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Blog series by Karson updated 02-14-2014 12:27 AM 17 parts 89515 reads 217 comments total

Part 1: Buffet and Hutch

05-28-2007 05:43 AM by Karson | 6 comments »

My wife says I can’t do anything else before I start on her Kitchen. Well except for her hall table and ??. Of course there is also the Summer Contest. This is going to be a multiple phase project. I need to do something with the floor. We are on a cement slab floor and it is killing both of our legs. The kitchen had a Pergo floor when we bought the house, but we had a frozen water line before we moved in and the Pergo floor got curled edges, so it was all pulled up. I don’t...

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Part 2: Making the legs.

05-29-2007 03:30 AM by Karson | 10 comments »

Well I started the Buffet / Hutch. If I don’t get started I won’t have anything to say without getting myself in trouble, when my wife asks me what I’m making in the shop. I started out by making a full size template on plywood for all of the milling that needs to be done on the legs. Can you believe that those two templates have all of the instructions for milling 8 surfaces on the legs?Now you may ask what do you mean by 8 surfaces. This is the way that I was taught when you make ...

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Part 3: Buffet / Hutch Cutting the Stiles and Rails

05-30-2007 04:28 AM by Karson | 5 comments »

The continuation of the Buffet / Hutch build. Today was a busy day, just not in the shop. Lunch with my wife, pick up the kids at school, etc. So when I got into the shop it was after dark. I posted a blog on Hardwood Lumber GradingThis is why. My best friend, who I moved away from when I moved to Delaware, and I went together to purchase some wood that was rated as Select. I was unable to go pick it up, but he went and picked up the wood. If I had been there I think I would have walke...

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Part 4: Cutting the Tenons for the Stiles and Rails

05-31-2007 11:56 PM by Karson | 3 comments »

Cutting the tenons and fixing the mortises. In an earlier blog I was talking about story sticks and laying out the mortise cuts for the legs. I further stated that in my reply to Bob that: “The rails at the top and bottom have a 1/4” grove cut in them to allow for plywood for the insert. The top rail ended up with a 1/2” cut for the tenons, where it touched the panel, while the bottom one had still the 1/4” cut. Why the difference. ??” Well I found out why the difference. I miscalculate...

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Part 5: Vacuum Veneering for the Buffet / Hutch

06-05-2007 05:19 AM by Karson | 7 comments »

Well it’s been a weekend, not a lot of work done, but enough to make you think that you’ve accomplished something. Two screw-up’s, two corrections, one modification. Only had to recut two pieces of wood, not too major. Could have been a lot worse, and re-planed 6 boards that were too thick.I left off with the making of the lower case for the Buffet / Hutch. I stated that I needed to do some veneering and also some engineering for the mid drawer slides. I’ve done the veneering and done no ...

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Part 6: I just installed the first cabinets for the kitchen in Delaware

09-20-2008 06:03 AM by Karson | 15 comments »

I can’t believe how long it has been since I posted any work on this series. The Buffet/Hutch is not completed. It’s in the state that I showed last. The last post was 473 days ago. I just installed the first cabinets for the kitchen in Delaware. Old Picture. You can see my Greene and Greene Thorsten table that was entered in a LumberJock challenge. New picture. The counter top is from the old cabinet. i plan to put down Corian. I’m doing it myself so I’...

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Part 7: Cabinet building continues

10-29-2008 03:34 AM by Karson | 15 comments »

Well I’ve still been busy building additional cabinets. I’m working on the lower cabinets, because the upper cabinets need to match placement of the lower cabinets and I’m now working myself into a corner. That’s the sink corner. Old picture. It’s just to the right of the range. So what I’ve accomplished is building the cabinets to the left of the range. The range is being moved about 18” to the left so the cabinets that I’m building...

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Part 8: My first try at Corian

10-31-2008 10:37 PM by Karson | 24 comments »

Well this was my first try at assembling a Corian top for the base cabinets. I didn’t take any pictures of the actual gluing because I wasn’t sure of the amount of time I’d have as i was doing that process. Now that I have a better feel for the amount of time it takes, I’ll take some assembly pictures for the rest of the counter top. I started with the corner cabinet that is 24” X 24” and is where we currently have a microwave and toaster. New cabi...

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Part 9: The Corian installation continues.

11-03-2008 01:57 AM by Karson | 13 comments »

Before we get started, I stated in the previous blog that I’d let you see the cement tube that is used to bond the Corian pieces together. The glue tube with two separate compartments, One for the fill material and the second for the catalyst. The plunger is part of the adapter kit that allows it to be used in a regular caulking gun. Your option is this, or a $80.00 to $150.00 gun. I opted for the $4.00 part. The small plastic piece beside it is an adapter that allows it to be...

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Part 10: The Corian installation continues #3.

11-04-2008 01:47 AM by Karson | 7 comments »

Well I took the counter top back out to the driveway today to glue the two pieces together. (See previous Blog in this series) I set up the Corian on my sawhorses in the driveway and pre set all of the clamp that I’d need to hold the pieces while the glue dried. The long MDF strips were to keep the surface from bowing while the two pipe clamps pulled the seam together. A piece of maple was put on the edge to keep the pipe clamps from breaking off any pieces on the edge. I t...

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Part 11: Continuing with the base cabinets

11-10-2008 03:24 AM by Karson | 9 comments »

I built the base cabinet where the sink would go. It’s the same size as the one that is being replaced with the exception that the existing cabinet didn’t go into the corner. It stopped just past the sink. I guess cost cutting on the previous owner. The sink is not normally mounted upside down in the bottom of the cabinet. I had it here to find the correct positioning to cut the hole in the counter top. This is sitting in the kitchen in front of the cabinet being replace...

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Part 12: More Corian work. And, yes Todd was right it is just like glass

11-10-2008 05:14 AM by Karson | 13 comments »

Well the base cabinet is in place and the position of the sink was determined so I drew an outline of the sink and I put a 3/4” line around the inside. I cut the straight lines using the battery operated skill saw, and the corners with a jig saw. I used hot melt glue and put down wooden blocks so that the sink could be placed in the correct position and be able to placed in position fast. To take the blocks off you just whack them with a hammer (Sideways). I ...

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Part 13: Finishing the Corian, I wish.

11-12-2008 02:10 AM by Karson | 17 comments »

After I got the counter top in I did the thing which makes your heart beat fast. I cut a hole in the top of the sink. It was planned, but it doesn’t make it any easier. Once that hole is there, there is no going back. So for the next 3 hours, I put in the faucet. Hooked up the new Dish Washer. And put in the cabinet that will hold the trash containers. And what do you get. A plumbing nightmare. The drains from the two sinks are at a different height. and ar...

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Part 14: The Veneering gets going again

07-02-2009 08:47 PM by Karson | 12 comments »

Well it’s been 232 days since I last posted on my Kitchen remodel. It’s not that I haven’t done any work. It’s just that I haven’t posted. I’d built the base cabinets and installed them in earlier blogs and it was time to get the drawer fronts created. Let me say this, “My wife is a trooper, she is willing to live with the mess (begrudgingly), but she still puts food on the table and doesn’t make me take her out to eat until it’s fin...

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Part 15: The drawer fronts

07-02-2009 09:55 PM by Karson | 35 comments »

Once the weather warmed up I was able to go outside to spray the drawer fronts. This is the back that will be screwed up to the drawer and so it will never be seen again. So here is your last chance. It’s quilted maple veneer. I used it because it was big and i had a lot of it and I wasn’t sure that I’d ever use it so now some is gone. I can’t believe that I never took a picture of the drawers being sprayed. But, here they are installed. on the drawers. ...

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Part 16: Mini Cabinets and Soffit upgrade

08-06-2011 06:34 PM by Karson | 19 comments »

I built two mini cabinets (Spice Racks) that are beside the microwave and fill in the space between it and the two cabinets on each side. The original soffit was about 12” high like the builders put up. I tore them out and made them shorter so the cabinets could be taller. I did fine a couple of water pipes and a sink drain so I couldn’t make a totally flat ceiling but I ended up with a 4” soffit. Two 2X4’s and some drywall. I then decided to cover the front o...

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Part 17: Its been 2445 days since I last posted on my Buffet build

02-14-2014 12:27 AM by Karson | 7 comments »

Well it’s been 2445 days since my last post on my buffet build. As I stated in the first posting my wife said that you are not doing anything until I get my kitchen. I got up to blog entry 5 before the kitchen got hot (You know what I mean). So then blogs 6 through 16 were on the kitchen cabinet build. That finished and so I started to clean up my shop and I had my son-in-law help me to move a table saw to the middle of the shop and move a portable workbench to the wall area where th...

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