19 foot Offshore Power Dory Build

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Blog series by English updated 04-30-2017 09:07 PM 16 parts 111158 reads 121 comments total

Part 1: Getting Started

12-18-2014 03:55 AM by English | 5 comments »

I have started a new project for the winter. I am building a 19 foot Offshore Power Dory Boat. I am 65 years old and have spent my life building things for everyone else. I have always wanted to build a boat, so with my wife’s blessing that is just what I am doing this winter. I have spent hundreds of hours studying boat plans, reading about building boats on boat building forums and researching about every thing I would need to know to build a boat. I picked a plan. A 19ft Offshore...

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Part 2: Continuing with the boat frame

01-02-2015 03:20 AM by English | 3 comments »

I am at 65 hours now on this build. This is just about the hardest project I have every taken on. My progress seems very slow at least to me. The past few weeks I have been working on getting the chine logs and sheer clamps installed. I am a power tool guy and this project is old school hand tools. I am getting a new respect for the old ways. Next step is to install the chine logs and the sheer clamps. These boards need to be over 20 feet long to wrap around the edges of the boat. I ha...

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Part 3: Fairing the Frame

01-16-2015 09:27 PM by English | 8 comments »

Now I have both Sheer Clamps installed and epoxied into the frame. That’s the last frame member. Frame is now complete!! All Frame pieces installed!! Frame Eleven is still a little off, I will have to fair it out. Along the way I made a few bad cuts. Here I cut too deep and at the wrong angle, So I made a shim 8” long and epoxied it in to correct the problem I made the shim 8” long and epoxied it to both the chine log and the frame. At 8” it won’...

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Part 4: Installing Plywood Planking on Sides

01-27-2015 11:34 PM by English | 4 comments »

I now have 105 hours in the build and the boat weight is 622 lb. I have been weighing each piece as it is installed. I know I said at the end of the last blog segment that I was done with the frame, but I have decided to install a under deck fuel tank. So before I can install the plywood I need to add a little structural support for the tank. I used a router and made several recesses in two of the frames to hold a section of 2” x 4”. I put in 4 of these. Finished frame r...

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Part 5: Installing Bottom Plywood Planking

01-28-2015 12:11 AM by English | 3 comments »

I now have 120 hours in the build and the boat weight is 779 lb. I have been weighing each piece as it is installed. A look from under the boat. with all the side plywood installed, This boat has a 8 foot beam and 19.5 ft long. A inside look at one of the butt splice backer boards. Next we have to trim the side panel down and fair them even with the top of the chine logs. I used a router with a flush trim bit to get the sides down to the small lip you see in this pict...

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Part 6: Fairing the plywood for Fiberglass and First layer of Glass.

02-16-2015 09:28 PM by English | 5 comments »

I am at 153 hours on the build and the boat weighs 805 lbs. In my last post I had finished installing all of the plywood. The bottom plywood still needed fairing to the edge of the side plywood and to the same angle as the side plywood. I had planned on doing this with a sander, after a comment from Paul (shipwright) I did this work with a power planer and man was that easy. I was able to keep the planer connected to my shop vac and there was no mess to be cleaned up either. Thanks, Paul. ...

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Part 7: Finishing the Fiberglass on the Boat

02-27-2015 10:21 PM by English | 9 comments »

I am at 180 hours on the build and the boat weighs 835 lbs. Since my last update I have added another layer of fiberglass to the entire boat and 3 coats of epoxy filler. I had some issues with the epoxy fill coats, the epoxy I am using is 600cc viscosity. that’s very thin. It runs very badly . I discovered today after sanding off my runs from the 2nd coat, that if I used a 1/4” foam roller, I could roll it on thin enough that it did not run. It did leave a lot of bubbles in...

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Part 8: Getting the boat ready for paint, Painting, flipping the boat over.

03-17-2015 06:44 PM by English | 12 comments »

I am at 200 hours on this build and the boat weighs 835 lbs. After putting all the epoxy on the boat it had to be sanded. Epoxy is not self leveling. It orange peels very badly. I sanded for two days. Epoxy is very hard after it cures. After sanding I washed the boat with water. Then washed with lacquer thinner. After cleaning the boat I taped off the sides to get ready for paint. Then I painted the bottom with five very thin coats of Interlux VC Performance Epoxy with Tefl...

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Part 9: Building a Cabin

03-30-2015 11:39 PM by English | 5 comments »

I have 266 hours in the build so far, and the boat weighs 982 lbs. Since my last update. I have added a coat of epoxy to the inside of the boat and two coats of Rustoleum Marine paint. This wore me out. The epoxy can’t be sprayed so you have to use brushes and rollers. Working on the inside is much harder on the old body, I don’t work well on these old knee replacements. Here the tops of the sides have been routed even with the shear clamp. The next task is to get...

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Part 10: Completing the Cabin and Building Pilot House

04-10-2015 12:57 AM by English | 8 comments »

I am at 324 Hours on this build and the boat weighs 1150 lbs. I have made good progress the last few weeks. I will say again this is much harder than building furniture. Every piece that goes on the Boat is either curved or at a compound angle. Each piece has to be hand fit. Many trips into the boat and back to the saws. All of the cabin roof supports are installed and the interior cabin wall is in. All of the interior cabin walls are in and wiring for the cabin lights is install...

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Part 11: Closing up the decks, Getting the Rigging Ready.

04-29-2015 01:37 AM by English | 3 comments »

I am at 408 hours on this build and the boat weighs 1,237 lbs. I have been working on closing up the decks and getting everything ready to glass the topsides and paint. Progress seems slow but as I look over the pictures for this segment I see that a lot did get done. Conduits have been run to panel areas in the cabin. I installed two bilge pumps, one on each side of the keelson that separates the bilge area. Each pump is spliced into the power feeds using butt splices...

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Part 12: Finishing Topsides and Painting

06-05-2015 09:23 PM by English | 16 comments »

I have 558 hours in this build and the boat weighs 1421 lbs. It has been over a month since I updated the blog. I have been working on finishing the topsides of the boat to get it ready to paint. In my last blog I had all the topside built except for the splash well. So my next job was to mix up thickened epoxy and fill screw holes and seams. While I was working on sanding thickened epoxy I removed the pilot house inside panels and my wife glassed them on saw horses. ...

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Part 13: Finished Painting and trimming out Boat

07-04-2015 10:25 PM by English | 8 comments »

I have 718 hours in this build and the boat weighs 1703 lbs. Over the past Month I have finished painting the boat, Installed the rigging, Completed the wiring, installed the cleats, U-Bolts, Windows, seat boxes. The boat is very near completion, The first picture in this segment is where I am now. The first task I had this month was to make a rub rail. The rub rail is fitted near the top of the Hull and is the point that “rubs” the dock or other boats and absorbs the bl...

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Part 14: Finished trim and fit and launched.

07-29-2015 12:02 AM by English | 23 comments »

I have finished the boat!! It was launched this week. The boat did well on it’s sea trails, floated well and did not take on any water. I have 814 Hours in the build and the boat weighs 1749 lbs. But to not get to far ahead of the story, Since my last entry, I have trimmed the boat in White Oak stained to red mahogany, and finished with three coats of Sikkens Cetol Marine varnish. I made shaker style doors for the battery locker, the entrance to the cabin and a storage area under...

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Part 15: Perfomance Update.

09-18-2015 09:33 PM by English | 7 comments »

I wanted to update my blog to let folks know that I had performance issues with my flat bottom designed boat. I believe I caused the issue by adding so much weight forward in the cabin and pilot house. The boat had a real control issue. It would not steer well at low speeds. The boat would just seem to slide sideways instead of turning. In reverse there was no control at all. The front of the boat would fish tail back and forth banging the dock on the way out of the ramp. I contacted t...

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Part 16: Crack in Fiberglass on Transom

04-30-2017 09:07 PM by English | 2 comments »

Over the summer last year I noticed a crack developing beside my outboard on the transom. The crack is where a butt splice was on the transom when I originally built the boat. I had built the transom for a 20” motor and when I received the motor it needed 21 3/4” to get the cavitation plate even with the bottom of the hull. I considered several options for the repair. I considered removing the plywood off the entire transom, removing the 2×4 and the 2×8 an...

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