Peterbilt truck

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Blog series by Dutchy updated 03-05-2015 02:53 PM 19 parts 70846 reads 113 comments total

Part 1: Wheels

02-03-2015 04:36 PM by Dutchy | 5 comments »

I could have bought the wheels for my new T and J project, but decided to make my own. I prefer wheels from oak (a bought wheel is from beech) because ebonizing and I also I prefer a rim that is separate from the tire. Her you can see how I did it: First wood selected and signed wheels:Bandsaw work:Drilling a hole 35 mm, 11 mm deep: Turning the wheels a little oversized:Made a hole 8mm for the axle pegs: Putting about 10 wheels on a rod for final diameter turning;Than made with an a...

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Part 2: Holes in axle

02-08-2015 11:42 AM by Dutchy | 2 comments »

It always was difficult for me to make the holes parallel in the axle. I made a little jig to solve this problem. From plywood I made a 100% right-angle “jig”. On this plywood I put two wheels The screw in the “middle” of the wheel has an offset from 2 mm. By turning the wheel I can clamp the axle. Below you can see how it worked out: Below is the situation on the drill press:

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Part 3: Making the cabin

02-08-2015 12:19 PM by Dutchy | 4 comments »

First I made the pieces I needed. None of them is exactly. Here you can see them: I started sanding the botom exactly. Therefore I mostly glue a piece of paper on the part that has to be sanded. Below the situation on the disk sander: Then I glue the back of the cabin and the dashpanel to the bottom. This two pieces both are over sized: After the glue has dried again I sand the pieces exactly according to the bottom; Now it,s time to glue the oversized engine hood on it: And...

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Part 4: Radiotor front

02-11-2015 08:39 PM by Dutchy | 2 comments »

I make more things at once for my truck. Here you can see how I made the radiator front. First I made the inner site exactly on the disk sander. To do this first I glued a piece of paper on the ash wood: Before i removed the paper I marked the position for the radiotor front strips on the end grain; Then I glued the radiator strips from wenge on it: To sand the strips a little thinner I put double sided tape on a piece of plywood: Put the radiator inner side on this ta...

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Part 5: Glueing the cabin on the frame

02-12-2015 09:00 PM by Dutchy | 7 comments »

Today i glued the cabin on the frame. I hope this blog isn,t boring. But I started this blog and want to finish him. Below you see the frame: Glueing the cabin on the frame: After drying first saw the frame a liitle smaler on the bandsaw: Then made the frame and the cabin exactly flat: The result after sanding: Sanded the nose from cabin and frame flat: Glueing the radiator front on the cabin: After sanding the results:

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Part 6: (before) Making the roof

02-15-2015 10:38 AM by Dutchy | 3 comments »

Before I could glue the roof on the cabin I first had to do the interior. I made the gearshift on the lathe:Doing this by sanding:After sanding the final result:I Also made a steering wheel. Drew it in Acad:Made the chairs before but didn,t take a picture.Below you can see al parts mounted in the cabin:Another picture of the interior cabin:Then glued the roof on it and like always oversized:Sanded it:After it I made some carves in it. Also sanded the sides of the cabin with a smaller grit...

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Part 7: Air filters mount

02-15-2015 10:53 AM by Dutchy | 3 comments »

Made the air filters before on the lathe. The wood I used is Auwora (a beautiful (west) African wood) First started sanding the radius in the air filter mount:Then made the mounts to witdh of 12,7 mm (1/2”)Saw and sanded the mount to the correct length. Below you can see al the parts:Glued the mounts to the airfilter:And finally sanded the mounts to the correct thickness. The reason I did this after glueing and at last is to make the mount backside exactly parallel to the filter. And...

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Part 8: Schaft drive

02-18-2015 08:03 PM by Dutchy | 2 comments »

Below you can see how I made the schaft drive on the axes. First made some rounds:Cut them in half and sanded them:Then I glued them to the axes:And rounded the edges with radius 2mm and sanded them: Thank you for watching.

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Part 9: Bumper

02-18-2015 08:13 PM by Dutchy | 3 comments »

The bumper is made out of small pieces. Glueing of the first part:After sawing and sanding:Glueing al the other parts:After sanding:Mounting: Thank you for watching.

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Part 10: Fenders

02-18-2015 08:37 PM by Dutchy | 1 comment »

Below you can see how the fenders are made. First I glued the template on the wood. Below you can see the fenders and also the spacers:Outside bandsaw work:Outside sanding:Inside sawing:Inside sanding:Out of one piece I could saw two fenders:Then I sanded the fender to the right angle:Checking the angle:Glued a spacer on the fender (The spacers are made the same way as the fenders):After the spacers where sanded I mounted them to the cabin. I also mounted the bumper. Then sanded the spenc...

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Part 11: Cab guard

02-18-2015 09:03 PM by Dutchy | 6 comments »

Below you can see the making of the cab guard. As usual starting glueing the template on the wood. The black tool you see I use more and more(I now understand why the picture is blurry, I was not wearing my glasses):After sawing:Sanding:Before removing the template I marked where the holes had to come:Cab guard after mounting: Thanks for watching

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Part 12: Exhaust

02-21-2015 04:27 PM by Dutchy | 6 comments »

Here you can see the preparations for mounting of the exhaust on the chassis. Below the connection marked with a red line was not exactly 90 degrees.For that reason I made a very simple jig (an exact parallel and width piece of scrap) to make the spot to glue after sanding 100% parallel to the excaust and also had the correct length:I also made holes in the mounting spot for putting a dowel in it. This dowel was to reinforce the glue connection:Then I marked the position on the chassis and...

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Part 13: Trailer

02-24-2015 09:02 PM by Dutchy | 7 comments »

The “trailer” is almost ready. Below you see the results. Only the rims still need to be made: Those who follow this blog have already seen that I make two trucks simultaneously. So I made two tubes for the trailer. First sanded the deck to a thickness of 2,4 mm:Sanded 3 bars:Glued the first bar to the deck After drying I placed the second bar. in order to determine the position I first put the drawbar in it. This drawbar must be able to slide. Third and last bar: P...

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Part 14: Rear wheel rims

03-03-2015 12:40 PM by Dutchy | 12 comments »

A lot of picture,s Making the rear wheel rims. Standard you use an axle peg for mounting a wheel on the axle. On the picture below you can see this on the left side. This time I made a long dowel and with a press fit it is glued in the wheel. You can see this on the right side of the picture: I made the rims out of two pieces. The first one is a disk. After sanding it to the right diameter I had to drill a lot of holes in it. Total I needed 16 rims and each rim disk has 21 holes and th...

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Part 15: Lights on the roof

03-03-2015 04:25 PM by Dutchy | 5 comments »

The pieces become smaller. Her are the pictures from the roof lights. First put some dowels with CA glue in a piece of padouk: After sawing: After sanding the crude form: Turning on the lathe. This with the greatest caution I turned with…...sandpaper: When it was done I realized I made 8 but needed 10. My disc sander was mounted on the lathe and I didn,t want to do a conversion. I put one piece in my drill and made a light on the discsander. This was much easier and fast...

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Part 16: Ornament

03-04-2015 12:23 PM by Dutchy | 3 comments »

Another small part to make. Very small. I started with glueing 3 pieces of wood together. After it was dryed it was cut in half. And sanding could start. Below you can see the process. Making it slant: Radius making: And again disc sanding work to do and make it smaller: And smaller: And smaller: And then it was glued on the truck and “clamped” with Duct tape: This ornament is very small and hard to see on the truck: And for that reason another p...

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Part 17: What went wrong and mistakes

03-05-2015 12:33 PM by Dutchy | 13 comments »

Below a few pictures of what went wrong. After sanding there was a naturel crack in the roof: I decided to fix it with PVAc glue: When I was sanding the exhaust pipe and pulled too hard on the sanding paper he brook: When I was sanding the frame on the disk sander he fell out of my hands and one edge was considerably demaged. I glued a another piece in it: Four times a broken jamb:e The bottom of the frame I glued in a wrong direction: And that’s why I had to replac...

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Part 18: What I didn,t like

03-05-2015 12:54 PM by Dutchy | 8 comments »

I love working with the T and J plans but there is one thing I don,t like and that is making handles, mirrors and so on. This little stuff is made out of 2,3mm (3/32”) dowels. Dowells of 2,3 mm are hard to get in europe so I use 3 mm (almost 1/8”). I do the glueing with CA. Below you see a couple of picture,s from the way I try to press it together. Is there someone who can give me an advise to do this easier. You are welcome!! Thanks for watching.

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Part 19: Preview

03-05-2015 02:53 PM by Dutchy | 21 comments »

This is the last blog of the Peterbilt truck. I made 200 picture,s (didn,t use them all) That means an average of slightly more than 10 picture,s per blog entry. The blog took some time but in relation to making the two logging trucks it wasn,t that much. Tomorrow I will ask my daughter to make some project pictures but below the preview: As mentioned before tomorrow hopefully more pictures for label Project. For that reason you may also wait with comments Thanks for watching.

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