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Blog series by Dave Rutan updated 03-29-2020 11:17 PM 20 parts 68050 reads 80 comments total

Part 1: Alain Vaillancourt AKA The Woodpecker

11-06-2014 06:34 PM by Dave Rutan | 7 comments »

I decided to start a series about the video woodworkers that I enjoy. The vast majority of them are on YouTube, because that’s what’s available to me. They are put up in no particular order, so there are really no favorites. First up is Alain Vaillancourt, AKA the Woodpecker. I guess one of the things that attracted me to Alain’s channel was that he produces his woodworking videos in both English and French. He’s located somewhere in the Montreal area, but doe...

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Part 2: Guy Bradbury

11-10-2014 02:42 PM by Dave Rutan | 1 comment »

Guy Bradbury is one of those neat guys. He reminds me of the shop teacher I never had. He’s basically a wood turner, but does projects that don’t involve the lathe as well. I like Guy’s style and his humor. Sometimes his videos remind me of a guy in his shop alone just talking to himself. I first found his channel while looking for basic information on lathes. If you watch his vids, he extolls many hints and tips along the way. Even if his methods don’t suit yo...

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Part 3: Dominic Bender

11-17-2014 01:15 AM by Dave Rutan | 2 comments »

Dominic Bender comes to us from the Bavaria area of Germany. His video posts began in English, but recently he has begun posting in English and German. I first encountered Dominic’s videos during this year’s 2×4 contest. What I like about his videos is his off the cuff attitude, humorous asides and the fact that he’s working in a basement the size of a one car garage. He approaches projects from an experimental angle. Sometimes they succeed, sometimes they don̵...

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Part 4: John Heisz, Rhymes with 'Nice'

11-22-2014 07:25 PM by Dave Rutan | 6 comments »

I believe I first found John's channel on YouTube while looking for videos about clamps. At the time he had just made a pretty decent bar clamp and a superb hand screw clamp. His projects aren’t so much furniture as jigs, shop made tools and clever experiments involving woodworking and some metalwork. I like John’s no nonsense attitude to the grief he’s received from the YouTube trolls. He’s a fountain of information on thinking a process through and doing things i...

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Part 5: Frank Howarth

11-30-2014 02:40 AM by Dave Rutan | 2 comments »

I believe I first found Frank Howarth after finally checking out his much-talked about stop motion animation chair video. I like Frank’s videos because of their style and the way he describes his projects. I know I’ll never have a shop like his, but his videos are a pleasure to watch. He has a real good feel for filmography, editing and description. His stop motion animation is always fun to watch too. Frank’s YouTube Channel is here: [Link] And he has a blog of...

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Part 6: Jim Steinbrecher

12-05-2014 05:11 PM by Dave Rutan | 1 comment »

Jim is one of those people who enjoys sharing his knowledge with the world at large. To me he is like having an uncle on YouTube. OK, maybe the video’s are a bit unpolished, but to me they are worth the effort of watching. I think the one big help I got from his was the introduction to the ’Pin Router Jig’. Jim Steinbrecher’s YouTube channel hasn’t been active lately, but it’s still a treasure trove of clever projects and tips. [Jim Steinbrecher's...

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Part 7: Steve Carmichael

12-14-2014 05:12 PM by Dave Rutan | 0 comments »

Steve Carmichael has an incredible imagination when it comes to woodworking. He has responded to many of the challenge builds and contests and the result of his labor is always something original, cool and doable by many of us. His shop is in the ‘wife’s side of the garage’ as he put it and his videos are always very well produced. He also injects humor into his work and is always giving us something fun to watch. Even my daughter likes to watch him. She has informed me...

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Part 8: Jack Houweling

12-25-2014 01:39 PM by Dave Rutan | 1 comment »

Jack Houweling builds only a few actual projects, but makes a lot of very clever jigs. He is apparently a piano repairer(?), but his videos don’t involve that trade. His earlier videos are a bit raw, not having any narration, but they’ve gotten much better lately. He has some very clever ideas of how to accomplish the tasks he wants to do. Always an educational treat to watch him work. Jacks YouTube channel is here: [link]

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Part 9: April Wilkerson

01-09-2015 01:27 PM by Dave Rutan | 4 comments »

There are not many video woodworkers of the fairer sex. April Wilkerson is perhaps one of the foremost at the moment. I first found out about her from the Drunken Woodworker’s Weekly Woodworking Wrap-up Review. April’s early videos are simply kinetic showcases for projects she built for her home, but at the urging of the video woodworking community she began making build videos, quite successfully. It’s amazing the ideas she comes up with for projects and the videos a...

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Part 10: Jerry Brown AKA Polly Wants a Crafter

01-13-2015 11:23 PM by Dave Rutan | 15 comments »

I just discovered Jerry Brown today via the Drunken Woodworker. Jerry is trying to put out 365 projects in 2015, that’s a project video every day! I’m watching them, but I thought others might be interested in this endeavor since the projects will likely be much simple. A nice way ro get a project du jour. Jerry’s YouTube channel is here [link]. I’ve begun putting his daily videos into a playlist which is available here. [link]

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Part 11: Steve Ramsey

01-18-2015 07:50 PM by Dave Rutan | 15 comments »

I think I first found Steve Ramsey’s videos on YouTube while looking for videos of or about Norm Abram. Steve had put up a short video, a vlog post really, about Norm’s retirement. Steve is a YouTube woodworking superstar. He puts out a project almost every week (occasionally he takes a vacation week,) and he’s the one who sets the standard for style and popularity. He definitely does not need any plug from me, but I knew I’d need to acknowledge him eventually...

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Part 12: Chad Stanton AKA The big Chopperoo

02-09-2015 06:13 PM by Dave Rutan | 4 comments »

Chad Stanton is a bit off the wall and is the only video woodworker I know of who has a safety sidekick in his videos. Despite his unique approach, his videos do contain many how to helpers to those of us lacking experience in the hobby. His YouTube channel is here. [link] Recently Chad put up a video on the Popular Woodworking channel, but I’m not sure if it was a onetime gig or something that will be recurring.

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Part 13: Alex Harris AKA This Woodwork AKA Teen Woodworker

02-25-2015 01:00 PM by Dave Rutan | 1 comment »

I’m pretty sure I first found Alex while looking for shop made clamp videos. In those days he was still a youngster working in a very small side shed along his parents’ house. Despite his then humble surroundings he managed to put out project videos. He also built a Matthias Wandel style band saw at this time. Alex later moved his shop to a one stall garage. I’m unsure if it’s his parents’ garage (likely) or someone else’s. He is currently attending u...

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Part 14: Andrea Arzensek

03-02-2015 09:02 PM by Dave Rutan | 0 comments »

Andrea is located in Mexico, but is originally from Croatia. He works with limited tools on his projects, but he has a good imagination and his videos are pretty well produced. Definitely worth a watch. A few of his videos are available in Spanish as well as English. His YouTube channel is here: [link]

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Part 15: Linn Orvar (Darbin Orvar)

04-07-2015 11:47 PM by Dave Rutan | 3 comments »

Linn Orvar has a unique way of doing woodworking. Her shop looks like it was decorated by Martha Stewart and she always adds a flair to her projects. Linn first came to my attention through a mention by Steve Ramsey who in turn heard of her from the old Weekly Woodworking Wrap-up Review by the Drunken Woodworker. Some of her projects my be termed craft projects, but anyone who hand cuts joinery deserves to be termed a woodworker. Linn’s main YouTube channel, named for her dog, D...

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Part 16: Jay Bates

04-17-2015 11:35 PM by Dave Rutan | 1 comment »

Jay Bates is another one of those people who knows how to build something. I don’t recall how I originally found him, but his habit of using recycled materials sure doesn’t hurt in the realm of why I watch his videos. He’s also known for a series of videos he made about using Sketchup. (I’ll likely be accessing those since a recent computer crash left me without AutoCAD. It was an old version and likely won’t work on my Windows 8 machine.) Jays current vi...

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Part 17: Stan Sullivan

07-19-2015 07:48 PM by Dave Rutan | 7 comments »

I forgot how I found him, but Stan Sullivan is another one of those video woodworkers that I watch. His narrative is clear and the sound quality in his videos is very good. Admittedly his woodworking is straight forward, but he uses some interesting techniques to get things done. The statement from his YouTube channel reads: ‘Fancy workshop with expensive tools. Not here. Just a garage, basic tools and a belief that Doing it yourself brings confidence and a sense of satisfaction...

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Part 18: Peter Brown

08-03-2015 09:27 PM by Dave Rutan | 1 comment »

Peter's YouTube Channel Peter's Website I don’t remember when I first found Peter Brown’s videos, but they’re usually interesting. Even though he doesn’t always use wood, he is always using woodworking machinery. I think he buys his supply of epoxy in 50 gallon drums. He likes it even more than Norm Abram! Probably his worst mistake was turning objects from rock salt.

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Part 19: Are there any left? (rant)

03-21-2018 06:47 PM by Dave Rutan | 8 comments »

Lately I’ve been paring down the YouTube woodworks that I regularly watch. It seems that many of the ones I enjoyed have either decided to showcase their CNC’s, go into blacksmithing, go long format, or just vlog instead of build projects. Some have realized that you can’t get rich doing videos and have pretty much given up. The few that I watch with any loyalty are Steve Ramsey (when he pits out a project video), Matthias Wandel and mostly John Heisz. I like John’s...

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Part 20: Rex Krueger

03-29-2020 11:17 PM by Dave Rutan | 1 comment »

Lately I’ve been watching the videos of Rex Krueger [link] The videos are a little longer than I’d like, but the content and Rex’s style make up for it. Rex has a series called Woodworking for Humans where he shows haw to make some projects using basic hand tools. He also has a series where he builds a Roman style work bench and progressively kits it out, using basic, affordable hand tools. He also has videos on acquiring quality tools cheaply and refurbishing ...

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