Maybe the beginning of a larger project

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Blog series by Mark Shymanski updated 06-12-2014 05:23 AM 32 parts 43179 reads 154 comments total

Part 1: Figuring out angles

07-01-2013 03:50 AM by Mark Shymanski | 9 comments »

How’s that for a wishy washy title:-) ? I’ve been toying with the idea of building myself a small sailboat so the kids and I can putter about and maybe have some fun fishing from it. I am also hoping we can have fun putting it together so I don’t want to get too ambitious right out of the gate. This weekend I find myself with a bit of time on my hands so I thought I’d experiment with some of the methods folks have described about making a mast. Now before all ...

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Part 2: Cutting the first sheet!

07-08-2013 03:40 AM by Mark Shymanski | 9 comments »

Well I got my plywood home, although the fellow at the lumber yard looked at me kinda funny when I asked him to load load it on top of my RAV4 :-) I marked off my stations, measured for the cut lines, nailed, and the drew my cutlines along the station points. My circ saw is a bit dodgy so I thought I’d just join the two panels together and cut them on the bandsaw which worked pretty good. The cut, as you might expect when ‘guiding an 8’ long 2’ wide sheet f...

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Part 3: Real life intervenes yet again :-(

07-11-2013 12:45 AM by Mark Shymanski | 4 comments »

Have only had a few moments these last couple of days to get in the shop. I’ve faired the lines a bit more but am not quite satisfied with the result so I need to spend a bit more time. I’d cut my chine logs but I am now really considering using stitch and glue instead to learn more about the method so when it comes time to build myself a ‘pullin’ boat I won’t be completely new at it. I really like the looks of those Whitehall gigs. Well gotta get back to the...

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Part 4: Bulkheads cut and mast material bought

07-13-2013 06:44 AM by Mark Shymanski | 3 comments »

Made good progress today. Cut out the longitudinal bulkheads for the flotation compartments and then sandwiched all four pieces together to fair them all at the same time. It is amazing to me how much wood can be removed with a hand plane. This being pine plywood I can set the good ol’ block plane for a more aggressive cut than I’ve ever done in maple or oak and was just hogging off great ribbons of material! I messed up cutting a bit so I briefly thought of breaking ou...

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Part 5: Port side chine logs installed!

07-15-2013 01:07 AM by Mark Shymanski | 7 comments »

Saturday was a pretty productive day. I spent the morning trying to locate a local source of two part epoxy. Other than those little syringes of glue the sell in blister packs I was SOL. Canadian tire had epoxies but the didn’t have the thin wetting fabric kind, theirs already had the thixotropic ingredients in already. The only fabric they sold came in big squares not rolls so it would have meant a lot of working with short pieces and a lot more cutting of the fabric. I did find a...

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Part 6: Progress - pictures pending.

07-16-2013 04:32 AM by Mark Shymanski | 1 comment »

Made some pretty good progress in the shop after I got home this evening. When I have a better network connection I will fill in more details.

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Part 7: I am 3 dimensional!

07-17-2013 01:56 AM by Mark Shymanski | 8 comments »

Its been a pretty productive couple of days, I left off having installed the chine logs on the port side. I now have the starboard side done the bow and transom pieces cut and their chine logs installed except for a goof up I’ll reveal in a bit things have been going pretty good. Last night I left it like this… It now looks a lot more boat like and it actually looks much roomier than my kayak so I am pretty pumped. I then flipped it over to look like this…. ...

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Part 8: A slow day but I am now officially working on hull 816!

07-18-2013 03:01 AM by Mark Shymanski | 2 comments »

I didn’t get much done today as I am feeling under the weather, have had for the last several days and just can’t seem to shake it. Shorty from PDR sent me my hull number today. I have half of the entire Manitoba fleet in my shop LOL!The other hull was registered in 2010 so it may not even be afloat any more. I’m probably going to head into Winnipeg this weekend so I don’t anticipate getting too much done. I still have to figure out a name.

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Part 9: Work!

07-19-2013 04:54 AM by Mark Shymanski | 1 comment »

Looks like I won’t be getting much done this weekend as I have to work through it. Surprise! Maybe next Friday I can get my epoxy :-( Matt this may be a good time for you to draw both your boats in Sketchup or some other activity that will give me a chance to ketch up (get it ketch up… ketch is a kinda boat…I need sleep LOL)

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Part 10: No progress but I found out about hull #500

07-21-2013 06:06 AM by Mark Shymanski | 4 comments »

The closest I’ve come to working on 816 is walking through the shop on the way to work. I did have a surprise the day after I registered my PDR in that the other Manitoban who has a PDR emailed me and introduced himself. Turns out we are only about an hour away from each other. Serendipitiously he was to do an interview that same day with a local radio station to try and stir up some interest in wooden boats. Apparently his hull (#500) is still serviceable and it sounds like he real...

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Part 11: Ahhh the smell of fresh sawdust!

07-25-2013 11:18 PM by Mark Shymanski | 1 comment »

Finally got into the shop last night for a short while. I needed more chine logs so I ripped the most dry 2 X 10 I had in the shop (recovered from another project) and was pleased with how much more straight grain I got from this piece. Bad part was the few knots were small and some popped out as I was sawing, and that is why it is important to have eye protection. I got hit several times in the glasses and one particularily ornery piece just below the hairline, man that stings :-) I also...

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Part 12: Got glue?

07-28-2013 03:01 AM by Mark Shymanski | 3 comments »

Well I had a great pizza/birthday party with my family last night and a great visit with my Mom and youngest sister today. Candice, my sister, is a very accomplished Brazilian Jui Jitsu competitor and I had never seen her compete. Well I still haven’t seen her compete yet but I did get to see a practice and it was very impressive. It was more impressive to note that neither her or the coach were breathing anywhere near as hard as the rest of the group. Amazing fitness. But this isn...

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Part 13: The 'stitch' part of stitch and glue

07-29-2013 01:25 PM by Mark Shymanski | 5 comments »

Well I have bought the epoxy and have no more excuses:-) Yesterday was a bit of s slow day but I decided to fix the joints at the bow and stern with a trial of stitch and glue. This the bow after it has been stitched up. I was surprised at the draw strength of the wire stitches to close gaps! I have done a bit of an experimental change on the plans by adding a slight curve port to starboard along the bottom of the transom to lend a bit of curve to the bottom. My thinking is that...

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Part 14: You would think "Don't get any on you" would be an easy bit of advice to follow...

07-29-2013 09:52 PM by Mark Shymanski | 4 comments »

Well I got out to the shop and dived in with both feet:-) This is the supplies I bought last Saturday plus my version of the shipwright recommended stirring and application tool. This tool worked extremely well. I’ve not done any filletting yet so I haven’t put it through all its paces yet. Being mindful of the sponge like nature the ends of the plywood I am ensuring I spend a bit of time giving the edges a pretty thorough coat of epoxy. I even wedged in a few splinters...

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Part 15: Epoxy as a pesticide?

07-31-2013 04:37 PM by Mark Shymanski | 4 comments »

Today was a pretty productive day. I spent about 4 hours epoxying the joints and sides. The puke mouse Paul (shipwright) describes in his blog worked exactly as advertised. My technique requires some refinement but it sure did a tidy and quick job of laying down a fillet. I watched Sam Devlin’s primer on stitch and glue and he shows the filletting going between the stitches. I now see why. I broke 2 or 3 getting the stitches out. I will have to try the suggested heating of the wi...

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Part 16: Don't run with scissors!

08-01-2013 06:30 PM by Mark Shymanski | 4 comments »

Lesson number one today: Scissors on the right—happy healthy normal pair of scissors Scissors on the right (EDIT: oops this should read ‘on the left’)—when you forget to wipe the epoxy off when you open your puke mouse or trim wet excess cloth…not at all happy pair of scissors. I bust out laughing at this new lesson when I picked them up and try to cut my tape to length:-) I’ve been making pretty good progress today. Its only noon and I’...

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Part 17: A blizzard of fuzzy white seeds!

08-02-2013 07:56 PM by Mark Shymanski | 5 comments »

So I am having a pretty lazy morning and while I got up early thus morning I kinda just puttered the morning away (looking at potential boat plans can consume a lot of time:-) . I finally got out to the shop, the coffee pot was empty anyway, and decided to fillet the lower starboard joint and then while hull 816 was on its side I coated the interior of both bouyancy tanks and anything else that was horizontal in this orientation. On Paul’s (shipwright) suggestion I wetted out the fabr...

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Part 18: Bouyancy tanks are closed in.

08-03-2013 03:30 AM by Mark Shymanski | 7 comments »

Well this is the last view inside the tanks as they are now sealed. I will flip it over tomorrow and epoxy the hull, bow and transom and then its ready to float. It is a bit heavier than I thought so I am going to have to rig up some kind of ramp to get it on my roof rack. I may yet be forced into buying a small trailer. This is how I left hull 816 this evening. After the hull is coated I will tape and seal the tops of the tanks but I am just about out of epoxy so I want to get...

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Part 19: Details, details....

08-03-2013 06:21 PM by Mark Shymanski | 3 comments »

As I closed in the bouyancy tanks I wasn’t really happy with the fit of the lid. I’d allowed a little wiggle room in the width of the top to line everything up nicely (I’m learning not to just rely on measuring:-) so I’d expected some over lap. The funny part is when I got things nailed down the overlap wasn’t all on one side. One the starboard side I’d nailed the inboard bulkhead first for the whole length and then pushed and pulled to fit the top to th...

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Part 20: Come in to the Gudgeon & Pintle Today...

08-06-2013 05:29 AM by Mark Shymanski | 1 comment »

My apologies to the Irish Rovers:-) for the weak reference to their song about the Pig & Whistle :-) This isn’t work I accomplished this week but on Saturday, the day before yesterday. I am experimenting with different gudgeon designs and I have the notion I want to build it from wood. I initially had a really complicated multi-part gudgeon but as Paul (shipwright) has explained to me there is not a lot of force on these rudder components. I was quite pleased with my mas...

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Part 21: On to painting...

08-11-2013 06:04 PM by Mark Shymanski | 9 comments »

It has been a hectic week here. Last weekend I drove over 1500 km round trip to attend my cousin’s 40th wedding anniversary, then my mother came for a visit for a couple of days, Wednesday was family day Thursday was cold raining but I managed to do a bit on hull 816, Friday was mostly taken up with paperwork…a 24 page report on my holidays! Saturday I got back into the shop finished epoxying the tops of the bouyancy tanks and the bottom, the bow and stern. This is where I lef...

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Part 22: No brushes, so worked on the mast mount

08-12-2013 02:36 AM by Mark Shymanski | 3 comments »

I couldn’t find any brushes and I don’t like shopping on Sunday so I thought instead of painting I’d just work on the mast mount. Now I’d initially had this really complicated mount in my head (a dark and scary place at the best of times:-) but after a bit of advice, from shipwright, on how strong the step would need to be I simplified my plan. So I squared up a piece of Douglas Fir I think I got from my Dad before evening leaving the College, so its a well t...

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Part 23: Pintle cut, gudgeons mounted!

08-17-2013 04:16 AM by Mark Shymanski | 8 comments »

Well made a bit of progress today. Glued this down a couple of evenings ago and could finish mounting the locker bulkhead this evening. I’ve added the lid for the locker. I’m not impressed with the fit of the lid but I figure I’m spending too much time on it fiddling and I might just fiddle myself into winter without getting 816 wet. I’m telling myself its for ventilation so the locker doesn’t get musty:-) I did deliberately leave a bit of...

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Part 24: Now I need a new tool

08-17-2013 10:06 PM by Mark Shymanski | 6 comments »

Had just about finished sanding 816 in preparation to painting when my ROS decided to spill its guts. It was weird there was no indication it was going to fail, just bam mid sanding the bottom pops out. The motor didn’t stop or buzz just no more sanding pad. I was going to see if I could get it back together but I am going to push on with the painting. The choice of paint colours is what was left in the house from various other DIY projects. I am gaining some painting ex...

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Part 25: Set back

08-19-2013 05:11 AM by Mark Shymanski | 7 comments »

816 isn’t really ready for this step but I had to see what it would look like with the mast:-) I am actually glad I did this because I identified a significant flaw in my build. There is significant torque applied to the step and parter so with the way I’ve mounted the partner on the 3/8 bulkhead it is clearly too weak to sustain the kinds of forces that it needs to. I will need to re-work the bulkhead and step. I left the bulkhead free floating at base, in retrospect th...

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Part 26: Something here is not quite right

08-24-2013 03:36 AM by Mark Shymanski | 2 comments »

Days when I do stuff like this I move a whole lot more carefully and really plan out any work with sharp spinny bits. Once I remedied the goof I managed to finish my mast step. A buddy of mine came over after work to check out the progress on 816 and of course we talked about all manner of sailing things. Phil had some really good advice about strengthening my mast/locker bulkhead and not add too much weight. We also had a really good discussion about rigging 816, and I think he ...

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Part 27: some progress

08-26-2013 02:34 AM by Mark Shymanski | 1 comment »

Well no pictures this evening. I managed to get a little shop time in, worked on the leeboard mounts, and the step for the mast. Those are ready for gluing in. I temporarily fixed my ROS but the bottom popped out again so I guess it’s time to shop for a new sander. I still have the old B&D half sheet sander of my Dad’s which is just shy of 412 years old and it still works, why can’t a three or four year old sander that spent much of the time in a drawer keep working ...

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Part 28: Some progress

09-02-2013 04:37 AM by Mark Shymanski | 3 comments »

This the mast step. When I fabricated the main part it looked pretty good, then I dry fitted it and realized the partner’s hole was about 5 mm out of line. The small piece there is to shim the step out the correct? distance. These are the pieces for the rudder mount. The pieces will be laminated at the forward edge allowing the rudder to be sandwiched between the outside pieces. There are no real clear plans on Shorty’s site on how to build a rudder so I am just going...

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Part 29: Rudder nonsense!

09-03-2013 03:07 AM by Mark Shymanski | 3 comments »

The partner and step line up nicely. I had a bit of a surprise when I discovered the mast was a bit thicker further up and would not fit through the partner. A bit of work with the block plane and all was good. There is a bit of reinforcing yet for the mast but it looks pretty good. I have the brace pieces cut, they just need to be painted and then mounted. I bored out the holes for the pintle bar. I ran into a bit of an obstacle in that I had not really factored in the bul...

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Part 30: Sailing along

09-03-2013 04:24 AM by Mark Shymanski | 9 comments »

Making the sail was an ideal time to overly complicate and over think the process… But I resisted my instinctive need to make things hard and just went with Shorty’s recommended measures and used two tape measures to define the shape of the sail. I just swung the ends of the tapes in their respective arcs until both ends met and voila a leg o mutton sail. Dead easy and fast. Shorty recommends duct taping along these lines and then cut along the tape. My first thought was to la...

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Part 31: What not to run through your planer!

05-17-2014 09:29 PM by Mark Shymanski | 7 comments »

I have proved tha Robertson screws are, indeed, harder than my planer blades :-( I was working on a new and improved tiller for 816 and was using up some leftover/recycled boards. The daft part is that this was the second tiller I was making today (didn’t like the first one) and had carefully made sure there were no screws in that piece, the piece that had the screw was the offcut from the first piece! You apparently have to chech EACH piece LOL! Oh well, they were old blade...

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Part 32: IT FLOATS!!!

06-12-2014 05:23 AM by Mark Shymanski | 11 comments »

My two children and I finally got a nice weekend to launch hull 816 this past Saturday. The name of this boat is the Galega after the largest of the three ships Christopher Columbus used. There is some evdence that the Santa Maria was owned by a cartographer which came from Galatia in Europe. I thought it a bit presumptious to call my scow such a significant name so when I learned of the alternate title I was very happy. I like the fact that, as a practical Catholic who is an active ...

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