What To Do With This Board?

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Blog series by Mean_Dean updated 05-27-2015 02:54 AM 14 parts 20884 reads 21 comments total

Part 1: What To Do With This Board?

05-08-2015 12:07 AM by Mean_Dean | 7 comments »

Hey Guys, My neighbor very generously gave me this board: It is Luan mahogany, and is: 3/4” x 3 1/2” x 48” (T x W x L) So, what project should I do with it? Based on your suggestions, I’ll then build the project, and blog the build. Thanks in advance, and I’m looking forward to it!

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Part 2: The Plan

05-11-2015 11:15 PM by Mean_Dean | 0 comments »

Hey Guys, Here’s a sketch of the plan for the box: (Disclaimer: I’m kind of a pencil and paper guy, thus the above sketch. Also, it didn’t quite scan correctly, but at least you can see the general idea for the box.) As you may remember, the board is 3/4” x 3 1/2” x 48”. So I’ve decided to make the box 7”L x 5”W x 1/2”T. Since the board is 48” long, I thought I’d use the first 24” for the carcase of the...

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Part 3: Rough Milling and a Change

05-12-2015 10:52 PM by Mean_Dean | 0 comments »

Hey Guys! I started the milling process today—and discovered that, with the original plan, I didn’t have enough wood in the board to make the box. So I modified the plan by making the box dimensions smaller. The box was going to be 7”L x 5”W, but will now be 5 1/2”L x 3 1/2”W. With the box originally being 5” wide, I would have needed to glue up two smaller pieces to make the top and the bottom. By making the top and bottom 3 1/2” wide (th...

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Part 4: Cutting the Miters

05-13-2015 10:51 PM by Mean_Dean | 2 comments »

Hey Guys! Well, a short day in the shop today. Lawn’s not gonna mow itself…...........! I laid out the parts on the board, in chalk, so as to get a 3-corner grain match. The grain match will die into a rear corner: Next, I cut the 45 degree miters on all the box side pieces. I use a Wixey digital angle gauge, and it makes setting precise angles ridiculously easy. Every miter joint I’ve ever made with it is airtight—man I love this thing! Tomorrow I&...

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Part 5: Groov'n!

05-14-2015 10:29 PM by Mean_Dean | 4 comments »

Hey Guys! Today I cut the grooves in the box sides for the top and the bottom. I debated whether to cut the grooves at the router table with a 1/4” straight bit, or on the tablesaw with a full kerf rip blade. I decided it would be quicker and easier to cut them on the tablesaw. Here are the box sides from yesterday: I used a Freud full-kerf FTG rip blade to cut the grooves. The FTG feature gives the grooves a nice flat bottom, instead of the sawtooth pattern of my combinati...

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Part 6: Silly Rabbet!

05-15-2015 11:05 PM by Mean_Dean | 2 comments »

Trix are for kids! Hey Guys! Trix may be for kids, but rabbets are for grown ups! Got the rabbets cut today on the router table. I used a 3/4” straight bit buried in the fence to cut the 1/4” x 1/4” rabbets. Another interesting setup guide I use is a 1/4” square dowel. Since it’s square, it doesn’t roll around like a drill bit will. I used it to set both the height of the bit, and its distance from the fence. I cut the endgrain first, so...

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Part 7: Put A Lid On It!

05-17-2015 11:56 PM by Mean_Dean | 0 comments »

Hey Guys! Today I worked on the lid, and the feet. I wanted a curved end for the lid, that overhangs the box by an inch or so. I looked at several radiuses for the curve, from a 1-gallon paint can to a shampoo bottle to a quart can of expired contact cement. I liked the contact cement can best, and laid out the curve. Next, I cut the curve on the bandsaw, then sanded it smooth on the oscillating spindle sander. Then I needed to notch out the curved end of the lid, so that the ...

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Part 8: The Fix Is In

05-18-2015 10:59 PM by Mean_Dean | 0 comments »

Hey Guys! Well, a short day in the shop today. As you may remember, when I cut the right side piece of the box to its correct height, it left the tongues and grooves exposed on that side. With the cutoff piece, I needed to notch out the cutoff to make room for the tongues of the lid to slide through when the lid is slid open. In order to notch the cutoff piece, I made a jig to accomplish that safely. I then notched the cutoff piece by making a couple of passes over the rou...

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Part 9: Sanding and Staining and Glueing -- Oh My!

05-19-2015 10:56 PM by Mean_Dean | 0 comments »

Hey Guys! Well, I got a little more time in the shop today, and got a little more work done! First, I sanded the interior surfaces of the box sides and botttom. It’s much easier to do this before the box is assembled. I started with 120 grit, then 150, and 220. Tage Frid said woodworkers sand too much, so I’m trying to cut down a little. I eliminated the 180 grit…......! Next, I used the cutoff from the lid as a test board for 2 different coloring methods. First...

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Part 10: Glued Up!

05-20-2015 10:49 PM by Mean_Dean | 0 comments »

Hey Guys! Well today was a big day! But more on that later. I started off by prepping the interior surfaces for the stain they’ll receive later. It’s a lot easier to do this before the box is assembled! Here are all the components of the staining and glue-up process: Next, I stained the already prepped bottom. Once the stain was dry, it was time to glue up the box carcase First, I laid out all the parts, in the order that they comprise the box sides. Then I put ...

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Part 11: Spline-al Tap

05-21-2015 11:04 PM by Mean_Dean | 3 comments »

Hey Guys! Well, I goofed up a bit with the end of yesterday’s entry. I forgot that the next step in the process is the splines procedure, so that’s what we’re doing today! But first, I got the end-piece glued onto the box, at the lid handle end. It didn’t come out perfectly, as there is a small gap showing, which you will see in a later photo, due to the kerf of the blade, when I cut this piece free. I didn’t take the kerf into account, and that’s a m...

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Part 12: Top to Bottom Review

05-24-2015 11:22 PM by Mean_Dean | 0 comments »

Hey Guys! Sorry to have gotten off schedule, but I helped move a friend on Friday, and was too tired and sore to work on the box yesterday. Left the house at 9am, didn’t get back home until Midnight…...... But today’s a new day, and there’s progress to report! First I stained the lid. Gave it three coats of Darrell Peart’s Greene & Greene stain formula. Next, I flush trimmed the splines on the box carcase. I used the flush-trim saw from a previous...

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Part 13: Stained

05-25-2015 10:58 PM by Mean_Dean | 0 comments »

Hey Guys! Well happy Memorial Day to everyone! If you value your freedom, remember to thank a Veteran! So, before the bbq, I got the stain on the box. It’s getting 3 coats of Darrell Peart’s Greene & Greene dye formula. You can see from the photo above that the splines picked up a bit more of the stain, as intended, than the rest of the box. Next, I retrieved the cutoff piece from the lid, which already has been stained, and used it as a sample board to test two sh...

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Part 14: Finished!

05-27-2015 02:54 AM by Mean_Dean | 3 comments »

Hey Guys! Well, she’s all done! But first things first…... As we discussed in the last installment, I decided to use clear shellac, as opposed to amber shellac, since I couldn’t see any difference in the two shades on the test board I made up earlier. I chose to finish the box with shellac as it has no odor to it once it’s cured, unlike oil-based finishes like polyurethane. I applied the first coat, and let it dry for 2 hours. The box surface after the f...

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