Getting my tools ready

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Blog series by DocSavage45 updated 10-22-2018 01:26 AM 32 parts 91311 reads 428 comments total

Part 1: Finally getting past the starting point!

02-04-2013 04:24 PM by DocSavage45 | 11 comments »

Time and money….seems I’ve neither. LOL! Did make a commitment to myself that I would have my shop tools up and running by spring. It’s actually happening. I’m making some headway! First step was purchasing a Harbor Frieght Lathe which has been assembled and waiting for almost a year??? Wow. Second step was finding a 10 inch grizzly 3 hp 1023 and getting it home.Third step was finishing up some of the outside construction projects that were 85% completed while w...

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Part 2: # Here goes nothin! LOL!

02-11-2013 06:10 PM by DocSavage45 | 18 comments »

Figured out how where to find files! added recent pics look sidways! Harbor Frieght Lathe added a year ago! Cabinet saw and old craftsman router table on wooden table Before the add ins Couldn’t find the current pictures, will post when I get the darn things labeled? ! Thanks for following. Sorta feel like the Pigpen character in Penuts comics. The clound of chaos seems to hang over me. But I move through it. Snow, finding a lost dog, and my wor...

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Part 3: Putting the tape on my saw?

02-21-2013 03:41 AM by DocSavage45 | 5 comments »

Hey, I’d probably figure this out but some advice might make it quicker. I have been doing some cosmetic improvement on my grizzly 1023. Shes on a super heavy duty shop fox dolly. I found a great tractor paint from my local Ace that serves the local farmers. Has a hardener in it. Been working on my food paying job for awhile, but today had time to pull the blue tape off and reassemble the shop fox fence. HEY no shop fox fences for sale on Grizzly? No PDF? My old owners manu...

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Part 4: Need some help for the next step /220 single phase GFI?

02-22-2013 06:55 PM by DocSavage45 | 7 comments »

I will have to put new wiring in for my 220 single phase 1023sl grizzly bear. Thats the next step so I can make hardwood rails for my “too short ” dollies. I have GFI’s in line on all 110 circuits. It appears that I can only get a 220 GFI cuircut breaker? Will be going to my second home..My favorite “Box Store” to pick up some electrical hardware. Will I have to mount a 220 single phase gfi in the panel? Thanks

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Part 5: Outfeed table with router?

02-27-2013 04:25 PM by DocSavage45 | 5 comments »

My ol’ 1023sl grzzly mama bear has just had her face lift. LOL I’m getting the materials together and clearing space to install my 220 line. Thanks for the advice! Looking around on LJ’s for an outfeed table that will serve as router table and assembly table. Shop space where sawing will occurr is narrow. For saftey reasons and mobility I thought I’d like to do a multipurpose table? Found collapsable, dedicated, Norm lookalikes, and even checked out Wo...

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Part 6: "Houston we have lift off!"

03-16-2013 12:02 AM by DocSavage45 | 8 comments »

Quick update: Installed a new metal conduit 220 single phase line for the mama bear 1023sl grizzly. NEMA has made some changes since this saw was built. 20 amp circuit has a different plug and socket. Found it out through trial and error and Google. I had the sticks of conduit sitting for a few years, and found my bender. Took awhile and some wrong bends, but I got it together and pulled the wire. ( Wouldn’t pay me for the job…LOL!) I was going to wire an extension cord for...

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Part 7: Uncle Stumpy asked if I had any projects yet? LOL!

04-02-2013 03:45 PM by DocSavage45 | 17 comments »

This is what I told him…. I am moving forward and backwards at the same time. Got a challenge from a friend who I had challenged awhile ago. He is through his angst and has sold a major painting, plus others. He said “just go out and play with the wood.” I agreed. Then the electrical inspector called asking if I had finished yet? That became my priority. Finished it and made a major mistake which he has had me correct. Yesterday I finished putting together som...

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Part 8: Still here!

04-23-2013 06:15 PM by DocSavage45 | 14 comments »

Haven’t posted in awhile re: my tools and shop. I have made progress and have shared that with a few LJ’s. I have succeeded in getting through my electrical inspection and now have an approved box in the Cau Haus. I ran metal conduit for my 220 single phase cabinet saw. Had some sticks of metal conduit from a project many years ago. Had to do some tricky(for me) bends and twists to get around ceiling joists and the metal gas pipe for the furnace. Of course I screwed it up! ...

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Part 9: What is the status?

05-14-2013 01:19 AM by DocSavage45 | 15 comments »

An update re: progress if it can be called that? The first picture is a somewhat organized chaos! I realized that I was in Hazzard County as my benches and the floor were filled with materials, tools and garbage. I decided that after the electric box was approved to go out and work on that “piece of ash.” But I was unable to move. The second picture is a slight evolution of progress? I actually put in about three of my shop DAZE getting materials and tools put on the f...

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Part 10: The eagle has landed!

06-04-2013 07:56 AM by DocSavage45 | 14 comments »

My goal was to have my equipment up and running by Spring. I had a detour in building the shelving, and having to make the rails for the equipment dollies. It’s Mid-Spring and today I reassembled my 6×48 belt sander floor model. This is the last piece of shop equipment that sat idle or in a box depreciating for 7 years. It is not pictured here. The first picture is my 7” jointer planer from Harbor Freight ( now discontinued) After attempting to read the directions (...

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Part 11: My version of the thein chip collector

06-26-2013 01:30 AM by DocSavage45 | 17 comments »

Having assembled my shop equipment, and watching Stumpy Nubbs show on chip collection for the lower budget…MINE! LOL! Went to my local box stores to purchase a trash can and I was sorely disappointed at the quality of the product in more than one store. At present I have no money for tools. So I remembered the burn barrel I purchased last year for $&.%). Checked it out…price increase. 10 bucks! Had to clean out dried peanut oil! Another fun task? Lots of fun c...

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Part 12: Small steps forward

07-06-2013 12:53 AM by DocSavage45 | 24 comments »

Not a whole lot to show for progrees since the last posting, but I have two functional chores completed toward my goal. When I constructed my Thein chip separator I had a difficult time, and therefore extended time in cutting the plywood circles. Used my Makita Saber Saw, and then figured out/tuned up my Band Saw with help from some knowledgeable Lumberjocks. My thanks ( again!) for the guidance. Realized I could cur faster with a circle cutter, and used my sheet metal circle cutter. A...

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Part 13: What is the difference between the delta model 40-650 and the model 40-650 type 2?

03-05-2014 05:58 PM by DocSavage45 | 8 comments »

I just had the Good Fortune or Misfortune of purchasing a Delta 18 inch Model 40-650 scroll saw with table. I realize this is an OLD Scroll saw. The price was about what I might pay for the stand at retail. The man I purchased it from was a genuine guy. Had to drive an hour there and as it turns out 2.5 hours back in a blizzard! LOL! Could have purchased a new one. Yet I am impressed with this older saw. It had been sitting for awhile as it is his wife’s tool and she bought a la...

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Part 14: How do I get the best out of an OLD DELTA 40-650 Type I? Need experienced advice!

06-06-2014 05:32 PM by DocSavage45 | 6 comments »

LJ’s I purchased a Delta C arm 18” scroll saw. It has been a misadventure born out of poverty. LOL! Have an intarsia, project in mind. It’s for an artist friend. An inlay into a box made from one of his great paintings. Purchased the 40-650 Type I Scroll Saw at least 3 months ago, maybe longer ( brought it home driving several hours in a blizzard). De rusted the aged metal table, painted and cleaned up the old girl. Looked good! The clamping mechanism and the cl...

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Part 15: Rehabbed Delta 18" C Arm Scroll's done!

07-18-2014 02:41 AM by DocSavage45 | 4 comments »

This has been a learning experience in what not to do. LOL! Saw this scroll saw for 75 bucks on Craigslist. Drove to the house down dusty country roads and I blogged earlier about this saw requiring a couple hours of fixing the clamp to see it cut wood! Then I drove home in a snow storm. The first picture is how the saw looked in January! The second picture is how the rusted table looked. I got some suggestions from Blackie (Randy) regarding about using apple cider vinegar to rem...

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Part 16: Re-purposing a shop bench to a woodworkers bench

08-12-2014 05:24 PM by DocSavage45 | 23 comments »

Been awhile since my last post: Randy aka Blackie asked that I show my rehabbed/recycled Hybrid woodworking bench. Please feel free to share your thoughts, advise and humor. It is appreciated. So here it is! Looked and listened to some really good woodworkers here on LJ’s like Paul aka Shipwright, and Kiefer. Have to give credit to Paul Sellers and his YouTube video of constructing a woodworkers bench and a more recent one regarding adding bench dogs to your existing bench. A...

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Part 17: "Cut it off twice and it was still to short," or look ma I got wheels!

12-03-2014 02:37 AM by DocSavage45 | 6 comments »

I finally got my Hybrid Woodworkers Bench mobile and ready to go. I found some different castors from Peachtree though their email specials. Told myself “gonna get this puppy runnin around my shop!” As those who follow some of my ramblings know I had put some castors with a stem into the legs of my bench but even though I found star nuts to fit the shafts and re threaded the star nuts, the stem was not long enough and the forces from the bench weight caused it to wobble. a qui...

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Part 18: Adding dust collection to my jointer and my planer

01-16-2015 03:27 AM by DocSavage45 | 24 comments »

Been awhile and making some progress! Thought I’d do an update on my depreciated shop equipment LOL! Murphy continues to haunt my shop but it appears he went South for a winter vacation! I want to thank Stumpy Nubbs for inspiration while shopping at his and my favorite box store. Stumpy finds innovative adaptive uses for items we might not associate with woodworking. I’ve done some roofing and plumbing and stumpy has some innovative uses for trivets and plumbing stuff such...

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04-30-2015 01:23 AM by DocSavage45 | 25 comments »

MY STRAIGHTEDGE ROUGH CUTTING JIG.First picture (jig with spalted Maple) The first picture you see is why I built the jig. If you have been following my journey and saw the other jig that I built for my band saw you know that this is the next step. I am truly in awe of what Mother Nature has given me. Picture 2 ( side view of completed straightedge jig with six-inch hold downs) The next picture is my rough drawing of what a poor man’s jig looks like. I decided to u...

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Part 20: Murphy's Drill Press Table!

06-13-2015 04:07 AM by DocSavage45 | 26 comments »

MURPHY’S DRILL PRESS TABLE Built mostly by Murphy, LOL! GRRRRR! On June 4, 2013, I posted “Getting My Tools Are Ready #12 blog, which is where I showed the finished assembly of some of my shop tools, one of which was my floor model 17 inch drill press. The drill press table was designed for working with metal versus wood. At that time, I purchased some hold downs and T tracks to eventually build a joint press table for working with wood.My current focus is milling ...

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06-20-2015 12:47 AM by DocSavage45 | 13 comments »

MURPHY’S DRILL PRESS TABLE EXTENSION JIG After I finished working on the drill press table and posting it on LJ’s I drilled out 30+ holes accurately for my next project. I am building a chainsaw mill bench/stand. I was pleased that I accurately drilled the holes for the carriage bolts in the supports and cross members. My next task was to pre-drill screw holes in the support bracing that will hold the cross members and supports. I stood there thinking “how am I go...

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07-06-2015 05:40 PM by DocSavage45 | 27 comments »

ROUGH CUT STRAIGHTEDGE CUTTING JIG WITH KNOBS II (THE NEW AND IMPROVED VERSION!) This is the bottom of the straightedge cutting jig. It is made from the material available on the shop, half-inch plywood. You can see the hardwood rail for tracking the jig. It is smaller than the last one because that’s all I had. LOL! This board is wider than the last to accommodate wider slabs of wood. The original version was not able to handle more than 8 inches in width. The wider hol...

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07-17-2015 01:12 AM by DocSavage45 | 8 comments »

TABLESAW RESAWING JIG ADAPTED FROM CHARLES NEIL’S RESAWING DVD. I am in the process of preparing lumber that I’m getting from nature! Charles Neil did a “Resawing” DVD many years ago, it may be available or may not. Charles demonstrated resawing techniques using a tablesaw and the bandsaw.The jig presented here is made up of available shop materials. I used MDF because I had it as well as three-quarter inch, fir plywood. What you see is the assembled jig. The ji...

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07-30-2015 11:03 PM by DocSavage45 | 13 comments »

CHARLES NEIL BANDSAW RESAWING JIG II FOR RESAWING OR SLICING VENEER ON THE SMALL BANDSAW Yep, fellow lumberjock’s another jig for resawing in a small shop from Charles Neil’s video on resawing, which can be found now on his website if you want to see this in action. Several years ago Charles made a DVD on resawing, which I have. I think I asked him to make it, maybe not. But all the credit goes Charles.I’m doing a small blog here on this which I posted as a project. I...

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Part 25: Shop Made 2'x4' Down Draft Table

05-01-2016 07:47 PM by DocSavage45 | 24 comments »

DOWNDRAFT TABLE BUILD – 2016 This is a project I needed to do to work on my boxes. I’m sharing details for LJ’s who might want to build their own if they haven’t already. Minnesota winter means enclosed shop. Dust! I needed a table that would fill a number of functions for me. I wanted a large enough space to sand furniture parts as well as making boxes. I’m providing this blog for those of you who want to make a slightly larger down draft table/box. I...

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Part 26: Maple, Murphy, and Me,

11-12-2017 01:19 AM by DocSavage45 | 22 comments »

Murphy always has a treat in store for me. My friend CharlieK (on LJ’s) lives in MN/St.Paul area. A town called Fridley. He had purchased a trailer load of rough milled hard maple and he had a lot left over which he was wanting to sell to get it out of his garage Took my 1990 3/4 ton truck and traveled 124 miles to have lunch and pick up some maple. Had a full truck bed up to the top of the sides of maple and I was returning home in the dark. About 11 miles from home my fro...

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Part 27: Shop Made 2'x4' Down Draft Table Materials Driven

05-24-2018 06:04 AM by DocSavage45 | 10 comments »

Hey LJ’s, Just uploaded another video blog for your viewing pleasure or???LOL! It is an extension of the previous blog as I’d hoped to do a video but really didn’t like what I saw. LOL! Who is that guy? Please click on the URL to see it. I’d appreciate a like and a comment as well as your creative comments here. Please hit the like button. If you like it. Thanks for Checking it out.

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Part 28: MY hybrid Woodworkers bench from recycled materials

05-26-2018 06:15 AM by DocSavage45 | 4 comments »

Hey Lj’s,This is a video version of a handwritten blog when I decided to take the fixed bench attached to my wall and make it functional for hand work, and my being 5’8” and shrinking according to my doctor. You can refer to the handwritten blog which is I’d appreciate your watching as I had a good time creating this video. To watch it click on the URL ** and go...

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Part 29: Drill Press table with dust collection

06-24-2018 09:44 PM by DocSavage45 | 4 comments »

Hey LJ’s , Posted another video of my version of a drill press table. I adapted the dust collection idea from Stumpy Nubbs. My video can be seen on YouTube. The URL:* Please like and subscribe if you like the video. And you can review the written blog here Thanks for checking it out!*

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Part 30: Grizzly 3 hp 220 15 inch planer

07-12-2018 05:13 AM by DocSavage45 | 15 comments »

Hey LJ’s,,Been contemplating the purchase of a more powerful planer. Been looking at Grizzly’s 15 inch series including the bare bones model. Looking at the web site last night I noticed that the 15 inch planers were not in stock but I could place an order. Whoa! Uncle Donald ’s tariffs are alive and well! 275 dollars ! The bare bones was in stock without the tarrif charge, so I bit the bullet and ordered This Machine: It means I have to build a movable ...

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Part 31: My take on a Thein Chip Collector

07-15-2018 07:29 PM by DocSavage45 | 11 comments »

Hey LJ’s Check out my new chip collector My first embedded video! View on YouTube Your comments and thoughts about doing it better would be helpful. Not sure where this will go. LOL!

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Part 32: Lawn Tractor/ Wood shed from repurposed construction materials

10-22-2018 01:26 AM by DocSavage45 | 0 comments »

What have I been doing???? Haven’t posted projects. Needed a place to put our new used Poulan Pro lawn tractor and to store lumber I’m milling. As always comments and critiques welcome! If ya got a minute like me on YouTube. Thanks! Another great idea that wasn’t except instead of cost of new materials there was the cost of time??? and You betcha Murphy was in there helping. Took a lot of video and pictures but I’m thinking it’s only interestin...

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