Dungeon to Lair: That's the plan at least... #7: Breathing easier, as I save the world!!! (UPDATE! 2/26/13)

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UPDATE: 2/26/13
Install pictures in POST # 21
Additional Filter relocation info/pictures in BLOG # 21, of this series!

Greetings All,

Welcome to my WORKSHOP! I CAN say that now, as I am able to work in it. I haven’t really made progress toward organization or efficiency, which makes the work I do do that much more difficult (hee hee, I said do do, in my best Butthead voice ).

In my previous two blog entries, I had cut the 3/4” ply for my air cleaner (A. C.) & relocated my new (to me) C’man contractor TS, to the basement, I mean to say WORKSHOP!!! Since then I have completed most of the assembly of the A. C. & started to upgrade the TS.

Let’s discuss the A. C.. I am repurpossing a variable speed, squirrel cage, furnace blower. Now than, we all know how important an A. C. is. It is very difficult to accomplish anything while coughing up a lung or recovering from a double lung transplant. I imagine it is, as I haven’t yet experienced either of these traumatic events and sure don’t plan to, hence the A. C. (& the 2HP HF DC)!

Construction of the A. C. is basic pocket hole joinery. I can handle that type of joinery. Besides I don’t know how well squirrels & dove(tail)s get along! And I wouldn’t want PETA getting involved, there could be blood everywhere. Namely mine from inopportune saw & chisel encounters! I Jerry Rigged a work station for my Kreg Pocket Hole jig and set out to start assembly of my lung transplant elimination devise (A. C.)!

Kreg PH Work Station Prototype.

Do you think I can sell this plan to KREG???

It ain’t no “Eagle” but it is a Hole In One (component)!

I completed all the pocket holes that I needed and even a few that I didn’t. I was trying to hurry and got on a roll, OPPS, my bad!!! The carcass started to take shape, luckily a shape I actually had planned on.

No vultures circling this carcass

My A. C. is not going to be ceiling mounted. Hey, I do things a little different, ok a lot different sometimes. It will be installed in a closet, with intake & exhaust going through a wall. In the pictures, it is on it’s side, with the “Intake” to the right & exhaust to the left. No political jokes allowed, there’s another thread for that!!! The intake will be 40ish” high, with the CLEAN air exhaust at about 30ish” high. To prevent a cyclical in & out of air, there will be a long bench seperating the intake from the exhaust. On that bench will be my sanding machines a Ridgid oscilating spindle sander and my Ryobi belt/disk sander along with some other bench tools. Under the bench, really a counter, will be my 6” jointer on a HF mobile base, and storage of some sort. I have a plan, but apparently I’m missing several pages!

The access panels for the blower/motor (left) & filters (right) have been installed.

The cut out, between access panels, will house the variable speed and timer. Most of the wiring is complete, I cant install it though until I paint the whole unit.

Wow! Maybe, I’m not as slow as you think. I don’t remember painting this thing. I think the paint fumes must have gotten to me!!!

I’m extremely proud of this build! I am not only preserving my lung function, I AM SAVING THE PLANET!!! Saving the planet you say, how so? Well, I’ll tell ya.

The plywood used is ALL reclaimed!
The hardware, ie. hinges & handles are repurposed!
The weather stripping is repurposed!
The Foil tape is repurposed!
The paint is recycled, YES recycled! Our local Solid Waste District collects old paint, filters & blends the paint. It is then sold, through the same Non-Profit, that I got the plywood, hardware, weather stripping & foil tape from. Even the blower/motor is being repurposed!

I’m doing my part to prevent a world calamity! What are you doing???

As it stands, I need to:
cut & install the cleats that will support the filters
Finish wiring in the variable speed & timer
Reframe closet wall & install the unit in the closet

Unfortunately, until I finish with the rehab/upgrade of my TS (another later blog entry), most of this is going to have to wait. Well, that’s the plan at least!

-- Randy-- I may not be good...but I am slow! If good things come to those who wait.... Why is procrastination a bad thing?

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#1 posted 03-05-2012 12:48 AM

Randy that is an amazing job. This unit looks like a bought AC and should do you a fine job. You are to be commended for the re-purposing. Fine Job.
I am impressed.

-- Superdav "No matter where you go - there you are."

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257 posts in 2891 days

#2 posted 03-05-2012 01:17 AM

Randy, I really like what you’ve done with this design. And I always get a kick out of your posts, they always make me giggle. Who else would have self commented on do do?

-- Sweeping up sawdust in Texas

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17985 posts in 3569 days

#3 posted 03-05-2012 01:23 AM

Now lets see you do it with only hand tools ;)

Seriously the shop is comin along. The AC improved my “qaulity of shop” greatly. Im into the repurposing of items you mangaed to use, very cool.

-- Its not a crack, its a casting imperfection.

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990 posts in 2909 days

#4 posted 03-05-2012 01:58 AM

looks good! you should post your ac as a project.

-- bowtie,.....jus passin thru....

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333 posts in 3606 days

#5 posted 03-05-2012 02:33 AM

You’re doing a great job saving the planet and your lungs. The AC came out very nice. I’ve been keeping my eyes open for a furnace blower/motor for the same purpose but nothing yet.

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9950 posts in 3405 days

#6 posted 03-05-2012 02:39 AM

Great job. It looks great.

Now, what am I doing to save the planet?
Let’s see.
I’m going to start saving all my coffee grounds ad send them to you to reuse.

Seriously though, how much do they sell the repuposed paint for?


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17238 posts in 2923 days

#7 posted 03-05-2012 02:39 AM

Nice job Randy, A closet in a closet, I like it…..

-- My mind is like lighting, one brilliant flash, then its gone.....

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19883 posts in 3238 days

#8 posted 03-05-2012 03:21 AM

Super, Impressed??? Way till I take close up pictures!

Barecycles, I just try to make myself laugh, you must have as dry a sense of humor as I!!! Lol. JK.

Chrisstef, I Did use my new pull saw, does that count?

Bowtie, I will once it is complete. I’ll even do a review & praise myself!

Radu, Check with a local HVAC contractor, they may have an old one to spare.

William, coffee grounds ARE compostable. I think the paint was $15.00 for 2 gallons.

Marty, It’s a walk in closet, plenty of room. Who would think that having a walk in closet would SUCK!

Thanks for the glowing remarks! It does a person good to hear such things, even when it is a bold face lie!!!
Seriously, THANK YOU.

-- Randy-- I may not be good...but I am slow! If good things come to those who wait.... Why is procrastination a bad thing?

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9950 posts in 3405 days

#9 posted 03-05-2012 03:31 AM

I need to check and see if we have something like that in my area. $15 for two gallons is a steal compared to prices here.


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19883 posts in 3238 days

#10 posted 03-05-2012 07:49 AM

I was posting from my phone, so my pevious reply was short & to the point. I’ll elaborate where needed, that or as I damn well feel like it!!!

I made several mistakes, Oh that reminds me; Were I to have a daughter, can anyone guess what I would name her?
I would name her “Take”, as in; This is my daughter Miss Take…

Back on topic now. This being a totaly utilitarian item, I chose not to replace/correct the mistakes that did/do not effect operation or performance of the unit. I mean why waste time, energy &/or material for cosmetic reasons. Which brings up the “Save The World” zeal of this build. I do believe the saying; “Waste not, Want not”, but I am not a “tree hugger”, wanna be “wood hugger” perhaps, but we can all do our part, by utilizing reclaimed/recycled items and making wise purchases in general. I am actually on a limited budget and I get phenominal deals at our local non-profit reuse center. As an example, I got two and a half sheets of 3/4” ply for $10.00 and still have one sheet left over! The savings go towards additional tools/machines and future purchases of real wood. I am not altruistic, just a cheap A$$ wanna be woodworker doing what I have to!

barecycles said I made him giggle. I take that as a tremendous compliment! When I read something, not only do I want to learn about a subject, I want to be engaged and entertained. I try to provide the same when I write my blog entries. It appears that I have been succeeding and I can only hope to continue in that vein.

I’m more of a “Tim the Tool Man” type of DIYer! I like powertools, namely because I don’t have the time and/or skills to do it by hand, as chrisstef jokingly aluded to. It’s no joke, my hand tool skills SUCK, not to mention my power tool skills. However, I ain’t letting any of that get in the way of me making saw dust. Not when there are jigs, fixtures & power tools, that can make me look like a real woodworker. uh uh uh (Damn, I wish I knew how to type Tim’s grunts!!!)

This lack of, shall we say, traditional woodworking skills is what steers me towards the ease of pocket hole joinery and away from the time-honored joinery I soooo wish to master. As bowtie suggested, once finished I WILL post my A. C. as a project, along with posting ALL the errors & imperfections of this build. I only hope, that some day, I will truly have a project worthy of all the accolades everyone has bestowed upon me.

It’s late and I have rambled on loooong enough. I just need to say one more thing!

Thank You!!!

-- Randy-- I may not be good...but I am slow! If good things come to those who wait.... Why is procrastination a bad thing?

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11434 posts in 3403 days

#11 posted 03-05-2012 12:09 PM

Randy you need to be a politician. You got the wind and whit for it.

-- Superdav "No matter where you go - there you are."

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19883 posts in 3238 days

#12 posted 03-05-2012 02:20 PM

I don’t know if that is a compliment, or an insult! I’ll take it as a compliment though. I like getting pats on the back; and my shoulders are sore from doing it myself!!

Honestly though, I HATE politics, whether it be local, state, national or office!! I only believe in saying the truth and doing what’s right (I certainly don’t want to say moral!). Everybody “Spins” or slants issues in their own way, but I feel it is just highlighting a particular advantage for doing something a certain/different way. OK, enough politacal talk!!!!


-- Randy-- I may not be good...but I am slow! If good things come to those who wait.... Why is procrastination a bad thing?

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11434 posts in 3403 days

#13 posted 03-05-2012 05:39 PM

You know I saw something I thought I never wood the other day. I saw a politician standing in the town square with his own hands in his own pockets ;)

-- Superdav "No matter where you go - there you are."

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9950 posts in 3405 days

#14 posted 03-06-2012 12:52 AM

DIY, I think its great to repurpose items when we can. I do it for a different reason than most though. I am all for saving the planet and all, but I feel some people take it way too far. I recycle and reuse when I can, but I aint exactly hugging a tree just yet, unless I think hugging it will yield me some nice lumber.
I like repurposed lumber and paints because it is often the only way I can afford it. If it wasn’t for my free stash of wood, I’d spend most of my time saving up money for lumber to make small nicnacs.

About 99% of my projects are built out of recycled wood. There is a factory in my home town that we call the Underground Furniture Company (KTMM came up with that one). It’s a casket manufactoring plant. They have sheets of glued up strips. They make great sheet goods for most inside items. I have oak, pecan, a lot of cottonwood, and tons of mahogany (I was told it’s actually sapelle) cutoffs.
Their quailty control rejects pieces for the craziest thing and they put it on their lot for anyone to take. Most people use it just for firewood. The only rule is, you haave to start at the front stack and start loading. You cannot cherry pick. Actually, they haen’t put none out in a while. I think it is because so many people were catching them at night and making a mess picking through it. It’s madening how some @$$es can mess up a good thing.
Anyway. I have a hell of a stash now. It’ll get me through a few years. Maybe by then they’ll start putting it back out again.

And by the way, your attaboys are well earned. So many of us spend so much time on decorative touches that we sometimes overlook the craftsmanship that goes into such a utilitarian piece such as the one you’ve built here. Most of us, I know I would, would have slapped something together for this and called it done.


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5777 posts in 3795 days

#15 posted 03-11-2012 10:11 PM

Not sure how it took me so long to find this little blog of yours, but that is a great air cleaner idea… I even like the idea of recycled paint. Yes, a LOT of my projects are reclaimed / repurposed materials. I’m not being entirely altruistic or environmentally friendly though. I am just being cheap… A LOT of my plywood came from curb sides after Hurricane Ike. Lots of folks tossed their window covering plywood after the storm due to lack of storage space for it… Good for me!

I did have a LOT of trouble finding a squirrel cage blower to make an air cleaner for my shop when I tried. I went through 4 or 5 of them, finding the motors to be 220V only, or totally seized up. I went ahead and bought mine, don’t worry though, I have plenty of reclaimed material projects to go!

-- Please like and subscribe to my YouTube Channel

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