Dust Collection

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Blog series by Holbs updated 11-01-2018 01:54 AM 14 parts 22692 reads 33 comments total

Part 1: 6" HVAC duct supports

03-16-2014 03:46 AM by Holbs | 4 comments »

after completing my Thien Baffle (well, a couple more things to do to it but has to wait til ducting is 100%).. next tackle is the HVAC 6” runs and duct supports. I’m directly running from the Thien Baffle inlet horizontally across my 2 car garage and branching off 8 6” wye’s and 2 4” wye’s along the 2”x12” board attached to the wall (which is hiding my horizontal electrical runs). Today, I spent time fabricating the 6” supports with the...

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Part 2: Blast Gate rough draft

03-17-2014 04:00 AM by Holbs | 5 comments »

I figured, it was best to construct a rough draft 6” blast gate while writing down measurements and keeping parts as templates for the next 10 or 12 blast gates I have to construct.End result: a functional self cleaning blast gate. I do have to add stoppers before and after the body on the 1/8” hardboard (didnt add in the 1” clearance for that, on my first piece). But it does slide in and out with SOME friction still present (I did add duct tape on top of the hardboard w...

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Part 3: how I make 6" HVAC blast gates

03-20-2014 04:23 AM by Holbs | 0 comments »

1.) you have your top collar, bottom collar, left side spacer, right side spacer, gate material.2.) I place and glue 1 spacer in it’s place 3.) i temporarily lay in the gate and then glue in the other spacer for a nice tight fit 4.) clamp both spacers down for a number of minutes 5.) sand the rings so no strands of debris interfere with sliding action of gate 6.) put duct tape (or painters tape) on the surface that will point towards the dust collector to give that 0.005...

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Part 4: Oct 2015 Dust Collection Upgrades

11-01-2015 03:17 AM by Holbs | 9 comments »

Upgrading from my Rigid lunchbox planer and 6” rockwell jointer to the beefier Jet 15” planer and Geetech 8” jointer… it came to me that I best beef up my dust collection system. I had existing 6” HVAC ducting as a temporary solution. But I really needed to finalize it (or at least, make it semi-final with the option of future stuff).Here is my Wynn filters ontop of my Grizzly 3HP DC feeding from my Thein Baffle. For now, this is their homes. Eventually, will...

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Part 5: 6" DIY Blast Gates Version 2

04-05-2016 01:46 AM by Holbs | 1 comment »

My Version 1 blast gates were… functional but with a structural design flaw. Whenever I placed torque on the blast gate for any reason (hanging downwards of spiral 6” hose or bumping a machine into it while moving machine around, etc), the HVAC sheet metal sometimes compressed against the sliding 1/8” hardboard. I should never of cut out a U shaped notch for the bolts, but instead drilled dedicated holes. Plus, the blast gate structure stuck out waaaay too far. Lessons ...

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Part 6: Another saturday, working more on 6" blast gates..almost there

04-10-2016 02:41 AM by Holbs | 3 comments »

12 6” blast gates. Things nut & bolted together, tighten to make slider snug yet loose. Added detent with ball bearing and spring for open & close. Added spring latch for dust/chipping escape when slider is closed. Next, covering detent spring, re-adjusting entire 6” HVAC to add in these blast gates through the main line and at the ends.

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Part 7: Building overhead blast gates

11-27-2016 01:30 AM by Holbs | 3 comments »

Weeeee….the joy. More dust collection stories! When had to install drywall on my ceiling, I had to remove the 6” HVAC ducting. Now it is time to re-install. But first, some modifications: overhead blast gates at strategic spots. Also, have to move the ducting 12-14” away from the wall to make room for these blast gates. Going to use jack chain and single hole lag bolts (the kind you see in office space ceilings to hold up the drop ceiling tie-wires).

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Part 8: Working on more blast gates....

11-28-2016 04:07 AM by Holbs | 2 comments »

Today I worked on my 10 existing 6” blast gates. They originally had an opening the same diameter of S&W green PVC drain pipe which I affixed to the wood via construction glue. It did not pan out too well. I needed them to be 1/8” or little more of an opening to receive 6” HVAC duct. So had to disassemble all 10 gates and route the opening larger. Helpful hint for anyone working on HVAC latch duct: sure, you can use the hand cutters and pay for it in blood droplets ...

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Part 9: overhead blast gates installed and affixed new & improved blast gate to wall

12-06-2016 04:09 AM by Holbs | 1 comment »

Installed 4 overhead blast gates which meant I had to re-design the original ducting as the main line run has to be 10”-16” away from wall instead of butt up against wall to give space for the internal manifold (?) swing for open & closed.Also screwed to the wall my version 3? 4? blast gate. Has a rubber banded back end to eject dust & debris when fully closed (at least, I hope!). Air gunned 8 nails per side to firmly hold the 6” HVAC 4” piece into the wood.S...

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Part 10: Overhead dust collection: complete

12-11-2016 05:16 AM by Holbs | 0 comments »

I posted my overhead blast gates on the project page. This Saturday, I finished the secondary run of duct for 2 more drops: one near my future lathe station and because I had left over spare duct pieces, went ahead and made a drop near middle of the shop with a blast gate 7’ off the floor for any mobile carts in the future. Figured, since I had spare, might as well put something in the middle as I did my electrical outlet at ceiling middle for a 20’ extension cord reel that is ...

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Part 11: This is why I installed 6"x4"x6" wye's....

12-18-2016 04:25 AM by Holbs | 3 comments »

When it came to to re-engineer my dust collection system, I knew from experience that I will be getting into overhead dust collection. Tis why I installed overhead blast gates and these 6”x4”x6” wye’s. I’ll have 6” to 4” adapter for under the cabinet and 4” to my incoming Shark Guard with 4” dust collection fitting (should arrive Tuesday thanks to Lee!). I looked ahead and researched Bill Pentz and other places about ideas for dust coll...

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Part 12: Added 4" branch runs and other stuff

04-25-2017 03:07 AM by Holbs | 1 comment »

I did my main runs with 6” HVAC pipe, multiple blast gates, hung via jack chain. Took alot out of my wallet. Today, I went to town on the branch runs that will feed overhead stuff such as router table fence, tracksaw, palm sander, utility hose. I picked up some SDR and Polypipe last week to compare the two. Even though Polypipe was 0.98 per foot, folks said because of the internal ribbing action, it may cause a loss of CFM. I went ahead and used both SDR and Polypipe here because t...

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Part 13: Finalizing dust collection for hand tools, router table, bandsaw, drill press.

04-30-2017 03:53 AM by Holbs | 1 comment »

I finally got around to finishing dust collection for my track saw, router table, hand sanders, drill press, bandsaw. Lots of heat gun activity on a hair too small or too big PVC fittings. The bandsaw..hmm. I’ve seen many dust collection applications but I wanted something simple. I followed suit from my miter saw dust collection of simply using a cut up 6” wire flex hose with bungee cords. Ran some tests and no debris in the lower wheel cavity.Lots of dust collection ports u...

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Part 14: Upgrading to Super Dust Deputy XL: finding a home

11-01-2018 01:54 AM by Holbs | 0 comments »

In the search of finding even more real estate in my 2 car garage workshop and DC efficiency… I am saying goodbye to my wonderful Thein Baffle tophat that has served me well for almost 5 years. For a economical DIY separator, you can not beat it. However, it’s time to upgrade. What I did not like about my setup:1.) way too much real estate was taken up. 55 gallon plastic barrels are great, but they are a good 4-5” wider than metal drums. The dual arm 3 HP Grizzly DC bas...

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