on my lathe!

09-22-2020 02:09 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

Looking over the scraps of wood, thought I’d make an egg holder with the black walnut. It was either the black walnut or the ash. I thought the ash would not make for a great contrast in color between the egg or holder, so black walnut it is. Still not sure what I’ll make the ash into. One issue I had was after turning it round and putting a tenon on, it was too small. The chuck couldn’t get smaller. So, no tenon, just straight round managed to fit the chuck. Any other mistakes the O.B. Sh...

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Part 17: Failure Turning My First Pencil Kit!

09-24-2020 02:31 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

This is my first attempt at a pencil kit and it was marred with failures. First it was the off cut of lacewood, which was in the wrong orientation. Causing tear outs and catches. Followed by the switching to african padauk, only to have the first attempt at the pencil chip out. Finally, the end results were in sight and another set back, as the pencil eraser cap could not be seated correctly. I managed to solve the problem, by filing the cap down. Challenging project, but I learned a lot. ...

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Part 18: Black Walnut Candle Holders

09-29-2020 02:01 PM by MovingChips | 1 comment »

Black walnut is a great wood to work with. It cuts so nicely, sands well and finishes great. So, I couldn’t resist getting my hands on these two 4×4x6 pieces of black walnut to attempt turning a pair of candle stick holders. This was a great project and I had a lot of fun with the challenges. The difficulty being a duplication of one holder to the other, without using calipers. The end result turned out fantastic and here is what I learned. I think in the future I would rather a 4...

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Part 19: Harry Potter Back-scratcher!

10-06-2020 02:01 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

I channeled my inner Harry Potter to make a wand backscratcher. I picked up a back-scratcher project kit and some red oak from home depot. Maxed out the length on the lathe and turned a stick. Well a stick with a handle, that also had a pommel and threaded insert. It really does look like a magical wand, without the brass hand attached. This was an easy turn on the lathe and a fun project, while still being practical. I’ve been wanting a backscratcher for so long. Never have one when I nee...

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Part 20: Exotic Wood Koozie!

10-13-2020 02:07 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

Beer koozie has been on my list of projects for a very long time. It just took a while to get the pieces and my imagination in right frame of mind. Until recently, I was not thrilled with the selection of wood and it felt like something was missing. The new box of exotics, which came unlabeled, gave me the pieces I think I was missing. I decided to give the koozie a try, and boy am I glad I did. This project turned out great! I am fairly confident that the wood used is purpleheart and zebr...

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Part 21: Spalted Ambrosia Maple Fruit Bowl!

10-20-2020 02:11 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

Spalted Ambrosia Maple, just saying it sounds fancy. Maple is a nice wood. Ambrosia Maple is special. Spalted ambrosia maple is beautiful. Wood grain in general is like a fingerprint of a piece of art. When the fingerprint becomes a tattoo of art unto itself, it’s more than the signature of the piece. It takes on another look, feel, persona, gesture, ambience… beauty. I knew going into the piece it would be shallow and probably a fruit bowl, but I did not see this wood turning out so amazi...

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Part 22: LSD on Bloodwood!

10-27-2020 02:09 PM by MovingChips | 4 comments »

Bowl blank of Bloodwood, just in time for Halloween! This bowl turned out beautiful, then again, I’m bias. Tell me what you think of it. I drew out the concept of the design and its close, not exact. The idea for the side of the bowl was to have a large bead that had crosscuts in it, like a large decorating tool might make. Above and below would be smaller beads to highlight the section. Unfortunately, I got lazy holding the tool on the final pass and got a catch in the middle of the top b...

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Part 23: Custom Hot Rod Shifter!

11-03-2020 03:00 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

Here is a fun little project, if not for yourself, maybe a family member or friend. Shifters are something you can change and customize to fit your style or the look of the vehicle. In this case I turned a three-wood piece, in hopes that it matches slightly to the hot rod in question. My uncle has built many race cars and races every weekend. Recently he got an classic vehicle back in his hands from the early 70’s. He did an amazing job building it and it looks great, with a flat black top...

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Part 24: 2 Sexy Pens!

11-05-2020 03:04 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

Sexy pens! I was requested recently at a party, to make pens for a couple of lady’s, specifically my mother-in-law and step mother. They both agreed the pen they were to receive should be curvy and more feminine. Only one requested walnut and silver trim. The other got the matching wood and trim given out on father’s day. This was the first time I made curvy/sexy pens. I think they turned out great and I’m sure the lady’s will appreciate them. Here is this week’s video: 2 Sexy Pens!

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Part 25: First Funnel?!

11-10-2020 03:55 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

I decided to finish off the last little pieces of black walnut and ash, thinking it could be a toothpick holder. I also thought I could use a wood tap and die set for a twist lid. Going into this, I wasn’t sure what the shape or design would be, I just jumped in. Turned the black walnut first and threading was no problem. However, the cylinder needed to be really long, which means it would need to go deep into the ash. So I had to make a small adjustment on how it would look in the end. I ...

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Part 26: DEATH of a LATHE - (WEN 3420t)

11-17-2020 03:03 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

Ambrosia Maple Potpourri Box with Pewter Lid. That was going to be the title for this video. Little did I know the lathe was going to finally show its true colors and call it quits. The WEN lathe has served me well and taught me a great deal. I learned so many things while turning projects over the past 6 months, can I complain about it? Yes… yes I can… but we’ll save that for another video. I managed to get my hands on a Laguna Revo-1216 and finished what I started. The new lathe is a bea...

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Part 27: final review of the WEN lathe

11-18-2020 03:54 PM by MovingChips | 2 comments »

WEN 8×12 3420T Wood Lathe – 7 Months old, 39 projects in and the lathe has died. This is my final review and look at the WEN 8×12 model 3420t. - Weak motor- Soft Metal (tool rest and head stock)- No replacement parts- Tool rest lowest setting not low enough- Not meant for bowl turning + Variable speed control+ 110v house outlet (no special electrical outlet required) I may have pushed this little lathe beyond its manufactures suggested usage. To understand this is to ...

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Part 28: First attempt at Mortar & Pestle

11-24-2020 03:12 PM by MovingChips | 1 comment »

It almost seems like a rite of passage to turn a mortar and pestle. For this project, the wood I choose was ribbon sapele. I got myself a 5 inch round by 4 inch tall piece for the mortar and a 3×3x6 for the pestle. Both were kiln dried from Got Wood? and ready for the lathe. The mortar was the first on the bed and turned round quickly while on the worm screw. I designed the outside to be holdable with a firm stout base. Spun it around on to the chuck and hollowed out the compression c...

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Part 29: Red Elm Fat Candle Holder

12-01-2020 03:47 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

I have seen these wide or thick candles and the pedestal holders for them. I thought I would give it a try and got a piece of red elm, 4×4x6. I drew out a concept of what I thought the piece would (or should) look like. As I got it round and secured in the chuck, I felt like I was challenged with length and couldn’t get the dimensions I was originally looking for. In the end though, I believe the design appears sturdy and compliments the candle well. The glass hurricane tube fits perf...

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Part 30: Three Piece Jewelry Box!

12-08-2020 03:15 PM by MovingChips | 2 comments »

Really pushed the challenge meter up a notch on this adventure. I attempted to make a jewelry box with four different pieces of wood. I turned a maple burl bowl, American lacewood inserted bowl, curly maple lid and the finial was supposed to be African blackwood. Problem 1. The maple burl had a bark incursion I ended up chasing farther then I wanted. Eventually I decided it was going to be a part of the bowl or I might have ended up with a teacup instead of a bowl. Problem 2. The blackw...

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Part 31: First attempt - Christmas ornaments

12-15-2020 03:21 PM by MovingChips | 2 comments »

With Christmas right around the corner, nothing like a last-minute turn of some ornaments. I’ve seen some great videos on how to turn a sea urchin ornament, inside/out ornament, the 4-hole ornament and a snowman. I figured it was time to give it a try. I certainly have plenty of scrap wood from the small stuff I received in the mystery lumber boxes. There a few things I need to consider next time I attempt this; 1. Need more glue then I think is required. 2. Need to practice makin...

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Part 32: Failure on the biggest bowl...

12-22-2020 03:45 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

Bigger machine, bigger wood! I tried to turn an 11×4 piece of Etimoe. First attempt at a big bowl was met with disaster. It turns out the wood was off balance, evidence by the pith of a branch on one side. With the dense wood on one side and lighter wood on the other side, the wobble was too much for me. I switched to a piece of Sapele, in 11×4. Here I discovered my second problem, I used a worm screw rather than a face plate. However, I didn’t think about this until the end when...

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Part 33: Funnel Bowl Failure!

12-23-2020 03:09 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

Second attempt at the Etimoe. Using the face plate was much better, but still a failure. After using the worm screw on the first attempt and switching to the face plate, I did not put the plate on the correct side. I realized the issue after turning it round. I suppose I could have turned around again, but that would mean it would have several holes from the screws on the bottom through the bowl. I decided one big hole would be easier to fix then several small holes. Getting past the fu...

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Part 34: Safety Razor

12-25-2020 03:19 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

Safety Razor? Just like the trend in growing a beard and not needing a shave, times are changing. There seems to be a resurgence in the classic shave. Some have taken the risk at straight razors, but many have turned to less dangerous alternative like the Safety Razor. I knew going into the project I wanted a strong wood that was a burl. I was pleasantly surprised that the Coolibah is not only a very strong wood, but is nearly always in burl form. Link to the video: Red Coolibah Burl Sa...

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Part 35: Largest Fruit Bowl I ever turned!

12-29-2020 04:47 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

Ambrosia… with a SURPRISE!! Maple is a wonderful wood to work. It is not very hard and can be finished to a nice luster. In this piece I was granted a bonus, as I discovered some absolutely stunning curly maple in the bowl section of the wood. Now this was the second time I turned a fruit bowl, but it was the first time I turned a fruit bowl this big on the new lathe. It really was not my intention to turn the large fruit bowl to the same look as the first small fruit bowl, but it certainl...

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Part 36: Bottle Stopper Nostalgia

12-31-2020 03:12 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

Woodturning Adventure Review, Q&A, Nostalgia and Outtake Collection This little bottle stopper project turned out great. I didn’t realize when I started this project it would have such an emotional effect on me, as it’s made from scraps of the projects turned this year. It’s like a collage of all the work completed this year. Very sentimental. How many projects can you identify in the stopper that were turned this year? Here is this week’s video: Bottle Stopper Nostalgia

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Part 37: Urn for 2020!

01-05-2021 05:37 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

This project was great practice and symbolically putting 2020 in the grave might be to kind for that year. It should certainly go down in history as one of those rare years (assuming we aren’t in for more like it) that people may have thought the world was ending. Beyond the COVID, the absolute strangest events in my mind…the Rainforest was on fire and the Sudan flooded. Let me repeat that, a wet place was on fire and a desert was flooded. That being said, I was asked by a friend who ha...

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Part 38: Honduran Rosewood Burl Pen

01-07-2021 03:04 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

Pen projects are a great reinforcer of the basics and its been awhile since I turned a pen. When I saw this Honduran Rosewood Burl, I knew it was going to look fantastic. I was not disappointed with the end result. Here is this week’s video: Honduran Rosewood Burl Pen

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Part 39: Funnel Fail Repair - wood turning potpourri purpleheart rim pot

01-12-2021 03:13 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

This project had a great plan laid out. Light colored wood for the bottom and a darker piece for the top. Purpleheart rim will provide a great contrast and is a much harder wood then maple. The plan was in place. I went a little deeper than normal on the mortise and even deeper still by burning the circles around the logo. As I cleared out the inside, I thought I was about as deep as I should go. Grabbed Christmas gift scrapper and BAM! Got a catch, which ripped out the bottom of the bowl....

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Part 40: One-piece YoYo - from Etimoe

01-19-2021 03:07 PM by MovingChips | 4 comments »

This was a fast and fun project. I was very hesitant on trying to make a yoyo. I had an idea of how I was going to attempt it and then I watched a few videos. I saw a lot of complicated ways of making a yoyo and started second guessing my design. Luckily my wood turners club was actually doing a virtual demo on making a yoyo. It was just as complicated as many of the previous videos on YouTube. I almost scrapped the idea and then thought, what the heck. Worst case, the video will be entert...

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Part 41: Woodturning Bowl with Integral Wing Platter

01-26-2021 03:16 PM by MovingChips | 2 comments »

I thought of this project while watching Kim Tippin’s YouTube channel. She recently turned a square platter and in the middle of turning I saw a bowl immerging from her work. Although her project finished as a platter, I saw potential in something else. So, I set out to find a piece of wood that could make this project come to life. I happened to have a square piece of hard maple I purchased to turn the biggest item on the mini lathe. Unfortunately, it ended up being too big for the little...

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Part 42: Bloodwood Platter

02-02-2021 03:07 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

When I started this project, I had a feeling the wood might be very lustrous. I did not take into account the hardness. I ended up sharpening my gouge 3 or 4 times and honestly, I think it needed to be sharpened more often. I muscled through the rough turning and on the final pass, I would sharpen to get that clean cut. There was no plan for the design of the platter, other then I wanted to have a semi flat surface and a rim. The rim I’d been kicking around in my head was a wide flat rim, ...

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Part 43: Clock Challenge

02-09-2021 03:15 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

I have plenty of projects planned and one was a clock. I was watching a video from Bluey and he mentioned the Wooden-It-Be-Nice channel challenge for the month of January, was a clock. So, I moved the clock project to the front of the list. I have to admit, I liked the look of Bluey’s clock and thought I would put my spin on it (pun intended). I searched through the scrap wood under the lathe and I believe I put together a nice combo of wood colors. I placed all the grain running in the...

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Part 44: Black Walnut bowl

02-16-2021 03:12 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

I have not turned a large black walnut bowl and this 9×4 blank was my opportunity. When I started this project, I had a rounded bottom bowl with a cylindrical side. As I turned the bowl, I started to see some sort of dividing line where the round or curve went to straight up. I picked up a set of beading tools and thought this would be a great occasion to use it. Once the bead was established on the side, I quickly determined the rim needed to mimic the bead. I think the band of clean...

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Part 45: Valentines Day Vase

02-23-2021 03:05 PM by MovingChips | 3 comments »

I knew I was going to make a vase at some point, so I got a kiln dried chunk of hard maple. At the same time, I had to get a few more items and ordered a long/tall glass as an insert and the right sized forstner bit. There are two ways I complete my woodturning projects, design ahead of time and draw a sample of dimensions, with any embellishments and plan each cut and tool used. Or the other way is to get it round and make it up as I go. This was a bit of a hybrid project where I planned ...

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Part 46: Failed basket illusion

03-02-2021 03:08 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

I heard about the term “basket weave illusion” and conjured up my imagination on what that might mean. Eventually I came up with my own idea of what it might mean and discovered it was nothing like I thought. I was not prepared to invest in the full exercise required for the basket weave and decided to see if “my version” was possible. I had an ash bowl blank failure from the previous lathe and quickly determined this would be my test piece. For this project, it started out as a simple ...

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Part 47: Wig/Hat Stand

03-09-2021 03:14 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

I am so ashamed I didn’t think of this sooner. I was attending a zoom meeting demonstration and our wood turning club (I below to) was offered to attend. The other club conducted their meet very quickly to start the demo, but mentioned their member challenge for March was a wig stand for those wanting to participate in donating to local charity. I have a cousin going through treatment and I’m embarrassed I didn’t think of this on my own. Regardless I immediately began planning to make one ...

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Part 48: coffee scoop

03-16-2021 02:15 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

There is a challenge out there for the #YTCCC2021 or the YouTube Cross Channel Challenge 2021. Apparently, a group of people got together and have organized a monthly challenge. Bruce from Jordan Woodwerx has the announcement for the month of March and the challenge is “water”. Woodturning something to do with water? First thought was, turn ice? NOOoooo… that would be silly. Second thought went toward, what is water used for? Maybe I can turn something related to that. Water is only good f...

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Part 49: Maple Burl, Dark wood Lid bowl

03-23-2021 02:05 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

This project has been on the books for a while. Maple Burl is so unique, well any burl for that matter. The swirls of wood grain is like ink spot you could stare at for hours and get lost in imagination. This piece of burl was no exception and provided so many interesting designs of color and shapes. The lid is made of a darker wood for contrast and is Cabreuva, also known as Santos Mahogany. This wood from central/south America region has a wonderful aroma that lingers. I believe I read s...

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Part 50: Cherry Bowl

03-30-2021 02:32 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

I forgot I recently turned cherry, so the video this week was done a little differently. A friend asked if I could make them a salad bowl. I grabbed a piece of wood I thought would make a great size salad bowl. I think it’s a little small for a large bowl, but they seemed to think it was a great size. I used butchers block oil for the first time and I kind of like it. It doesn’t stain the wood and looks great. Althought it might be that the cherry is so nice, it wouldn’...

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Part 51: Buckeye Burl Jr. Zen Pen

04-06-2021 02:07 PM by MovingChips | 1 comment »

This weeks video was about the amount of time it takes to make a Jr. Zen Pen and the wood I used. Buckeye burl I have heard about being used in many applications and thought, sure a pen. As I was turning the wood, I was beginning to think I got a bad selection of wood. The punky soft wood was getting pretty bad with tear out. The more I looked at it, it seemed the wood wasn’t tearing out as much as it was getting pushed over! I switched to sanding and that went well and fast. It wasn’t ...

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Part 52: Flame Birch Purpleheart

04-13-2021 02:40 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

It’s been awhile since I turned a potpourri pot and I have been thinking about a two tone glue up. In this piece I used Flame Birch for the top and bottom and a piece of purpleheart for contrast. In addition, I tried to make the proportions look appealing. This project started off on a bad note. Huge chunk of purple heart flew off. Had to cut it away and glue another piece on. Reshaping the bowl I think made it dangerously small. In the end I managed to keep it wide enough to put the pewte...

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Part 53: Fishing Lure

04-21-2021 12:16 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

I wasn’t going to post this week, because the end product was made out of acrylic. Then I thought about the failures I had in the wood and realized this is still apart of my journey into woodturning that should be shared. You tell me, am I wrong? I have had this project of turning a fishing lure on my “to do” list for a very long time. With spring upon us and warmer weather, my mind has turned to fishing. Although I believe I had a decent concept in mind, it did not turn ...

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Part 54: Hat Stand

04-27-2021 02:46 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

The project was requested shortly after the wig stand video. Some specific requirements were asked for… single base and double hat stand. Couple of options were discussed, like a wide base with two posts or maybe a “V” post straight from the base, but we agreed that the football goal post or “Y” look would probably be best. Next part was deciding on the wood. The largest piece of wood for the base I could find (cheaply) was the Maple Ambrosia and I thought the East Indian Rosewood would be...

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Part 55: Cheese Platter

05-04-2021 02:04 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

This project was a revisit of a failure I had last year. Yeah I know, it took me this long to revisit the project? Well yes. Recently a local woodturner’s club suggested a challenge for the month of May to turn a platter without a worm screw, face plate or glue block and it rekindled that failure from last year. I grabbed a piece of Jatoba and gave it another try. I had a feeling the jatoba was going to be a nice hard wood, but I had no idea just how beautiful the wood really is. It has a ...

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Part 56: Nutcracker

05-11-2021 02:09 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

This project was a challenge and a joy to turn. I used Cherry and Cedar to make the bowl wide enough. Then it was just a matter of making the post for the brass nutcracker wheel and hollowing the bowl to hold a bunch of nuts. The main body of the bowl is made of cherry planking. This was long enough but needed more width. So I took a short but thick board of cedar and glued it to either side, after cutting it in half. Now it was as wide as it was long. I used a worm screw, since I was g...

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Part 57: No chuck, faceplate, glue block or worm screw... make a plate on a lathe

05-14-2021 02:16 AM by MovingChips | 2 comments »

Was asked if I could turn a plate between centers without a chuck, glue block, faceplate or worm screw. I thought about it for awhile an decided on a possible solution. I put it to the test and here is what I came up with. Take a board, cut if round on the band saw. Drill a depression with a forstner bit lager then the width of the spur and attached the live center, bring the tail stock up to lock the wood tween centers. turn the outside edge to round. Move the tool rest to the inside betw...

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Part 58: Potpourri Pot

05-18-2021 02:33 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

This project was a down and dirty quick show case of the lathe and turning. I had a friend over and wanted to see a project completed. I thought a potpourri bowl was a quick introduction to woodturning. I picked up a piece of 5×4 bowl blank ribbon sapele for this project. After getting it round on the lathe, it exposed some very pretty grain. My friend and I discussed the various spaces and came to the conclusion, anything designer would take away from the beautiful grain. So straight...

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Part 59: Jewelry Box

05-25-2021 02:07 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

This was a request from a friend asking if I could make a jewelry box. The wood was selected, a brief design was sketched, and work completed. I appreciated the challenge and experience taking an outside source design and attempt to match it. Ribbon Sapele is a beautiful wood and I believe no matter what the project is, it will turn out great. Maple is a fantastic wood to work with, but there is a risk of soft spots. The Black Walnut is a favorite wood to work with, since its fairly soft h...

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Part 60: Patagonian Rosewood

06-01-2021 02:24 PM by MovingChips | 1 comment »

This project was to make a simple individual’s salad bowl and use Ack’s Wood Paste for the first time. Ack’s donated a starter kit to me, after watching my video on turning wig stands I donated to a local breast cancer clinic. So I put it to the test. The wood for this project is Curupay, also known as Patagonian Rosewood. It is a very hardwood and displays some wonderful grain structure. There were a few blemishes in the wood, which I think make it even more unique. I was going to turn...

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Part 61: Bug killer

06-09-2021 09:43 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

This project was made from necessity, kind of. I found these tea light citronella candles that are used as a insect repellent and thought, “Yeah, I haven’t turned a tea light holder in a while.” Luckily, I recent came into some cocobolo in small form for this project. I never worked with cocobolo before, but was warned that some people have serious reactions to the dust and oils. I took a little extra precaution for this project and… knock on wood (wives tail for good luck) I did not have ...

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Part 62: Cigar Ashtray

06-15-2021 02:16 PM by MovingChips | 1 comment »

This project was a duplicate or inspired by Huw’s turn awhile back. He received a stainless-steel disc from Luie from Woodworking 220-7. Luie was kind enough to send me a few of these disc’s so to the lathe I went to make an ashtray. I had a perfect piece of Box Elder for this project and wasted no time getting on the lathe. I used a faceplate to get the bottom turned. I attempted to use the elf decorating tool, but failed. I’m sure it’s my fault and not the tool or wood. So as some sor...

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Part 63: Display plate/dome

06-22-2021 02:06 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

I picked up the 9-inch cake dome and managed to have just the right size wood for the project. I am pretty sure this is African Mahogany, but I could be wrong. The golden grain with amber shine, is what makes me think this is African Mahogany. That plus the fibrous strands on the rough cuts tends to point me that way too. I decided I was going with the glue block for this project. Seemed like the easiest way to get the mortise established. I coved out the bottom and made the base as wide a...

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Part 64: Candle Holder

06-29-2021 02:05 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

This project really started with the wood. I saw the beautiful figure in the wood of the 4×4 and thought it would make a nice candle holder. So I set out to make it so. I needed to find out about the size of candles I could use and the size of hurricane glass. I was lucky to find 3inch glass and 2 inch candles. I believed this combo would be good. Since the 4×4 would be cut down beyond 4 inches and I would want a lip or groove for a lip to rest the glass into. Now that I had t...

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Part 65: Gray Box Potpourri

07-06-2021 04:10 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

This project turned into a wonderful surprise. I never heard of Gray Box before and this piece was not listed as a burl, so yay… big surprise. Beyond the burl, the wood cut beautifully, and the exposed grain was fantastic. I started this project thinking I would embellish this bowl with coves, grooves and beads. After seeing the burl, I knew I had to change tactics and leave the natural look alone. I stopped cutting the pedestal and tried to make smooth lines or flat surfaces to showcase t...

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Part 66: Dalmata

07-13-2021 02:06 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

This project turned into a humble reminder that I am still new to turning. I seem to do well with the smaller projects, bigger works need more practice. I am ashamed to see such a beautiful piece of wood go to waste on my lathe. Dalmata I found out is a rather hard wood and the size of it makes it worth a lot of coin. I really need to invest in one of those coring systems. Regardless, I believe the spalting was a sign that it was on the way of softening up. I got much more tear out then I ...

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Part 67: Shaving Kit Stand & Bowl

07-20-2021 02:17 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

This project was really three projects in one. Brush handle, stand stem and bowl. The brush was made from Sipo. I used this wood when I first started turning and its beautiful. The chatoyance of the golden highlights with the dark brown background make it one of my favorite woods to work. I got a little carried away with the epoxy, securing the brush to the handle. The Amboyna Burl is another new wood for me. It is absolutely stunning with its swirling grain and colors. The oranges, tans, ...

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Part 68: Peace Pot

07-27-2021 02:11 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

This project was a gift request. I also like making these small bowls. The cherry wood is wonderful to work with and the shine you can achieve is great too. The pewter lid is one of the assortments that I got from Penn State Industries. They sell an assortment of 8 lids for under $30, so pretty inexpensive. This specific one looks like a peace dove. Potpourri pots make great gifts and do not have to be used just for smelly stuff. The bowl/lids make a great miniature jewelry box, spare coin...

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Part 69: Failure to Success

08-03-2021 03:56 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

This candy dish project was a failed success! LOL The wood I used to start this project was Black Palm. I don’t know if you ever had a chance to work with it, but it’s not easy. Obviously above my skill set. So I switched to another wood, again realized this new wood might be a problem I switched again. I ended up selecting Black Walnut. I think I was a little off center with the worm screw and took a little more off the side then was originally planned. I say this because when I measur...

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Part 70: 50,000 Year Old Wood

08-10-2021 02:07 PM by MovingChips | 12 comments »

This project was a surprise. I purchased this wood because it had an exotic name. I had no idea that it could be as old as 50,000 years old. After reading the sticker on the wood when I got home, I felt like I was holding something ancient and maybe it should be left alone in its current state. Then I realized it was sold as a bowl blank, so let’s go. I don’t normally do any research on the wood I’m turning until after I turned it. This time I felt compelled to find out more. Scientist (or...

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Part 71: Ironwood Bowl

08-24-2021 02:15 PM by MovingChips | 2 comments »

This project started off as strictly having the opportunity to work with Ironwood. After seeing the orange color of the wood and the dark inner wood, I got excited to see what it would turn out to look like. Plus, for the size of wood, it was very heavy. So far, the heavier the wood has been the more luster it has produced. It did not take long for the luster to expose itself. As I was turning it the wood seemed to shine on its own without any finish. The transition between the orange and ...

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Part 72: Ambrosia Platter

08-31-2021 02:27 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

This project was mostly about grabbing a piece of wood off the shelf and thinking, what could I turn out of this? As this was an ambrosia maple 9 inches wide round and 2 inches deep, platter would be perfect for this piece. I discovered a little late, what looked like a nice section of ambrosia. However, it was on the bottom of the design and would be cut away. I had no idea the beaty yet to show itself. After turning the bottom and finishing with O.B. Shine Juice, I saw this beautiful ...

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Part 73: Tea Lite Challenge

09-07-2021 02:19 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

This project was a challenge put out by “Making It Out Of The Woods” to turn a tea light for the month of September. So, yeah why not. I have a bunch of citronella candle tea lights and one more wouldn’t be a bad thing. I fumbled through the stockpile of wood I have collected to find the suitable candidate. I found a piece of olivewood (6×6x3) with a crack in it, making it more like a 6×4x3. I decided I might be able to make this work and made it so. To make the candle a littl...

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Part 74: Chechen Bowl

09-21-2021 02:05 PM by MovingChips | 2 comments »

This project was based strictly on turning a wood I have never heard of. Which seems to be the case with a majority of the wood I turn. This Chechen looked beautiful in the picture and did not disappoint. It reminds me of the Patagonia Rosewood I turned awhile back. This wood turned wonderfully. The database listed the wood at a Janka scale hardness of about 10K newtons. I feel it’s a little harder. I don’t know if I just got lucky or every piece of Chechen is like this one. There were ...

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Part 75: Peppermill

09-28-2021 02:07 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

This project was mainly because I had not done a peppermill before. This was a unique style or type of peppermill I had not seen and seemed simple enough. After opening the box I discovered I did not have the appropriate technical tools to do the job properly. However, I also know there is more than one way to do a job, so I made my progress up as I went along. Also, being a guy, we don’t read instructions anyway and not having the right tools made it easier for me to discard the step by step...

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Part 76: Mortar & Pestle for a Witch or Wizard

10-12-2021 02:14 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

This project is part of my month of Oct Halloween adventures. I thought a mortar & pestle would be a great gift for any potion maker, be it witch or wizard. For this project I found in my pile a 4×4x12 and a 3×3x12 Sapele. The 4×4 will be the mortar and the 3×3 the pestle. The Mortar started out fine by making it round and placing a tenon on one end and splitting it in the middle. However, it was discovered I made my tenon too large for my four-jaw chuck. I remounte...

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Part 77: Halloween Pen

10-19-2021 02:08 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

The project of making a pen was brought up recently and I realized I hadn’t made one in a while. So I thought I would make a pen I’ve not turned before. The Gatsby pen is a click pen that looks fancy and I’ve never done one. After getting I discovered I needed a different bushings, I order those. Got set to turn it and come to find out, I don’t have the right drill bit. I ordered that next. Finally, after all the time preparing it was time to get turning. The wood I choose was a pretty ...

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Part 78: Spider Cane

10-26-2021 02:04 PM by MovingChips | 2 comments »

This project was something I’ve been wanting to do for some time now. Making a cane is one thing and to give it a theme was a bonus. And so, the Spider Cane was conjured from the depths of my imagination! That and it’s the last turn before Halloween. I saw this spider incased in resin at a nick-nack store, the handle top was established. Looking at the scrap wood, I found the remains of some Etimoe for the handle. A piece of oak baluster for the length. The Etimoe turns so nicely. I cre...

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Part 79: Pedestal Pie Plate

11-02-2021 02:06 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

This project was based off the theme of Thanksgiving for the month of November. The first project for this theme I thought a pie plater display pedestal would be nice. Although as I made it the piece seemed to grow. The plate became more of a bowl. It can still hold a pie dish, but can also be used for other things. The base of the pedestal I tried to make fairly heavy to maintain balance with the contents above it. The pedestal itself was made stout and has a simple mushroom type shape. T...

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Part 80: Hors d'oeuvre

11-09-2021 03:08 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

This project was had a great start. What I mean is it had a great plan. In my mind this was going to be simple with minimal accessory grooves, coves, beads, etc. Just a curving side to a base and a shallow platter. After completing the work, I think it’s obvious the wood was a little to thick for the idea. The wood itself is very pretty. It also known as Red Zebrawood and for good reason. It’s an excellent description of red wood and dark streaks. The chatoyance in the wood rings and clear...

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Part 81: Turning PSL

11-16-2021 03:07 PM by MovingChips | 2 comments »

This project was based off the wood sent to me from Luie. He has a channel called Woodworking 220-7 and after he used the PSL I mentioned that I needed to get me some of that. He ended up sending me some! The only question was what to make with the PSL. Do I use it as a base? Do I use in the middle between two pieces of other wood? Do I turn it by itself? I decided to make it into the main body of a bowl, but added a feature ring (which is something Luie had been doing a lot of lately). ...

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Part 82: Squid Game Pen

11-23-2021 03:07 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

This project was a lot of fun! I have been kicking around the idea of working with resin for some time and also incorporating some 3D printing too. This project combined the two nicely, while still including wood. There was certainly a lot of pieces for the making of this pen. My friend has a 3D printer and made the shapes of ranks for the soldiers in Squid Game; circle, triangle and square. I also asked him to produce a skull in grey, to offset from the white shapes and to represent the f...

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Part 83: Live Edge Failure

12-02-2021 03:03 PM by MovingChips | 2 comments »

This project is just another in a long list of items to turn. A live edge was one of those turns that made me wonder how someone could turn a bowl and leave the bark attached. I got this piece of maple from a garage sale that had been sitting for about 5 years drying. The bark looked good and tight, but the over all size was not great. I did my best to center the wood for the 3-inch forstner bit to clear a spot for the face plate. I then trimmed up the corners so I could fit on the lathe. ...

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Part 84: Fixing a Failure

12-07-2021 03:05 PM by MovingChips | 2 comments »

This project was the continuation of the last project that was a failure. The live edge that fell apart, has become a natural edge. I didn’t even know about the “natural edge” concept until I received so many comments on the video. I I was already designing in my head the piece would become the base for a glue up project of some sort. With some many comments I felt it had to go back on the lathe to see if we could finish it off. I started by first knocking the remaining bark off and the...

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Part 85: Pen Knife

12-14-2021 03:06 PM by MovingChips | 3 comments »

This project was requested by my cousin to convert his letter opener pen combo to a fancy wood body. However, I did not like the idea of ruining his pen. So, I tried to find a replacement tube. All the tubes I purchased, none of them were a perfect fit. I almost gave up when I took a chance on finding and found a replacement pen and letter opener. They only had 5 left in stock, so I grabbed one. I felt much more confident if wrecking a pen I bought. Once it arrived, I was ready to jump rig...

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Part 86: Outboard Turning

12-21-2021 12:31 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

This project was something in the plans for a long time. To maximize the size of the bowl I knew I would have to utilize the outboard turning of the midi lathe. That and I would like a large piece of wood too. I managed to get my hands on a decent size chuck of Hububalli. I never heard of this wood, but hey why not give a go. First thing I needed to do was get my hands on the extension set. The box came with a 10 inch bed extension, tool rest extender and a thread extender. I took off the ...

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Part 87: Gel Bead Pot

01-04-2022 03:01 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

This project was based on a suggestion from a subscriber. They stated that they make the potpourri pots on the lathe too, but use Gel Beads. I never heard of Gel Beads and looked them up. I grabbed a piece of Wenge and got to work. I have to back up a little and apologize for not putting out a video or completing a weekly project, last week. Right before Christmas (Dec 22 or 23) my PC where I do all my editing for the YouTube videos decided it was time to retire. I cannot complain about th...

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Part 88: 1st Cup

01-11-2022 03:06 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

This project was on the books for a while. I decided it was time to crab a piece of wood and turn a cup. Sapele was handy and so I got to work. Roughing the round wasn’t hard and once secured in the chuck I grabbed the forstner bit to hallow the inside. This was the toughest part of the project. I slowed the lathe. I sped it up. I gently advanced the bit. The wood was tough on the end grain and started to smoke or it would bind the motor. I don’t know if its dull bits, hard wood, me or the...

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Part 89: Candy Dish from Macassar Ebony

01-18-2022 03:04 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

This project was based on grabbing a piece of wood and saying, what can I make with this. The wood I grabbed was Macassar Ebony. It is a very dark wood with even darker streaks. It didn’t take long after starting to work with the wood to realize the hardness of the species. The design was to make a wide rim shallow bowl, from the 2×6x6 piece. This wasn’t a huge chunk of wood, but it would end up looking great. I tried to put a nice flowing swell from the base to the top that flared ou...

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Part 90: Failure to Success

01-25-2022 03:06 PM by MovingChips | 0 comments »

This project was based on grabbing a piece of wood and saying, what can I make with this. I had no idea what the end result would be, nor the beginning. I simply turned it round and went from there. I thought about using this wood before, but felt it was a little punky in the corner through the center. I decided, what the heck, lets give it go. The Claro Walnut is beautiful, but the punky sap wood is horrible. (At least I think it was the sap wood.) The contrast between the soft and hardwo...

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Part 91: Mystery Wood

02-01-2022 03:48 PM by MovingChips | 1 comment »

This project started off as a mystery. Not only did I have no idea what I would make from this piece of wood, but I have no idea what the species of wood is. I knew it would be hard, based on the weight of the lumber. Also knew it was going to be round. I started off thinking it would be a simple round noodle bowl. Small thin base, almost a bead. Outer shape of the bowl would be semi circular or basically a half a ball. The inside would match the outside. After I started, I turned a sma...

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Part 92: Mushroom Nutcracker

03-08-2022 01:55 PM by MovingChips | 2 comments »

This project was a suggestion from a friend who saw an imagine somewhere. I thought, yeah I could do that. Then I thought some more, that’s actually going to be a challenge. I was determined to make this happen, success or fail. First I needed to find the right wood, at the right size. I ended up with cherry for the base, maple for the top and padauk for the spindle/threaded crusher. The cherry base came together quickly and easily. Beautiful wood to work. However the tap for threading ...

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