Spinnekop (windmill)

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Blog series by JobK updated 11-29-2020 11:05 AM 14 parts 4506 reads 25 comments total

Part 1: Preparations

08-29-2020 02:01 PM by JobK | 2 comments »

Preparations After building a new woodworking workshop last year I was searching for a new project to build.Being a miller (voluntarily, hobby at Deelmolen or Grevensmolen) and after building a small windmill before.I wanted a new challenge. So I went on the internet looking for some nice drawings of a windmill I could make in miniature.And so I stumbled op un these drawings (sheet 1) and sheet 2) After doing some research I also found some old pictures of the now demolish windmill (bac...

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Part 2: Onder tafelment

08-29-2020 02:08 PM by JobK | 1 comment »

The first thing to build is the base of the underpart of the windmill. It is made up of 8 pieces with lapjoints to make a octagon. It is called the ”onder (under) tafelment” The windmill was made off oak and I will use the same material. After making some strips of 15 by 6.5 mm I made the lap joints on the table saw And so I finished the “onder tafelment” 

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Part 3: Boven tafelment

08-29-2020 02:16 PM by JobK | 0 comments »

In the previous blog a made the “onder tafelment”, now I am going to make the “boven tafelment” (onder is under and boven is upper). It is located at the top of the underpart of the windmill. It is made up of 4 pieces and has lap joints. There are also mortises in these pieces where the post of the lower house will sit. Starting with these piece Making the lap joints Fitting it together. After making the mortises Now I realized that I needed mortises in the “onder tafel...

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Part 4: De koker

09-27-2020 11:18 AM by JobK | 3 comments »

This part of the mill is called “koker” and can be translated as tube. It is part of the bottom part of the windmill and allows the main drive shaft to go from the upper part to the lower part. It also allows the top of the windmill to be turned to face the wind with its wings faced in that direction. It is made of 8 pieces and is held together by the “boven tafelment” and some iron bands. On the drawing are some comments noting that the tube has been replaced at the wrong dimen...

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Part 5: De achtakant stijlen

09-27-2020 11:24 AM by JobK | 2 comments »

Having finished the “onder tafelment” and the “boven tafelment”, now I will make the posts, and because the shape of the underside of this windmill is octagonal (in most cases it is a square ) these part are called octagon posts (achtkant stijlen) To make all the angled and compound cuts I first made a jig Making the jig Cutting all posts to length Cutting the tenons at the bottom of the posts Cutting the tenons at the top of the posts

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Part 6: De pannenkoek

10-25-2020 10:54 AM by JobK | 2 comments »

At the top of the lower house of this windmill there is a round flat part where the top of the windmill rests on and that makes it able to smoothly turn the upper part of the windmill into the wind. The part is called “de pannenkoek”, the pancake.The pancake consists of 4 parts that are lap jointed together Gluing the pieces together. In need of some sanding The finished products so far. 

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Part 7: Fitting the parts together

10-25-2020 11:02 AM by JobK | 0 comments »

Just some pictures of putting all the parts together Lower end of the post fitting the “onder tafelment” Top end of the post and the “boven tafelment” Numbering the pieces Finished so far.

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Part 8: Kokerbalken

10-25-2020 11:16 AM by JobK | 6 comments »

To support the tube (koker) and to give strength to the lower part of the windmill there are “kokerbalken” (girders?). They form a bent together with 2 posts and 2 knee braces. Taking measurements Making the mortises Fitting mortis and tenon. They are aligned on the center of the beams 2 done, 2 to go Chiseling away All finished with the tube temporary placed on top in stead of placed in the housing

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Part 9: Korbelen

11-01-2020 06:47 PM by JobK | 0 comments »

With the posts and the girders made, its time to make the “korbelen”. These knee braces help strengthen the construction of the lower part of the windmill and prevent it from skewing. Cutting the angles on the knee braces Making the tenons Making the mortise Joining it all together Fitting the pieces It fits!! The progress so far

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Part 10: Fitting the tube.

11-01-2020 07:05 PM by JobK | 1 comment »

After finishing the kokerbalken en korbelen the tube can be fitted Measuring the placement of the tube Cutting the recess Fitting the tube It all fits together

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Part 11: Making the door frames

11-15-2020 06:47 PM by JobK | 0 comments »

This small mill has two doors. This is done so the housing is accessible even when the wings of the mill are turning in front of the door. There are a lot of these small mills with only one door. Then you need to stop the mill before you can enter, so two doors are handy. The lumber Cutting the lap joints Fitting it together Cutting the beveled ends The finished door frames Mounting on the posts All finished

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Part 12: Ankers

11-15-2020 06:55 PM by JobK | 3 comments »

The “boventafelment” is also anchored on the beams with 4 metal anchors. On the drawing these are placed on the outside. But I want to be able to take the cladding off to show the inside. So I will change the layout and put the anchors on the inside Starting off with some spokes out of a old bicycle Some heat to bend the steel The finished hooks are placed alongside the beams They are placed in a recess so the pancake can sit flush Drilling nail holes into the anchors Drilli...

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Part 13: Foundation

11-29-2020 10:31 AM by JobK | 3 comments »

I mixed up my post so #13 and #14 are not in chronological order This mill has a concrete base and brick stone walls. According to annotations on the drawing the mill wasn’t built like this. It had a stone foundation and the screw housing was made of wood. I will be making my model like this. starting with meranti. It’s almost the color of brickwork. Using the CNC to make a brick pattern on the wood Parts of the wall have arche Cutting the bevels Test fitting the parts ...

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Part 14: Veldkruisen en regels

11-29-2020 11:05 AM by JobK | 2 comments »

To add more stiffness to the construction of the housing of the windmill there is additional bracing. These crosses are not in the fields where the doors are so I need to make six of them. Starting off with very small lumber Making mortises in the beams Testing the fit while holding things in place with a rubber band And then adding the cross After assembling all parts I made until now fitting it all together All things fitted in place. Time to fix the parts to there place ...

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