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Blog series by LittleBlackDuck updated 06-30-2019 02:08 PM 11 parts 13828 reads 172 comments total

Part 1: Metal bolts in timber threads.

07-31-2017 01:41 PM by LittleBlackDuck | 29 comments »

Boys and Girls, if you are only interested in bargain basement solutions, please jump in the lift and press “G” for “Going Down to the bargain basement”, exit the lift and go home without reading further. I am here to readily assist you in parting with your hard earned shekels without remorse, and if you are interested in a better solution (at a cost), read on. No… I don’t have shares in the product and the retailer is not related to the ”waterfowl family Anatidae&...

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Part 2: 3D Printing in the Workshop

02-02-2017 08:46 AM by LittleBlackDuck | 24 comments »

While this topic doesn’t strictly fit into the guidelines of timber product, it does incorporate the processing of said prerequisite, however, to err on the side of veto wizards I decided to blog instead of projecting it. We need to set the mood! Once upon a time there was this aging geriatric, living in Churchill Australia that was getting paranoid about dust inhalation into his alcohol infested body. He chose to purchase a Shop-Vac and attached a few tools to with the...

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Part 3: Bottled sawdust

05-29-2018 10:02 AM by LittleBlackDuck | 6 comments »

Boys and girls, I just finished watching another one of those videos where the author advises the use of sawdust in the glue squeeze out to create that seamless join especially when you finish up using a zig saw instead of the zag saw… GREAT TIP! Now if you are like me, there is never enough time to finish clamping before the glue starts to set, let alone go foraging for enough sawdust to mix into the squeeze out/gaps… and sometimes I have craters. If you are a clean freak… OOPS, the s...

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Part 4: Sharing shop vacs between power tools.

05-30-2018 09:10 AM by LittleBlackDuck | 16 comments »

Boys and Girls, While this may be old hat to most, I’ve had enough friends (another one today/yesterday) saying that it’s a good idea, so I thought it might be worth a shout out. If you have a shop vac with an automatic outlet and share it amongst a number of tools during the one session, bridge the two with a power outlet plugged into the dusty. You can then plug each of the power tools into a spare outlet and give them all access to the dusty without dancing the power point shuffl...

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Part 5: Safety in the Shop #1: Go - No Go indicator for the Band Saw

05-30-2019 07:27 AM by LittleBlackDuck | 9 comments »

Boys and Girls, I got inspired by J’J’s handy hint in his blog Gauges in the Shop #1: Go - No Go gauge for Lathe Chuck and thought I might share this simplified indicator I use on my band saw. It consists of a hunk of red coloured MDF though you can paint it any colour if you are colour blind as long as it’s not invisible ink and manages to annoy the hell out of you when dangling in your sight, It is attached to the my tension handle of the BS, by twine throug...

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Part 6: Power Tools a_CORD_ing to LBD.

06-17-2019 12:41 PM by LittleBlackDuck | 24 comments »

Boys and Girls, With the popularity of cordless tools that boast the one battery runs millions of different skins phylosophy, the days of the recalcitrant power cord is becoming a relic of the past. As my collection of power tools are on the ever increasing decline (hmmm, as the missus would say “you oxymoron”) I thought I’d share this idea as I reckon that many Lumberjocks will refuse to sever their power umbilical. Now there are many classifications of tools, but I put them into one ...

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Part 7: Easy(er) way to use double sided tape.

06-18-2019 04:41 AM by LittleBlackDuck | 4 comments »

Boys and Girls, I normally poo-poo authors that say a few words and then direct their audience to a YouTube video or to a different forum/WEB, however, this is another one of those tips that make workshop practices so much easier that I thought I’d break my own rules (this time). OK, I folded, and had to make my voice be read. When using double sided tape, a lot of people (me inclusive) cut off strips of tape with scissors, apply it to the timber and then swear like a trooper w...

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Part 8: Easy(er) Way to Change Your Dust Collector Bag

06-18-2019 01:14 PM by LittleBlackDuck | 18 comments »

Boys and Girls, Another one of my plagiarised hints. One of the things I will criticise about LumberJocks is that there is a wealth of information out there that just doesn’t seem to get sufficient distribution onto the “ignorant”. Now no offence meant to members as many may consider everyone knows about “it”, whatever “it” may be, and there probably have been a number of past posts that the search engine did not reveal. Even if the subject h...

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Part 9: Dis_CORD in the workshop

06-20-2019 08:58 AM by LittleBlackDuck | 22 comments »

Boys and Girls, Dis cord or dat cord, no matter which cord, they both get in your way when trying to manoeuvre tools around in a small workshop. Let’s re-introduce capital punishment and all those guilty, should be hanged. Unfortunately, electrocution or lethal injection is reserved for the delinquent operators. The pinnacle of this suspension method are these snap hooks (surprisingly, made by Pinnacle), I used to make my own hanging noose, using rope eyes, and 6mm or 8mm shock...

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Part 10: Voice activated Workshop Automation.

06-22-2019 12:19 PM by LittleBlackDuck | 6 comments »

Boys and Girls, Anyone can make a fancy splined dovetail box, turn a segmented inside out vase, build fantastic workshop storage units/cabinets and even construct beautiful heirloom household furniture… but not everyone can disseminate useless information with then vigour that I can. This time I will attempt to help modernise the workshop. Some of you have been exposed to my gadgetry fetish and my latest foray into the ridiculous was through the introduction of smart devices driven b...

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Part 11: Susan is NOT so Lazy

06-30-2019 02:08 PM by LittleBlackDuck | 14 comments »

Boys and Girls, Got inspired by majuvla’s Lazy Susan wheel, to give an alternative use of these balerina imitators, that does not involve feeding my face. Their conversion from lazy to active doesn’t have to be pretty and can be very functional in both the household as well as the workshop. You do not have to frequent Chinese restaurants and master chop sticks to appreciate the use of these lethargic rotating marvels. To remove the languorous tag, I will henceforth refer to them with th...

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