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Blog series by Mark Wilson updated 06-16-2019 06:47 AM 16 parts 18831 reads 112 comments total

Part 1: Clifton's Cafeteria

11-06-2015 06:10 AM by Mark Wilson | 0 comments »

This is a series Introduction. It’s come to my attention of late that, sometimes, a Buddy will share photos from adventures/travel/vacation, etc. I can do that. So, why are you just sitting there? Go back to sleep. Can’t you see I’m busy doing something here? I titled this, the first of what will, over time I’m sure, become a series, “Capers”. This first one, however is not strictly a Caper. It was “Lunch”. A caper is an event whe...

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Part 2: Clifton's Photos

11-06-2015 07:15 AM by Mark Wilson | 1 comment »

I’ll begin with the furniture. Stump Stools Two tables (the other was occupied by diners) that remind me a little bit of Lois XVi A Mantle Clock in a sort of a built-in alcove. Carving on said alcove. All this stuff is, clearly, handmade. The view out the second story window at 7th and Broadway. (This joint was jumping, in the day. Search, if you’re interested in such things, You Tube, for footage of Downtown L...

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Part 3: Clifton's Third Floor

11-06-2015 07:31 AM by Mark Wilson | 3 comments »

The furnishings, continued. More “Louis XVi” (?). I don’t know what this thing is. But the wood is drop-dead gorgeous. Walnut Burl, I’m thinking. The view out the Third Floor window at 7th and Broadway. A handmade silver chandelier. That’s all for the furnishings. Next stop: The dioramas and the ambiance. If you’ve stuck with me thus far, I applaud your fortitude.

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Part 4: The Dioramas and the Ambiance

11-06-2015 07:48 AM by Mark Wilson | 2 comments »

Some of the taxidermy was here before. Some was added in the recent renovation. None of the actual dioramas were here before. A Raccoon. A big White Tail (?) Buck. A HUGE Bison, mebees, 6’, at the withers. A Black Bear. Not to be mistaken for a Brown Bear. These animals still live in reasonable plentitude in our local mountains. They’re as docile as kittens. I’ve been told by rangers that they walk right up to them, and ask to be petted. Or, mebees, f...

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Part 5: The Walk to the Parking Lot

11-06-2015 09:14 AM by Mark Wilson | 4 comments »

Every tale must have an end. I like to stretch mine, somewhat. I love L.A. And, this is the heart of the City. Having given the camera back to my Really Big Thithter, she turned it on me, unawares. I’d gotten gregarious with the young woman at the bakery counter. The sidewalk at the entrance, which RBS photographed (I hadn’t thought of it.) This is original. From @1935. Now, for just a taste of L.A. at street level. This is the facade of Clifton’s. Before th...

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Part 6: Addendum

11-06-2015 09:18 AM by Mark Wilson | 6 comments »

I think I’m a damn good wordsmith, IMHO. Any ideas how I can put that talent to some lucrative use?

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Part 7: OR- A Piece of Furniture I Came Across Today

08-01-2016 07:33 AM by Mark Wilson | 12 comments »

So, I’m driving up Hill St., just south of where Hill St. runs into Downtown L.A. (hereinafter, DTLA), when I see this chair, sitting in a parking lot. I’d never noticed this, before. I was out on my daily journies throughout the Southland (L.A. Basin), schlepping people about, in my capacity as an Uber Goober. Every day, regardless of the fact that I’ve driven and walked all over the area, looking at stuff and taking pictures, for decades – growing to love the city an...

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Part 8: Things I Never Noticed

04-21-2017 08:48 AM by Mark Wilson | 11 comments »

I’ve been exploring the Southland for as long as I can remember. Walking around, driving around. Always observant. I’ve worn out cameras, in my lifetime. Yet, on a fairly regular basis, I come across things that make me scratch my head in wonder. How, on God’s Green Earth, have I not noticed this? Here’s one of those things. I came across it, yesterday, about four miles from home, in Uptown Whittier, while cooling my heels. I’m leaning against my car, looki...

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Part 9: The Getty Center

07-31-2017 07:34 AM by Mark Wilson | 9 comments »

So, RBS has been lurking around here for a couple weeks. I’ve been so busy trying to earn a living that we haven’t had any “quality time” with to speak of. Then, this morning, I wake up thinking, I will take today off and take RBS on a caper, this being her last day before leaving. I gets out of bed, track the woman down and say, “You. Me. Caper. Today.” She says, “Okay. I’m ready to go. Where are we going?” I said, “The Getty Cente...

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Part 10: Public Art

08-07-2017 10:58 PM by Mark Wilson | 14 comments »

This, I have seen, many times, driving by on the road, but I’ve never gotten close to it. Always thought it was steel. Turns out, it’s bent two by fours.

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Part 11: Getty Center

11-26-2017 08:57 AM by Mark Wilson | 8 comments »

In early November, RBS and the kid she married a hundred years ago were here for about eight days. I took a day off and schlepped them and my Aged Parent, Dad, to the Getty Center. This time, we had all the time in the world to soak up the eye candy, What a load of eye candy. Seriously, by the end of the day, I simply couldn’t handle any more of it, and had a pounding headache. I’ve begun wondering if, mebbees, my propensity to ogle at the works of true Masters (of whatever genre)...

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Part 12: #11 Continued

11-26-2017 09:21 AM by Mark Wilson | 12 comments »

This Thing had an unbelievable amount of things going on in it, beyond its otherworldly aesthetic. It was too much for me. Boulle? Paul? Roentgen? Patrice? The gorgeous city I love, about sixteen miles distant. This guy I’m very familiar with. Did you know that, when he was twelve and thirteen years old he composed a dozen string symphonies that were, and still are, far beyond his years? His name is Felix Mendelssohn. Who carve...

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Part 13: As I Wander

05-10-2018 06:05 AM by Mark Wilson | 7 comments »

Here’s a Thing of Public Art I hadn’t noticed til today. It’s in Venice, I think. Made me think of Marqutry, mason style. Beautiful, innit?

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Part 15: A Short Trip to the Huntington

10-26-2018 03:06 AM by Mark Wilson | 7 comments »

RBS is in town. BS came to spend the day with us. So, we three – my echo, my shadow, and me – took the thilly thithters for a short visit to teh Huntington Library in San Marino (California, not Italy). I took few photos – we got there about an hour and a half before closing time. First, in the parking lot we found this. This reminded me to get my camera out of the car. Then, there was the fountain in front of the library. Then, there was some of the stu...

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Part 16: The Nethercutt Collection

06-16-2019 06:47 AM by Mark Wilson | 10 comments »

I found myownbadself in the vicinity of Sylmar, CA, this afternoon, so I made a little caper of about forty-five minutes (closing time) at one of my favorite museums. This is the cutest little car. It’s a 1932 American Austin Bantam Roadster, built under license from the English Austin Company. On with some of the cars I have sweaty dreams about. A 1923 Deusenberg. A 1907 Pierce. A 1905 and, a 1907 Buick. A 1932 Auburn, just made for a styli...

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