Fun with hand saws

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Blog series by JeremyPringle updated 03-01-2015 09:08 PM 13 parts 69294 reads 61 comments total

Part 1: Bad Axe VS. Lie-Nielsen VS. Veritas

04-25-2012 05:35 PM by JeremyPringle | 14 comments »

So this is my first tool test/comparison. I am putting my LN progressive pitch VS. my friends Veritas 14tpi VS. other friends Bad Axe 15tpi. Before jumping into using the tools, let’s introduce them. First my LN progressive pitch. The saw plate is 9” long, 1 5/8” depth of cut the plate is 0.020” thick with a kerf of 0.026”. The major difference is this saw has 16tpi at the toe and progressively gets more aggressive at the back where it is 9tpi. The saw come’s hand filed and set. Bras...

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Part 2: Sharpening LN

04-28-2012 02:19 AM by JeremyPringle | 1 comment »

Hopfully you have read the previous blog where I tested three saws. In that test I found how badly I need to sharpen my LN progressive pitch DT saw. And because I am in the midst of cutting lots of dovetails (see my other blog series) I decided that I should take a break and sharpen the saw before continuing. So that is what I did. The first thing I did was to clamp the saw between two pieces of cherry with just the teeth sticking out, this way there is little to no vibration on the pla...

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Part 3: Them some real Bad Axes Cletus!

09-20-2012 02:03 AM by JeremyPringle | 6 comments »

Here are two more Bad Axe saws that are owned by my friend. This is a 12” Hybrid dovetail/small tenon saw. Featuring steel back and nuts with a mesquite handle. 14tpi. This saw has a 12” plate, longer than a conventional DT saw, the saw plate is also canted. The teeth are sharpened in a rip format. With these option, this saw ran somewhere around the $300 USD for price. This is the 14” Sash saw. Copper back, with black split nuts. 13 tpi, filed cross cut. These options bring to ...

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Part 4: BA and a Wenzloff

12-29-2012 03:33 AM by JeremyPringle | 5 comments »

Hi again, Today I have in my hands the last of my friends Bad Axe Saws. This here is a 16” 11tpi crosscut backsaw. Walnut handle with the black metal of some sort back and nuts. This thing is sweet. For Christmas I made my 5 year old son a little bench, I just threw it together so he had something to work on while he is in the shop with me. Ironically enough, I just so happens to be the perfect size for me to use as a saw bench, figure that one out (wink, wink) Using some 5...

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Part 5: Thats a real Bad Axe!!

03-27-2013 04:19 PM by JeremyPringle | 9 comments »

If you have read any of this blog series before, you know that I really like my friends saw collection. He has 4 Bad Axe saws. Well, after using his DT saw several times, I just had to have one for myself. 10” dovetail, 0.018” saw plate, 15tpi, canted blade, black walnut handle with black nuts, thing of beauty! Mark has nicknamed this saw the ‘Copperhead Killer’. I like it. When I was in the midst of placing my order, Mark told me it would be a 7-9 week wait....

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Part 6: Making a moxon

04-07-2013 02:48 AM by JeremyPringle | 2 comments »

In the midst of making a box with full blind dovetails and lots of inlay stringing, I have decided to make a moxon vice at the same time. I bought the Bench crafted moxon hardware. Sweet. First, I had to get the right kind of wood. No problems, 8/4 hard maple, 7’ long and 12.5” wide. A little big, but nothing I cannot work with. So step one was to cross cut it 36” long. With my old Disston crosscut saw it only took me about 3 min. I think it needs to be sharpen...

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Part 7: Old disston

11-16-2013 03:24 AM by JeremyPringle | 4 comments »

Well… for some reason, (which I will not go into at this time) my desire and love for hand saws has been re-reawakened. I have this old Disston dovetail saw that I bought a year and a bit ago for $8. What a steal. But the handle is really too big for me, I also think it is kind of ugly. I could shape it so it fits my hand…. But I have this piece of cut off curly walnut.. So I traced the saw handle to some grid paper Made some alterations… And started cutti...

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Part 8: Completed re-handle

11-18-2013 02:17 AM by JeremyPringle | 6 comments »

Well… I did it. My first hand saw re-handle. I spent most of last night and quite a bit of today shaping this thing. I started out last night drilling for the nuts and cutting the mortis for the blade and spline. Fits quite nicely. So a little shaping later.. And then more shaping and a coat of tired and true.. Blade installed.. Now a side by side.. I did all the shaping with a few rasps. I found I really like the Japanese Milled tooth files the best. They leave a...

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Part 9: Saw bench build #1

11-29-2013 04:26 AM by JeremyPringle | 1 comment »

Today I was able to start on my saw bench. Using the 8/4 pine that I was not able to use to make my chevy. I am using Tom Fidgen’s saw bench design as my base, the design can be found in his newest book. The saw bench is a split top, I used my cross cut saw to cut the two top pieces to length, as well as the 4 legs. I then used my table saw to cut them close to the final width. Then off to the bench and my LA jack to make everything nice and square and smooth. and I the...

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Part 10: Saw bench part 2.

12-02-2013 04:13 AM by JeremyPringle | 4 comments »

So.. I left off with one half of the laps cut. The rear of the saw bench is splayed out 10°.. I knew I bought this thing for a reason…. 5 years ago. This is the first time I have actually used it for what it was made for. Mark the top.. Cut.. Now mark off the lap joint.. Cut the lap joint.. Now.. I need to pause here for a second… I cut the top of the leg at 10°.. and then used the same bevel gauge to mark off the rest of the lap joint… there by multiplyin...

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Part 11: Saw bench #3

12-03-2013 05:34 AM by JeremyPringle | 0 comments »

Today, I found a cut off to use as the removable fence. I marked my line where I wanted to put the dowels.. And drilled the 3/8” holes.. Then I used some dowel centers and marked the holes on the bench, and drilled them as well. I glued the dowels in the fence, so when I have the fence removed I don’t have the dowels sticking out. Then I removed the screws that were holding everything in place and applied the glue, then used those same screws and some clamps to ho...

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Part 12: Disston 12

07-06-2014 05:32 PM by JeremyPringle | 3 comments »

So a few weeks ago I scored a sweet Disston 12. Its old… the surface of the plate was pretty rough, but the tooth line is dead straight, no kinks and all it needed was a little cleaning. Also on the handle, the top horn had a screw in it and the original medallion had been replaced. Sorry, I forgot to take a good before picture. But once I got the handle off, there was the telltale X in the top corner of the blade.. Then… as it turns out, a good friend of mine had a spare...

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Part 13: On your mark, get set... SAW!!

03-01-2015 09:08 PM by JeremyPringle | 6 comments »

Its been a while since posting anything about hand saws, but all is not lost. I have been posting a blog entry every Friday on The Unplugged Woodshop. This past weeks entry was about hand sawing. More specifically, on stance and grip. I also made my first video showing how I teach people to hold the saw and start the cut. (below) View on YouTube And last, I know it has nothing to do with hand saws, but I made the below box Its just a small box made from some soft quilted maple....

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