My Maloof lowback

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Blog series by Antti updated 04-01-2013 01:36 PM 14 parts 66762 reads 49 comments total

Part 1: Its on!

01-29-2012 10:31 AM by Antti | 6 comments »

After reading Maloof’s book last summer, I ordered the DVD and templates from Scott Morrison, claiming the lowback to be my “winter project”. Now its (actually “they” as I’m making a pair) on the way as I officially have completed the first few steps: Glued the templates on plywood, cut out with a bandsaw and sanded to line: Milled, ripped, ripped to 3 degree angle, cross cut the seats: In fact, after sleeping on it a couple of weeks, went back...

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Part 2: Joint effort

02-12-2012 12:23 PM by Antti | 4 comments »

Cant say the project is “gaining momentum”, but at least it is inching forward. I made a jig for getting a straight joint for the back legs, and used it to saw the leg where it joins the seat: This was directly from Scott’s instructions, but it worked so well I think I will be making a similar jig for the part where the back legs meet the backrest. Just have to check I won’t cut off part of the legs in the process… I also got around to making the Ma...

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Part 3: Just like when eating an elephant...

03-11-2012 12:00 PM by Antti | 2 comments »

...small piece at a time. So no spectacular progress, but progress anyway. I made a jig for the back-leg surface which meets the hand rest, the same way as was instructed for the joint surface. Worked as planned, and now the surfaces are nice and flat, and ready to glue. The other thing I managed today was the routing of the joints for the backlegs. Again, I made a jig. It didn’t exactly “work like a charm”, but with careful set-up, I managed to machine the joints...

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Part 4: The grind

03-31-2012 05:20 PM by Antti | 4 comments »

The intensity is not overwhelming as I get to work on my project about once a month. Today was the day, and I made some progress. Also made some minor mistakes – as long as they are not “fatal”, i.e. force me to start over I’m not too concerned as this is just a hobby… right? To get me warmed up, I fine-tuned the joints for the backlegs. I thanked myself for having watched some fine woodworking podcasts (from an iPod, during my commute to work…): I used ...

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Part 5: The volume of sanding...

04-09-2012 10:01 AM by Antti | 3 comments »

...will make me appreciate the end result even more. Assuming it works out. Yesterday, I spent about 4-5 hours hand sanding and rasping the seats. First with 40 grit to get the dents etc. out of the shaped portion, which I managed to do for both seats. Then I rounded / shaped the front section with my Auriou rasps (I got two of them, purpose bought for this project – well worth the investment). I opted for hand tools as there is not that much room for error. Attacking the seats wi...

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Part 6: Backrest

05-29-2012 05:47 AM by Antti | 3 comments »

Its been a while since I last got to work on these. The opening for the backrest wasn’t perfectly square, so I made quite a lot of compound angle test cuts. I forgot to reset the saw, which I realized when I did some other stuff later with the same cabin saw (at this communal workshop type of a place). Some other poor lumberjock is probably now sratching his head as he can’t get his boards to align… sorry… Bandsawing was easy. Single handed gluing – or more sp...

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Part 7: Armrest blanks

06-17-2012 01:02 PM by Antti | 1 comment »

I’m not sure if this little progress even warrants a blog post, but still: Not having a bandsaw nor enough clamps, I’m doing (also) this bit at this communal workshop. And since I can’t hog all the clamps to myself, I’m doing the sawing and gluing one by one; when I pick up the previous one, I saw and glue a new one. Since the workshop is open after “normal business hours” only on Mondays and Thursdays, it takes some weeks (as I also have to get the star...

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Part 8: Finally starting to take shape

08-05-2012 11:05 AM by Antti | 3 comments »

I finally managed to saw and drill the armrest blanks so I could glue the whole thing together. I had my doubts on getting the glueline tight with only one screw from behind so I put in two. After it was too late, I realized this might affect the possibilities to shape later… I wish I could already put up an “after” picture to complement this “before” picture: There’s a Maloof joint in there somewhere: Unfortunately I only scratched the...

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Part 9: Still chipping away at eating my elephant...

08-11-2012 03:08 PM by Antti | 1 comment »

...little by little. I’m shaping the two chairs so that I always work on both chairs for the same spots, while I still remember how I did the other one. These are just random pictures from different angles, documenting the work in progress. Mostly I wanted pictures, which I could later compare to the final product. I’m planning on making a hardcopy of some sorts of my blog pictures – to testify to guests that I have made the pieces myself… ...

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Part 10: The dark spots are my sweat

08-26-2012 09:46 AM by Antti | 6 comments »

Except for a small rotary tool I use around the joints, I dont dare to use power tools at this stage. So yes, those dark spots are my sweat. Dripping sweat makes the chairs that much more handmade? Anyway, I can see the form slowly coming together – a glimpse of the hardline here and there, a maloof joint starting to look its part,... I have to pace myself, as if I keep going too tired, I become careless and make mistakes. I hope they sand out…

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Part 11: Back in business

12-02-2012 01:53 PM by Antti | 1 comment »

It has been 98 days since I last worked on these: I got a motorcycle and started riding again. I dont have enough spare time for two hobbies, so this had to wait until the bike was put away for the winter. Since August the onboard computer says I have ridden 21 hours, which is exactly 100% of the discretionary time I have had for myself in the last 98 days. But now its woodworking again:First I evened the legs, using a tip from a magazine – the pictures need no further explanation: ...

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Part 12: On a scale from 0 to Sam Maloof...

01-05-2013 11:11 AM by Antti | 3 comments »

...I can start to see that I wont achieve the perfection I was expecting from my first chairs ever… It is quite a shock! When approaching the final shape I begin to fully appreciate Sam’s talent, as the shapes prove so difficult to recreate. However, I foresee the final product to be well above zero! Today I finished most of the shaping with rasps. Next time I attack these puppies, I will be using sanding blocks. P.S. It is...

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Part 13: I'm calling this one finished - except for the finish

03-24-2013 11:26 AM by Antti | 9 comments »

I swear I’ll never do a sculpted piece of furniture again… the volume of sanding is staggering! This one is about one working day ahead of its younger sister, but I wanted to get something finished, so I have been allocating my efforts only to this one. Just slap the Osmo oil wax on this, and take it upstairs for the ooh’s and aah’s ? The plan was to use the “original formula” for the finish, but they don’t sell that stuff in Finland, and the US...

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Part 14: Done! Almost.

04-01-2013 01:36 PM by Antti | 3 comments »

1,5 years later, here it is. I have to admit, it only has one coat so far. Couple more, and maybe polish with a pad or steel wool.

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