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Blog series by JimDaddyO updated 06-05-2021 11:27 AM 24 parts 31966 reads 26 comments total

Part 1: What a load

08-04-2016 02:02 PM by JimDaddyO | 3 comments »

Making use of things other people have no use for. There is a sawmill about an hour away from me. It is run by some Mennonites and they work hard making harvesting and milling logs into what we are all here for. Beautiful boards and timbers with which we use to make our projects. But there is a lot of the tree that is just not useful for sale for this purpose. What to do with the waste? Well in this instance, I heat my home with it. All the slab wood and off cuts are offered up for s...

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Part 2: A new post (deck post that is)

09-09-2016 05:40 PM by JimDaddyO | 1 comment »

As described in the preamble, I have some older neighbours/friends that needed a bit of work done that they were unable to do themselves. Probably not the best construction techniques, but a darn sight better than what it was. View on YouTube

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Part 3: Wind damage

10-01-2016 02:17 AM by JimDaddyO | 5 comments »

Not what I had planned to do this week, but things happen. We had a micro burst or down draft or something like that hit the biggest tree in our yard. This lead to the need to do a bit of clean up. It’s an ill wind that does no one some good. Making the best of it, we now have an extra bit of wood to heat the house next year. View on YouTube

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Part 4: A very short one

11-11-2016 05:41 PM by JimDaddyO | 3 comments »

I walked out to the shop today, and someone has been doing their woodwork just outside of it last night. It was a bit of a windy day though. View on YouTube

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Part 5: Off topic, but things that need doing

11-20-2016 06:25 PM by JimDaddyO | 2 comments »

It’s a work shop, not just a wood shop. There are things that need doing on a seasonal basis around the home. Getting the winter tires on the car is one of them. Now that the summer tires are off, I can give them a good cleaning and inspection. I am trying to make the chrome look as good as it can using a method I saw a few guys doing on You Tube. Not 100% successful, but the rims look much better. View on YouTube

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Part 6: Mothers Day

05-14-2017 11:51 AM by JimDaddyO | 4 comments »

The best gifts for Mother’s Day is the one she wants. I couldn’t build it, but we had fun picking them out. Just a very short extra video I tossed together quick.

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Part 7: It's not always about woodworking for me.

08-17-2017 05:43 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

I have other things I enjoy too. I went to the 2017 Canadian Nationals at the Grand Bend Motorplex to get my recommended dosage of Nitro-Methane fumes and tire smoke. I put together a bit of video of the event. If you are a car guy (or gal), or even it you aren’t. I hope you enjoy it. View on YouTube

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Part 8: Mobile home move

11-23-2017 11:43 PM by JimDaddyO | 2 comments »

Well, we have a new unit in the park. This happened this past summer and there was a good turn out of interested folks. I thought the process was worth recording….so I did. Of course a bit of a preamble on why I have not been releasing too many videos lately. View on YouTube

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Part 9: Getting frustrated and fed up

01-12-2018 08:12 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

I’m so tired and fed up with jumping through You Tube hoops that I’m thinking of giving it up. I make very few dollars at it, certainly not enough to put up with the BS.

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Part 10: It's wood, and it sure is working.

01-29-2018 02:38 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Not much shop time lately. When I am not wearing myself out moving snow my winter has been filled up with preparing for future winters. When that isn’t happening, I am recovering from the effort. The shop is pretty chilly and a mess right now. When I need something I go in and grab it and when I am done I just go in long enough to place that thing on the handiest horizontal surface. Not good for organisation. Oh well, spring will come and things will change and I will get back at ...

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Part 11: A garden from landscape ties.

05-27-2018 10:58 AM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Happy wife, happy life. I built this garden for my wife who is just fantastic at making the yard look nice with all the flowers she plants and tends. It matches other gardens we have in the yard and is pretty easy to do. Well, except for the pounding in of the 12” spikes, which hold it together, and also from moving. I had to till a bit of one corner to get rid of the grass for the new dimensions on one corner, other than that, the old garden that was there last year was pretty clea...

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Part 12: The bathroom disaster.

09-12-2018 11:36 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

I was debating on weather I ought to put this in here, but there is a lot of working with wood in it, along with a lot of other things, so why not. A couple of weeks ago we had a fitting fail in our master bathroom. We had to pull everything out of the room to gain access to the leak. Well, my wife has been wanting to remodel the bathroom for the last 16 years, so while everything is out of it, why not? Other than it’s a ton of work and expense. I am posting the first 3 videos, d...

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Part 13: Bathroom disaster part 2

09-12-2018 11:40 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Continuing on from the last post. View on YouTube

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Part 14: Bathroom disaster part 3

09-12-2018 11:41 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

This brings us up to today, Sept. 12. View on YouTube

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Part 15: Bathroom Disaster part 4: End of construction

09-26-2018 12:03 AM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Getting pretty much everything buttoned up and the rough work done. Soon it will be on to finishing work. Some unpleasant jobs and some re adjusting required, but I get it all sorted out. View on YouTube

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Part 16: Bathroom reno part 5

09-29-2018 10:46 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

I think we are beyond the disaster stage now and can just call it a renovation. A lot of days of work in a very short video. Waiting for drywall compound and paint to dry takes time, but makes a boring video, so I skipped all that part and just toured the good stuff…as in results. <div>

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Part 17: Bathroom vlog 6: How to make and install shiplap wainscoting

10-04-2018 02:47 AM by JimDaddyO | 2 comments »

How I made and installed the wainscoting in the bathroom. I had fun milling up the cedar, and the shop smell great. I include the milling, my finishing process with water based polyurethane, and go through the installation. <div>

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Part 18: The magic 1000

11-07-2018 08:28 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

My channel recently hit 1000 subscribers. I thought I would give a little something back to one of them. View on YouTube

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Part 19: 2019 Woodstock Woodshow

10-11-2019 10:08 PM by JimDaddyO | 1 comment »

It was a nice show. Lots to see, lots of displays and vendors. I even kept my purchases to a reasonable level. Take a quick trip around with me and enjoy some of the sights of the 2019 Woodstock Woodshow. View on YouTube

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Part 20: A first time for everything

09-12-2020 01:54 AM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Lots of life changes this year. What an odd year it’s been. Not just with the world in general, but for us personally. May as well keep the changes happening so I did something I never did before. A short video will explain exactly what it is.

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Part 21: New home and shop update.

12-05-2020 09:12 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

We moved in Oct 23rd and have been busy making changes to the old church and community centre we bought. It is slowly becoming our home and the shop is developing as time allows.

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Part 22: An update on the church we bought

12-29-2020 01:10 PM by JimDaddyO | 3 comments »

Things are progressing slowly in our new home. Hundreds of tiny projects that eat up a lot of time, yet they don’t seem to make a lot of visual difference. Starting from scratch with a new build is so much easier than going over something that has been in place for a long time and “upgraded” over the years. Such has been our experience way up here in the north. We are making progress though. Some days it seems it’s not progressing fast enough though. Of course, t...

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Part 23: Update on our Chapel Home progress.

01-24-2021 12:19 AM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Pretty self explanitory. I am too tired and worn out to even think about typing a lot, so just watch…lol

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Part 24: Chapel house update.

06-05-2021 11:27 AM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

I’ve had too many things to do. Something had to be put aside a bit, and that thing was shooting video. I just took time for a quick update and put it up to show the latest hurdle we face in the new place. Not a DIY job, and not a cheap one either. Thanks to all for the patience and support.

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