Delta Mortiser 14-651

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Blog series by LegendInMyOwnMind updated 06-09-2011 11:05 AM 18 parts 42366 reads 21 comments total

Part 1: My new tool

05-15-2011 02:13 AM by LegendInMyOwnMind | 2 comments »

My Delta Mortising Machine, the 14-651, arrived a couple of days ago. I got it into the house by myself using a furniture dolly. Waiting for my oldest son to come visit so I can get it into the basement shop. Plan on making a dedicated table similar to my Table Saw Table and Router Table. I like to make all of my tables so that the work surface is at the same height. That way the material handling equipment (read, rollers) doesn’t need to be adjusted between machines. The rollers I h...

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Part 2: Measuring the footprint of the unit and the elevation

05-15-2011 02:30 AM by LegendInMyOwnMind | 0 comments »

Took some approximate measurements of the base and height of the table. Looks like about 14” wide by 16” deep. The height of the table isn’t an even number like I would have expected. It’s around 1-5/8”. Measured 1.726” using my digital calipers. I’m going with 1-3/4” as my height. Heck, my brick basement floor isn’t that level. I make a CAD file with each base. Looks like I can use the router table and subtract off 1....

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Part 3: The Manual On-line

05-15-2011 02:42 AM by LegendInMyOwnMind | 0 comments »

I like to grab a PDF copy of the manual for anything I own. I couldn’t find this manual with a google search, but found it through the website.

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Part 4: Mortise Table Design

05-15-2011 03:29 AM by LegendInMyOwnMind | 0 comments »

I quickly modified my Router Table Design to lower the top by 1.75”. I also provided for a tray in the base of the unit. Instead of having the bottom stretchers screw together outside the legs I made this design so that the stretcher from the front to the back goes inside the legs. That basically makes the sides for a box. All it needs is a piece of plywood to form the bottom of the base. The cut list is: The tool footprint on the tabletop is: Normally a tool this b...

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Part 5: Base [mostly] done

05-16-2011 01:56 AM by LegendInMyOwnMind | 1 comment »

Took a trip to Home Depot checking out their steel bar stock (none was 5/8” wide unfortunately, but that’s another BLOG entry). Forgot to get casters so the table is not yet done. The shelf for the base turned out pretty good.

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Part 6: This thing is heavy

05-16-2011 02:02 AM by LegendInMyOwnMind | 2 comments »

If you wonder why I am putting this unit on a dedicated it’s because this thing is heavy. Really heavy. In fact, I’m s bit worried. I know that the base will hold the weight, but I’m concerned about the weight on the plywood. Even if it sags, it really won’t matter, but I’m thinking I may need to put extra support in the base to eliminate sag.

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Part 7: Missing Casters

05-17-2011 10:13 AM by LegendInMyOwnMind | 0 comments »

Wrote myself a note on my ipod touch. Had three things on the list. Put the ipod in my pocket when I went into Home Depot and Lowes. Can you guess the rest of the story? Bought three things in the store. Unfortunately, one of the things was not the casters so I’m not done yet. The good news in my senior moment is that I did find something at Lowes that HD no longer carries – the brass push plates for the doors to my fancy room. Now have kick plates on the pushing side of the do...

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Part 8: Those Darn Casters

05-18-2011 12:28 PM by LegendInMyOwnMind | 0 comments »

Finally picked up the casters. Design called for 4” casters and that’s what I got. They seemed big compared to the last two sets I bought at Lowes Depot and HF. They were. Forgot I need 4” from the wheel bottom to the metal top. These are more like 5.5”. And, they are way too big for the bottom of a pair of 2×4s. Another trip to Lowes Depot…

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Part 9: Casters still.. Fail

05-19-2011 11:45 AM by LegendInMyOwnMind | 1 comment »

Why, why is this so hard? Went and got casters yesterday. They were the right height, but not the right footprint for the base. They were way too big. The casters I got for the other two stands weren’t this painful. I bought a pair at HF for $3.99 each and they work great. A bit big, but good. I bought another pair at Lowes Depot for a lot more $$$ and they worked great. These ones are way, way too big. OK, there’s two 2×4s so the width is around 3×3....

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Part 10: Assembling the mortising machine

05-24-2011 02:52 AM by LegendInMyOwnMind | 0 comments »

Most reviews of the assembly complain about how hard it is to get the cylinder compressed. I think it comes “sticky” and when I leaned on it a couple of times I freed it up and it was easier to move. That wasn’t the hardest part of this. The hardest part of the assembly was carrying the machine down to the basement. That took two weeks. Really it only took my 19-year old son five minutes, but that’s how long I had to wait for him to come over (finals at college were...

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Part 11: First square holes

05-24-2011 03:12 AM by LegendInMyOwnMind | 2 comments »

I grabbed a piece if wood. It happened to be plywood and punctured a couple of holes. Pretty cool. The fence has two lockdowns and a knob to move the fence. The lockdowns are spring loaded so you have to tighten, lift then up and tighten them again. the knob allows some pretty fine movement. Here’s one of the two the fence lockdowns: Here’s the knob to move the fence: There is a #4 allen screw used to lock the box around the bit and another one to lock down...

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Part 12: Quick and Dirty Tenon Cutting Jig

05-24-2011 04:32 AM by LegendInMyOwnMind | 0 comments »

Wow, that tenon was really nasty and a whole lot of work. I wanted to build a fancy jig like the woodgears guy does, but thought I’d knock out a quick jig just to have some quick tenons. This is a table saw jig which rides the fence. I think it’s a bit too tight to the fence, but I think it’s good enough. From the back: From the front: Here’s the tenon (hard to see, but it’s really good): Test fit into mortise” The mortise...

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Part 13: Accuracy - Maybe Just a Crazy Idea

05-24-2011 02:55 PM by LegendInMyOwnMind | 5 comments »

Can I add a dial indicator to the machine that tells the depth of the fence? That way I could dial in/out the fence distance accurately? Thinking about where/how to add the dial indicator. I know the moving point wants to touch the back of the fence adjacent to the bit. The other end needs to be securely attached to the machine.

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Part 14: Arts & Crafts Picture Frame - Very Rough

05-25-2011 12:45 PM by LegendInMyOwnMind | 1 comment »

Made my first project using the new Mortising Machine. It’s a rough Arts and Crafts style picture frame. Material is 1×3 pine which is part of why it’s pretty rough. I didn’t want to do a lot of glue clean-up so the only glue is on dowels that pin in each corner. The tenons fit pretty tight by themselves. I have an old map from 1897 of the city I live in that I wanted to frame. Besides the machine I tried some new techniques with some success. As usual I...

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Part 15: Added depth gauge

05-26-2011 01:12 PM by LegendInMyOwnMind | 3 comments »

I went to Harbor Freight and bought the clamping dial indicator with vice grips and gooseneck extension. It’s really pretty cool. Here’s a couple of pictures. A couple of FWIWs… - Although the goose-neck does adjust, there’s a pretty limited range on it.- There are surprisingly few spots to clamp that allow the goose-neck to reach “just right”.- No matter where I put the gauge on the back fence, it’s going to interfere with somethi...

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Part 16: Better Dial Indicator Mounting

05-27-2011 12:13 PM by LegendInMyOwnMind | 2 comments »

The gooseneck mounting on the dial indicator is just way too painful. I need something that is flexible and doesn’t get in the way of the machine.. Here’s a picture of what I am thinking about doing except it’s mocked up with wood. I think I will get a piece of metal that is right angle, mount one end under the screw at the base and screw the dial indicator to the bracket. This will be a single piece of metal. It needs to be adjustable for different chisel sizes. Plum...

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Part 17: Dial Indicator Permanently mounted

05-28-2011 07:19 PM by LegendInMyOwnMind | 0 comments »

I got the dial indicator mounted and it works good. A 10 mil movement isn’t much on the knob, but it’s pretty clear on the gauge. And I found when a mortise is off by as little as 20 mils it shows up on the joint if the pieces are the same thickness. Mortise 0.377: Two sides 0.177 and 0.180: That is 10x the accuracy I was getting by sighting it. Here’s the pudding… Nominal values:Thickness .750” Mortise .375” Cheeks .1875&...

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Part 18: Table with tool

06-09-2011 11:05 AM by LegendInMyOwnMind | 2 comments »

Got the table more or less done. Still need to add handles and drill the holes to hold the tool in place.

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