Time to make some changes to the shop.

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Blog series by AngieO updated 02-04-2017 04:16 PM 15 parts 43191 reads 281 comments total

Part 1: Lets get started

09-12-2013 04:06 AM by AngieO | 34 comments »

Well… It just wouldn’t be me if I didn’t share pics of my first “workshop”. Many of you have already seen it… But here it is again. Yep. that’s where I got my start. Working outside on a stack of pallets and some plastic tables. Of course, when it was too hot outside I didn’t get to work. And when it rained I didn’t get to work. And then when it got cold I didn’t do anything at all. The above pic was taken August 2012. In J...

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Part 2: Step One - Get rid of the old built in bench.

09-12-2013 11:09 PM by AngieO | 19 comments »

Well… today was pretty productive. I definitely prefer building and creating over demolition. But I like that I’m making room for what comes next. So here is what I started with. I wasn’t sure how hard taking this bad boy down would be. But I located my crow bar and my favorite hammer and got started. First off… those ridiculous tiles. There was some leaking from above the window during the fall/winter. It’s all fixed now. But its obvious that it...

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Part 3: Not much new here.... But time to make some room.

01-07-2014 06:54 PM by AngieO | 17 comments »

Well… I’m sure you are very surprised to find that I haven’t gotten very far on my shop changes. I’ve been so busy with the projects for Christmas and other things that I haven’t gotten far. But it’s definitely in the front of my mind. There’s been no progress on the workbencch being torn out. In fact… the small section that I did tear out has now become a place that gathers… “things”. I did some shop clean up after the holi...

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Part 4: Hmmm.... What have I gotten myself into?!?!

01-11-2014 06:00 PM by AngieO | 15 comments »

Yeah… So I’m cleaning up the lumber storage I have in my shop. See previous posts if you don’t know what I’m starting with. I’m a “wood collector”. Not to be confused with a “hoarder”. Lol. The difference… ???....Well … That’s a whole other blog post. :) I like the vertical storage. It works best for me. But as I started to corganoze so I could have more room today… I found this…. Yep. I’ve got...

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Part 5: My newest addition to the shop.

01-20-2014 01:30 AM by AngieO | 24 comments »

A friend of mine used to build cabinets. He had a shop up in Indianapolis. He sold the house up there and all his tools are now being stored on a trailer in his back yard. He doesn’t do any woodworking anymore and is always out of town. The tools are just sitting there going falling apart. So….. when he found out that I was doing woodworking he asked if I’d be interested in any of his tools. This is what he brought me today. He’s got a bandsaw and a biscuit jointer and...

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Part 6: My ever shrinking shop.... Or maybe I have wasted space LOL

01-22-2014 08:03 PM by AngieO | 18 comments »

Ok… So if you know my story… you know that I started out pretty small. Here’s what I had… These were my first tools. Aahhhhh…. I remember bringing them home. The ear-to-ear grin on my face was the first of many to come. These poor little guys are long gone now. I got a lot of miles from the miter saw but it finally gave out on me. I actually had a hard time letting it go since it was my first power tool. BUT… the guy I sold it to I gave it to him ...

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Part 7: New tools are always a nice change to the shop... Hitachi Scroll Saw!

02-07-2014 05:01 PM by AngieO | 42 comments »

Yes… I can hear it now because I know what I would say… But I’ll just wait and let you say it ;) So… I have this friend that I’ve known since Jr High. He has had his own general contracting business and such and is now a maintenance guy for a local state institution. He can do it all. From woodworking to building a house. He is by far the best drywall guy I’ve ever seen. He has it mastered. Fast and looks great with hardly no sanding. He’s just go...

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Part 8: Update... Not much to tell.

09-10-2014 04:15 PM by AngieO | 13 comments »

It’s been so long that I’ve really posted much on LJ’s. So I thought I’d post something to start getting back in the habit. So this is pretty much an update. So far.. not much has happened in the shop as far as changes. When the weather got warm I borrowed a box trailer from a friend. My intentions… remove everything and then put it all back in a better order. Well… That didn’t go quite as planned. I have to admit… I’m a wood hoarder...

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Part 9: Remembering the past...

09-18-2014 01:51 AM by AngieO | 12 comments »

I know I want… And need… To make changes in the shop. I just ran across these pictures. I forgot about them. Gives me a lot of motivation. This…. (I’m sure you’ve seen before….) Was my original “shop” Of course… My fav… My pallet bench. Then of course…. This was how I did anything. Some plastic tables and my pallet bench. This is what the garage looked like…. BEFORE I got started. At the time before...

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Part 10: Shop storage solutions for dead space.

10-16-2014 11:44 PM by AngieO | 13 comments »

I’ve been making some changes to my workshop. I have this dead space behind my entry door into my shop. Usually it ends up collecting boards… the kind that fall on you when you enter the shop. LOL! So over the weekend I decided to do two things… use up some of the wood I’ve been “collecting” and to clean up the shop. This was the area that my focus went to as I walked in the shop and as I closed the door a board fell and almost hit me. Oops! :) Sometime last year I ...

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Part 11: My Name is Angie and I am a Wood Hoarder... Or am I???

10-26-2014 07:49 PM by AngieO | 23 comments »

Hello…. my name is Angie and I am a wood hoarder. Wait… there may be some truth to that. But what is a wood hoarder really? Is it storing piles of wood like this….? Or this? I did at least take the wood from the first picture and organize it. Or maybe one might call me a wood hoarder because I used a box trailer to move some “stuff” out of my shop. And instead of moving said “stuff”... it ended up sitting in front of my ...

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Part 12: Time for a new Lumber Rack

11-11-2014 01:32 AM by AngieO | 10 comments »

HEY! Hello LJ’ers. I have been super busy in my shop and in my garage lately. YES… there is a difference. There USED to be a garage at my house and now it is a wood shop. On the other hand… two minutes away from my house is a storage garage. :) Anyhow… here is one of the many projects that I’ve been working on. The tote storage racks helped a bunch. And it motivated me to get the lumber racks done. I plan on building two. I have one done. So…. I did this kinda backwards this...

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Part 13: Where do I start???

05-08-2015 01:37 AM by AngieO | 19 comments »

If you read my recent post about my shop… I had some work done and that didn’t turn out so great. However… while that has gotten me down… I’m ready to get going again. Actually I’ve been out there already. And I’m tellin ya… I miss that rush!!! I’ve started on my first project. I’m making the first of two beds for my boys room. But first… here is whats been up. Ok… so my shop has been a complete disaster. Everything...

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Part 14: Where I was... Some changes... and a little demolition.

02-01-2017 08:53 PM by AngieO | 13 comments »

Well… back in September of 2013 I started this blog about making changes to my shop. There have been so many changes. It’s hard to believe. After feeling really discouraged I spent this past weekend making more changes. I mean…. we got up that morning and I said… “hey… we are going to do this!”. My poor children had no warning. So let’s look back for a second. Here was my “Shop” back in 2012. Yeah…. you are probably s...

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Part 15: Demolition is over... now to organize the tools.

02-04-2017 04:16 PM by AngieO | 9 comments »

The demolition part is over. Now it’s time to set up my tools better. The flow was just not working for me. Every time I needed to use my table saw I had to pull it out. It’s on wheels… but it’s one of those stands that come with it. Works.. but more awkward than anything. But with it pulled out and the saw horses out… it created a small path in between and it was such a hassle. I don’t even remember where. I think on a Youtube video… someone menti...

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