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Blog series by BJODay updated 05-11-2014 06:22 PM 19 parts 35601 reads 60 comments total

Part 1: Taking a plunge

08-28-2013 03:57 AM by BJODay | 7 comments »

After much debate, research, worry, hand wringing and borrowing my brother-in-laws tools, I finally bought a planer. I opted for a DeWalt 735. The decision was difficult and driving me mad. I read many reviews and many justifications for purchasing:12”, 15”, 20” Straight blade, spiral head, 2 blade, 3 blade,Cheap, (disposable), expensive, new and used. My space is small. Mostly because I never throw anything away. This planer should work well for my needs. Now that I p...

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Part 2: Planer stand #2

08-30-2013 02:53 AM by BJODay | 5 comments »

I got an early start on the planer stand. I was itching to get started. I had a ton of crap to do around the house. I had a limited amount of time. I got to the workshop and cut the leg stock to length. I was ready to assemble but I realized I was rushing things. My impatience is my greatest fault. I put it all away and went to bed. The next day I was more relaxed. I had only 1 pot of coffee. I ran the leg stock through the jointer and took my time assembling. I cut one side of the leg...

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Part 3: Tested the planer

09-01-2013 01:31 AM by BJODay | 3 comments »

The planer is all set up. I ran some 1×4 pine through it. Worked very well. Nice and smooth. Some snipe on a few boards. I will adjust the outfeed table tomorrow. I am too tired to do it tonight. My dust collection system is under powered. It works but chips collect in any low spots and corners. The 735 has a blower to help eject chips. I hooked it up to my dust collector. It pressurized my piping system and blew chips out of my jointer, router and miter saw. My dust collection system...

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Part 4: Investigating DC problem

09-05-2013 04:45 PM by BJODay | 5 comments »

Last week I tried out the new planer and the DeWalt 735’s chip blower pressurized my DC piping and made quite a mess. On to the next step in rearranging my shop. I have a miter saw on a flat table in the middle of my workshop. It isn’t a very good location. So I’m building a miter saw table with a lowered section to mount the saw. This way I can make a 4’ fence in each direction. I bought some 1×4 pine. I ripped it to width. I am running it through the jointer....

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Part 5: Miter station

09-16-2013 02:24 AM by BJODay | 2 comments »

Before I move onto my next real project, I’ve decided to rearrange my workshop to be more efficient. For the last 8 years I’ve had my miter saw on a table in the middle of the shop. Every time I cut a board > 36” I am catching it before it falls off of the table. Just waiting for an accident to happen. This is the old layout. There is a nice table under all that junk: This is the new station: I use bins to store seldom used tools. I have one for electrical s...

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Part 6: Planed wood, not scrap

09-22-2013 04:05 AM by BJODay | 0 comments »

I was ready to start on my end tables but I wanted to practice first. The end tables are quarter sawn oak. I don’t want to screw up so I need to experiment with a cheaper project first. I will also be making an intarsia project. For a long time I have wanted to make a map of Wisconsin with each county cut from a separate piece of wood. I know it’s not very original but I’ve seen a finished project and it looked pretty cool. I bought some shorts from the lumber yard. Th...

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Part 7: Dressing up rough lumber

09-26-2013 11:11 PM by BJODay | 3 comments »

Well I felt like I did enough practicing with scrap. I decided to clean up the QS white oak for my end tables. I started by cutting most of it down to 60” and 40” lengths. I left 4 pieces full length, (96” – 102”). This made it easier to handle. I ran each piece through the jointer. Made a flat face and a square edge to it. I had some minor problems using the jointer. I would feed, then change my hand placement and feed the rest of the way through. When I did ...

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Part 8: Motises

10-01-2013 02:33 AM by BJODay | 3 comments »

I’ve started on the end table project. It is a set of three nesting end tables. They are Mission style. The plans are from a Wood magazine book. I have planed and cut the lumber. I glued up the pieces for the legs. I laid out the mortises. That was a lot of work. I was setting up the drill press to dill out the mortises when I realized that not only are the top mortises the same, but the bottom mortises are all the same distance from the bottom of the legs. Even though the...

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Part 9: Making tenons

10-04-2013 03:49 AM by BJODay | 1 comment »

I began cleaning out the mortises. I followed BTimmons advice to start slow and sneak up on the line. I had to find my strongest “cheaters” and a work lamp. I don’t know what I ever did to ruin my eyesight. This worked well. I cleaned up all of the mortises for the smallest table. They do not look as clean as ones I’ve seen posted here and on Youtube but each one is smoother than the previous one. I was a little nervous about finishing all of the mortises so I thoug...

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Part 10: Tenon trouble

10-12-2013 01:26 AM by BJODay | 0 comments »

The tenons went well on the smallest table. I had some trouble with the tenons on the mid-sized table. I was careful to cut them very close to the size of the mortises. Some were cut too tight. I had trouble on the dry fit. I had to squeeze the joints together with clamps. The table was tweaked slightly and was not square. I pulled it apart and hand sanded the tenons to loosen the fit a little bit. The second dry fit was much better. (I posted this problem and received lots of good advice ...

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Part 11: Tenon dry fit, oops

10-16-2013 02:33 AM by BJODay | 1 comment »

All of the tenons are cut and fit. Not perfect but the last ones went much better than the first few. I got wrapped up in laying out and cutting the mortises. Later I realized there is no lower rail on the front of the two larger tables. (they cannot nest if there is a rail in front). I’ve got some walnut. I think I’ll use to plug the mortise. Maybe the contrasting color will make it look like I meant to do it. I may try to cut it as a bow-tie key. Next up is...

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Part 12: Scroll work

10-30-2013 02:54 AM by BJODay | 0 comments »

The tables have some 0.25” slats on the sides. The center slat is 3” wide and has a decorative slot cut into it. The straight part was cut on the router table. The curved ends were cut on a scroll saw. I bought the scroll saw on CL last winter. It is a Craftsman. This is the first time I used it on a project. I had trouble setting the blade tension. When mounting the blades I set them completely into the clamp. But then there was no play for the tensioning screw. So I had to mo...

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Part 13: Fixing one mistake, creating another

10-31-2013 02:01 PM by BJODay | 4 comments »

I posted earlier how I cut unneeded mortises in four table legs. Well today I started fixing this error. I decided to cut the motises and plug them with bow-tie keys. The legs are white oak. The keys are walnut. Now the mortise. Gluing it in place. Protect the sides and cut with a flush saw. Well shoot, this didn’t work too well. The saw dug in. I had trouble controlling it’s path. I’m sure it’s operator error. Unfortunately it may be to...

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Part 14: Table top miter problem

11-23-2013 02:50 AM by BJODay | 2 comments »

The plans I’m following call for table tops made up of glued-up boards. I have some very nice Qsawn oak boards with very straight grain. I thought it would look better if I mitered and rotated pieces along the board so the grain would “follow” around the perimeter of the tops. I like my miter saw so I cut the boards for the smallest table using it. Well for some reason I got some flex in my blade so the cut is not perfectly straight. I’m using a thin kerf 12” ...

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Part 15: Mitering success

12-09-2013 06:23 PM by BJODay | 3 comments »

I had some problems cutting my mitered table top. I used an Incra miter gauge but had trouble holding the piece firmly. I have a shop built miter sled, but because the pieces are small, they don’t lie well against the fence. I bit the bullet and bought the Incra miter express sled. I’m not doing a review here but I like the sled. I felt very safe using it. The only problem I had was binding in my miter slot. I have a Craftsman Hybrid TS. It has a granite top. I may have to ...

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Part 16: A tighter miter

02-10-2014 03:11 AM by BJODay | 13 comments »

It has been 2 months since I worked on the project and posted any progress. In the last entry I was happy with the first mitered top. But over the holidays I would look at it and think, I can make it better, (a tighter miter). The first top was cut at 45.2 degrees. There was a slight gap in the joint. I ran a few test pieces through. I adjusted the miter sled by 0.05 degrees. I’m not kidding. The best tests were at 45.15 degrees. If I was working in pine, the first cuts could have be...

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Part 17: Ready for assembly, (almost)

04-25-2014 02:03 AM by BJODay | 1 comment »

I’ve got the pieces for the tables all stained and varnished. Now I can assemble this puzzle. But first, I have to clean up the stray varnish from the tenons and other glue surfaces. So a bit of sanding, one more dry fit and then I glue it up. I have to make sure I don’t sand off the labels from the tenons. It only fits together one way. I’ve got it all labeled with numbers for the joints. I’ll have to do it in sections. The decorative slats have space...

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Part 18: Assembly

04-29-2014 03:23 AM by BJODay | 2 comments »

I started the prep for the assembly. I do not have a spray setup, nor do I want to try to learn how to do that at this time. I stained and varnished the pieces prior to assembly. The disadvantage is handling lots of loose parts. I also end up putting varnish on edges that need to hold glue. So I have to remove some of that varnish before gluing. This is a spacer. There are 16 for the mid-sized table. You can see where I sanded the edge for the glue. This is a decorative slat. I do n...

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Part 19: Finished tables

05-11-2014 06:22 PM by BJODay | 5 comments »

Well, the tables are assembled and I’m happy with how they turned out. The tables are nesting. They all fit within the largest table’s footprint.There are decorative slats on the sides of each table. if I were to do it over, I would add the slats to the rear of the tables also. This is a view of the large table’s top. 20” square. Middle size table. About 14” square. The small table. About 9” square. Only task left is to sa...

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