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Blog series by JeremyPringle updated 03-13-2016 10:37 PM 27 parts 60172 reads 93 comments total

Part 1: Crazy pieces of wood

07-24-2013 01:51 AM by JeremyPringle | 2 comments »

So much to do, so little time. How true. The past month or so I have actually been very unmotivated to do anything in the shop. There is a lot going on in the family right now and work has been busy, and most nights I just want to sit around and do nothing. I think this is mostly because I know that there is so much to get done in the shop, but none of it is for my own personal projects that I want to get done. I have decided that my next personal big (mostly) hand tool project is going ...

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Part 2: parallellawhat?

07-30-2013 04:19 AM by JeremyPringle | 3 comments »

My journey into small quick random projects continues. I am determined to make a few little boxes with Louis cube patterns on the lid, so I started making lots of maple, cherry and walnut parallelograms. I made myself a little jig when I made the box for my wife last Christmas, so this time I only have to cut the veneer. My shop is in my basement, the main shop is in a space about 250 sq feet, there are some walls that separate that space with the other rooms in the basement, but those r...

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Part 3: 2 bored hand tool junkies

08-04-2013 03:52 AM by JeremyPringle | 2 comments »

So… what happens when you get two hand tool junkies in the same room and there is not a whole lot to be done? Easy… woodworking stuff. Today… we decided to mount a router in a router table. I know what you are thinking… that’s a really easy and basic thing to do. But is it? Really? Remember who you are dealing with… knuckle draggers do not mix with this modern tech very well. How does this thing work? Are there instructions? What are instructions...

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Part 4: My first spice cabinet

08-16-2013 04:09 AM by JeremyPringle | 1 comment »

I am working on a bunch of little projects/commissions right now, and not very much of it is very interesting, so there really is not much to post about. Since I know I will not be working on my own personal stuff for the next little while(with the exception of the string inlay box, as I have an idea for the lid),I figured I would post a blog about the first spice cabinet that I made. I made this from 3/4 prelam pine over 4 years ago. At the time I only just getting into have tools, ...

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Part 5: My wifes cats wreck everything!

08-17-2013 09:57 PM by JeremyPringle | 3 comments »

So last night I was cutting some marquetry while watching season 1 of Rome. I had a mug that was maybe 1/8 full of water (not very much) that I could use to get the OBG off my hands and remove the paper off my patterns as needed. The item in question worked out really well and I was all done for the night, except the episode I was watching was not over yet. So I decided to find something else to do while it finished. I remembered a small panel that I am working on for the back of a shadow...

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Part 6: New bench hardware

09-14-2013 11:59 PM by JeremyPringle | 9 comments »

Every once and a while a person will come around with either a revival of old time bench hardware. Or, there will be new innovations to the old ideas, using new materials and designs. I am personally a fan of both, and it really depends on what I am doing and what needs to be held down. The one issue I have with both is all the metal that is involved in these tools. That why I came up with my new line of bench hardware…. BranchCrafted My first offering is a pair of tree-quarte...

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Part 7: Update on the shadow box

09-15-2013 11:31 PM by JeremyPringle | 1 comment »

A buddy and I went to the knife shop today where the display cabinet and the shadow box that I made are. (Again thanks Paul) They also sell straight razors and all sorts of manly man shaving stuff. Or if you are like me and prefer to avoid shaving and just grow a beard, there is also manly man beard grooming stuff. Anyways, while we were there I snapped a picture of the shadow box in its new home. That’s right Miley… hands off the twerking knives!!! I made the box for the...

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Part 8: Nothing but pure sillyness.

10-12-2013 06:21 PM by JeremyPringle | 3 comments »

I spend a lot of time doing boring, repetitive things. To make the time pass, I often turn to thinking of really silly things, jokes, alternative song lyrics ect. And almost all of the time it is woodworking related. So I decided to post a collection of the recent silly things that I have though of. First, if you have not read them yet, here are past blog posts of my router table and my new bench hardware. As you can see, I really enjoy the lighter side of woodworking. Joke.Q. W...

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Part 9: I thought this was supposed to be fun!

11-06-2013 10:02 PM by JeremyPringle | 8 comments »

Life has been too busy… and the woodworking I have been doing has not been very fun at all.. more like a second full time job. I spent that last 2-3 months getting ready for a show this past weekend. It went … ok. Then when I got home and unpacked, I got a message from a corporate contact who… (I was talking to a month ago but I could not produce exactly what he wanted) and now they are in a bind and don’t have any other options than to settle for what ever I can ...

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Part 10: Jewellery box inside layout?

11-11-2013 03:27 AM by JeremyPringle | 1 comment »

I cant believe I did it. I spent almost every spare moment I had in the last week making 25 pens for a corporate client that was in a bind and needed something fast. Of course while I was putting all the finishing touches on everything earlier today.. something had to go wrong. I had an engraving company make some small plates for me so I could attach them to the wooden pen cases. 25 pens, 25 cases…. 16 plates. Missing 9. I picked them up two days ago, and put them in a small bag ...

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Part 11: Advice from the Ladies.

11-13-2013 11:27 PM by JeremyPringle | 2 comments »

I took my box to work and asked my female co-workers what they like the inside of jewellery boxes to be like. Of course I got different answers, but they did impart some useful information. I lined the inside bottom with felt. The I used some Spanish cedar (Espanola cedarita!) to add a pleasant scent, as well as make a shelf for two little trays… I am going to make a few more dividers for the bottom section, but I think I am going to leave the trays the way they are. Now tha...

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Part 12: Opinion poll for my peeps.

11-21-2013 02:08 AM by JeremyPringle | 15 comments »

Ok, so a while ago while I had my finger joint set up set up, I made a bunch of boxes. A few of them never got done as I could not decide what to do for the lids. My recent Louis cube box was one of them. Here is the last of them… and Some awesome spalted figured maple. This was supposed to be violin necks… but the luthier tossed it for obvious reasons… (insert giant smiley face here) I am trying to get everything that I have on the go done. This box is get...

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Part 13: Round two....

11-22-2013 06:59 PM by JeremyPringle | 4 comments »

Calling all peeps!! Thank you all who voted and voiced your opinions the other day. This of course includes Joe, who I now know does not want to be referred to as my bro, homie, home-slice or any other gang related ‘brotha-from-anatha-matha’ terminology. What do you ask should we call him? Well .. just Joe I guess. As I figured, the opinion of something dark was the majority. So I went through my veneer pile and pulled out some options… so here comes round 2. I am ...

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Part 14: How I double bevel sea shells

12-04-2013 09:29 PM by JeremyPringle | 3 comments »

Here is a small write up and brief description of how I do my double bevel sea shells. A note before I start:This is how I do it. In no way shape or form am I saying this is the way to do it. There are tons, and tons of ways to do this stuff, I did my own trial and error and I found a way that works for me. First, I start with a pattern, and I also found that using the pattern on some clear paper comes in handy as well. Then I gather all the pieces that I am going to be using. Her...

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Part 15: Planing a table top by hand

01-01-2014 11:22 PM by JeremyPringle | 4 comments »

Well, its Jan 1, 2014. For some reason the start of a new year always gets me anxious. Like a light bulb goes off and illuminates everything that I have procrastinated on. This morning, the start of the new year was no exception. So.. I got up and got to work. Nope, not on my chevy which I oh so want to work on and for it to be done… nope. The last week while I was working on my chevy was because I NEEDED to be doing something for myself. Wake up call. Back to work pal. So̷...

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Part 16: Trying to make as perfectly as possible

01-07-2014 03:35 AM by JeremyPringle | 4 comments »

I like to read. Im also somewhat of a nerd, so when I have time I read LOTR, HP, Ice and Fire, Star Wars ect. But.. my favorite books to read are woodworking books. During the summer I read ‘By Hand and Eye” and I loved it. Its one of those books where I keep it handy when I am drawing stuff. Tom Fidgen, his books and his blogs are pretty awesome, especially if you are 1.Canadian, 2. into hand tools. 3. Have a beard. (I happen to be 3 for 3) But even more than all of those....

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Part 17: Still trying to make perfect..

01-10-2014 03:36 AM by JeremyPringle | 2 comments »

I am still finding tiny amounts of time in between my larger commission projects to work on making this thing as perfectly as possible. In the last two days, I was able to cut more pieces and get my panel glued up. I used OBG and my half made moxon vice as the press. Here is the panel. I used a marking gauge to score the lines, Then a router plane to clean it all up Gluing up my small segment of banding And out of the clamps. Black veneer, curly maple veneer, mahogany, curly...

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Part 18: Greek key almost looking perfect.

01-13-2014 05:45 AM by JeremyPringle | 4 comments »

I was really busy in the shop today, I even found some time after dinner to work on my little Roubo panel. I failed to grab my camera for the first few steps, but I basically used a straight edge and a knife to cut the lines, then I used my router plane to clean it up. Test fit the banding… perfect. Rest of the layout Now to cut the rest out. It was actually quite unnerving using the router plane, one little slip and something would be wrecked. Clean the edges of the ban...

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Part 19: Table saw prison!!

02-02-2014 05:29 AM by JeremyPringle | 3 comments »

WARNING!! This blog post contains some personal information. Read at your own risk for learning something about me. Its been a just over 2 weeks since my last post. Its almost been that long since I have had time to sit at the computer. Some wonderful stuff going on at work which is taxing me mentally, added to the family stuff already going on, and still trying to pump out the commissions that I am working on. THEN… last week, my wife’s 5 month old puppy got sick and died...

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Part 20: Cases and tables

02-12-2014 10:05 PM by JeremyPringle | 0 comments »

Picking away. I did in fact finally finish and deliver the walnut cases for the French Barn store. Because they wanted them to be hand made, I did hand cut the dovetails, and did all the smoothing with my planes. I used hide glue and shellac. My kind of project.. except there were 6 of them. It was fun none the less. I even added some fake (wink, wink) butterfly keys.. So now I am back to trying like mad to finish the huge table that I started before Christmas. There are a few...

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Part 21: Multi-purpose box questions answered

02-15-2014 06:20 AM by JeremyPringle | 2 comments »

So the boxes that I posted the other day have generated quite a few questions in the comments and a few PM’s asking me more detailed questions. The number one thing I have been asked for are the dimensions of the boxes. Well, its not secret how/where I got the idea for the boxes, poker chip boxes. So basically what I did was take my poker chip box that I bought a long time ago… and take the measurements of the inside.. and make it to be the same.. The inside dimensions...

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Part 22: Making a farm house kitchen table

03-28-2014 03:33 AM by JeremyPringle | 3 comments »

Months ago I was asked to make a farm house kitchen table. And a while ago I posted about flattening the top with my planes. Since I am not technically done (as I will explain) I decided to not post it to the projects, instead I will post a blog. I had intended to make this table look 100 years old. So I used an old design, solid top, X frame legs with a wedge through tenon stretcher. Here is a picture from the under side.. And the tenon and wedge.. After planing and scraping...

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Part 23: May long weekend adventures.

05-20-2014 04:22 AM by JeremyPringle | 3 comments »

Well, its Victoria Day here in the colonies. And for a wood nerd like me and my buddies that can only mean one thing… wood scouting. Yup me and two pals hopped into my car and went for a drive. Let me set the scene….. It all started this past Tuesday, when I called my dealer and was informed that they had sold their assets to another dealer, and could not sell me anything. I liked my dealer, they were a wholesaler who sold to guys like me, one or two board kinda guys. The ...

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Part 24: Wood body moulding planes...

06-22-2014 03:31 AM by JeremyPringle | 3 comments »

I had a great opportunity today to buy some wood body moulding planes…. and a saw. Here is the saw… I suspect that the medallion has been replaced with one from another saw, but as far as I can tell it is a D12 rip saw… the tooth line is dead straight. A little rust remover and this thing is ready for work. Here is the rest of my haul.. Left to right….3/4 rabbet, 1/4 groove, 1/8 bead, 1/2 bead, 3 different sash planes, #12 hollow/round, #10 hollow/round, #8 h...

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Part 25: Board cat!

01-20-2015 02:23 AM by JeremyPringle | 4 comments »

Ok, so this is totally a satire… my planes did not actually ever touch the cat. The blades were retraced all the way so there was no chance that the cat would get touched with the blades. In no way was my cat put in any danger or risk at all. He’s very fuzzy and we cut his hair every few months, I just happened to place him in spots and take silly pictures along the way… don’t take it seriously… its a joke. So.. a while ago I had the opportunity to sit in a...

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Part 26: BLOTCH!!!

05-08-2015 09:25 PM by JeremyPringle | 2 comments »

Ok.. so blotch. Wood blotches… its part of woodworking. Some woods blotch more than others… some don’t blotch at all. Blotch has come up a few times recently in my life. It was also briefly talked about on a recent Woodtalk podcast, where they offered some good info. But I thought I would write about it too. This will allow me to go into greater detail than it would had I typed something in forums and website comment sections. Frist off… as I state often in...

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Part 27: Hanging wall cabinets

03-13-2016 10:37 PM by JeremyPringle | 2 comments »

I was in a slump here a while ago and I was sort of avoiding going into my shop. I have been avoiding having to carve. Two feet into the ball and claw feet for my lowboy and I have realized I really, really, really don’t enjoy carving. And because of my personal goal to work on one project at a time I was trapping myself. It took some inspiring pictures and some conversations to change my thinking and get back into my shop… sorry ball and claws.. I’ll come back to you...

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