My First Bandsaw Box

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Blog series by Jonathan updated 12-26-2010 09:08 PM 12 parts 44981 reads 33 comments total

Part 1: Overview

12-11-2010 05:39 AM by Jonathan | 4 comments »

I am in the middle of making a lot of Christmas gifts right now. I was going to make an inlayed tray as one of the gifts, but ran into a bit of a problem. Afraid that I wouldn’t finish the tray in time to ship to the east coast for Christmas, I decided to put that project on the back shelf for now and make a bandsaw box instead. I haven’t made a bandsaw box before, so I’ve decided to document my journey along the way. Basic bandsaw box construction seems like it can be...

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Part 2: Step 1: Hunka' Hunka' Beetle Kill Pine

12-11-2010 10:23 PM by Jonathan | 2 comments »

As mentioned in the Overview blog post #1, you can’t make a bandsaw box without a hunk of wood to saw out, right? You either need a big hunk of wood to start with, or you need to make your own big hunk of wood. When choosing a hunk of wood, or glueing up a hunk of wood, you need to keep the size of your bandsaw in mind as well. If you have a standard 14” bandsaw, for instance, you need to limit all of your dimensions to 6” or less, since that’s typically the capa...

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Part 3: Step 2: Design and Layout of Your Bandsaw Box

12-11-2010 10:54 PM by Jonathan | 1 comment »

After you either have your hunk of wood chosen, or you’ve glue-up a hunk of wood, it’s time to design your bandsaw box. There are numerous ways of doing this… you can simply freehand the entire thing in a freeform sort of way, or you can draw your design on a piece of paper and then use spray adhesive to attach the cutout design onto the block of wood, or you can draw the lines for the box directly onto the wood, or you can do what I did and use tracing paper. Since I kne...

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Part 4: Step 3: Cut Out the Outer Shape of Your Bandsaw Box

12-12-2010 12:04 AM by Jonathan | 2 comments »

Now that you’ve decided upon the shape of your bandsaw box and transferred it to the wood via your preferred method, it’s time to get to cutting it out. Just from working on this project a little bit, I’d recommend a 1/4” blade, or smaller. I started with a 1/4”, 4-TPI, then switched down to a 3/16”, 10-TPI. Between these 2-blades, the 1/4”-blade cuts more easily and quicker through the wood, but is not able to make as tight of a turn as the 3/16̶...

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Part 5: Step 4: Cut Off the Back of Your Box

12-13-2010 03:45 AM by Jonathan | 2 comments »

This part sounds pretty simple, right? Well it would’ve been if only I’d have used the K.I.S.S. method. See the picture below and try to anticipate what might go wrong here: My first problem was my overall saw setup. Of course, I didn’t realize it at the time, or I would’ve switched parts out. Do not try to use these three things in combination with eachother: 3/16” blade, fence, and the Carter Stabilizer. I had just cut the outline of the box and didn̵...

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Part 6: Step 5: Cut Out the Shape of Your Drawer(s)

12-15-2010 05:59 AM by Jonathan | 2 comments »

Now we’re getting to the point where there’s no turning back. Once you start cutting into your shaped hunk of wood for your drawer, or drawers, that’s it, you’re committed! I want to cut out the drawer to be about the same shape of oval that I cut for the outline of the box, only it’s obviously going to be a smaller oval since it’s from the inside of the box. In order to make a smaller, but identically shaped oval, I traced the outline of a smaller im...

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Part 7: Step 6: Cut Off the Front and Back of the Drawer(s) of your Box

12-15-2010 09:04 PM by Jonathan | 1 comment »

Step 6 in the basic construction of your bandsaw box is to cut off the front and back of your drawer(s) so that you can then cut out the inside of the drawer. The first thing you want to do is cut off the front of the drawer. Why does it matter if you cut off the front or the back first? The cutting order really only matters if you’re going to include a secret drawer. So, take a moment to decide if you want a secret drawer or not before you start cutting. Trust me, you’ll save ...

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Part 8: Step 7: Cut Out the Center of Your Drawer(s)

12-16-2010 08:14 PM by Jonathan | 4 comments »

This is one of the last deconstructive parts of the bandsaw box process before we begin the reassembly stages and start glueing everything back together! This step is another that might require a pencil, pen, or whatever your preferred marking method is… or not… maybe you just want to eyeball it. By all means, go ahead then! Just have a plan of action before you start. I went ahead and drew on my line with a pencil for the area of the drawer that I wanted to cut out:To get t...

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Part 9: Step 8 (and 8.5): Glue On the Front and Back of Your Drawer(s)... (Cut and Install Drawer Pulls)

12-21-2010 06:48 PM by Jonathan | 7 comments »

I want to apologize ahead of time as I didn’t take too many pictures of the glue-up of the front and back of the drawers. Really the only picture I have is a preparatory shot showing everything laid out and ready to be glued up: As you can see, I used Titebond III. At first, I poured a little glue out onto the ceramic plate and then dipped the brush in it and applied it to the drawer cutout, then laid the back of the drawer onto the glued surface. I realized though that I could skip ...

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Part 10: Step 9: Glue on the Back of Your Box

12-22-2010 04:13 AM by Jonathan | 4 comments »

At this point, this should be the last thing you need to glue to complete the construction phase of your bandsaw box. A pretty straightforward step here that can be handled in a couple of different ways. If you’re keeping your bandsaw box fairly rustic and basic in nature, then maybe you simply cut the back of the box off way back in Step 4 and left it at that. Or, if you’re like me (meaning you tend to inherently make things more difficult on yourself,) you tend to sand ...

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Part 11: Step 9.5: (Extra Step) Decorating the Front of Your Drawer

12-23-2010 05:37 PM by Jonathan | 2 comments »

This is one of those extra steps I had planned on taking from the very beginning. I decided that the front of the drawer would be the focal point from which everything would flow. My plan when starting this bandsaw box was to use the Penn State Nittany Lion logo as the design for the front of the box. I’m going to incorporate it here by woodburning it onto the front of the drawer. I have done a little bit of woodburning in the past, so I already had a woodburner on-hand. At the ve...

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Part 12: Step 10: Final Sanding & Applying a Finish to Your Box

12-26-2010 09:08 PM by Jonathan | 2 comments »

This is it, the moment has finally come to put the finishing touches and finish on your bandsaw box!(I will try to keep this blog post concise as I had a pretty bad tablesaw accident on December 23rd, trying to finish a couple of Christmas gifts. 3-fingers were cut, but all 3-fingers are still there and luckily didn’t appear to do long term damage, even though I now have 28-stitches in them. Needless to say, typing is slow-going.) If you haven’t done any sanding yet, now is the...

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