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Blog series by JimDaddyO updated 11-10-2021 01:20 AM 216 parts 347933 reads 194 comments total

Part 1: preparing for a cabinet

09-30-2015 02:57 AM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

The new shop is coming along. You may have seen the Spidey Box project I posted about. It is nice to work in, but still in disarray and needs some organizing. I am building a big storage unit and getting video of it. Just making it out of construction material, it has to be sturdy and yet look decent. Here is a photo of it part way through and a video of how I went about getting there. I have more footage of it and I am going to edit them into “bite sized” pieces and post th...

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Part 2: Cabinet construction video

10-01-2015 12:09 AM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

I built the main part of the shelving unit for the shop in this video. I basically just muddled along and got the job done. I have a bunch of video of the build and I am trying to get caught up. A bit more editing in this one, but I am trying to get them a bit shorter and easier to digest. I hope you enjoy it!

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Part 3: Catching up with the cabinet

10-02-2015 07:09 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Well, the cabinet is in and a whole bunch of other unplanned work got done. I have finally edited and put together all the footage I have on hand, the last bit of this was shot this morning right after I finished the work. Not sure what I am going to do next, there are so many choices and things that need doing. We are getting ready for winter, so all those projects are on the short list. We will probably have at least one more lawn mowing yet though. So, enjoy the video, I have been ...

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Part 4: Dealing with rust on iron

10-03-2015 05:25 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

It’s that time of year again and it seems the question of how to deal with rust on the iron tops of machinery come up in all the forums about now. In response to this I make a quick video of how I deal with it. This is not the only way to do it, but it is inexpensive and works. I hope this is helpful, it is a pretty quick process.

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Part 5: Continuing on with the jointer

10-06-2015 10:23 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Since my last video on rust removal, I decided to give the jointer a bit of a going over. Not a complete success yet, but it will get there.

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Part 6: A quick re-furb on a Record No 078

10-13-2015 01:16 PM by JimDaddyO | 1 comment »

I bought this one at the local Ciderfest a couple of weeks ago and decided I would do a bit of work to it in order to see what I had. I will likely do some further tuning to it as I do with all my things as I go along, but this was just to get it working. I guess everyone who does woodworking videos on You Tube is obliged to do some sort of sharpening video and I am counting this as mine. I suppose I could have split this up into shorter segments, but wanted to keep the continuity. Makin...

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Part 7: Box joint jig

10-16-2015 11:11 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

I needed to make a new adapter for my table saw box joint jig. It is a design I got from Shop Notes and takes a variety of adaptors, one for each size. When I made it, I only made one adaptor to make 3/4” box joints. I now have it in my head to make some more boxes, seeing as I had so much fun with the “Spidey Box”, and I think a smaller joint is in order for them. I did a video of how I went about it, leaving in the real life pitfalls typical of small shops on a budge...

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Part 8: Jointer is done

10-21-2015 09:23 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

I completed work on the jointer today and got it running. I had the camera rolling as I did it and got that all packaged up and loaded. I hope you like the conclusion of this small series on my jointer. It takes a lot of time to make them, but it is fun time. I am enjoying this combination of hobbies. Thanks for watching!

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Part 9: Blade cleaning

10-29-2015 07:30 PM by JimDaddyO | 3 comments »

I was watching one of the You Tube channels I subscribe to and found a neat way to clean saw blades. It works very well and I had one of those “Why didn’t I think of that” moments. A great tip I got from the TabLeft Workshop channel that I tried.

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Part 10: Saved from the fire

10-31-2015 12:41 AM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

I finally got some editing done on a bunch of footage of working this piece of Maple that I rescued from the fire wood pile last year. It is going toward the box build I am working on. I have no real plan, just a vague idea and I am letting the wood take me it’s own way to get there.

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Part 11: 2 videos today

11-11-2015 12:51 AM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

The weather has been rather nice lately. So nice that I have been spending more time in the shop. Along with being out in the air with Sally and Lil’ Lee. I have had the camera in the shop too. Which of course means I have lots of video clips saved, and nothing published for a while. Well, it rained today, so I took some time to do some editing and catching up. We had to go to town so Lil ‘Lee could get her grooming done, but other than that, I have been sitting in front of ...

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Part 12: Fitting the book matched maple panel bottom

11-12-2015 09:18 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

I am slowly catching up with editing and posting video. The bit that broke in the previous video makes its first cut and I get to use the Record 078 plane for the first time. It will take some time to get better at it, but practice, practice, practice is the way to go. I have at least a couple more videos to go on this one. I hope you enjoy it.

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Part 13: A simple and beautiful finish

11-13-2015 08:37 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

I have seen variations of this all over. I don’t think the ratios are overly critical. The results are wonderful. I think I may have found my “go to” finish. Replace the BLO with mineral oil for a food safe finish.

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Part 14: Heat for the winter

11-24-2015 09:38 PM by JimDaddyO | 1 comment »

Well I got a good deal on a Mr Heater tank top propane heater and I hooked it up today. Not all went smoothly. I had a heck of a time with the brace as the bolt they sent for it is too short. I was very disappointed that there was such a failing on such a simple item. Some one either thought they would save a couple of cents on each unit, put the wrong thing in the package, or changed the part in the specs without even trying it. All I know is someone at the company dropped the ball on a...

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Part 15: Extension upgrade

11-25-2015 08:00 PM by JimDaddyO | 4 comments »

I got the new extension cord run out to the shop today. I have about 2 more volts, so there is less loss to resistance than before. I can’t run much more than before, but I can do it safer now. I was leery of using the 3 lighter cords with the connections outdoors. It is not as good as the sub panel I plan on putting in, but it should get me through the winter.

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Part 16: Making some ash inserts

11-29-2015 04:25 PM by JimDaddyO | 1 comment »

I finally got around to putting some more woodworking footage together. I am enjoying using some hand tools, but the power tools are nice too. I am making a series of 3 boxes, sized to fit photos, for presents. These are preparing the top and bottom panels for them. I do lots of my initial work with hand tools. Breaking down the rough sizes and getting a clean edge to go up against the fence of the table saw. Maybe some day I will get good enough to do it all by hand, but flattening a w...

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Part 17: A trio of photo boxes

11-30-2015 01:20 AM by JimDaddyO | 2 comments »

I did some experimenting on cutting the ends of box joints flush with the sides. The last box I just used the Random Orbital sander to get them flush. I finally figured it out after a while and got to the point where I could slice the tops off the box.

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Part 18: I made a mistake

12-01-2015 10:02 PM by JimDaddyO | 3 comments »

A couple of videos ago I made an unsafe cut. I am putting this up to correct my mistake. It was a dumb move. Thanks to those who pointed it out to me.

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Part 19: My new mitre saw

12-05-2015 01:59 PM by JimDaddyO | 3 comments »

I signed up for email updates at the Bosch Tools website and a few months ago they send me a message to do a survey for them. I answered a few questions and submitted it and thought that was that. Well, low and behold a couple of weeks back I get a message saying I won a Bosch GSM12SD 12” Glide Mitre saw. A form to fill out for tax purposes and they told me it is on the way. Now, I have been a fan of this saw since I first saw it, and only dared to dream that someday I would own t...

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Part 20: My new Bosch Glide Mitre video

12-06-2015 02:45 AM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

It has been a long day. Along with taking the footage of the video, editing it, uploading and all the rest, I did all the card scraping on all the parts made so far of the essential oil rack I have been working on, did 2 separate glue ups on it (one is drying now), made a new batch of BLO and bees wax, and applied it to the pieces for the back panel of the rack. On top of that I barbiqued some steaks for supper. Yes,....barbique,.... in Canada,.... in December! So without any more rambl...

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Part 21: Photo box trio conclusion video

12-08-2015 01:57 AM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

I finally got to edit the last footage of the photo box project. It is a bit different from some of my other videos. Adding the hinges and the final reveal.

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Part 22: A board of Cherry

12-22-2015 06:13 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

The start of building a Christmas present. Getting thing roughed out and thinking about sizes. I opt for hand tool work many aspects and use machines for things I don’t want to take a chance on. There are certain places that the machines are still required. I don’t think I will ever get rid of them and go totally hand tool, but I keep experimenting to build my skills. Also, trying to embed the video for the first time, we will see if it works. View on YouTube

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Part 23: Shop update

12-22-2015 08:25 PM by JimDaddyO | 3 comments »

Now that I think I have this embedding video thing figured out I did a quick shop update View on YouTube

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Part 24: A board of Cherry pt 2

12-28-2015 01:29 AM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

With the holidays over and the house starting to return to normal I took the time to edit some more video on the essential oil cabinet I made for my son for Christmas. A lot of hand work over a lot of days, and a long time to edit it too. View on YouTube

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Part 25: Fixing the shipping damage

12-30-2015 10:30 PM by JimDaddyO | 1 comment »

I decided I had to edit something else besides project video for a change. So I put together a short one of repairing the Bosch Glide Mitre saw that was damaged by UPS in shipping. Jim at Bosch shipped me the part directly instead of having to deal with UPS claim service. I did call UPS and the customer service rep told me he would forward it to the “investigation” department, all the while making it feel like I was the one being under investigation. View on YouTube

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Part 26: A board of Cherry pt 3

01-01-2016 11:33 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Happy New Year! I spent the day editing more video and got part 3 of the essential oil rack done. Designing on the fly and making changes as I go. Still more video to edit so stay tuned! View on YouTube

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Part 27: New set of wheels

01-06-2016 09:10 PM by JimDaddyO | 2 comments »

In order to make the table saw move in the directions I need it to, I need casters on all 4 corners. I am not a fan of this arrangement, it gives less control than having 2 wheels fixed. But I have to make compromises in order to get the shop arranged (or rearranged) the way I want it. So, starting with getting the Bosch saw, and needing a place to put it, began a series of events that lead to the whole shop changing. This is just one of the events along that path. View on YouTube

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Part 28: 2 videos today

01-08-2016 01:04 AM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

I must be in the mood to edit. I completed the video on the table for the mitre saw, and while that was uploading I did one on reusing the casters that came off the table saw. I am looking forward to relaxing from doing all that and more today. I edited 2 videos, shot the new shop tour with a special surprise in it, and I even managed to fire up the barbique and cook up some steaks. A good day for the first week in January. So, any way, here are the new videos: View on YouTube Vie...

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Part 29: Shop tour and Mail

01-10-2016 07:54 PM by JimDaddyO | 2 comments »

Just a short video on how the shop has changed and a surprise that was delivered that day. View on YouTube

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Part 30: Not much happening

01-13-2016 12:14 AM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Just sitting around and waiting for it to pass. The snow blower is getting a work out. I have already cleared the snow earlier today. View on YouTube

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Part 31: Creating another video despite Microsoft

01-16-2016 11:47 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Well, fighting Windows Movie Maker and getting another one done. After three tries with Microsoft Support, including giving them remote access, I get told that WMM is not compatible with Win 10, and that just sucks. It keeps freezing up on me and I lose a lot of work and Microsoft just does not care. Of course the suggested I could buy something at the app store….yeah, right, I’ve seen the old bait and switch before. I have downloaded a free version of Lightworks but have not installed it yet...

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Part 32: That brown truck came again

01-18-2016 10:05 PM by JimDaddyO | 2 comments »

A while ago I redeemed some of my points at the “Be The Pro” forum and this is opening the package. Just a short one, using Lightworks as an editor for the first time. It may be more software than I need, but over time I am sure I will get used to it. I struggle with learning software and I relied a lot on the instructional videos that Lightworks has on it’s sight. I had to view things 3 or 4 times before it sunk in. Movie Maker was nice and easy to use but without supp...

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Part 33: Snow

01-21-2016 10:23 PM by JimDaddyO | 2 comments »

That is just about the only thing I have been dealing with for the last week. I have had the snowblower out every day and today it is still snowing. Just doing our driveway and the paths can tucker a guy out. I do a bit extra so Lil’ Lee has a place to run around and guard the place against marauding squirrels. She is always curious about what they are up to. The lady across the street from me had a bit of a time with her snow blower, so I did her driveway once for her. The neig...

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Part 34: The final episode

01-26-2016 09:08 PM by JimDaddyO | 2 comments »

I finally got around to editing and completing the video series on the essential oil cabinet that I made for my son for Christmas. Lightworks is still a bit of a chore and will be for a while yet, but it is not locking up and being frustrating like Windows Movie Maker was. I still have a long way to go, but it is fun learning. My son liked the cabinet and most people who have laid eyes on it do to. It was a big complex job and I find that shooting video while working makes it go almost ...

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Part 35: Improving the Bosch

02-08-2016 07:45 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

I love my Bosch Glide mitre saw. It is a wonderful piece of machinery. If you have been following along though, you will realize that it does have some short comings. One of them is the dust chute. Here I do a simple job, with a reclaimed inner tube from a wheel barrow, to improve it a bit. It is still not perfect, but it is a lot better. I suppose that having the vacuum or a dust collector hooked up would improve it more, but I do not have the power to the shop yet, so we will have to...

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Part 36: A bit more insulation

02-12-2016 07:57 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

I did some more work to the shop a few weeks back. I finally got up the desire to get the footage put together. I must admit that I have been pretty inactive lately. I guess there must be some bear in my, wanting to hibernate all winter. I am embellishing a bit of course. I do have my chores to do around the house, and winter has not been all that bad this year, relatively speaking. It has been pretty mild. Not so much the last couple of days, but I am not going to complain. A littl...

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Part 37: Three short videos

02-24-2016 12:10 AM by JimDaddyO | 4 comments »

I sometimes remember to get the camera rolling and pass on knowledge that was passed on to me. I often don’t have anywhere to put them though, so I started a new series. Doc’s Little Docs. We all started out knowing nothing, and often times, small bits of knowledge go by the wayside because people just assume that they are common knowledge. So although you may think that some of the ideas are self evident, or that everyone knows that, I think little ideas are worth preserving ...

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Part 38: a quick build

02-24-2016 12:13 AM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

The second of my new series of short videos View on YouTube

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Part 39: Third and shortest

02-24-2016 12:15 AM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

A very quick tip. View on YouTube

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Part 40: ZCI for the Bosch Glide Mitre

02-26-2016 11:31 PM by JimDaddyO | 2 comments »

Not quite happy with the insert provided by Bosch, I decided to build my own. It is a pretty common thing on most mitre saws and should help give a nicer cut. Of course, I kept the original in case I have to tilt it over on the bevel adjustment. This will handle everything else. I rarely use the bevel anyway. I just stick to mitres and straight cuts for the most part. I am still getting accustomed to Lightworks. It is much more powerful than what I need, but I am getting some of my r...

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Part 41: I got a box

03-05-2016 06:00 PM by JimDaddyO | 1 comment »

I have not been spending any time in the shop lately. I have been without ambition or motivation. It feels like I have had a sinus headache for about 2 months. I think it may be the changing weather. We seem to be getting more than one season in the span of a week. The temperatures have been bouncing around above and below the freezing point and we have had a lot of change in pressure systems too it seems. So I have been lazing around and blowing my nose and wiping watering eyes. This ...

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Part 42: Router plane tune up

03-09-2016 02:59 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

I spent yesterday cleaning and tuning up the router plane I got from Matthew Morris. I also decided to edit the video and get it posted on You Tube. It was a long day and I am pretty tired today from staying up so late, so without much fanfare and ado, I am just going to drop it in here. View on YouTube

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Part 43: Branching out

03-22-2016 07:38 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Have not been doing much in the way of anything lately. Now that spring is here though, I guess I have to start coming out of “hermit” mode and get going on a few things. I have some dead branches and branches growing into other trees on the lot that need trimming. It is a good time to tune up the pruning saw. View on YouTube

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Part 44: Doc's little docs #4: File storage

04-02-2016 06:00 PM by JimDaddyO | 1 comment »

One of the things most folks who fix things have is a file, or two, or a bunch, depending on what you need them for. They come in all shapes and sizes depending on their purpose. Files are made from very hard steel. One would think that they would be hard to damage, but they will dull. Particularly if, like me, you store them all together in a drawer of a tool box. You really want to protect them from banging into each other. It does them no good at all. I spend a couple of pennies and...

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Part 45: Guitar neck jig, easy and inexpensive.

04-10-2016 11:32 PM by JimDaddyO | 2 comments »

If you work on guitars, or just change your own strings on them, this easy neck cradle will come in handy. View on YouTube

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Part 46: Doc's little docs #5 - Pipe clamps

04-10-2016 11:35 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Increase the versatility of your humble pipe clamps with this quick tip. View on YouTube

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Part 47: An Oscar for my video

04-19-2016 01:55 PM by JimDaddyO | 2 comments »

School budgets are pretty slim. They come out of our tax dollars and I think we all feel the same way about taxes. In one of our local public schools they have a bunch of inexpensive guitars for their music program. They are bought used, or donated, so most are in pretty rough shape. Particularly after a few years of being banged on by a bunch of kids. Here I am shimming a nut on one of them. An Oscar Schmitt that is buzzing from the nut being too low. I do not charge anything for my time,...

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Part 48: Fast shelf mod

04-19-2016 02:03 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Some old footage that I put together. Not a complicated or exciting build, but good practice at editing and I got to use some tools. Which is something I love doing. View on YouTube

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Part 49: Spring is busy

05-06-2016 01:11 AM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

I have not been editing video lately. We have been doing those spring jobs and enjoying being outside. The lawn and the gardens are under way. Slowly things are getting cleaned up from the winter. It was not a harsh winter this year, but it took a while for it to warm up. I do have a bunch of video to take and jobs to do, and I have a bunch of video to edit too. Just have not been up to doing it lately. Well, today the UPS truck rolled up to the door and dropped off my latest redem...

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Part 50: Finally, I got around to some editing

05-15-2016 02:37 AM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Yes, it is true. I have been lax on getting videos edited and put up. I have an ever increasing amount of footage to go through and had to cut that pile down a bit. It gets a bit intimidating at times when you see how many files there are. This job was a bit of a head scratcher. Tracking down a buzz and figuring out how to fix it. The school is pretty happy with the work, so all is OK. No, I am not changing my format to a guitar repair channel. I will leave that to more experience...

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Part 51: Another short video.

05-18-2016 05:35 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

A quick tip to make you life easier now that gardening and planting season is here. I got this one in just over a minute and a half. View on YouTube

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Part 52: For Sara

07-03-2016 09:21 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

It’s been a while. I finally got around to spending a day editing. So here is part one of a simple build that turned out not to be so simple. Actually, the editing and putting together of the video was not that simple either….lol. View on YouTube

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Part 53: For Sara conclusion

07-12-2016 04:29 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

More trials and tribulations finishing up the box I made for my daughter. In the end it all worked out though. I did have a bit of a conflict putting it up. Seems it can not be shown in Germany as there is a copyright issue with the part of the song I used at the end. It is not like I am making any money doing this. My channel is very small with few subscribers as I don’t promote it much. I am not good at the whole social media thing and not much of a promoter. I just do it for...

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Part 54: 2004 Telecaster repair and set up

08-11-2016 02:09 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Every once in a while I get a guitar to work on. I love doing this kind of work. I documented the proceedings to this one and I left a lot of the detail in, so it runs a bit long. I am not a pro, but I do take pride in the work I do. View on YouTube It seems the embedding code may not be working, so you may have to watch it on my YT channel. Thanks for watching.

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Part 55: A couple of very short videos

08-28-2016 02:32 PM by JimDaddyO | 1 comment »

I am taking today to do some editing. Long past due. I figured I would start with a couple of short ones from the Doc’s Little Docs series of quick tips. Not much to say except I hope you enjoy them. Now, back to editing. View on YouTube View on YouTube

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Part 56: Wayne's World Strat

09-02-2016 07:41 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

These sold pretty inexpensively and are a great deal on a good guitar. This one has been modified and refinished and is the #1 guitar of the owner. It just needed a bit of cleaning up and a set up. Of course, I go all OCD on the frets as usual. View on YouTube

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Part 57: 1950's Record #4 Rehab

09-18-2016 01:52 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Well, this turned into a long one. I bought an Record #4 smoothing plane and reconditioned it back into a health as a gift to my son. He is just getting into woodworking after spending some time in my shop with me so I figured I would promote the addiction. Took a long time to edit and a long time to upload. Rural internet speeds here are not very fast….lol. I should have specified that the Dremel has a cotton cone shaped buff on it and not a stone. View on YouTube

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Part 58: Track for a circular saw

09-25-2016 11:37 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

I needed a track saw to cut a slab to make a coffee table. So I made one. This is how I did mine. By using the table saw to cut a dado in the base, the track is as accurate as a table saw. View on YouTube

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Part 59: Makita 2012 thickness planer service

10-17-2016 12:27 AM by JimDaddyO | 8 comments »

Well, the planer was leaving tracks on one part of the blade. Obviously a chip in the knives at that point. So, with the camera rolling, I decided I would give the machine a bit of a clean up. It is a Makita 2012 planer, a little 12” lunchbox planer that I got from my father in law. So, the price was right. It is a bit odd in that the table moves up and down and the motor stays fixed in place. That makes in feed and out feed tables just about impossible. But, it is a good little ...

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Part 60: Starting on the coffee table

10-23-2016 02:40 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Now that I have made the track for the circular saw, and got the planer tuned up, I can actually start building the coffee table that I promised my wife for her birthday back in January. I am taking a bit of a different tack on this series of videos by making them shorter. I think that will make viewing them easier. Most of my build videos I have made longer because I thought I would lose continuity but I think they may be a bit long for viewing. This series I am going to try to keep each...

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Part 61: Coffee table pt. 2

11-02-2016 03:23 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

After lots of editing and cutting and experimenting with my editing software, I finally got part 2 done. Here I am getting the top roughed out some more and slowly bringing it into what I want. Hours and hours of work over several days. It does not seem like it when you watch a video. I have to point out that my power tools are not particularly quiet, I pull the volume back on those sections. I watch a lot of You Tube videos, and edit mine, using headphones, and getting your ears blasted...

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Part 62: Part 3 of the Coffee Table build

11-09-2016 04:43 AM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Continuing on, I get the top ready for glue up and get it put together. Some preliminary work on flattening it and getting it cut to size and shape. By the end the top is pretty close to being done as far as working the wood. View on YouTube

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Part 63: Coffee table Pt 4

11-14-2016 07:45 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Well, a coffee table needs legs right? In this one I make up the slabs for the legs of the coffee table. Lots of cutting and milling and work with the hand plane. In the end I have 2 nice blanks to be used for the legs of the table. I experimented with a new intro and outro and getting some different angles on some shots. I also kept it under 20 minutes. Makes more episodes I suppose. View on YouTube

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Part 64: Cleaning OCD?

11-18-2016 10:51 PM by JimDaddyO | 1 comment »

My shortest video yet. I have been altering the shop. It will be a while before that video comes out. Of course a bit of clean up is due after having everything torn apart and rearranged. Perhaps I have a tiny bit of OCD. View on YouTube

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Part 65: Sally's Coffee Table Pt 5

11-28-2016 01:19 PM by JimDaddyO | 2 comments »

Yes, it is a long series, and going to get longer… In this one we get the feet roughed out and some actual joinery done, mortising the feet and legs together. I get some new saws too. After I see myself working with them I realise I have to improve my body mechanics and form. But I am having fun, and to me, that is the whole point. View on YouTube

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Part 66: 2003 MIM Fender Stratocaster

12-03-2016 01:18 AM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

I have quite the back log of footage. So I figure I will keep mixing it up and putting out different themed videos instead of concentrating on just the coffee table build (where I am sitting right now writing this). I have done a couple of guitars for this guy, so he must be OK with my work. This 2003 Strat was one he bought on Kijiji and sent it over to me to get it working the way he likes them. A bit of wiring, lots of cleaning, and a bunch of adjustments later and the guitar is just a...

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Part 67: Upgrading the shop

12-04-2016 10:40 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

After the coffee table build I took some time to get a bit further along on the shop itself. Doing it a bit at a time is not really the recommended way of doing it, but it is what the budget allows. This is a long term project and I throw a little at a time into it. I never heard of a shop being truly “done” anyway. I didn’t think I had enough footage for a video, but it turns out I had more than enough, so there will be another update in the near future. View on You...

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Part 68: Sally's Coffee Table Pt 6

12-13-2016 09:40 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

In this segment I get the stretchers made and joined to the legs of the coffee table. I am still not accustomed to the new saws and will have to put more effort into my form. Never the less, the half lap dovetails come out OK. Except for one little repair that had to be made along the way. There will be more mistakes in upcoming videos, but they all get dealt with. As I was editing this I noticed I went from shorts and a T shirt to long pants and a pull over. The change in seasons is st...

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Part 69: Sally's Coffee Table Pt 7

12-28-2016 08:45 PM by JimDaddyO | 1 comment »

Another bit done on the coffee table. Well, actually it is done and in use, but in the time line of the build, here we go getting those feet looking a bit nicer. View on YouTube

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Part 70: Hair band's delight

01-03-2017 11:53 PM by JimDaddyO | 2 comments »

A BC Rich guitar came home with me a while ago. Suffering from some neglect it needed some TLC so the owner could once again enjoy something that goes with spandex and big hair…lol. View on YouTube

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Part 71: Sally's Coffee Table Pt 8

01-10-2017 11:12 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

We are slowly getting there folks. I am prepping and starting the finishing process and finding out how bad this ash is for tear out. It has some wild grain and, like ash is apt to be, stringy. Hang in there, things are about to get interesting on upcoming episodes. View on YouTube

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Part 72: Part 9 of Sally's Coffee Table build

01-16-2017 09:56 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Yup, it’s a long series. We are getting things put together now. Making mistakes and correcting them. A few more to go yet, so hang in there and thanks for your patience. View on YouTube

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Part 73: Sally's Coffee Table Part 10

01-26-2017 05:41 PM by JimDaddyO | 2 comments »

I finally get to the end of the wood work and start finishing in this one. It is hard to believe there was so much to it. It was a long and challenging build and despite being very ruthless in cutting things out, there is still a ton of video. View on YouTube

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Part 74: Mr Heater - FAIL!

01-28-2017 10:57 PM by JimDaddyO | 6 comments »

I bought this tank top propane heater for the shop last year. I am barely into my second 20 pound tank of fuel and the ground wire to the heat sensor failed. Poor workmanship here. It has been well taken care of in its short life, but you can’t overcome a poor product. Sometimes you come across a product that makes a “Not Recommended” list in your books. View on YouTube

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Part 75: Sally's Coffee Table Pt 11: Starting the French Polish

02-01-2017 02:11 AM by JimDaddyO | 2 comments »

Starting out with the French Polish method of grain and pore filling. A bit longer but after reviewing the take, I thought it stood on it’s own. So here is the beginning process of French Polishing. View on YouTube

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Part 76: Let's try this again

02-01-2017 04:16 PM by JimDaddyO | 1 comment »

Seems I made an error in my last entry and the video did not show up….Let’s try this again. View on YouTube

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Part 77: Mr. Heater - Follow up

02-04-2017 05:02 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

If you saw the video on my heater failing on me, this is the follow up. I contacted the company and they were very helpful. Still not keen of the engineering of the part, but the company has made it right. View on YouTube

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Part 78: Sally's Coffee Table Pt 12: More French Polishing

02-08-2017 02:01 AM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Going farther than I needed to, but I was experimenting and wanted to show the process. One of my favourite finishes. I think the wax in the shellac caused a few issues. I have only used dewaxed flake shellac before but it is not available locally, so I tried what I could get my hands on. View on YouTube

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Part 79: Mail and Key organiser

02-14-2017 06:13 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Tired of coffee table videos yet? I took a break from editing it and put this one together. Yes, a complete build in one video! My niece needed a key and mail organiser for her new home. View on YouTube

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Part 80: Doc's little docs 9 - Habits

02-15-2017 07:25 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Every once in a while I come up with a little tip or trick. This one is on habits we form over the years. I am guilty of doing some things because that is the way I have always done it. A poor excuse and when I become aware of it I try to take a closer look at some of those habits. View on YouTube

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Part 81: A quick update

02-23-2017 10:45 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

I have been very busy lately. I haven’t had time to do much video editing so I threw this together quickly to get something up on my YT channel for this week. View on YouTube

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Part 82: Sally's Coffee Table Pt 13 Disaster.

02-28-2017 09:08 PM by JimDaddyO | 2 comments »

Things go wrong with the finishing process. I don’t get it figured out on this video, but I keep trying and trying. I go through the finish process, then strip it because I was not happy and start again. View on YouTube

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Part 83: Sally's Coffee Table Pt 14 The pain continues

03-08-2017 02:25 PM by JimDaddyO | 4 comments »

We don’t get far in this episode but we do a lot of work getting there. In reality, I could have left all this footage out and no one would be the wiser. It could have been a completely sterile build on video, with no challenges or mistakes, but that is not real life. View on YouTube

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Part 84: Sally's Coffee Table Pt 15 Finally Done!

03-15-2017 12:06 AM by JimDaddyO | 2 comments »

Well, it has been a long journey and a long series but we finally get down to the end of it. The coffee table is finally done. View on YouTube

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Part 85: 1964 Harmony Rocket

03-21-2017 07:55 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

This one needed a lot of work. Starting with getting the neck into a condition that is playable. It had been covered in a thick layer of epoxy and the frets, while still having a lot of meat, were in rough shape. View on YouTube

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Part 86: 1964 Harmony Rocket pt 2

03-29-2017 01:26 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

We finally get the old girl all cleaned up and rockin’ View on YouTube

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Part 87: Building a tool chest.

04-04-2017 08:32 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

I need to clear a spot in my shop to continue insulating and sheathing the walls. I want to get rid of my tool chest, so I am making a built in unit to replace it. I start with making the sides of the chest. View on YouTube

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Part 88: Tool Chest Pt 2

04-12-2017 11:30 AM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

In this one I get the carcass of the chest finished up and assembled. Turns out bigger than I thought, and that is a good thing. View on YouTube

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Part 89: Tool Chest Pt 3

04-19-2017 02:02 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

We come to the part that I am nervous about. Building drawers intimidate me. I probably over think it. First I make a prototype. Then, once I get that fitting, I use it for a pattern and set up jig for the rest of them. View on YouTube

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Part 90: Spring maintenance

04-26-2017 01:09 AM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

I gotta take a pause on the tool chest build because…well….spring! I wanted to get this out as it is seasonally appropriate. Winter is over and it’s time to get ready for the warmer weather and undo some of the things that go with winter. A whole slew of handy tips and things that will make life just a little easier. I gotta say, this is pretty much my favourite time of the year. View on YouTube

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Part 91: Tool Chest Pt 4

05-03-2017 12:00 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

I finally get the drawers done and installed. Put the faces and handles on them and some finish. I even get some organisers made and start loading it up. View on YouTube

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Part 92: Record vice/vise refurb.

05-10-2017 03:15 AM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

I got a great deal on a vise. Lots of grime and dirt on it, but in good shape. All it needed was a tear down, clean and lube and it should be ready for a life time of service. I didn’t embed the video this time. It’s kind of a hassle.

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Part 93: Another mail/key organiser.

05-17-2017 02:30 AM by JimDaddyO | 2 comments »

My ex-wife saw the one I made for my niece and wanted one too. So I made one for her. A variation on a theme. I found some nice pieces of walnut.

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Part 94: Preparing bone for guitar nut and saddle blanks

05-22-2017 08:15 PM by JimDaddyO | 2 comments »

I checked a whole bunch of how to’s online and the process is not difficult. Just time consuming. Mostly waiting. Now I have a bunch of stock to make saddles and nuts from for guitars.

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Part 95: Shop Update: Interior progress

05-31-2017 02:14 PM by JimDaddyO | 1 comment »

A bit more progress on the continuing adventure of my shop build. It’s going together a bit at a time as I can afford it. As I clear space and organise, it frees up spaces to get the job done, between other projects. View on YouTube

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Part 96: Easy Clamp Rack

06-06-2017 09:43 PM by JimDaddyO | 3 comments »

A short video this week. Continuing to organise the shop, I finally get around to replacing the old clamp rack. Made at little expense from cut offs and left overs it is an easy build that works quite well and can be altered to suit. View on YouTube

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Part 97: A barn full of old hand tools

06-21-2017 12:36 AM by JimDaddyO | 3 comments »

I met this guy a few years ago. He is an older retired gent and he buys and sells old hand tools. It’s his hobby and he likes to get out and go to swap meets and markets and events all over southern Ontario buying and selling tools. I get most of my hand tools from him. He is a great guy and was kind enough to let me do a short video tour of his barn. He had a bunch of stuff packed away in his van in preparation of heading out to a show, but there is a lot left over. He does not d...

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Part 98: My new old draw knife

07-04-2017 06:18 PM by JimDaddyO | 2 comments »

Well, it has been a couple of weeks since I have posted anything. It’s summer and I am enjoying the outdoors and also naps….lol. No time to be editing video. I bought a draw knife at the barn full of old tools, so I spent a couple of hours cleaning it up and sharpening it. It seems like it will be very handy. I have never used one before, but I have seen them being used a lot and they look like just the ticket for certain jobs. View on YouTube

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Part 99: 2013 American Special Stratocaster

07-13-2017 06:12 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Just a beautiful guitar. In for a set up after purchase. The typical routine, polish frets, clean it up and do a set up. View on YouTube

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Part 100: Monster Computer Base pt 1....a slow start

08-07-2017 08:12 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

I have been away from editing video for a while. Been busy with other things. Today was rainy, so I started another series on a base for a computer tower for my niece’s boyfriend. Problems occur with bad materials, but I guess it was good practice. Next time, we start over. View on YouTube

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Part 101: Monster Computer Base Pt 2

08-16-2017 12:51 AM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Well, with a new sheet of (not Chinese) plywood, I get serious about getting this thing together. Nothing like taking a simple box and making it complicated. Everything fit well and square and the glue up was relatively uneventful. Next time, we start the finish. View on YouTube

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Part 102: Part 3, Monster computer base done.

08-22-2017 05:01 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

I get around to the finishing process in this one. I also got it delivered and my niece’s boyfriend was kind enough to send me some photos of it all getting put together. View on YouTube

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Part 103: Photo frame

08-30-2017 02:16 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Perhaps the longest title of any video I have made. It started out as a simple build, but, as is my habit, I complicate it a bit. There is also joinery that I was not completely satisfied with, although it did come out OK for my first attempt at a half lap mitre,so I did a “fix” to it. Sometimes accidents are a benefit. Lots of hand work, which I love doing, but sometimes the machines just have to come out. View on YouTube

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Part 104: Deck build Pt 1

09-19-2017 05:42 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

I posted the video of the mobile home skirting on my You Tube channel but did not put it here at Lumberjocks as I didn’t think it was very relevant to wood working. But I did the skirting because I (well, the wife actually) wanted to build a small deck. Much easier to put the skirting on first, so that determined the order of operations. I missed taking a lot of footage but this is a very condensed version of the build. There will be at least another part, maybe 2. It was a big lon...

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Part 105: Deck build pt 2, done for this year.

09-29-2017 11:22 PM by JimDaddyO | 2 comments »

The completion of what I am doing this year with the deck/landing. I ended up putting in more patio stones than I had expected to. I think putting them in is a job for someone younger and more fit than I am, it wore me out….lol. More of a vlog style. There was a lot of work went into it and it took a long long time, so that is my excuse for lack of content over the past while. View on YouTube

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Part 106: No Lathe Chisel Handles

10-06-2017 01:17 AM by JimDaddyO | 2 comments »

My first time ever using a draw knife. These are the first chisels I ever bought and the handles have given up on them. I don’t have a lathe, so you work with what you have and learn and have fun at the same time. My son has recently shown an interest in woodworking so these will be his first set of chisels. View on YouTube

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Part 107: Update for October 2017

10-23-2017 08:18 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

I try to put out a video a week, but things have been really busy lately. Too busy to edit video or even fire up the camera. So, since it has been a while, I decided to just do an update on things going on around the home and shop and what could possibly be coming in the future. Thanks for the patience. View on YouTube

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Part 108: Pencil box in walnut and maple

11-02-2017 09:07 PM by JimDaddyO | 5 comments »

A rainy day today and finally some time to edit video. This is a small pencil box I made for my daughter in law who is going back to school to learn how to help people. My first grand child was born to her 6 months ago and I wanted to make her something that was a bit more common in my time, yet still practical now. View on YouTube

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Part 109: November update - Ramblin'

11-10-2017 06:56 PM by JimDaddyO | 5 comments »

I have been slow to put out content on my You Tube channel lately. A trend that will continue for a while as other things have come up. A short video to explain: View on YouTube

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Part 110: Bosch 1250 DEVS sander: Real time test

11-30-2017 09:00 PM by JimDaddyO | 2 comments »

This week I am checking out the Bosch 1250 DEVS sander/polisher. I am calling it the sander for people who don’t like sanding. The 6” pad covers significantly more area than your average 5” ROS, and the aggressive mode makes short work of rough surfaces. I don’t have the wiring in my shop done, so I couldn’t hook it up to a shop vac to see how the dust collection works. It would be nice if it had a bag for those situations. View on YouTube

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Part 111: Something Roubo-esque

12-06-2017 08:14 PM by JimDaddyO | 6 comments »

Got the first step done today. Don’t let someone tell you that you can’t free hand mill a log with a chain saw. You just have to be a bit nuts to try it. Of course, the nail in the wood didn’t help much. I now have 2 slabs of ash, over 4” thick, about a foot wide inside the bark at the narrowest point and about 7’ 4” long. I hope to get 2 3×11 by 6’ long slabs for the top of the work bench. Something that I am getting video of and it wi...

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Part 112: A simple shelf (hand tool only build)

12-12-2017 01:08 PM by JimDaddyO | 1 comment »

Well, I uploaded this one a couple of days ago but with the new algorithms on You Tube I put it as private first. They are all getting tagged as unsuitable for advertisers and then you have to request a manual review, when it passes, then make it public. More hoops to jump through. With the few dollars on You Tube I make I can’t afford to miss those first few days that it generates, and even that is not much. I probably don’t get a cup of coffee per video…lol. This on...

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Part 113: Something Roubo-esque Pt 1 It's a long video

12-18-2017 09:41 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

They are taking down some dead and dangerous trees around our place. If you have been following you will know that I have plenty of firewood. I decided to take a section on one tree and mill it up into slabs, freehand, with a chain saw. Not a job for the faint of heart. Then I proceed to “take the ugly” out of it with a router and sled. I am calling this Part One of “Something Roubo-esque” as I am hoping it is the start of my workbench build. Parts of this series...

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Part 114: Junk Store Score

01-14-2018 12:27 AM by JimDaddyO | 4 comments »

We went to one of our favourite junk stores and got looking around. I spied a whole box of various stuff and after seeing the price I couldn’t resist. I found some cool items and some items I don’t know what they are. Any information or suggestion is welcome. View on YouTube

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Part 115: Ramblin' and walking around the shop

01-21-2018 01:02 PM by JimDaddyO | 2 comments »

Winter has been, well, wintery this year. Not much time in the shop. We had a nice day where I didn’t have to move snow and I took the time to walk around and mutter with the camera on. View on YouTube

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Part 116: Modding pipe clamps with built in cauls.

02-11-2018 02:42 AM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

When doing glue ups, it’s always hard to manipulate the clamp, plus the cauls, plus keep everything aligned. This helps with that if you work in a shop alone. I made them a bit wider too so it helps the clamp with stability when on a bench too. An easy project from pieces I had around the shop. View on YouTube

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Part 117: Hanging an axe head

02-25-2018 02:43 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Good axe handles are getting harder to find. I don’t think it is a shortage of wood or anything like that. I think the manufacturers are just caring less, and most of them are newer companies. I have had my little Swedish axe for a long time and the handle finally gave out. This is how I got a handy tool back into service. View on YouTube

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Part 118: Easy to make sanding sticks

03-08-2018 03:01 AM by JimDaddyO | 4 comments »

The project I am working on would be easier with some sanding sticks, so I made some. It’s quick and easy. You can use any grit you want, or mix them, and the wood can be anything handy. You can even rip them from 2 x stock or just about anything else. I happened to find something at the dollar store that fit the bill. View on YouTube

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Part 119: Bent lamination guitar stand in Walnut and Ash

03-24-2018 01:42 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

You just have to keep trying new things. I thought I would try making a bent lamination for the first time, and, since my son in law plays guitar, a guitar stand seems to be a logical place to try. Here in part one, I prep the stock and get the bent lamination done up. It was a fairly straight forward process. I was expecting some spring back when I took it out of the clamps, but that assumption was incorrect as it held shape great. I am also trying out some new things with my videos. S...

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Part 120: Bent lamination guitar stand in Walnut and Ash Pt 2

03-29-2018 10:46 PM by JimDaddyO | 4 comments »

Starting to tackle the base of the guitar stand. The piece of walnut came from the firewood pile. This is a recurring role for this piece as it is the one I used in the video checking out the 6” Bosch 1250 DEVS sander. But since you’re subscribed, you know that, right? View on YouTube

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Part 121: Bent lamination guitar stand in Walnut and Ash Pt 3

04-07-2018 02:56 AM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Well, I got it all done. A little longer video, but I wanted to get to the end of it with this one while I was editing. Man, you wouldn’t believe the hours of footage NOT shown….lol. Anyway, the build was a fun one and I tried a couple of things I have never done before. My son in law likes his present and has his guitar on it now. Of course, mine got first ride because I had to video it in action. All in all, I like how it came out. Pretty close to what I had in my head, w...

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Part 122: Making a new strop.

04-18-2018 01:20 PM by JimDaddyO | 2 comments »

I have one. But it was just thrown together from scraps to test it out. Naturally it worked well, no surprise there, I now strop more than I “sharpen”. The problem with the original one is that it is too narrow for all my plane blades. So now that I am convinced of its usefulness, it’s time to build a proper one. I gave a bit of thought on a design that would be versatile for me and then made it. The first attempt was thwarted by bugs though, so I had to start over aga...

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Part 123: A Cute Sander Jig

05-11-2018 09:17 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

I have been meaning to make this for quite a while now. I saw a video from Chris Cute that reminded me to get it done. I have use for it coming up and it ought to come in handy. I had fun putting this together. Not much measuring involved and made from left overs. I just found what fit and put it together. The plan has been in my head for a while. I wanted something that was sturdy, yet easy to remove the sander from it. The ability to clamp it to the bench was thought of as I built ...

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Part 124: Roubo build Part 1A

05-20-2018 07:48 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

This is a re edit of a video I did last year. The original was over 45 minutes long and I wasn’t happy with it at all. This one is only about 10 minutes and covers milling the slabs out of the tree with the chain saw…...freehand. View on YouTube

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Part 125: Roubo build Part 1B

06-04-2018 11:10 PM by JimDaddyO | 1 comment »

The second part of a video I re edited and shortened for easier viewing. The first one, and the original long version are still on my channel. Here I do some of the rough milling on the ash slabs for my Roubo bench top. View on YouTube

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Part 126: Fixing up my wind chimes.

06-13-2018 12:27 AM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

A couple of years ago my favourite set of wind chimes bit the dust. I grabbed some pressure treated fence boards I re claimed and with that, a bit of good string, a few knots and time I brought them back in a video titled “The one where I show my Ding Dong”....that’s not too much into click bait territory is it? View on YouTube

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Part 127: A vise and a vice

06-24-2018 07:04 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Doing some fixing and getting my fix. The video pretty much says it all. View on YouTube

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Part 128: Roubo build Part 2

06-28-2018 01:09 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Just a light work out flattening slabs. Light, yeah right. I earned my keep doing this and so did my little machines. There was enough work just cleaning up after. View on YouTube

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Part 129: Work on the shop

07-09-2018 04:46 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

I didn’t want to start on this job, but I wanted it done. The prep work and tearing apart the shop to do work on it is always a bit of a pain. Shops are never really “done” though, so continuing on with a slow but steady stream of upgrades I finally get that last 12’ of wall in the shop done. Now it is fully insulated and sheathed on the inside. Next will be putting it all back together. Someday I hope to get the proper electrical out there. Doing it in stages an...

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Part 130: Work on the shop finished.

07-16-2018 08:15 PM by JimDaddyO | 3 comments »

Picking up where we left off last time. I build a torsion top to replace the old table and make some improvements to the function of the mitre saw. It also gives me a place for some future drawers. Then I get everything put back in place and the shop functional again. View on YouTube

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Part 131: Roubo build part 3

07-25-2018 10:35 PM by JimDaddyO | 2 comments »

Facing the consequences of inexperience with working with slabs this big and a bit of carelessness I carry on and get the slabs ready to join them edge to edge. I decided by the end of it that since I have no real “plan” other than a picture in my head I will push on through and fix things a bit later. Long hot work but they finally get to the point where I can start joining the slabs in the next video. View on YouTube

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Part 132: Roubo build Part 4

08-02-2018 11:30 PM by JimDaddyO | 1 comment »

Finally! The slabs come together as one unit. My first try at a draw bore loose tenon joint. It was an interesting experience with a lot of groaning from the tight fitting tenons. I could not tell this part of the story in 8 to 12 minutes. It had to go just over a half hour, but I think the story is worth telling. View on YouTube

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Part 133: Roubo build part 5

08-15-2018 11:27 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Reaching and recognising my skill limitations with hand tools, I resort to the tried and true. You have to know how to pick your battles sometimes. I thought I was beat, turns out I just needed a break to rethink the situation. Not everything turns out as hoped, but success is where you take it. View on YouTube

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Part 134: The OTHER saw bench.

08-17-2018 07:11 PM by JimDaddyO | 2 comments »

I got a question on my second saw bench. The first one I built was the one from Billy’s Little Bench and I have used it on just about every project I have done after that. I have used it for other things too. The second one I built is of my own design to help out with some of my physical short comings. That, and it is always nice to have a second one for working long stock. Some folks just use some sort of prop at the other end of long stock, but this one serves in other areas too....

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Part 135: Roubo build Pt 6

09-02-2018 03:23 AM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

There really is a lot of work gets done in the 12 minutes this video runs. Not a lot to show for it but a nice, fairly square slab top for the Roubo bench. A bit of a treat at the end to show what is in the future of this build. Naturally while this work goes on there is also a heat wave with high humidity going on. That makes it short days in the shop, as soon as the sweat starts pooling in my glasses I can’t see and I call it a day….lol. View on YouTube

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Part 136: Roubo build part 7

09-22-2018 02:44 AM by JimDaddyO | 2 comments »

Although I am spending all my time renovating the bathroom, I still have footage to edit of the Roubo bench build. This short one is getting the top built up to a thicker dimension because, well, that’s what I want. A bit of work and a lot of clamps. I really need more clamps, and better ones too. What a strange thing for a woodworker to say….lol. View on YouTube

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Part 137: Bathroom reno Part 7...Tubby Time!

10-12-2018 12:33 AM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

I got the shower all trimmed out and the plumbing completed! Yet another step done in getting the bathroom done. A bit of fiddling about getting everything cut to size, but in the end it all comes together. I am loving the cedar, and I pass on a couple of tips in the process. View on YouTube

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Part 138: New video, with some news!

10-19-2018 01:48 AM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

A shop update, cutting some firewood, some news about my channel and a couple of other interesting things. View on YouTube

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Part 139: Roubo build part 8

10-26-2018 11:29 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Catching up on some editing of footage a month or so old. The bathroom project is still taking up my time but I have editing of the Roubo build yet. Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button, I am getting really close to my 1000 subscriber give away and you have to be a subscriber to win the walnut pencil box with spalted maple top. View on YouTube

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Part 140: Fixing a snow blower.

11-03-2018 03:18 AM by JimDaddyO | 1 comment »

Not wood working, but they can make the path to the shop a bit easier. I went with a friend to pick up his Father In Laws snow blower that has been sitting for 2 years. Not using things sometimes leads to problems. So I took a day and fixed it up for him. A change of pace from the usual in my shop. View on YouTube

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Part 141: Roubo bench build part 9

11-24-2018 06:50 AM by JimDaddyO | 2 comments »

A huge amount of work gets done in this one. It’s worth it though. This is how I made the legs for the Roubo bench. It also brings everything on the build up to date. I am finally caught up with editing video on it. Not sure when the next bit of work will get done. Other projects and the weather will be in control of that. Still working on the bathroom reno! View on YouTube

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Part 142: Excalibur...The guitar, not the tools

12-09-2018 06:29 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

I have released a couple of videos since my last blog posting. I did my first live YT cast also since then, giving away a box I made to celebrate my 1000 subscriber milestone. Another thing I haven’t done also is release a guitar set up video. I guess I am crossing a bunch of things off my list by releasing this video. View on YouTube

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Part 143: A table for the TV

12-22-2018 03:35 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

My neighbour asked me if I could build a table for her TV to sit on. Originally, she wanted it painted, I talked her out of that after I milled up the stock for the legs. A lot of work using re claimed and left over wood but it turned out pretty decent in the end. I made this one a longer format as the holidays are upon us and I thought something to settle in and watch would be the way to go. This may depend on how well you get along with the rest of the family and how much alcohol is con...

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Part 144: 2015 USA Pro Strat transformation

01-06-2019 02:32 AM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

The last project of 2018. Doing a bunch of changes to a nice Strat. Making a nice guitar a beautiful guitar. Happy New Year everyone! Thanks for looking in on my videos. Every view counts. View on YouTube

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Part 145: The bathroom Reno...Getting started on the vanity build

01-10-2019 11:07 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

I am finally getting a chance to get more up to date on things. In this video I start building a vanity for the bathroom we are renovating. Made from mostly solid cedar to go with everything else we have done so far. I go through the process of getting the basic cabinet fitted together. View on YouTube

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Part 146: The bathroom reno...Building the vanity part 2

01-21-2019 01:30 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

A longer format, which I prefer doing. This one completes the vanity to a functional state. Not yet completed, but with colder weather closing in there will be less time in the shop. I am passing along some information that I have gleaned over time too. View on YouTube

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Part 147: Cleaning and tuning a contractors style table saw

02-02-2019 02:09 AM by JimDaddyO | 1 comment »

I helped one of my neighbours pick up a table saw from his In laws. It was in need of cleaning and tuning up, so I did it for him and ran the camera while doing it. I explain what I am doing as I go through the machine and bring it from trashy to treasure. View on YouTube

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Part 148: Snow thrower auger belt change

02-08-2019 06:53 PM by JimDaddyO | 3 comments »

Ahh yes, winter. Not like they used to be, but we still get enough snow that an old fart like me has to keep a snow thrower around. With anything mechanical, of course, there will be fixing to do. After burning out the belt doing some heavy wet snow I decided I would show how it is changed. Sometimes it’s a pain in the butt. This is two fixes after two attempts at using it. I am hoping that’s it for the year as far as fixing goes. View on YouTube

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Part 149: Something different to work on

02-17-2019 10:58 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

I don’t often get a bass guitar in the shop to work on. This one is a Squier Jaguar bass, made in Indonesia and it has a short scale. The owner is a guitar player but keeps this at home to mess about with. I have worked on several of his instruments and he wanted me to give this one a going over. It isn’t that old and in good shape, but it was out a bit in certain areas so I got it adjusted to spec and tested it out. I am barely a guitar player and the bass is totally foreign...

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Part 150: Skew rabbet plane rehab

02-24-2019 02:46 AM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

This was a neat little project. Well, except the part where it bit me and made me bleed. Totally my fault with lack of experience with the tool. But I have it now and it is working, so now I can get some practise in. Of course, it was my favourite price. I didn’t expect anything, but sometimes helping a neighbour pays off in ways. As always with my videos, there is a tip or two in there. View on YouTube

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Part 151: A Fender acoustic with nut issues.

03-09-2019 04:09 AM by JimDaddyO | 1 comment »

This guitar came to me and it was not nice to play. I went through the routine of setting it up and correcting the relief in the neck exposed why. Someone thought that to correct one problem they put another thing out of spec. Not a good idea. Setting it up properly and fixing the actual issues makes it nice to play now. View on YouTube

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Part 152: A Telecoustic with problems

03-16-2019 06:17 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

It’s not a Telecaster. It’s not an acoustic. It’s some weird hybrid that doesn’t really fill the shoes of either. Regardless, someone likes it but not the way it plays, and no wonder. With a neck shaped like a banana and really high action that make it hard to play it needs some attention and TLC. A big adjustment on the truss rod and shaving down the saddle seemed to do the trick nicely. Naturally, I give it some cleaning and maintenance in the process like I al...

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Part 153: Yearly maintenance and adjusting.

03-22-2019 08:04 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Like most things you own, guitars need some looking at on a regular basis to keep them performing at their optimal level. This is a Wayne’s World Strat that has been in before in for a check up and adjusting. Once a year is a good way to keep them performing and in good shape. They are made of wood, and wood moves with the seasons. They also see pretty big swings in temperature and humidity if they are being taken out of the house and travelling around to gigs, practise and get toge...

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Part 154: Roubo bench Part 10...Legs and top joinery

03-30-2019 03:15 PM by JimDaddyO | 2 comments »

Perhaps the toughest, most challenging joint I have ever cut. But, that’s why I did it. For the challenge. It took me a long time to do it too. Working less than an hour at a time in an unheated shop in the winter. But I finally get all 4 done up and the legs in place. They are far from perfect, but they will be functional and with wedging they will look OK. Heck, even Schwarz wedges these joints on his, and he’s has a lot of experience at it. Next will be the stretchers...

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Part 155: Part 11 of the Roubo bench build

04-14-2019 11:24 PM by JimDaddyO | 1 comment »

I tackle the short stretcher in this on. A lot of work but they came out very nice. It may be called soft maple, but it is not at all soft. Spring being here brings some other chores, so wood work and shop time has slowed down. Although I can’t see how it is slower than the winter was. Maybe I’m just slow…lol. Anyway, I really enjoyed this process and the results from it. View on YouTube

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Part 156: A saddle of bone for an acoustic guitar.

04-20-2019 02:15 AM by JimDaddyO | 2 comments »

My first time trying this job. It is very involved. I made the blanks quite a while ago and have that video up on my channel. I get the blank roughed out and fitted, stumble a bit, and carry on. Interesting medium to work with and very traditional for the job. The saddle will probably be worth more than the whole guitar, but I think that’s just what you want for a first try at something. Having some fun with this one! View on YouTube

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Part 157: Guitar intonation theory

04-29-2019 01:23 AM by JimDaddyO | 1 comment »

Nope, not making anything this time. Except maybe making your head spin. Guitar intonation can be figured out using maths. It just takes a little bit of thought and logic, and the pieces will finally fall into place. The maths are not difficult when it comes right down to it. A bit of division and multiplication, no algebra, trigonometry, or calculus needed. I try to simplify just how guitars work in this video. A bit of a rabbit hole, but it’s one I enjoyed going down. View on...

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Part 158: Roubo bench part 12...Veering away from tradition with the long stretchers

05-10-2019 12:14 PM by JimDaddyO | 1 comment »

Back to the bench build. This time I am putting the long stretchers on the base. I am also taking the path less travelled and making the bench my own by doing the joinery a bit different. I wanted to continue on with making the bench my own creation, while still respecting the overall form and function. View on YouTube

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Part 159: The Roubo bench's vise chop

05-28-2019 01:21 AM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Busy times around here. Not much time making or editing though. It always seems that spring brings more things to do than time to do them in. I did finally get around to edit one though. I go through the process of figuring out and making the chop for the vise. Not quite a complete vise yet but I didn’t want to drag the video out too long. It is complete and that will be featured in the next one. Naturally, I go through some detail in the build. A friend has called me the “...

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Part 160: What's in the box?

06-02-2019 01:28 AM by JimDaddyO | 1 comment »

Canada Post delivered an order for me. Sometimes I get to spoil myself. Come along as I open my box of goodies. I promise it’s full of neat things and it doesn’t take long either. View on YouTube

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Part 161: Roubo vise completed

06-06-2019 04:07 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

I built and installed the anti-racking device for the vise. I went kind of old school on it. It was easier than I thought. A couple of mortises, some holes and away we go. Now that the vise is functional it will soon be time to get into the final details of getting it all glued up and completed.

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Part 162: Finishing an acoustic guitar bone saddle.

06-13-2019 09:37 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Getting the carving done to intone a saddle on an acoustic guitar. This is a part 2 of a series, but there was also a video on Guitar intonation theory in between that I used this guitar for. There was also an older video on preparing raw bone for this purpose last year. Bone is a pretty neat medium to work with. A little different than wood, perhaps a little easier because there is no “grain” as such to take into account. View on YouTube

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Part 163: Putting the Roubo bench together. With glue this time.

06-21-2019 11:41 AM by JimDaddyO | 3 comments »

Finally! Assembly time. Let’s get this thing glued up and somewhat functional. It’s getting close to the end of this series and it’s been a long one. It’s been over a year and a half since I cut up that log with the chainsaw into the top for this thing. There is some finishing going too. A few minor jobs to do yet and it will be a complete and functional work bench. Thanks for hanging in there throughout the process! View on YouTube

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Part 164: Fixing user errors.

06-29-2019 12:17 AM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

This guitar has been here before. The owner decided he would try to “adjust” things without the proper knowledge, which is easily gleaned, so here it is again. I go over pretty much everything that is needed on a guitar set up, step by step. Yes, you can work on your own guitar. For some people though, they shouldn’t. You do need some aptitude and knowledge. View on YouTube

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Part 165: The final Roubo video

07-07-2019 12:22 AM by JimDaddyO | 3 comments »

Putting the final touches on the Roubo bench and getting it all buttoned up. Wow, what a journey and a learning experience. I love my new bench. There will be some accessories to make for it in the future, but for right now, it is a fully functional Roubo. It came out very close to the original picture I had in my head. That was my plan, and I just kept making parts to suit that idea. View on YouTube

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Part 166: Making a hammer handle

07-13-2019 11:22 PM by JimDaddyO | 1 comment »

I found a small hammer head in a box of stuff I got at a second hand store. It’s about time to make a handle for it. I could use a small hammer and seeing that it’s more for gentle tapping than heavy whacking I don’t have to be too particular on the wood species. I found an off cut of cherry that fits the bill nicely, and who doesn’t enjoy working with cherry? View on YouTube

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Part 167: A guitar in for it's yearly check up

07-27-2019 08:10 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Once a year, smart owners get their guitars checked up for yearly maintenance. Either they do it themselves, or bring it to a tech to do it. That way everything gets checked over and adjusted for seasonal changes and any problems can be spotted early and dealt with while it’s easy. Kind of like getting the regular maintenance on your car, only cheaper. View on YouTube

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Part 168: 1910 Disston rip saw

08-09-2019 02:35 PM by JimDaddyO | 10 comments »

Sometimes you just get lucky. I found this one at a yard sale and was unsure of it’s date of manufacture, but I find out over the course of bringing it back to usable condition. This beauty was in pretty good shape for its age and now it can get back to doing what it was meant to do for another long while. View on YouTube

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Part 169: Mobile Home Skirting My Way

08-24-2019 01:38 PM by JimDaddyO | 1 comment »

I have not been releasing a lot of videos lately. I’ve been too busy. A huge job overview and how I did it, and the reasons why. I hope the information comes in handy for someone. Small homes are becoming more popular. I have lived here for 17 years and we have made improvements on a continuing basis. Just like you would on a traditional home. View on YouTube

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Part 170: Some drawers for the vanity.

09-08-2019 12:50 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

One of those projects that got put to the side while other things were going on. The bathroom renovation I started last year is still not complete, but every now and then I get a bit of time to do a bit more on it. Earlier this summer I found a few days to get the drawers done for the vanity build. I milled up the wood from maple for the sides, used plywood for the bottom, and of course, used cedar for the fronts to go with the cedar cabinet. I also cut the centre panel from the same boar...

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Part 171: Simon and Patrick folk guitar set up and adjustment.

09-22-2019 06:37 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Simon and Patrick guitars hold their own against other guitars costing twice as much. This one belongs to a person just starting out and learning. It needed some minor tweaks so it’s easy to play and does not discourage someone at the beginning of a hobby that is quite satisfying. View on YouTube

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Part 172: Another small project in the bathroom reno.

10-05-2019 01:34 AM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Every now and then I find a bit of time to do some more work on the bathroom renovation. Yeah, the one I started last year. The room functions perfectly well, but needs some detail work to finish it off. This time I tackle the small task of building a new frame for the mirror. It came out nice and now matches the rest of the cedar I have been using. I also changed the orientation on the wall so it suits it better. Of course, there being a foot of difference in height between me and my w...

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Part 173: Window replacement

10-19-2019 08:03 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

This is the second big job I had scheduled on the house this year. Please note, I am in no way involved in what has to be done around the house. I am not the boss…lol. I got the skirting done and now it’s time to move on to replacing 4 of the windows. These horrible excuses for windows are not sealed units, in no way insulate, and are a constant source of condensation. Time to upgrade. Not only that, as is typical in mobile homes, the windows reach down way too close to the ...

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Part 174: Windows Part 2: Getting the exterior done

10-27-2019 01:05 AM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Just a quick video this week. I show how I get the outside of my window installation looking like it’s always been that way. Plus a small repair due to the terrible old windows. I get the trim put up so it matches the rest of the house on the outdoors too and did it very easily and cheaply. I don’t know what is going on with Lumberjocks not letting me embed my vidoes and more, but here is the link to the video.

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Part 175: Windows Part 3: Interior Trim

11-03-2019 01:49 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Wrapping up this window install project. This is the first time I tried this way of trimming. Luckily, I had some nice thick boards I could mill up and use. I am pretty pleased with the results. There is more work to do in the future, when isn’t there when you own a home? But this one at least puts the window install to rest.

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Part 176: OOPs, fixing my own mistake

11-14-2019 11:05 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Every once in a while a person is allowed an error or two. What to do? Well, you own up to it, realize it’s all part of being human, and fix it. That’s what I had to do while working on a Taylor GS Mini guitar. I only checked the string action on one side and assumed the whole thing was out. Wrong. So I had to go back and give the guitar a nice upgrade to the saddle using bone. I guess it was my mistake to own and make right, so I did.

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Part 177: BORING! or Fixing up auger bits.

11-30-2019 11:53 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

I got a cool tool and that sent me down the rabbit hole of cleaning, sharpening and getting my auger bits sorted and organised. Finally I won’t have to search for the one I need and hope it works. It will be handy and sharp.

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Part 178: Finishing the vanity build....finally

12-14-2019 08:42 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Yup, had a lot of jobs to do that interupted my vanity build project. I finally go around to finishing it. It only needed the doors built and put on, but it took a long time to get going at it with everything else that needed doing around here over the summer. Not everything went as originally planned, and the hinges were not what I had in mind, but it got done and we are pretty happy with the results.

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Part 179: Finishing up the Bathroom Reno

12-28-2019 02:01 AM by JimDaddyO | 1 comment »

Just a bit of trim and door casing to go. I had some fun and milled it all up over a few days, plus the finishing process. I kept it easy with just some water based poly. On to installing it and getting the bathroom renovation pretty much wrapped up. It took over a year in all, but there were other things that needed doing that took priority. We are enjoying it now.

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Part 180: Tying up all the loose ends

01-11-2020 08:10 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

The window install is complete at long last. A bunch of finishing work to do including installing wainscott, painting, trim work, electrical, and even moving around some furniture. Keeping the job simple does not mean sloppy or much savings in time. Work takes the time it takes, so, might as well enjoy getting it all done the way you want it.

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Part 181: 2020 Shop tour

01-31-2020 11:14 PM by JimDaddyO | 1 comment »

I have not been spending much time in the shop lately. I have a few projects on the go, only one of which is being shot on video. I have noticed a bunch of my content creator friends have been starting the year off with shop tour videos so I decided to jump on the bandwagon and do one myself. This is it, warts and all, in mid project(s), and with some stuff not put away.

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Part 182: New lights.

02-17-2020 12:05 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

After my last video where I complained about the price of LED lighting in Canada for the shop, I decided I ought to let my fingers do the walking and got on Amazon to do some research. What I found was some pretty reasonable prices, and with Prime, free shipping. I selected and ordered a set of 10 lights, 2200 lumen and 6000K colour for only $85 Canadian. That’s $8.50 per unit. Well worth the chance at an upgrade. Here I unbox them and give them a bit of a going over. l wanted to k...

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Part 183: Inexpensive LED lights installed in the shop

02-29-2020 02:44 AM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

If you saw my last video, you saw the new LED lights I bought on Amazon. Well, I finally got them put up and I like them a lot. Instant light with more even light in the shop. Oh, I got a hair cut in there too…lol. It was a pretty easy conversion and a cheap upgrade to the shop lighting.

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Part 184: Super easy build

03-17-2020 10:41 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

What strange times we are living in. With the medical community urging us to practice social isolation I figured it would be prudent to follow their advice. Not that we go out much anyway. We are homebodies. We do have one young fella that comes around every week with our flyers containing what’s on sale. Since he is out a lot and around a lot of people I thought it would be best to build a small box for him to deliver it to instead of our regular little chat each week. It’s...

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Part 185: April 6 update

04-06-2020 06:44 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

I haven’t posted for a bit. Made a couple of videos that were not exactly wood working related. You can view them on my channel easily enough if you’re interested. Today I shot, edited and uploaded an update video on some of the things going on and I also answered a viewer question. A peek into the future too.

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Part 186: My homemade table saw fence

04-09-2020 09:15 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

I had a viewer ask me about how I built my fence for my table saw. Instead of trying to explain everthing in writing, I thought it would be much easier to show the details in a video. This fence has been rock solid for over 12 years, never going out of square and performing like a champ.

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Part 187: Starting a new build

04-25-2020 03:05 AM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Last winter I started a new build. It’s still not done yet, but I am starting to put out the videos on it. I am doing a larger series on this one, breaking it into several digestible parts so I can include lots of detail. My aim is to make any woodworker able to build this project by watching the videos. I also mention optional ways of doing things when I can. It is a 3 drawer root vegetable storage unit. But I am making it pretty fancy. It’s going into a home that is a bit...

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Part 188: Fancy root veggie bin part 2

05-08-2020 06:20 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Getting the side panels finished up. Also giving suggestions on alternative things you may want to do as I go along. Yup, it’s fancier than need be for its intended purpose, but hey, why not? I’m enjoying the process.

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Part 189: Fancy root veggie bin part 3

05-23-2020 12:57 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Oh my! A lot of work to get very little done. Mistakes are made and not for the last time. Oh well, we work our way through them. This series contains measurements and descriptions and suggestions of alternate methods so you can build this thing yourself. It is a pretty long and detailed series, but I hope I am editing enough to make it entertaining. I think every woodworker will have experienced some errors in their work. I wanted to convey the same situation and not have this series ...

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Part 190: I got a box

06-06-2020 12:31 AM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

A very short video this time out. I take delivery of a few goods to finish the root veggie bin I am building. For the most part though, the weather is great and I am partaking of some serious relaxation time. I wasn’t even going to do a video until the mail came in today, even though I have plenty on hand to edit.

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Part 191: Fancy root veggie bin part 4

06-10-2020 11:36 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Another sub assembly gets done. Another step closer. Hand cutting the mortice and tenons takes a bit of time, but it’s a process I enjoy. The joinery can be done in many different was. Use what you prefer.

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Part 192: Part 5 of the potato bin build

06-28-2020 12:51 AM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

I have not had a lot of time for editing. The project has been done and delivered for a while now, it’s just finding the time to get the videos out. This one goes through milling up a few parts and getting the main carcass put together. There are a few tips on keeping things square and easing the glue up. Sit back and enjoy!

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Part 193: Fancy root veggie bin part 5

07-19-2020 03:12 AM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Well, it’s been a while, but I finally got up to publishing a video. In this one I put a nice skirting trim on the bottom of the potato bin. From milling up rough stock to a bit of detail work, mitering the corners and getting some preliminary finish work done. The basic carcass is now complete on the exterior and ready to have the interior work done.

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Part 194: Fancy root veggie bin part 7...Wanna see my drawers?

07-31-2020 08:46 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

I always find drawers challenging. I don’t know what it is. Lack of experience? Overthinking perhaps? After all, they’re just boxes right? Well, boxes that have to fit within the confines of a prescribed space. Maybe that’s it. I take the last of my sheet goods and get 3 of them knocked out. Not a typical drawer as it needs an open front and venting to live in a veggie bin. That ups the parts count and puts a bit more challenge in assembly. Sure, I make a couple of...

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Part 195: Fancy root veggie bin 8 - fitting the drawers.

08-14-2020 06:53 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Time to see how they fit in the cabinet. A bit of fussing about to get them all in the places they need to be. I always run into something with drawers and it’s different every time. A few minor adjustments and we are good to go. There will be a bit more adjusting when I complete the fronts of the drawers and install them, but you’ll have to wait until next time to see how that all plays out.

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Part 196: This changes everything.

08-28-2020 04:15 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Starting a new chapter with a new adventure. The video is pretty self explanitory.

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Part 197: Fancy root veggie bin 9 - The Top

09-26-2020 05:07 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Bits and pieces, scraps, shorts and cutoffs. I guess it could also be a cutting board video, or, what’s that fancy word? Charcuterie board? A rose by any other name….... Yes, it’s fancy for a potato bin, but hey, that’s right in the title. Seeing as it’s going into a million dollar + home and will be right out in the open, it has to fit in with all the other high end features. Anyway, this is how I did it over the course of a week or so. I don’...

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Part 198: The last tour of THIS shop

10-12-2020 02:37 AM by JimDaddyO | 2 comments »

Yup, just about all packed up and ready for the big move. It looks like a bomb went off in my shop. Here is an update video on where things are.

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Part 199: Touring the new place.

11-07-2020 04:20 AM by JimDaddyO | 2 comments »

Well we are moved and in. Been here for 2 weeks now and it passed quickly. Very busy around here and we just got the internet turned on this week. Lots has been done and a lot more to do. Here is a video I made of our new place and the shop. It is a work in progress and will be for some time. We have some ideas but the first priority is getting the place improved enough for our own needs, then we will go from there.

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Part 200: Part 10 of the potato bin series...finally

12-05-2020 12:28 AM by JimDaddyO | 2 comments »

Yes, I actually took the time to get back at editing and putting together a video. It is not my best performing series, but this episode uses some pretty special wood that really makes the unit pop! Thanks for tuning in and commenting. Oh, and I’ve given up on how to figure out how to embed video. Lumberjocks just seems to want to make it impossible.

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Part 201: Finally!

01-14-2021 12:50 AM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Finally! I got around to editing a video Finally! It’s the last one of the series on how to build a fancy root vegetable bin, aka, potato bin. Life is so busy with other things that this got put off over and over again. It’s done now, and, if I may say so myself, is beautiful.

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Part 202: The first guitar in the new shop

01-31-2021 08:04 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

I put the word out that I do some guitar work. It didn’t take long for a young lady to respond. It was her mom actually. The girl is just taking up guitar. She is talented in other instruments too. The guitar came in sticky, with a dried out finger board and action that made it difficult to play. It left clean, conditioned, and easy to play. Which, after all, is the point.

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Part 203: Camber a plane iron

02-12-2021 09:56 PM by JimDaddyO | 2 comments »

I use my #5 almost exclusively as a fore plane. I decided to up it’s usability for the job by putting a camber on the iron. Not too much of one, a 10” radius seems about right to check it out. I also changed the bevel angle to 35 degrees to give it a bit more strength. The same angle that Chris Schwarz uses. I am pleased with my first attempt at this, the plane works a treat!

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Part 204: Fighting bad installation manuals

02-27-2021 03:05 AM by JimDaddyO | 3 comments »

I’m on a new project in our new home. This time I am installing a bathroom. It’s below grade and below the waste plumbing so I had to buy a very expensive macerating toilet with a pump on it to handle the waste water. With all the money these things cost you would think that they would have had someone with some technical writing skills to do the manual. But no, not these guys. A short gloss over of things is all they give you and even that is incomplete and vague. Join me a...

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Part 205: Update for March on the Chapel House

03-12-2021 07:37 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

We are getting closer to being done. Here is a very short video tour of the renovation progress up to date as of today.

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Part 206: The huge project is done.

03-19-2021 06:58 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

After months of work we finally got the lower level of our new home ready. This project is for my wife and she will be running the show. We are both exhausted. The bookings are coming in. Most of them forest fire workers coming up for the season, which is cool, long term is nice security. Anyway, here is the 25 cent tour of the place as it is. There may be odds and ends added or adjusted over time. We shall see.

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Part 207: Building a new outfeed table

04-03-2021 01:27 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Temporary….anything not meant to last. What is temporary? Well, everything if you wait long enough. But sometimes you just have to decide that “for now” is over and that’s usually when you’re tired of the compromises in your quick fix. That’s what happened to my table saw outfeed and now it’s time to remedy that situation.

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Part 208: Finally, I made another video.

07-09-2021 11:47 PM by JimDaddyO | 2 comments »

It’s been brutally busy around here trying to get this place into shape. I haven’t even had the camera rolling, but I have some stock from in the spring. I take a couple of beat up yard sale night stands and bring them back to life.

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Part 209: August 2021 Update

08-06-2021 07:38 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

A quick walk around the place and chatting about some of the things going on around here.

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Part 210: What'cha Doin Doc?

08-16-2021 05:38 PM by JimDaddyO | 1 comment »

Seeing as the project isn’t really one thing, but a whole old church, I am trying something different. A run and gun vlog. The work isn’t condusive to a “project” style video, so let’s see how short updates work.

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Part 211: Another small job done.

08-18-2021 09:00 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

I finished up the fascia today and this is how it turned out. Not the permanent fix I want, but it’s better than it was and will hold until we can get the whole roof rebuilt.

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Part 212: Transfer of methods.

09-05-2021 10:51 PM by JimDaddyO | 2 comments »

Fixing up my window installers crappy work. I didn’t want to take out all of the basement windows like I had to on the main floor. Seeing as most of the wood is good that surrounds the window I took a clue from wood turners I have seen to stabilize wood. It worked better than I thought it would.

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Part 213: A quick update

09-17-2021 07:31 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Just keeping up to date with what’s going on around here. Always busy but slowly getting projects done. It will soon be snowing so outside work has to get wrapped up. Lots to do over the winter as you will see.

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Part 214: Another update and more

10-08-2021 10:38 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Got the entrance way all tidied up, some painting, and even some work on the shop done. Plus, I got an addition for the shop on sale so I unbox it and put it together.

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Part 215: I finally built an actual project!

11-02-2021 06:18 PM by JimDaddyO | 1 comment »

Whoa! It’s been a while since I took a break from house reno’s and made a whole thing. I put scortch marks on my Roubo making the sign for our house and that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. No more of that, I needed a workbench for dirty and mechanical work. So I built one. Designed to hold my big vise right over the leg of it for beating and pounding and made from 2x material so I won’t mind banging it up. It was a fun, easy build that got me out of t...

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Part 216: Changes, 1 leads to another

11-10-2021 01:20 AM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Well I got the new workbench all finished off and installed. Of course if you add, subtract, or modify anything in the shop it leads to other things needing done…so while we’re at it…lol. So now the shop has been rearranged. Here is an update on the new work bench, the changes in the shop, and a big shocking change to the foyer of our home.

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