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Blog series by Holbs updated 01-01-2017 02:47 AM 18 parts 33348 reads 62 comments total

Part 1: cutting into drywall for romex path

03-04-2013 02:05 AM by Holbs | 4 comments »

well, i jotted down what i need to do in my garage in order to i know what needs to get down. I was starting to get overwhelmed with everything. so much to do in this garage as it presently is bare bones drywall and structure lumber. and thought it would clear my mind knowing what order to do what. I removed the finished ceiling to get access to rafters for some projects last year. Of course now, I realized i should not of done that, but oh well… will give me practice on installing ...

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Part 2: starting permit process

03-05-2013 02:04 AM by Holbs | 9 comments »

I’ll share this blog going from start to finish. The purpose of this blog is to show other’s who need to understand the process of getting permits to add electrical sub-panels, 110v and 220v outlets and lights, install a natural gas fired hanging furnace (mine is a Reznor UDAP 60k btu). I want to go the correct way to do things by code to appease insurance agents and re-selling agents in the future. Yesterday (sunday 3-4-13), I needed to know the options to run my electrical:...

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Part 3: permit approved

03-21-2013 02:12 AM by Holbs | 0 comments »

I spent some days learning SketchUp for various reasons. One, was to know exactly where my studs were and have a visual record of the spacings. Two, to make a color layout diagram for the permit process. I was all proud at how organized the SketchUp printout was.But it took forever to get down to the city permit dept, 3 weeks. I tried to go thru the day but work prevented me from being in the area and plus, my work service truck had a challenge finding open parking spaces. So i purposely...

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Part 4: panelboard, remodel boxes, and pathway: check!

03-25-2013 03:29 AM by Holbs | 2 comments »

i’ll keep posting my journey of remodeling my 2car garage into a basic functioning work area.So here, I have the panelboard roughed in (I still have to seat it firmly). I decided to keep it low as this will allow more upper wall space for french cleats or cabinets, as you need 15” left of panelboard centerline and 15” right of panelboard centerline as per NEC code and 30” infront.. Those couple feet add up when you have a small work space, so down low out of the ...

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Part 5: 98% ready to call for 1st inspection

04-29-2013 12:11 AM by Holbs | 2 comments »

oooo… ALMOST ready. Caught myself in the end of doing a major booboo.i “thought” the left buss bar was for neutrals and the right buss bar was for ground. but then i looked at the horizontal bar across the top connecting both. and i remembered my research: you can not connect neutrals and grounds in a sub-panel (this can only happen at the main disconnect panel). so i stopped and had to re-think. i get online and find out i have to order a separate part. PK23GTA is ...

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Part 6: passed rough in & final in one shot!

05-18-2013 03:26 AM by Holbs | 4 comments »

thanks to LJ (lots of advice on elecrical wiring do’s and dont’s) community…and research just about everything about what to do for electrical add ons, the city inspector came out and was amazed at how “correctly done” and “in code” my rough-in was for someone not being an electrician by trade. he said most small hobby type garage remodels for electrical are disasters (double lugs, bonding grounding bar, wrong wire size, no GFCI in first plug in the ...

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Part 7: completion and after thought comments

06-09-2013 07:44 PM by Holbs | 3 comments »

To those who are considering adding a single outlet, multiple outlets, 110v, 220v, lighting, and placement… I’ll share my thought process and experience with my remodel. 1.) I’ve never ran an electrical circuit in my life. I couldn’t tell you the difference between 14/2 and 6/3 wire a couple months ago. Everything I learned was from countless hours of YouTube, GarageJournal forum, LumberJock forum, and internet pictures / videos. For LumberJock and GarageForum, ...

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Part 8: reznor natural gas heater, installed and running

11-25-2013 01:57 AM by Holbs | 3 comments »

my 60,000BTU kerosene heater ran out at the end of september. i have been hesitant to refill as i knew i MUST get my Reznor UDAP60 (60k btu) installed and running. as always, lots of research about city code, professional installations, youtube, hvac forums, this site, etc before i tackle any major project (i consider major as things that can go boom or catch fire). early on, i had a $500 quote of hanging it, venting it, piping it, and testing it. that was out of the question as i fig...

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Part 9: Adding 5/8" drywall to ceiling

08-07-2016 04:01 AM by Holbs | 7 comments »

Going about this solo with no help. Rented Home Depot drywall lift. Each sheet is 4’x12’ 105lb 5/8” Fire-X. 10 sheets total. Had HD deliver 10 sheets as I have no reliable method to transport 1,000lbs of 12’ drywall. Took down lights and electrical faceplates. Added an extra 220v 10/2 wire since I have a home for my 220v 3HP Grizzly DC, and 2 extra 110v 12/2 wire runs along a far wall (thought best to have the outlets there when I sheetrocked ceiling before too l...

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Part 10: Ceiling drywall done! Experiences learned...

08-09-2016 03:33 AM by Holbs | 12 comments »

Done! Never again will I work with 4’x12’ 5/8” sheets solo. It looked so easy on YouTube videos and such. Having never installed drywall before, I didn’t know what to expect. It’s too difficult to move and fine tune final position being on a drywall lift. Btw, those drywall lifts are “rickety”. These long sheets bow badly when it comes time to use my drywall screw gun. Oh…another BTW… I purchased 1,000 screws of 1 5/8”. I t...

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Part 11: Added 2 French Cleat boards around garage

08-28-2016 11:13 PM by Holbs | 1 comment »

After installing drywall on my ceiling, my next goal was something I should of done this long long long ago. With my ever changing layout, these French Cleats will help greatly with organization as I can now have 2 entire walls filled with storage and shelving. I installed 3/4” 13ply plywood 12” wide board near lower chest level and 6” board at head level to give flexibility of extra height shelving and heavier duty/light duty shelving. 4” lag bolts & washers ev...

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Part 12: Learning the Veritas 32 Deluxe Cabinet Making System

09-02-2016 03:28 AM by Holbs | 0 comments »

With my french cleat system installed, now comes time to use this Veritas jig for the first time. I have only done 8 board feet of shelf pin holes. Enough not to need to look at the instructions all the time. I like it! When you have cazillions of holes, this jig makes it less of a chore and rather swift when it comes time to move the jig to a new board. I did a booboo though. I had all 1/4” drill bits and shelf pins, but the Veritas only comes with millimeter drill guide bushings...

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Part 13: Learning the Kreg 5 jig system

09-04-2016 05:41 AM by Holbs | 0 comments »

I bought this 9 months ago, and this is the first time I used it. I knew there would be situations where pocket hole joinery would be beneficial due to it’s swiftness and ‘gets the job done’. I am assembling a bunch of french cleat cabinet/shelving and this makes quick work. So glad I went for the Kreg 5 system instead of the Kreg 4. The handle towards you sure seems alot better than the other way around. The clamping pressure suffices to hold even a 2’ board on e...

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Part 14: tape & mud & sanding completed for ceiling drywall

10-16-2016 04:16 PM by Holbs | 5 comments »

I can see why people hire this stuff out. But, as in wood working, I wanted to experience and learn how to do most everything DIY, which comes with a lumberjack kind of pride :) I bought the necessary drywall tools (paddle, 6” knife, 12” knife, mud pan, hawk). Watched some videos on how to tape & mud. They make it look so easy :) I had no stilts or roll around scaffold, just my 6’ ladder. I should of added more water to the mud mixture as I can now understand why t...

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Part 15: sealing and painting of ceiling done. difference between careful sanding and hasten sanding

10-23-2016 02:49 PM by Holbs | 1 comment »

Sealing & painting on a 6’ ladder is rough :) Tried to use a pole, but just seemed more comfortable getting up on the 6’ ladder and going about it by hand with a roller. Here is the difference in sanding mud & tape. At first in the first picture, I was careful and diligent to have nice smooth surface. As time wore on at the achingly slow progress in the second picture, I went for the “just get it done” look. I had to remind myself it’s just a garage,...

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Part 16: garage ceiling remodel complete

11-07-2016 02:42 PM by Holbs | 5 comments »

whew what journey. A welcomed journey full of new experiences and fun errors along the way. I bought this house with 2 car garage that has no insulation or electrical except a single light bulb and a single 15amp electrical outlet. Now, the ceiling is R-19 rolled batts, many 110v and 220v outlets, lighting, reznor natural gas heater, etc. Finally, a shop. Now, I can actually get to the wood working part :) (I still have to re-hang the reznor in the corner and finish off a couple electr...

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Part 17: Reznor installed and operational

11-16-2016 04:25 AM by Holbs | 2 comments »

I just had to put a blog and picture up. I really LOVE this Reznor 60,000 BTU natural gas heater I picked up for $100. I put it in the corner nearest my main gas line for convenience of install. Gas line extension and testing was done by the professionals since gas related I’ll not touch. I have 2” clearance above the garage opening/closing of door. It’s getting that time of year where 60+ degree days are about to go bye bye so wanted to get this completed. If it was 3...

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Part 18: Garage Door finally insulated!

01-01-2017 02:47 AM by Holbs | 2 comments »

Finished another much needed project for my garage/shop: insulating my 2 car garage door. I used the highly recommended RMAX Thermo-Something 1.5” rigid iso foam giving a R value of 9.5’ish with the heat reflective foil. $25’ish at Home Depot and I have to use 4 sheets. If you are in driving range of the 3 RMAX manufacturing locations (I took picture below), you can actually drive in person and get a 4×8 sheet for 75% off the damaged or not visually appealing ones! ...

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