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Blog series by BJODay updated 09-23-2016 04:14 PM 9 parts 10688 reads 16 comments total

Part 1: Small table for potted plants

03-02-2016 03:46 AM by BJODay | 2 comments »

My daughter asked me to make her a small, narrow table to fit in front of her window to hold some potted plants. So the mandolin project is on hold for a few weeks. I have lots of red oak left over from my last project, (I try to buy more than I need). I do not have final dimensions yet but I know it will be about 30” wide, 30” high and 9”-12” deep. Here is my simple guide. I know some members of this forum don’t like biscuit joints. I find them useful. I o...

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Part 2: Cutting mortises

03-08-2016 02:27 AM by BJODay | 4 comments »

Here are the legs. They are cut to length. Originally I was going to make them 1.5” square. But I’ve decided to make them 1.5” x 2.0”. I’ll be cutting a taper on the lower 5” but that comes later. I’ve laid out the mortises. I was going to make a 1/4” by 2” tenon so I marked up the mortises for that. Then I started thinking, (always a dangerous thing), a 1/4” mortise will be difficult to cut and clean out. So I changed to a 3/8...

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Part 3: Tenons and added detailing

03-17-2016 01:55 AM by BJODay | 3 comments »

So after I finished cutting the mortises, I stood the legs upright to visualize the table. It was then that I realized I had made an error in the layout. I had laid out and cut the left to right mortises, (for the front rail), on the wrong side of the legs. I am so proud of myself for not throwing anything across the shop. I just stood there and thought what was I thinking…? #3 below is on the wrong side of the leg. You can see that the side rail, (mortise #4), would be inset 7/8R...

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Part 4: Arched rails

03-21-2016 07:35 PM by BJODay | 1 comment »

I didn’t want straight rails. Here I’ve drawn an arch on the rails. I then cut the waste off on a band saw. I cut close but not up to the line. In the picture above are the rough cut rails. I have a pattern I used on an earlier project. I saved it and I’m glad I did because it’s perfect for this table. I made it from 1/4” masonite. Some people use double sided tape to hold the pattern to the piece. I used 3 small screws. Below I have a pattern or flush-...

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Part 5: Corbels and bow-ties

03-23-2016 02:48 PM by BJODay | 1 comment »

Time to cover my mistakes with corbels. I cut the tenons first. It is easier to hold onto a longer workpiece. Below I’ve laid out the desired curves. Here is how they are cut out on the band saw. Here is how the will be positioned. The pieces are too small to try to use a pattern and flush bit on the router table. So I use a drum sander kit on the drill press. This worked better and faster than I expected. Here is a quick look at how the upper corbels will be positioned....

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Part 6: Tapered legs

03-24-2016 03:04 AM by BJODay | 3 comments »

I wanted to add some tapers to the lower portions of the legs. I made a sled to cut the tapers. I know there are adjustable jigs out there. I didn’t have time to research it fully. If I need the same jig later I may have to readjust things. I cut a test piece. All looks good. Here is the first full size leg cut with the jig. Here is a dry fit view. View with taper and bow-tie. Looks like I intentionally placed the bow-tie there. Here is a dry fit of the upper corb...

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Part 7: Glue up

04-02-2016 06:19 PM by BJODay | 1 comment »

I varnished the pieces individually. I use water based varnish. I like to wipe it on with a rag. It leaves a thin coat. So I give it 3-4 coats until I feel it is covered well. Varnishing first also makes glue clean up easier. I always dry fit just in case there is a burr or other fit problem before I break out the glue. The green tape has marks on it so I get the lower rails all positioned to the same height. I left a little play, (vertically), in the tenons for wiggle room. The upper r...

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Part 8: Final assembly

04-05-2016 11:32 PM by BJODay | 1 comment »

Here is a shot of the top and the shelf. I taped and marked the shelf because it will be notched around the legs. I measured from the center out. I didn’t want to work from one side and push any play all to one end. I wanted to cut on the band saw but that would have meant marking the top and bottom. It is too long to cut it all in the band saw without flipping it over. I thought this will be a perfect opportunity to screw it up. So instead I cut it just a little shy using a jig saw....

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Part 9: Finally complete

09-23-2016 04:14 PM by BJODay | 0 comments »

I received the tile and the plan was to cut a mortise in the top and drop it in. I used a forstner bit to hog out the bulk of the waste and used chisels to complete the job. The drill wandered and gouged the top outside of the mortise area. I thought okay, I can add a walnut inlay frame around the inset tile. Well lots of hemming and hawing about how well this would work and look. Finally decided to start the top over. Took only a few hours of labor. This time I used a plunge route...

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