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My Secret Magic Mix :)

12-05-2007 03:12 AM by Don Kondra | 32 comments »

If you dread the finishing part of a project as I used to, perhaps I can persuade you to give this mix/technique a try. The idea of using an oil combined with a film forming finish is not new; this is simply the one I have settled on after experimenting with a number of different products. An ideal finish should be easy to apply, enhance the grain and figure of the wood and provide a reasonable level of protection from normal wear and tear. The soft hand rubbed glow is a bonus. If yo...

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Floating Serpentine Shelf #8: Final Assembly and Installation

07-15-2017 02:45 PM by Ron Stewart | 2 comments »

Initially, I thought I could assemble the entire shelf in the garage, and that my wife and I could move it into the study. As my wife is happy to tease me, what in the world was I thinking? Weight-wise, it wouldn’t have been a problem. Size-wise, it’s theoretically possible, but totally impractical. We’d have dinged the frame of every door and cased opening along the path. So I did the final assembly in the study. Here’s the finished back panel with the shelf alignm...

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Shaker Door becomes....Tutorial

12-27-2009 07:01 AM by kolwdwrkr | 26 comments »

I was out making a set of doors today and I decided that the fine folks here on LJs might appreciate a tutorial. I realize there are those of you that should be schooling me on the matter, but figured there were some that would like to learn it as well. So I will do my best to give pertanent information. Thanks for reading. To start off you need to consider shop safety. Make sure the guards on your tools are opporational and you have the proper safety glasses, ear plugs, and dust mask.F...

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Grinder Sculpting #2: design and layout

12-18-2011 07:46 PM by JoeyG | 16 comments »

First lets start with the work horses. I picked these up at Klingspore. It’s my local woodworking shop but I have also gotten them from the box stores. These are 50 and 80 grit. I will use the 80 on this project. The mahogany should be soft enough for it. I want to do one in purpleheart soon so I picked up the 50. If you haven’t worked with purpleheart, it is one hard wood, but that is a blog for another time. LOL. Here you see that I laid out a simple grid pattern over ...

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Japanese tools #11: Japanese toolbox - thoughts

05-31-2012 10:48 AM by mafe | 35 comments »

Japanese toolbox大工の道具箱 I have been looking forward for a while to make this blog, this because the result is one of my favorite woodworking projects, it was like a sum of skills leaned and also a design and history challenge that I enjoyed.The result is something I am proud of and that I think will stay with me for as long as I live. At first I made this small one out of trash wood in Paris, meant for chisels. Later another as a gift for a friend

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Not Just Any Box #4: ..finishing touches.

01-19-2008 11:57 PM by YorkshireStewart | 10 comments »

Here are one or two pictures of the dovetail joints that hold the two inner trays together. It’s years since I did hand-cut dovetails (1962 to be precise – last year of high school!). But a challenge is a challenge. They were too tiny to worry about measuring angles, especially with my vari-focal specs, so I did them by eye. I ‘nailed’ the partition with tiny pegs cut from the bog oak, hammered into pre-drilled holes. It seemed to work pretty well. ...

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Not Just Any Box #3: towards the finish...

01-18-2008 09:45 PM by YorkshireStewart | 15 comments »

As I wrote earlier, I’d jointed the box corners using the Lock Mitre Router Bit in the router table. I mentioned that I’d set it up by way of trial and error. That prompted me today to do a Google on the topic & I came up with this helpful website. Anyhow, with those joints, there should be no need for any reinforcement, but the box itself, before polishing, did seem a bit plain, especially when set against the lid. I wanted a change from the ‘slip feathers’ / mitre keys that I’ve f...

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Not Just Any Box #2: It all hinges on these..

01-17-2008 10:15 PM by YorkshireStewart | 35 comments »

I have a love affair with wooden hinges and this challenge gave me the opportunity to go one step further with them. (It started some years ago when I came across the work of the late Tim Stead – in my opinion, a genius.) Accurately drilling the hinge pin hole in such a hinge is never easy, and those I planned for this box are 9.5” long and therefore impossible to drill. The following is an attempt to show how I overcame this bit of the challenge. The first shot shows the oak blan...

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Hand Tools Adventure #2: Full Blind Dovetails

01-10-2014 01:03 AM by shipwright | 37 comments »

So it turns out that the historically correct way to make a marquetry covered box is with full blind dovetails. OK I’m a good sport. How hard can it be. Anyway it will give me a chance to use all those silent, pretty tools again. (I’m going to have to remove that bench mallet from the silent category, especially as it relates to whacking holdfasts.)I believe that the joint was used primarily to provide a very strong corner with no end grain showing to telegraph through the veneer....

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Dust Collection Issues. #3: Some different blast gates

09-08-2012 09:16 PM by shipwright | 6 comments »

My blast gates are nothing special but since some of you wanted to see them here are a few photos. The first one is my planer in use and closed. The band saw is the same. This is the downdraft section of my bench open and closed. I don’t mind that the two finger holes are always open. This is the very end of the line and I find that it’s good to have the bitter end of the line at least somewhat open. I think that when an open line is joining the main and the gat...

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