Saving A Jet JWP-15CS From Dump

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Blog series by Holbs updated 05-11-2015 02:26 AM 17 parts 44637 reads 125 comments total

Part 1: Saved For The Day

03-08-2015 09:41 PM by Holbs | 9 comments »

I found this Jet planer on craigslist for $200, with the only picture available was the Jet badge of model number. I emailed the person about it and asking for a couple more pictures. The reply was sad. This planer stood outside for 2 years out in the elements in Northern California, and the rust showed it to be true. Here are the pictures sent to me that first day: 2 weeks went by, thinking someone has surely claimed this for the bargain price tag while I was too busy and weather ...

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Part 2: disassembly day 1 & 2

03-16-2015 02:22 AM by Holbs | 19 comments »

This actually might turn into something a bit more than I can chew. Some serious rust issues going on. I now remember why I choose wood working over auto-mechanic for a hobby. This was nearly identical to taking a cylinder head apart! But it was surely required as you can see in the following pictures: rust, rust, rust. I have some serious research to do in the rust removal department in the coming weeks. Some questions someone can answer possibly before I go too much further:the 220v ...

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Part 3: Electrolysis Attempt #1

03-18-2015 03:03 AM by Holbs | 10 comments »

I picked up supplies monday after work for a quickie start at this first attempt. Home Depot has 12” and 24” 3/8 rebar at affordable price tags, bout some 12 gauge wire, a tub. I was unsure about laying this rusted Jet handle rod right on the bottom of the tub so used some scrap plywood to raise it up. Connected my negative battery charger lead right to the rod under the water and positive to the copper ring attached to the rods. Fully expecting a nuclear explosion in my garag...

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Part 4: Electrolysis Attempt #3: Failure

03-20-2015 01:03 AM by Holbs | 4 comments »

My first 2 attempts were the Jet stand handles: 12” long solid steel rods that were somewhat rusty. They came out with only blackness on them. My 3rd attempt was something larger: the rusted infeed roller. After 24hours of cooking, only the end tips were free of rust, but the chipper looking waves in the middle section of the roller itself looked as if nothing changed with the rust. I did notice when firing up the battery charger, only the ends had bubbles streaming off, but nowhe...

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Part 5: electrolysis tub version 2.0 and Jet Motor test

03-23-2015 04:30 AM by Holbs | 5 comments »

Good weekend results. The Jet 3HP motor spins freely with no internal noise nor smoke, just the outside casing needs alot of TLC. Probably will inquire about changing out bearing to see the $$$ damage.Also, updated my electrolysis tank a little. Used plastic 3/4” brackets to keep the 12” rebar rods in place but yet loose enough to pull out when needed for the smaller tank. Bought rebar tie wire as that’s the closest thing to steel I could find at Lowe’s, because of...

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Part 6: Infeed / Outfeed Roller results after electrolysis

03-29-2015 12:52 AM by Holbs | 6 comments »

Almost wish I bought 3 or 4 battery chargers as letting items cook for a day or 2, plus all the rods in this Jet planer… should be done by 4th of July :)But here are the before / after results of the Jet infeed and outfeed rollers. Heavily rusted before, not too shabby after. The black stain dots litter here and there but that’s ok as does not affect performance at all. Scrubbed afterwards with a nylon brush. I have ordered additional electrolysis items from Amazon (3M scotch...

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Part 7: Washed base, panels. Motor rust concern. Bolts & Nuts

04-05-2015 01:47 AM by Holbs | 11 comments »

Dunked all nuts & bolts in EvapoRust for 2 days and laid out in some kind of organized fashion: Washed base and panel covers. Rust is still present on these metal pieces… unsure how to go about it. Quite possibly leave as is, as I have never done metal painting. Besides, color matching would be a chore ? I would have to ask other LJ machinery restoration folks about how to proceed. Took the motor apart just a little bit to see how to go about cleaning and checking things ...

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Part 8: 24hour results of EvapoRust and table, "hack" paint job

04-06-2015 02:36 AM by Holbs | 6 comments »

Good results from EvapoRust (yet, once again!). Here, the table is 5 minutes removed from my makeshift lower planer table holding jig (sheet metal and evaporust) and after a gentle washing. Have to ROS sand this week and research cleaning and protecting cast iron table tops (has been a while since doing my jointer beds). Table is not in bad shape at all, except for a dime size area of severe pitting, which I guess stays forever? And my shhhhhh don’t look closely hack paint job...

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Part 9: Lower table ROS'd, mineral spirited, paste waxed. Also, about to tackle gummy rusty columns

04-07-2015 03:10 AM by Holbs | 8 comments »

Used my 5” Random Orbital Sander with 280 grit then 400 grit, WD-40, mineral spirits, johnson paste wax. Good results. A slight minor blemish of swirl marks in one spot, may or may not try to tackle that before assembly.When found: As of today: Next up: the 4 columns. These are rusted down the middle interior, exterior, rods, and the bearings. Will get 4 new bearings for the rods (I really need a bearing puller…especially with cutter head coming up eventually).

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Part 10: Removed bearings, disassembled cutter head

04-09-2015 12:31 AM by Holbs | 1 comment »

Tuesday and Wednesday, making more progress. Removed the 4 bearings in each column rod that rotate the chain sprocket underneath that controls the up/down of the lower bed. Also removed the far side bearing of the cutter head. Ordered 4 new OEM column rod bearings from: that have the exact ” NACHI 6202ZE”, and same for the cutter head bearing “NACHI 6205ZE” (surprisingly, via a Amazon partner). Came to be about $8 each. VXB came highly recomme...

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Part 11: Cutterhead and column clean up

04-13-2015 02:23 AM by Holbs | 3 comments »

Disassembled the cutterhead and the 4 columns this week. Grrr… still waiting for the 4 column rod bearings to arrive (15th-20th), which is actually AOK because that is when the 3×15” knives should be ready for pickup. Every piece was cooked for 24hours via electrolysis. Perfect timing because I am getting a little wary of rust and disassembling stuff. I had no idea the amount of rust THROUGHOUT this machine. Wow. It’s near time to assemble and move on. Old cutt...

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Part 12: all 5 bearings arrived today. Disassembly done. Now, assembly begins!

04-15-2015 12:09 AM by Holbs | 6 comments »

Here are the 4 column rod bearings and one of the cutter head bearings. On the old bearings to the left, you can see the score that has distorted the bearing seals enough to cause me a concern to purchase new bearings on the right (link in previous blog post): *And so it comes time to assemble. I have no documentation other than the Jet parts list to go by. I’ll be using lithium grease just about everywhere metal touches metal. I know to use and lubricate with 90w oil for the inf...

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Part 13: Base, columns, lower table, upper table assembly

04-17-2015 03:33 AM by Holbs | 6 comments »

Lithium Grease on EVERYTHING! How easily things go together when there is no rust and fresh grease being used. Where as during dis-assembly, I was almost near seeking some kind of hydraulic assistance to get upper and lower tables off those columns. Now, they glide/slide easily up and down, no binding, while being snug. Everything is finger tight, not torqued as of yet. Stopped after rough install of infeed / outfeed rollers. I actually had to look at Jet planer pictures to see which si...

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Part 14: Finally, eReplacement parts arrived

05-01-2015 11:12 PM by Holbs | 4 comments »

I can continue with my re-assembly this weekend. The oil gasket, gear key, and new handle arrived today. Should be all finished and 100% operational by end of sunday.

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Part 15: First Run

05-02-2015 07:28 PM by Holbs | 6 comments »

First electrical motor, cutterhead, roller run was accomplished this morning. Success! No knives installed, no alignment of bed, rollers, etc as of yet. Added oil to the gear box too. Just wanted to ensure all parts did as they are suppose to, to date. One issue arose that confused me. The new bearing for the cutterhead malfunctioned, as in one of the bearing side walls magically disappeared somehow. No idea! Changed out to the old cutterhead bearing which seems to work as it should. ...

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Part 16: Installing knives and "trying" to align

05-06-2015 05:29 AM by Holbs | 10 comments »

Came time to install the 3 knives. Thanks to the LJ forum for suggesting a 0.055” height of the knives from the cutterhead. I have a pair of the MLCS Jointer Planer Knife Setting Jig I found at an auction for $5. They work “initially” until it comes time to tighten the blade retaining bar. Then, the knives move between 0.005-0.0020 at that point. The MLCS jigs will work to get a rough dimension, and that’s about it. So out comes the dual magnetic base dial indica...

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Part 17: Nearing The End

05-11-2015 02:26 AM by Holbs | 11 comments »

spent all weekend aligning things, probably with TOO much detail, but it’s all I had to go from. The 15” knives are 0.55” (more or less) above the cutter head. Infeed roller, outfeed roller, chip breaker are 1/32” below the arc of the knives. Table rollers are 0.005” above table bed. I tossed a 2×4 thru, fully expecting 500mph kickback or nuclear explosion or generating a wormhole. But instead, out came shavings. Everything works. Tomorrow, installin...

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