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Blog series by Jon3 updated 05-05-2009 09:39 PM 16 parts 25477 reads 48 comments total

Part 1: Wherein our protagonist drinks the crazy juice, and decides to use 4/4 lumber.

03-08-2009 04:19 AM by Jon3 | 4 comments »

So brief background is that about a 18 months ago, I bought a load of lumber off ebay. While there, I ended up also buying 350 BF of flatsawn white ash for $100. I figured, even if it ends up being ‘test’ pieces and shop projects, it would still be worth it. Fast forward to recently, and I’ve been planning to build a new bench, and I’ve pretty much decided on a Roubo. I picked up the lovely Benchcrafted tail/wagon vise, a german bench screw, and some holdfasts. ...

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Part 2: Dressing up those big legs

03-11-2009 03:46 AM by Jon3 | 0 comments »

Not much progress. LOML ok’d a grand on a jointer, so I sold my 6” delta and ordered a G0490X. So I finished dressing up the legs. A hair under 5”, but the ash finished nice and clean. Ends still rough, and weighing in around 33-34 inches each. Here they are on the old bench that the roubo is replacing.The old bench will take on duty as a stand for a 500lb milling machine and a small metal lathe (in the future).

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Part 3: A Slight Diversion

03-13-2009 04:40 AM by Jon3 | 3 comments »

I had a fun time jointing up the legs of my Roubo on my older 6” Delta jointer. But my experience with the first 8 footer soon showed me the difficulty I would have with 26+ 8 footer laminations on it. I’ve been eyeing the G0490X, and I finally noticed that the following conditions combined for the perfect storm:8% cash back via ebay/paypal.Grizzly’s Free Shipping offer.$600 in the ‘tool fund’~$350 value in the used jointer. Between those, the numbers were...

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Part 4: 3 bags of chips later...

03-15-2009 11:29 PM by Jon3 | 4 comments »

I started yesterday grabbing all of the appropriate width and length stock out of my stash. I used up nearly every 8 foot piece I had. I could have easily done it with 7 footers, but I decided, if this is the ‘Last bench I’m going to make.’ (until I find a better one) then I ought not to short-change myself. Here I am midway through the process. I didn’t take a great deal of photos, because, by the time you’re on LJ, you’ve probably already surfac...

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Part 5: Testing my Glueup capabilities, and a fun vise handle discovery.

03-17-2009 02:19 AM by Jon3 | 0 comments »

I began breaking down my boards into bunches based on their rough width, thickness, and general flatness. I tried not to put 2 boards with any kind of imperfection in their flatness together, preferring to separate them by at least 2 straight boards. There was some very very mild curvature after the planing work, but nothing that was not easily pinched out using just the strength in my hands. Since I have no assembly table, I prepared my old bench with some rollers for extension (its...

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Part 6: Getting near the end of the glue-up phase of the top.

03-25-2009 03:09 AM by Jon3 | 3 comments »

I finished prepping the boards for the last of the 6” chunks You can see the glued up chunks on the floor here, one mid-glue on table. I put the big chunks on the bench, and began fitting them together, The clamps are just enough pressure to keep the boards together so I can locate the high spots and the gaps for fine tuning. And the first “chunk” glueup! Yes, thats a domino hole. I was toying with the idea of using them to line up the top, but bailed ...

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Part 7: Woof Woof!

03-29-2009 03:50 PM by Jon3 | 2 comments »

I didn’t think to get a good set of photos of my dog hole jig, and the cutting process. I simply made a small template out of scrap ply, and routed out the dog holes with a big honking pattern bit. While things were setting up, I got out my templates, and began to mark out the cavity for the Benchcrafted Tail Vise Some circular saw cutting, hammering, chiseling, and gouging later, and I’ve got a rough cavity started. From here on it was mostly worth with the gouge. I ...

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Part 8: End Caps, Vise fitting

04-05-2009 10:29 PM by Jon3 | 1 comment »

Been a while since the photos hit. I didn’t take photos of everything, once I really got moving along. I roughed out the end cap tenons with my TS55. Whacked the waste with a hammer, made a pass with the chisel, then went to town with LN 60.5R Began to rough out waste from my vise end end-cap. I probably won’t bother with the other end cap until the bench is built. I need to finish this end cap to complete the tail vise, which I want to do while the bench...

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Part 9: Mortise City

04-09-2009 02:14 AM by Jon3 | 5 comments »

Managed to squeeze out some time after work the last few nights to get the mortises for the short stretchers out of the way. I measured up my tenons, and trimmed them very square. My theory on M&T joinery is the only time you’re allowed to touch your tenons is BEFORE you even mark your mortises. So far, this rule has served me very well. Once they’re all square, I mic’d them out to the nearest large forstner bit I have. Then rough out the waste. The...

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Part 10: Fitting and preparing to drawbore!

04-11-2009 01:57 AM by Jon3 | 2 comments »

Really starts to look like a bench tonight. I did the dry fit on the long stretchers Then I drilled out the drawboring holes. Did my initial marking out. I also twisted a pencil in the dot, to make sure I could see it well later. I caught one shoulder not as tight as it should be! Time to pare a little bit. And a final full dry fit to check everything is square. Since I had the top flipped over, I lined it up to see what i might look like. Upside down ...

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Part 11: Drawboring Day!

04-12-2009 02:15 AM by Jon3 | 1 comment »

This is the true test of the legs. To make sure they’re really going be as sturdy as I need them to be. I purchased a top of the line manual drawbore dowel manufactory. Glued up my tenons and mortises, and pounded in my first set of pins. A perfect 90 degrees! A second one, and I’ve got 2 perfectly coplanar legs. While the glue dried (enough to flush cut the dowels anyway), I switched to the leg vice, which I shaped and planed it smooth. Some car...

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Part 12: Drawboring the Top

04-14-2009 04:11 AM by Jon3 | 10 comments »

I’m nervous about trying to keep my hand drill perpendicular, so I made a little jig to drill the holes. Worked out quite well. Just put some thick scrap in the drill press and drilled out the holes, then clamped it to the top. The dry fit was tricky. I did the dry fit, but it was going in tight. I also noticed I had two nice long wedges from the tombstone shape of the leg vice. They made excellent tools for forcing getting those tenons out of the too-tight mortises. ...

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Part 13: How I got this far...

04-14-2009 09:17 PM by Jon3 | 3 comments »

Here’s how I managed to get this far, without a major setback (and I think I can fix the dog hole alignment issue without too much pain.) My Procedure List I try to break it down into manageable steps, then order them to make sure they’re done in the right order. Would love comments AND Critiques!

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Part 14: Moving Day!

04-21-2009 02:42 AM by Jon3 | 1 comment »

So [Friday] was moving day, and I had to re-arrange a bunch of things in the shop to make room for a much longer bench. My old bench (soon to be milling machine table) was 64” long, and my new one is a full 8 footer, give or take a few. Just a few last things on the bench. Had to re-fit and try out the tail vise. Worked great, even upside down! Then I moved my old bench to the back corner. ... and hoisted up the milling machine. Oy, that was a production. You can s...

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Part 15: Hey, want to see a BENCH?

04-21-2009 02:49 AM by Jon3 | 7 comments »

After much effort, and many tantalizaing blog posts, I finally got the bench assembled. I laid out the base, levelled it off (very little shimming was needed, just one leg about 1/32), and moved the top over to it from its temporary home on top of my cabinet saw. I put in the drawbore pins, unglued, to make it easier to move it out of my crazy basement in the future. Then, I hauled out all of the supporting accessories, and went to work on the finishing. I fit the leg vise, made t...

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Part 16: Roubo Completed!

05-05-2009 09:39 PM by Jon3 | 2 comments »

So that I don’t have to update woodnet, lumberjocks, and other sites, I started a standalone blog, which I’ll link back to. You can find the final workbench update here

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