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Blog series by JohnTM updated 12-06-2017 01:45 AM 17 parts 30496 reads 31 comments total

Part 1: Healed and starting over

10-28-2017 02:51 AM by JohnTM | 0 comments »

Well I finally healed up and am starting from scratch – again. I started by replacing my pallet buster with another design that doesn’t break or crack nearly as many boards as the first one did. The new one has longer and wider tines that seem to spread the strain/load on the cross members much better than the first one. I’ve also lucked into a location/business that puts out “quality” pallets on a weekly basis as well as some large plywood-and-2×4/4×...

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Part 2: Completing yesterday's

10-28-2017 10:06 PM by JohnTM | 1 comment »

Here are 2 “nothing” pics showing the “basicness” of where I’m starting from…I work under an open carport – temporarily off sawhorses which raise the Dewalt table saw (under the blue tarp in the second pic) too high to be safe/comfortable for me. The 2nd pic is of my pallet wood “gloat”/glut/collection thus far, well, a partial shot of it all. Not shown in the wood gloat pic is the plywood, OSB and fllooring I’ve managed to scroun...

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Part 3: The plan, the plan, then doing other stuff...

11-01-2017 11:55 PM by JohnTM | 1 comment »

There is a saying something along the lines of: the best made plans of mice and men often go wrong….. Well, I HAD a plan for today. I really did. It was a good plan. A simple plan. Okay, it was kinda vague. Get to work actually building something. The workbench, yeah, that’s the ticket. Build the workbench. That was the plan. And therein lay the problem. I needed something more than just a really vague idea about where I wanted to end up. At least a vague idea to start would...

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Part 4: Actual work accomplished...such as it is/was/whatever

11-02-2017 11:37 PM by JohnTM | 0 comments »

Once again, good intentions were overcome by the exigencies of life (can you tell that I’m an over-educated man of words??? I knew that you could.). Yup, yup, yup. Little sleep last night due to a continuously barking dog kept me up til 5am which meant I didn’t roll out of bed until nearly noon. Then, “brunch” until 1:30pm with Dad (I live with him and it’s my responsibility to see that he actually eats because that’s when he takes his daily meds…)...

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Part 5: Baby steps... or are they actual steps?

11-03-2017 11:47 PM by JohnTM | 4 comments »

Big plans, small accomplishments, a couple of them actually. I’d intended to actually start on the workbench today (sound familiar?) but got side-tracked, as is becoming usual. I notice that many people are counter-sinking screws (mostly for looks, but also for smooth-fit functionality at times) and I remember way back when that my Dad had done this with an over-sized drill bit just drilling slightly below the top surface of the wood. NO big news to you old guys, I’m sure. So I...

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Part 6: College Football Day freebie haul

11-04-2017 06:48 PM by JohnTM | 3 comments »

Today being college football day and the area experiencing record setting heat for November as well as early morning fog making humidity uncharacteristically uncomfortable outside between 7-and-11 this morning, I don’t plan to do any work on the workbench today. Instead, I took a ride out to my “favorite”/go-to free pallet place and picked up some goodies – even made 2 runs as the Prius can only hold so much.I got plywood! 3 sheets somewhere between 3’x6’ a...

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Part 7: Analysis paralysis, but progress...kinda

11-07-2017 01:10 AM by JohnTM | 5 comments »

Spent hours and hours de-nailing the pallet haul. When I got to the plywood pieces, I was overwhelmed and disappointed by the construction. There were over 90 nails in the plywood – over 90!That pic shows just some of the nails on one side along one edge. Examining the construction left me with the realization that trying to de-nail that and salvage the plywood would be an exercise in time-wasting and material destruction, not salvage. Luckily, that point was before I actually wasted an...

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Part 8: Actually made cuts today

11-08-2017 01:13 AM by JohnTM | 1 comment »

Yes, you read the title correctly. I actually made cuts today. After examining the smallest/shortest of 4 palletized plywood pieces, I decided to experiment with it – why gamble with the biggest, right? We’ll jump to the end of day pic first to provide context for the rest of the entry.Okay, so that’s where I wound up…the mockup is upside down though. The red arrows show fork lift tine cutouts in 2×4’s that I decided to “salvage” by filling th...

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Part 9: Progress... seriously.

11-18-2017 03:27 AM by JohnTM | 1 comment »

You read that correctly. I made actual progress. (This is not fine furniture. It’s a workstation that will remain outdoors 24/7 and is made 99% from freebies [CL and pallet wood]..... It’s also the first real project I’ve ever done – since high school 45 years ago, at least.)Here’s the end of Day 1 pic as proof:No, it’s not screwed and glued together. Just placed it all in approximately the correct final places. So, here’s how the day went. First, ...

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Part 10: Re-did the casters... very early end to the day

11-18-2017 05:02 PM by JohnTM | 2 comments »

I must be the klutziest, slowest to learn woodworker on this board. Re-mounted the casters. Had to do it twice because I went the easy way and just stuck another of those small square blocks beside the existing ones. Then, silly me, didn’t check it by spinning the caster 360 degrees and they didn’t go all the way around – just like yesterday (headsmack!!!)... Of course, I only caught my mistake AFTER removing and re-mounting a pair on one end and then moving to the other ...

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Part 11: Pro Football day - some progress in wood and football

11-20-2017 12:51 AM by JohnTM | 1 comment »

Let’s get the “big deal” out of the way first. After a shaky first 3 quarters, we pulled it out in the last couple of minutes. My team now has 8 wins in a row! Geaux Saints! Whew. With that taken care of, I did a bit of work both before and after the game. Before the game, I worked on strengthening the table saw stand and raising its height to what it should have been yesterday. Nothing major skill-wise. Just the usual “do and re-do” process for me as I futz m...

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Part 12: OMG-I cut the free cabinets!

11-21-2017 01:03 AM by JohnTM | 4 comments »

Spent the day semi-waiting for a roofer. While I waited, I fiddled slowly with fitting the tablesaw fence rail guide and the cabinets. The fence extends further to the right than to the left. The cabinets are deeper than the tablesaw, so openings in both cabinets had to be made in order for the table saw fence rail guides to extend fully in both directions. This (obviously) only needs to be done for the rear rail guides as I am mounting the cabinets so the tablesaw’s front rail guide pa...

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Part 13: Post-Thanksgiving return to "work"

11-28-2017 11:34 PM by JohnTM | 1 comment »

Well, I took a few days off to “do stuff”.. you know. Life happens. Too many obligations. Earache returned. S_ happens You know how it goes. Anyway, didn’t construct/build anything again. Instead, I ran out to my favorite pallet wood place and got some more… It’s way easier mentally to dismantle than to build… and you really can’t “fail” dismantling. Oh, you can make a mess and destroy things you’re trying to salvage. But you just...

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Part 14: Sidetracked - but it's a good thing, really, it is!

11-30-2017 12:24 AM by JohnTM | 3 comments »

No, I didn’t get anything done on the mobile table saw and cabinet base.Yes, I got sidetracked – but it was a good thing! REALLY! Started off looking for 2×3’s to act as connecting pieces between the cabinets. Ran into this mess:and this:and this:Seriously – can you find the 8-foot long 2×3’s? It took me over 5 minutes and I’m the one who put it “there”. So, I sat down and thought – ”This has to be fixed. Wasting time...

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Part 15: Rain, rain. Go away...

11-30-2017 07:34 PM by JohnTM | 1 comment »

Not a long downpour, but heavy enough to cause work to stop.This after a short morning due to the roofing guys returning and starting work on the carport roof. They actually took up the existing tar paper, ripped a long, rotten 2×6 out replaced it before the rain hit. Luckily, their work seems to be “holding”, that is, not leaking anywhere obvious. OTOH, the wind blew the wet stuff all over the carport area, leading to an early end for my day’s effort. I may have spo...

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Part 16: 95%, okay, 85% finished with lumber rack

12-05-2017 01:30 AM by JohnTM | 3 comments »

I must be the SLOWEST of the SLOW as far as woodworking goes. I got all 4 of the major/vertical supports built. They each look like this: As you can see, what probably looks like over-engineered joint supports is what I had to do because, no matter how much I tweaked my cuts, there were gaps (ex., a 45degree cut meets an adjoining edge fine IF AND ONLY IF the adjoining piece is tilted to match the 45degree edge). Poor workmanship on my part, obviously. Probably should have been more ...

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Part 17: Unbelievable - actually finished something...2 somethings even!

12-06-2017 01:45 AM by JohnTM | 0 comments »

Well, the title kinda gives my day away. But I finished the lumber rack…. the 2nd something is further down the entry. Here’s what I’m hoping to store on the rack – currently stored on the white table and 2 sawhorses behind my stack-of-4-pallets-laying-on-the-ground-worktable situated behind my Prius.Trying not to have things get wet seems to be a big motivator. I started bright and early (though I was not birght-eyed or bushy-tailed energy wise) – 8am, which ...

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