Lidded Boxes

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Blog series by HappyHowie updated 12-24-2016 03:11 AM 16 parts 16597 reads 14 comments total

Part 1: Lidded Box Practice

10-16-2016 09:22 PM by HappyHowie | 3 comments »

I have made Christmas gifts in my woodshop the past two years. This year I intend to turn gifts on my small lathe which itself was a gift from my neighbor James Warner. His wife Susan told me that he would have wanted me to have it. So I will be turning small bowls and small lidded boxes this year. What you see here is my practice piece turning a lidded box. I am using a scrap block of Douglas Fir. This piece is large enough so I can make and fit a tenon into my four jaw chuck. Can ...

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Part 2: It's A Bowl

12-02-2016 04:42 AM by HappyHowie | 0 comments »

I have three additional wood blocks that are sized so I can make lidded boxes. I also have four blocks that I can turn into small bowls. I began today to with the bowls. I started the turning projects by using my epoxy bottle to glue on a screw chucks. The first block I started with I noticed that I had some movement. For safety reasons I took it off my lathe so I could attempt to anchor it better with my epoxy glue. I will check its strength tomorrow. I have turned the second block ...

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Part 3: Turning: Tenon and Outside Shaped

12-03-2016 02:39 AM by HappyHowie | 0 comments »

Tonight I continued turning the two bowls that I started yesterday. The tasks for today was to insure the tenons were made and would fit snuggly onto the four jaw chuck I own. The tenons diameter would be 2 inches and dovetailed to fit my chuck. I suited up better tonight. I did not protect myself as I should have yesterday. So I spent some time making sure my respirator was clean and fitted with new filters. I cleaned my goggles that I was going to wear over my glasses and under my f...

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Part 4: Still Turning the First Two Bowls

12-05-2016 04:15 PM by HappyHowie | 0 comments »

I worked more on these first bowls yesterday. Actually just on one of them. I had the inside to turn. I discovered my tenon had not been shaped correctly in order to fit on my four jaw chuck securely. It was a learning experience; one that I hope to remember and will practice on today since I will be working the second bowl. I watched a video today on the AAW website by Lyle Jamieson about turning feet on a bowl. I learned that I can break the CA glue joint instead of parting the glue c...

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Part 5: Completed the 2nd Bowl and Started the 3rd and 4th...

12-07-2016 06:36 AM by HappyHowie | 0 comments »

I continued work on turning wood bowls. They will be Christmas gifts so I have much work to complete. I decided that I will finish turning the feet of each of these bowls after I have turned the outside and inside of all four bowls. So I will be finishing all four feet at the same time. The light bowl’s hardwood is lati. It has a very nice grain pattern. I took the bowl off the lathe. I had watched veteran turner Lyle Jamieson demonstrate how to use a hand chisel with a mallet t...

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Part 6: Turned Two New Bowls, Partially

12-08-2016 02:07 AM by HappyHowie | 0 comments »

I partially turned two new bowls today. They were blocks of bubinga and Brazilian cherry. Their grain shown in bowls will be great. I decided to make the side slope more steep with this bowls. I am glad I did. Bowl from bubinga… Bowl from a block of Brazilian cherry…

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Part 7: Ambrosia Maple and Bloodwood Bowls

12-11-2016 02:22 AM by HappyHowie | 3 comments »

I partially turned the bloodwood block today. I did that after attempting to fix the exposed end grain on the ambrosia maple bowl. For it I applied some wood filler. Then I sent it through several grits of sandpaper. i also made a small bottle of 1 pound cut of Zinsser sanding sealer by pouring an equal amount of denatured alcohol. With bowl I buffed on some carnauba wax. This photo was taken after I rubbed on sanding sealer and before buffying on the wax. This image is the blood...

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Part 8: More Bowl Work and Finally Some Work on Lidded Boxes

12-12-2016 03:09 AM by HappyHowie | 1 comment »

Today I partially turned the bubinga wood block. In this image I have just made the blank round so I can next begin to turn its tenon, or foot. For its design or shape I wanted to make the bowl are large as i could with respect to its diameter; the base and its top. I bought this bubinga block because I was so impressed with the first bubinga bowl that I turned the other day. This is the last bowl blank I have in my shop. It is the seventh bowl i am turning. As I think it about it ...

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Part 9: Sharpening Bowl Gouge

12-14-2016 06:53 AM by HappyHowie | 1 comment »

I wanted more of a fingernail grind on my 3/8 inch bowl gouge. It is a Robert Sorby tool that I like but I had messed up on sharpening it. After taking a Woodcraft sharpening course, I felt I could better use my wet grinder to shape this gouge better. I also watched Sam Angelo, the Wyoming Wood Turner, explain how he shapes the wings on his bowl gouge. I found his presentation to be very instructive and helpful for me. I use Tormek jigs with my Grizzly 10” wet grinder. I bought thi...

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Part 10: Ambrosia Maple and Brazilian Cherry Bowls

12-14-2016 07:42 AM by HappyHowie | 1 comment »

Prior to today I have turned the outside of seven bowl blanks. Two of these bowls I had turned previously. The remaining five I turned each of their outside curves and shapes waiting to turn the insides altogether. This morning I began turning the inside of two bowls; the ambrosia maple and the Brazilian cherry. The grains of these two woods are very different. The ambrosia maple is much softer and grainy; whereas the Brazilian cherry is almost waxy. It was two very different experiences t...

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Part 11: Lucky and Unlucky at the Same Moment

12-15-2016 03:28 AM by HappyHowie | 0 comments »

I turned two bowls today. Both were from bubinga blocks. I was working on the third bowl when a catch occurred. That is when I became lucky and unlucky at the very same time. I was turning the inside of the bloodwood bowl. Things were going well, but then all of sudden the bowl became loose in the four jaw chuck. That was caused by a catch. I had sharpened my 1/2” bowl gouge prior to turning and the bowl was secure in the chuck. It is hard to say just what went wrong. Obviously, ...

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Part 12: Turned an Actual Lidded Box

12-16-2016 02:12 AM by HappyHowie | 0 comments »

I moved onto turning lidded boxes today. After parting a lid from the hard maple block, I mounted a bubinga block to shape and then part its lid. With the lid parted I first worked on the the mortise that will fit into over the male tenon on the base of this box. The tenon will be made in the next step. I used a bowl gouge to hollow out the inside of the lid. I cut the mortise on the lid and then cut the tenon on the base so the two pieces can be fitted together. It is a nice feelin...

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Part 13: Soft Maple Lidded Box

12-17-2016 05:21 AM by HappyHowie | 0 comments »

I turned another lidded box today. It was from a large block of soft maple. I have some more sanding to do on its very top; the box’s lid. This spot is where I turned the top to a small nub. I chose to remove the nub with a hand saw. I then cleaned up the remaining wood with a sharp hand chisel. Tomorrow I will sand it more through several grades of grit. The last lidded box that I hope to work on tomorrow is African mahogany. I did work on it some today. I bored through ...

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Part 14: Beautiful African Mahogany Wood

12-18-2016 02:06 AM by HappyHowie | 0 comments »

I continued turning my African mahogany block today. I fitted the lid to its base. Then I created a small graduated curve on the outside of the box and smoothed the transition where the lid and base joined. This wood really revealed itself when I rubbed on a thin coat of Zinsser seal coat, the sanding sealer. Tomorrow I will remove that nub from the top of the lid sand the insides of all these lidded boxes. Lastly, I will turn the feet on all the lidded boxes and wood bowls. I also w...

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Part 15: Beall Buffing System for Finish Wax Coat

12-20-2016 08:16 PM by HappyHowie | 0 comments »

My experience prior to this huge project was I had only turned two bowls plus I performed a test to see if I could turn a lidded bowl with a scrap piece of Douglas Fir. Those two bowls I turned was nearly a year ago and after I had taken a Woodcraft lidded box class at my local store. The instruction was great. Getting personal attention let me know how delicate cuts are needed at times. We were given instructions on how to sharpen the turning chisels, but that skill was not acquired until ...

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Part 16: The Beall Wood Buff System

12-24-2016 03:11 AM by HappyHowie | 5 comments »

I turned one more bowl today. This Yucatan rosewood bowl will be a gift to my neighbor Susan. It was her that gave me this JET mini-lathe when her husband Jim passed. She insisted that Jim would have wanted me to have this lathe. it had never been removed from the original box. I gave Susan one of the two first bowls that I turned with a promise that I would give her another when I got better at turning. This bowl is for that purpose. Of course, I won’t end there. She takes an i...

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