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Blog series by FreddieMac updated 01-03-2019 04:07 PM 10 parts 9474 reads 40 comments total

Part 1: Day One: Our attempt at a doll house

12-03-2018 01:08 PM by FreddieMac | 7 comments »

My little girl lost her old doll house in the flood. It was a hand me down from her mother built by her grandfather decades ago. We decided to start a new tradition and build a family doll house or attempt too. We went to Hobby Lobby and selected a dollhouse look she liked. We got the basic measurements off the box. We started laying out the doll house. It will be 18” deep x 24” wide x 30” high with three stories. She is helping me get the lines just right before cutting. We did a ...

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Part 2: Day two: sides, windows and clapboard

12-03-2018 02:54 PM by FreddieMac | 5 comments »

I crept out to the shop at about 6:30 am in the morning. The previous day we laid it all out and cut our some of the doors and windows. I spent the first part of the day cutting the rest of the windows and door. I also spend two hours cutting strips for clapboard. About 9:30 my first helper arrived and we started putting siding on the doll house. Later in the day her older brother did not want to get left out of the action. He came out and started helping as well. Throughout the da...

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Part 3: Day Three: Peak and more clapboards

12-04-2018 01:03 PM by FreddieMac | 4 comments »

Got the roof peak and all the siding done. 145 slats where cut that weekend and assembly of the outside was easy once I did the first 100! So the sides, front and bottom are done with rough look. I am looking into how I want to design the windows and will try to get the door fitted perfectly for the next step. Next step for the exterior is a final sanding, priming and painting.

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Part 4: Days four and five: sanding, making bigger window rough ins, build windows, painting and staining

12-10-2018 06:30 PM by FreddieMac | 3 comments »

Spent a couple days in the shop working on the dollhouse again. Right now there is progress, but not much to show. A lot of small cuts and prep work to start putting together stuff. I am bouncing between different aspects of the project more than normal. For example, while waiting for primer to dry on the sides, I worked on windows. I spent a number of hours building a couple of prototype windows based on different designs I saw on the internet. The problem I am having with windows is gett...

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Part 5: Jaming to the tunes and painting, painting and more painting

12-15-2018 07:13 AM by FreddieMac | 4 comments »

Over the past few nights after work my shop assistant and I have been doing a lot of painting of parts and pieces that we need to the house. She is big on making sure Alexa is playing music we like, so there is a lot of Beatles with Zac Brown Band and Christmas songs mixed in for good measure. Next she product a painting map for the inside of the house. She selected all the different little paints and gave me the numbers off each so I would know what she wants where. Nex...

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Part 6: Productive weekend

12-17-2018 02:23 PM by FreddieMac | 1 comment »

We had a good weekend of work on the doll house. We got the sides attached to the base and designed the 360 wheels from an old office chair. That way when it is on the ground she will be able to spin it without worrying about scratching the wood floors. We painted all the insides with the correct color scheme. Next I wanted to work on getting the roof installed. We decided that we would only do a one sided roof so that she could have the maximum play space on the top floor. I painte...

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Part 7: Windows and the sprint to the finish

12-21-2018 08:26 PM by FreddieMac | 3 comments »

Well, 12 days off for the holidays and time to get this project done. Started with the roof and trimming windows. Started installing the windows as well. My helper also spent some time building a small wood box. She is a little under-the-weather so she did not stay out to long. Well time to take the little ones to see Santa, so more to come.

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Part 8: Porch is done

12-23-2018 12:26 PM by FreddieMac | 7 comments »

We got a good amount of work done today. The porch is completely done. The porch is done and shingles are done. I made a little railing for her house. I had a taller version idea, but when she tested it with her doll, she found it hard to have them “walk” and get her hand in there. So, I scaled the height down. Also, got all the windows framed out, so it is time to go inside. My helper also built and painted a storage box for her doll stuff. I got some exterior stu...

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Part 9: Project completed!

12-25-2018 03:17 PM by FreddieMac | 2 comments » The project has been completed. It was really fun. I had more fun and frustration making this than most projects. At the end the biggest problem I had was dealing with small pieces and keeping things in proportion. If I had to do it over again, I would; maybe not with the deadline. I learned a lot in this project. I learned how to get the most our of my table saw. I need to invest some time in my shop. I found a lot of stuff need to be rearranged a...

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Part 10: She is playing with it much more than I expected.

01-03-2019 04:07 PM by FreddieMac | 4 comments »

Doll house update. She got another room with furniture. She has played with it more than I thought she would with all the computer games in the house. All she has left is her bathroom. She also does not like the furniture in the dining room because here people cannot sit at the table. That was some dollar store stuff my wife bought but it is at the wrong ratio so, it will need to be replaced. Thinking back on the project, there are a few places I would like to redo some things, but see...

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