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09-11-2013 02:05 AM

plane id? - 24 replies

Is there any way to identify a plane with absolutely no markings? I just got a #3 sized smoother, with no markings, numbers, logos, nothing…the only oddity is there is no lateral adjustment. I plan to just use it, and it is working pretty good after an initial cleaning, tuning, sharpening…but it would be nice to know what it is&#...

08-27-2013 03:19 PM

$500 for a tool chest? - 21 replies

On the lostartpress blog, the Conn. School of Woodworking is selling a Tool chest built by Chris Schwartz at a recent class…for $500. My question is, is this reasonable? It seems a bit high, considering that the materials probably cost around $100....

08-15-2013 02:51 PM

Shop-vac Physics question - 20 replies

I have a 6-gallon, 3hp shop-vac from lowes. It came with the 1.25” hose. My question is: Would I get more, or less suction and dust-collecting capability if I went to the bigger 2.5 inch hose? That’s the size of the hole on the vac…it just came with smaller hose for some reason. I assume that with a certain hp engine, t...

07-26-2013 05:57 PM

felling Redwoods by hand! - 2 replies

So you think you are a big, strong, hand-tool woodworker…check this out: Personally, if the tree is 6 inches or less, I’ll use my axe…any bigger, and I call a friend with a chain-saw.

06-13-2013 11:49 AM

Bed rails...Lag bolts? - 7 replies

Are Lag-bolts screwed into the end-grain of bed rails a good method for attaching them? It seems llike I have seen and heard of this being done…but it doesn’t seem to fit the fact that most people consider screwing into end-grain to be an inferior joint. Would such a joint get weak over time, especially if it was dis-assembled a ...

06-04-2013 01:55 AM

travel sharpening tools - 0 replies

What do you take with you on the road for sharpening? Your whole system, or something more compact? I just take the 4 sided,12.99 harbour freight diamond hone block…sure it doesn’t get as food an edge as my water stones…but in a pinch…it can put a servicable edge on my jack plane so I can keep working.

05-30-2013 12:29 PM

Adjustable Bit for Hand Brace - 7 replies

(If you aren’t sure, what i”m talking about, it’s this… I’m considering getting one of these…Is it a bad idea…an exercise in frustration and bad cutting? It certainly looks like it has the potential to be. Do these actually work? ...

05-13-2013 11:11 PM

Irwin Speedbor Max Speed Bits? - 1 reply

What do you think of these bits…especially as compared to an auger bit? I bought one for a specific purpose because my spade bit wasn’t cutting it, and I liked it…but how do they compare to auger bits?

05-04-2013 02:03 AM

Full log width board? - 4 replies

When going from fresh-cut log to lumber… If I’m wanting to make a board from the full width of a tree trunk…is that center section going to be a weak spot? It seems most of even the large boards I see are half the tree width.

04-20-2013 11:43 PM

convex sharpening method? - 18 replies

Are there any disadvantages to sharpening freehand in the method that has you rocking the iron back and forth as you grind and hone, so that you end up with a convex bevel (the opposite of hollow grind)? I have tried it and really like it, as opposed to trying to keep my bevel constant freehand (I don’t use a honing guide). Thanks f...

04-11-2013 11:11 AM

plywood table-top - 3 replies

I’d like to make a large table from a full 4×8 sheet of plywood, with solid wood trim covering the edges… 1. Will this type of table-top hold up, as long as I put enough finish on the top? 2. What types of thing should I keep in mind when designing the support structure? I’m going for simple, but not something that ...

04-09-2013 04:13 AM

How to drive screws into wood - 27 replies

Any technical tips & tricks on how much to tighten screws, whether for hardware, assembly, or whatever. I usually feel like I could easily hand tighten most screws enough to strip them right out, which obviously not what I want to do. Everyone just says “don’t over-tighten.” So… Is it just experience? If yo...

03-27-2013 10:43 PM

Cleaning tools - 7 replies

Could you describe your routine, if any, for wiping, cleaning tools after use? Specifically 1. What do you do most regularly to things like saws and planes that cut wood? 2. How often do you do any sort of cleaning? 3. Is there anything special you would do after using your tools on wet, pressure-treated lumber? Thanks!

03-22-2013 10:36 PM

Veritas Plow & Rabbet Planes - 6 replies

Tell me if I’m thinking rightly here…If I get… -Veritas Plow Plane-$230,-Conversion kit-$40-3/4 inch blade-$19,-Tongue-cutting 1/4 blade-$28TOTAL: $317. If I get these, I’ll have capabilities for 1/4 grooves, & tongues, and up to 3/4 in. rabbets as well, right? Is this a viable alternative to getting the plow...

03-22-2013 01:39 PM

Hand drill ID? - 6 replies

Does anyone know what kind of hand drill this is. I picked it up at an antique shop because it spins really freely, even after I stop spinning it. THere are no markings on it whasoever, solid wheel painted red, and a steel hexagon handle. (side small handle is wood). Any Ideas?

03-15-2013 07:46 PM

Honestly now, do you switch saws? - 8 replies

In the following cases…. 1. Cutting out the side waste after using your dovetail (rip) saw to cut dovetails, 2. Cutting shoulders of tenons after using your tenon (rip) saw to cut the cheeks, Do you put down your rip saw and pick up a cross-cut saw for this type of work, or just use the saw that’s already in your hand? -

03-09-2013 12:49 AM

dry sharpening system? - 9 replies

Does anyone have a dry sharpening system that works well and gives a nice edge? Dry meaning no water, no oil, just a plan iron and some surface? Or is the lubricant so necessary that you just won’t get good results without making a mess?

03-07-2013 11:41 PM

No. 3 vs. No. 4 Smoothing plane? - 16 replies

I suppose this question is for people who consider themselves to have “normal” sized hands (subjective, I know). I need to get a smoothing plane, and for someone who already has a #5 Stanley, which I really like…do most people find a #3 too small for normal hands, or just different? Which do you prefer, if you have, or have...

02-20-2013 04:56 PM

Wooden smoothing Plane design? - 4 replies

So, the shop-made planes thread has inspired me to make a wooden smoothing plane… But I want some advice on which style is more comfortable for use. Some have a farily square, or coffin shape: While others have a more sloped back, like the Krenov-style planes:

02-16-2013 08:09 PM

Waterstones are messy! - 2 replies

So, I got my first waterstones (1000 & 6000) for Christmas, and just got around to using them this week. They are Japanese waterstones…I sharpened about 8-9 chisels and 8-9 plane irons yesterday and today…starting with coarse sandpaper, then a cheap 4-sided/4grit harbour-freight diamond stone, then 1000 & 6000 waterstones. ...

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