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Blog series by Madmark2 updated 05-08-2020 05:06 PM 31 parts 11282 reads 52 comments total

Part 1: Vape pen stand

01-26-2020 11:34 PM by Madmark2 | 1 comment »

As an amputee I have intense phantom pain that only a relief vape can stop. If you lay them on their side all the juice pools on the side instead of at the base of the wick. The vape pens themselves have a small, tippy, footprint that easily falls over even if your hand is steady enough to balance it in the first place. I took a length of 2×2 select pine and planed the mill marks off it. Then some drill press work and I have a pen stand. I chamfered all the holes and waxed it with Joh...

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Part 2: Small Oak Tool Tray

01-27-2020 12:16 AM by Madmark2 | 1 comment »

The better half doesn’t always say anything but I know my leaving small hand tools on her coffee table irks her to no end. To preserve the peace I made this little (12” x 8” x 3-1/2”) oak tool caddy to toss my stuff in one place instead of being scattered to-hell-and-gone. I had a couple of 1/4” x 3-1/2” x 36” pieces of store bought (BORG) oak kicking around and this seemed like a good project. I cut the boards into six 11-3/4” pieces. The...

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Part 3: Cherry Insulin box

01-27-2020 12:33 AM by Madmark2 | 1 comment »

As I diabetic I need vials of insulin, needles and alcohol pads to be handy at all times especially when traveling. This little cherry tote box is 3” x 3” x 7” out of resawn 1/4” stock. It holds two vials of insulin, eight syringes and a good supply of alcohol pads. I actually made this in 2016 and its held up well. My laser engraver was working then and I engraved the lid to suggest the contents. The sliding lid has what I like to call a ‘perfect’ fi...

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Part 4: Short Dog Gate

01-27-2020 12:48 AM by Madmark2 | 1 comment »

The better half grooms our seven (7!) dogs and this often requires keeping one or more dogs in or out of the rooms. Our dogs are Shih Tzu’s and therefore fairly small. Sometimes the goal is to keep the dogs in, sometimes to keep them out. Toward that end the gate is both double sided with metal screen, and it is also double hinged. It swings in either direction like a pair of old western saloon doors. The screens are stapled on with my air stapler and 3/8×1/2 staples. The...

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Part 5: Tall Dog Gate

01-27-2020 01:11 AM by Madmark2 | 3 comments »

While I love dogs, they need to be kept out of the kitchen. The opening to the kitchen is over 4’ wide and needs to be closed off. However a long gate’s swing is too much for the confines of the kitchen. I came up with this bifold gate. The metal screen prevents the dogs from pushing thru. The two sections of the gate are hand mortised for the hinges for a tight, clean join. Each section has a 2” caster to prevent sagging and hinge pullout. Latching the gate was more o...

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Part 6: Dog Feeder

01-27-2020 01:26 AM by Madmark2 | 2 comments »

Dogs! We have two sizes, small and bigger. Roscoe is an English bulldog who doesn’t like to share with the other, smaller, dogs. Due to extreme inbreeding Roscoe can’t eat if the bowl is flat on the floor. The better half had been holding his dish by hand twice a day until I built this simple dog bowl stand. It’s just at the right height for him. It was built out of some 2×10 and 1×12 scraps. I beveled the corners of the sides to make it less of an ankle biter....

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Part 7: Clamp Stand

01-27-2020 09:57 PM by Madmark2 | 1 comment »

A clamp rack was about the first thing I put up. Nine months later I’ve got more clamps and the old rack was overloaded. I built this rack out of 8’ of 1×4, 8’ of 1×2 and a couple of feet of 2×2.Completed project The clamps hang by their handles and the 1×2 acts both as the hanger and end stops for the different clamp lengths. Spring clamps and the smaller clamps are on the sides. The whole thing is on wheels so I can move it around when needed. ...

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Part 8: Jatoba and Marble Plant Stand

01-27-2020 10:21 PM by Madmark2 | 0 comments »

This is a project I made about 20 years ago. It’s out of jatoba with a “Tito’s Green” marble floor tile inset into the top. The wood is finished with Johnson’s paste floor wax and the jatoba has darkened to the lovely burgundy color you see here:Jatoba Plant Stand Marble is porous and watering spills will be absorbed and evaporate. Being a floor tile instead of a wall tile it is thicker and heavier than a wall tile. The unit was quite heavy as I just planed...

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Part 9: Purpleheart Burial Flag Box

01-28-2020 12:28 AM by Madmark2 | 5 comments »

A veteran friend of mine, Bert, recently passed and I’m making a flag box for his burial flag out of purpleheart. While appearing simple to make, computing the dimensions from just the 17-1/2” side of the folded flag is a challenge. You have to take into account the diagonal lengths (the length of a 45° miter on 3/4” stock is 1-1/16”) The neat thing is that the three pieces:Pieces mitered, rabbeted and grooved. When stood together the pieces hold their form on th...

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Part 10: Lathe practice - Dog bone

02-02-2020 05:27 PM by Madmark2 | 1 comment »

Roscoe, our English Bulldog: Has a fondness for chewing. I had recently remade the post caps for the end of the bed because the dogs had chewed the corners. I even went so far as to put brass corners on it to protect the wood: Undeterred, Roscoe thought the metal was even better to chew than the wood: He’s banished from the bed but to help with his wood gnawing compulsion (and to protect the rest of the woodwork) I turned him a nice bone out of some scrap 2×2 pine. I lef...

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Part 11: Sofa stops

02-04-2020 02:03 AM by Madmark2 | 2 comments »

We have blinds on the front window with a sofa backing onto them. The better half was forever pulling the sofa out of the blinds every time she opened or closed them. Simple solution:Sofa Stops A couple of pieces of pine 1×6, a little bandsaw work and some sanding and volia a pair of sofa stops. The notch holds the back legs of the sofa and keeps them away from the wall just enough to stay out of the blinds. This would also prevent the sofa from rubbing on a painted wall. Finished ...

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Part 12: Wonderbread Pipe

02-06-2020 10:07 PM by Madmark2 | 1 comment »

Trying to get creative with a new prototype pipe: Started with a chunk of 5/4 jatoba, cut square, 4” long. The 5/8”-7/16” stepped bowl and 3/16” stem were drilled to produce a viable pipe blank. I make these blanks a half dozen at a time, each winds up as a unique ‘art pipe’. This set of blanks was oriented so that the sides are quartersawn, crown up. I drilled the blank randomly with both a 3/16” and 1/8” bit, each about 1/4” deep....

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Part 13: Covered Pipe

02-09-2020 04:02 AM by Madmark2 | 2 comments »

In an ongoing effort to come up with new pipe ideas (and because the customer specifically asked) here is a pipe with a lid. The pipe started as 5/4 jatoba that I was ripping square profile slabs for pipe blanks. The last piece left about a 3/8” grain matched cutoff. I used a little glue and a piece of newspaper to tie the cutoff back onto the pipe once the bowl and stem were drilled. Once the glue dried I was able to drill and tap a 6-32 hole about 5/8” deep thru both piece...

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Part 14: Child Proof Puzzle Pipe

02-14-2020 07:28 PM by Madmark2 | 1 comment »

I had a wild idea hit me the other day, a pipe that won’t light unless you know the secret. I was thinking about making more wonderbread or swiss cheese pipes when it dawned on me that if I intentionally drill thru the stem the bowl won’t draw. So the only way to light the pipe is to cover the two holes that intersect the stem. Such a simple idea! The rest of the holes are decoys and decorations.

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Part 15: Model Paint Organizer

02-16-2020 12:05 AM by Madmark2 | 0 comments »

To make the wonderbread pipes I needed small volumes of several different colors. A trip to the hobby store and I’m now the proud owner of a bunch of small Testor’s paint vials, thinner and brushes. Needless to say in my (admittedly) cluttered shop keeping the paints and stuff in one place quickly becomes an issue. But hey! I’m a woodworker! I can fix that! I rummaged around for a few scraps and built this: The bottom is oak (it was the only piece of 3-1/2” wide ...

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Part 16: Jatoba stash box

02-26-2020 07:13 PM by Madmark2 | 0 comments »

Made this box to hold a pipe, lighter, and sealed stash container out of some scrap 1/4” x 4” x 20” jatoba. Goofed a little and cut the lid too short (1/4” +-.002”, I make very precise mistakes!) Takes about an hour and produces negligible scrap. Sized to hold a pipe, lighter & stash Closed tight The makers mark

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Part 17: Glass Pipe Accessory Stand

02-27-2020 12:26 AM by Madmark2 | 0 comments »

My customer sells a variety of pipes and smoking accessories and needs various display stands for the oddly shaped bits and bobs.It’s a ‘whatzis’ stand This is the second stand I made for them. The first was similar but had three rows of 1/2” posts whereas this version has two rows of 3/4” posts. I dropped off the first one yesterday and my customer was so pleased they immediately ordered the 2nd one. The beveled edge detail is common to both stands as is t...

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Part 18: Devlin's First Tool Box

02-28-2020 11:05 PM by Madmark2 | 15 comments »

Devlin is a young man that lives nearby that has shown an interest in woodworking. Here is one of his first projects – the classic carpenter’s tool box.Devlin and his tool kit. Naturally I had to seed the tool kit …

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Part 19: Dog Platforms

03-06-2020 01:42 AM by Madmark2 | 1 comment »

Have too many dogs running around. We have drafty tile floors throughout and mostly Shih-Tzu’s and they don’t like the cold floor to sleep on. The better half wanted little platforms to put the dog beds on. These are 2’x2’ pieces of 3/4” ply on 6” high 2”x4” legs. For stability the 2”x4” feet have the front feet parallel to the sides and the back feet are mounted parallel to the back.The first pair were clear coated and very plain...

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Part 20: Jigsaw Stand

03-23-2020 11:51 PM by Madmark2 | 0 comments »

Bought a jigsaw to cut out for a dog bowl five or six years ago. Have only used it once since (interestingly enough to cut another dog bowl). Jigsaws have that stupid blade sticking out and I know for a fact if I remove the blade the next time I go to use it (in another five or six years) I’ll never find the blade. I know I have a blade assortment that I bought when I bought the jigsaw but I have no clue where they might be. The blade means you can’t stand the jig saw up and...

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Part 21: No Ruler Hexagonal Door Knob Stop

03-26-2020 07:59 PM by Madmark2 | 1 comment »

Roscoe, our English bulldog, decided that the spring doorstop was something good to chew on. In fact it was so good he pulled it out of the moulding. Next thing you know we’ve got a doorknob shaped dent in the sheetrock. Woodworking to the rescue! Yayyy! I bought one of those round wall stops, but they’re about the same diameter as the knob and won’t easily mount to the dent (which is obviously exactly where it needs to mount.)Round Stop I had a nice chunk of oak 1...

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Part 22: *4* Black Limba Dugouts *4*

04-01-2020 10:39 PM by Madmark2 | 1 comment »

For those following this blog you know I have a Smoke Shop for a client. Last time I was there she asked if I could make a dugout with a sliding, not rotating, lid. I told her I’d give it a shot and here are the results. I just recently bought some 2×2x12 wood turning blanks and one that I bought on a flyer was black limba, a wood I’ve never used. Turns out it’s very light and soft and not at all suitable for pipe making. However it is just right for dugout making. ...

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Part 23: Purpleheart Gun Box

04-03-2020 02:42 AM by Madmark2 | 5 comments »

Been burning thru my purpleheart inventory making pipes. So I just ordered more from Craftsmen Supply in Ybor City (Tampa) Fl. They have a great selection of exotics and are good folx to deal with. One of the pieces was calling to me to make a box out of it. Looking around I found the better half’s hawgleg 1873 .45 Colt revolver and a project began.It’s 2-3/8” X 5-1/2” X 12” of 1/4” purpleheart The piece of purpleheart started out as 15/16” x 7-...

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Part 24: Purpleheart "no leaks" Dugout

04-06-2020 05:43 PM by Madmark2 | 1 comment »

My smoke shop client commissioned some “non swivel” dugouts last week. The problem, she explained, was that the tops come loose and they spill their contents. I made some sliding top dugouts that seemed to work well but the sliders also work loose and may spill (albeit less often). Turning my engineering brain loose on the need I came up with a solution, the two screw top. One screw acts as a pivot, the other is removable as a lock.Who knows what lurks inside? The top is...

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Part 25: Purpleheart Gift Box

04-06-2020 05:48 PM by Madmark2 | 4 comments »

Had purpleheart left over from the gun box and made this for the better half.Closed Open

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Part 26: Purpleheart Leftovers Box

04-13-2020 04:13 AM by Madmark2 | 0 comments »

Made the better half a 6×6 purpleheart box the other day out of 1/4” resawn 1×6. I had the scant middle of the two sided resaw left over. Its saw burned and 5-3/4” square and thickness varies all over the place around .200”.The middle slice of a double sided resaw. Lemme see if I’m I can make anything useful out of this I think, and so a project began.2-13/16” square and half of that high. Cut the big square into four smaller squares. Then ripped ...

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Part 27: Twin Screw Lidded Purpleheart Pipe Design

04-24-2020 01:37 AM by Madmark2 | 2 comments »

My head shop customer asked me for some smaller lidded pipes. The pipes suffer from ng the same issue as most dugouts, the screw works loose, the lid opens and the (usually expensive) contents spills. The solution to this is the same as for the dugouts, twin screws. One acts as a pivot, the other a locking pin. Until the locking screw is removed the lid cannot open. Here is a collage of my latest prototype: Twin screws for no leaks On the original lid design the lid and body need ...

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Part 28: Dual Bowl Twin Screw II

04-24-2020 08:20 PM by Madmark2 | 0 comments »

The prototype being successful I made five more pipes, one with a special dual bowl design. Five pipes, one with a secret surprise! Starting with a board we progress to functioning pipe blanks. Lovely purpleheart is a full 1” thick The purpleheart was ripped at 3/4” and then recut to 3/4” leaving a 5/32” offcut with a TK blade. The 24” piece was cut at 3-7/8” and yielded six pipe blocks with about 1/4” left over. Talk about 100% yield! ...

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Part 29: Insulating the Garage Door

05-04-2020 12:01 AM by Madmark2 | 0 comments »

Just insulated the garage door. Cost me $80 for four 4×8×2” foam panels. Very thinly foil skinned on the front side and an equally thin film logo printed back. 3/4 complete, gotz 2 move stuff around to finish. Cut the foil side first, snap, fold, and cut the back film. Use a fresh razor blade or very sharp knife. I cut a partial row off the short side of a sheet. Each 4’ wide piece is cut to length to fill two adjacent spaces in the door. The lengths are cut by placing the facto...

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Part 30: Oak Tablet Case

05-04-2020 12:27 AM by Madmark2 | 0 comments »

I made this last summer when I got the new Galaxy Tab. Up to now I hadn’t thought of taking a picture of itself in the mirror. Infinity mirror. The case is 1/2” oak and is 1-1/8” thick. 1/2” back, 3/8” dado and 1/4” lip. Each dado is 1/4” deep and have a couple of felt pads as shock absorbers. The fit is snug and the tablet doesn’t move in any way. The back is drilled and countersunk for the tablets camera. Countersink gets rid ...

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Part 31: Rolling Printer Stand

05-08-2020 05:06 PM by Madmark2 | 0 comments »

Most of the “stands” I create are simple 2X4 & ply creations and this is no exception. However this is one is for our home office and needed to be a little less Spartan. Its the exact height of the computer table – and rolls! The printer is an hp all-in-one with scanner and such. Because of this it needs a minimum 18” height when the scan lid is open. I mad the shelf 20” to give some clearance. The raw 2×4s were planed down to 1-1/4 to remove th...

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