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Blog series by terryR updated 06-10-2015 08:12 PM 23 parts 77939 reads 374 comments total

Part 1: Chip-Carving Style Knife

11-05-2013 03:33 PM by terryR | 21 comments »

Most of you who already know me, know I like to make knives. No, I LOVE making knives. Every since an ol’ master taught me to refine my flint knapping skills, it’s been a constant addiction in my life! But, a knife is a such a simple tool with multiple uses…and can be expressed in so many artistic manners…they are easily addictive IMO. Plus, what a great chance to practice gluing techniques, wood shaping, minor joinery, and possibly carving? Here’s a special one with a...

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Part 2: More marking gauges

11-09-2013 12:59 AM by terryR | 10 comments »

More marking gauges? Yes, I made a few for practice during the Marking Gauge Swap this past Spring… cherry… ...and Rambutan… I soon changed out that black steel thumbscrew above for one of shiny brass, though!And, finally, this one came out good enough for a gift… (made from Bubinga and brass, and a shop-made O1 steel blade. heavy, heavy) So….why ANOTHER one? Hmmmm……….for practice. My shop skills seem rusty since I’ve been swinging a framing hammer and...

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Part 3: Warming Closet

11-30-2013 07:23 PM by terryR | 12 comments »

Sorry, no hand-cut dovetails, or fancy inlays this blog…time for some work on the shop itself… For those of you who’ve never been as far South as Alabama, and don’t think we see cold weather, let me change your mind. LOL. No, we don’t get many Nor’easters, or tons of snow, but here in the mountains of N. AL, the weather is fickle. And, winter hath suddenly arrived with low temps at night below freezing on a regular basis. (An important event when you collect wate...

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Part 4: Warming Canopy

01-27-2014 05:14 PM by terryR | 8 comments »

Hello everyone, more on Global Warming in this blog… Last installment, I built a crappy warming closet for glues and finishes, and it’s working great, but now I need a warm place large enough for a tool chest to sit while the Titebond3 cures. In my head, I could picture a covered wagon sort of structure which would cover my table saw and outfeed table…add a space heater, and a tarp and we are in business! I had seen similar builds using pex as the support for the outer...

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Part 5: Sargent 3416 Restoration

02-09-2014 04:24 PM by terryR | 8 comments »

Hi everyone, just wanted to share some quick results from a recent product experiment…Turtle Wax Rubbing Compound. Nearly everyone I know cleans vintage tools with some combination of BLO, soap, and spirits…or a secret solution containing one of the above. However, recently, LJ buddy CFrye uncovered this article on The Best Things: The author is mostly dealing with collectable tools, but admits any fine tool should be cared for...

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Part 6: Cherry Tobacco Pipe

02-27-2014 05:54 PM by terryR | 13 comments »

Hi everyone, more eye candy in this blog since I’m having a go at a wooden tobacco pipe for the first time. Why? Are you kidding! Pipes are tools as old as spoons and bowls…important stuff! And you guys already know I want to be a tool maker. :) Actually, I should blame the current Pipe Swap that’s just begun for pushing me to try this now… In my quest to learn more about Native American life, I’ve carved a couple of pipes from stone, using simple tools. ( ...

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Part 7: Gramercy Rasp Gets New Handle

03-17-2014 11:21 PM by terryR | 18 comments »

Well, this is a short blog that I sorta wish I didn’t have to share, but not every day in the shop is cherry… Was shaping a little smoking pipe from Briar the other day, when the handle came off my year old Gramercy Saw Tote Maker’s Rasp. I was sorta shocked! The hand-stitched teeth in the steel really make this a fine user, but less so without the handle. Upon closer inspection, I could see no evidence that the handle’s hole, the steel’s tang, or the brass ferrule had ever seen s...

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Part 8: Two More Pipes

04-05-2014 05:01 PM by terryR | 16 comments »

Hi everyone, another short blog in an attempt to get caught up with shop activities… First, for those who don’t know me, I have an addictive personality. So, when I create something in the shop that turns out better than I anticipated, or was more fun than I expected…I just HAVE to make another one. LOL. ...wooden arrows, pine needle baskets, and wood-burned gourds come to mind. This month it’s wooden tobacco pipes! :) I learned a ton from my first attempt, and after Jimt...

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Part 9: Split Nut Driver

04-08-2014 04:22 PM by terryR | 13 comments »

Hi everyone, another short blog in an attempt to get caught up with shop activities… I have an 1870‘s Shelton and Sons back saw that I’m trying to bring back to life. Tote is in aweful shape; missing the lower half with the sexy lamb’s tongue, missing half of upper horn, many cracks…As you can tell, I’m looking for an excuse to replace it. LOL. Actually, that decision is still up for committee to decide, but before anything can happen, the old brass split nuts HAVE to be rem...

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Part 10: Red Oak Cat Shelf

05-09-2014 11:06 PM by terryR | 20 comments »

Hello Everyone, time for another blog from The Farm… In addition to the goats, pigs, and chickens, The Wife and I also have too many cats on this place! LOL. Four cats live inside with us, plus one in the barn, two live in the back yard, and at least two frequently visit for food. I guess I take after my Dad who was known as “The Cat Man” by the local vet’s office…I just love cats. The barn kitty hangs with me in the shop when I’m working, the other o...

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Part 11: Pipes 4 and 5

06-09-2014 06:37 PM by terryR | 25 comments »

Hello everyone…still trying to get caught up with shop activities… I’ve managed to become quite addicted to Pipe Craft, and still blame it on the recent Pipe Swap. The exactness required for the airflow, and the contrast of non-conforming exterior shapes just pulls me in. To make a good pipe, it seems you need good calipers, and artistic imagination. A metal turning lathe would be nice, but only a drill press and hand tools are required. Your mileage may vary. LOL. ...

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Part 12: Pipe for LJ Swap

06-23-2014 11:22 PM by terryR | 16 comments »

Hello everyone,‭ ‬another blog…another pipe. Actually,‭ ‬this one isn’t just another pipe.‭ ‬This was my entry for the LJ Pipe Swap last month…another reason I’ve been practicing pipe craft‭! ‬This finished pipe went to jim65‭ ‬in Italy‭! ‬Very cool.‭ It all started out on paper,‭ ‬of course…here you can see my initial plans for the pipe which included a ring of antler.‭ ‬I had been practicing with antler on the lathe,‭ ‬as you can see on the small cherry p...

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Part 13: Bent Apple Pipe

09-01-2014 08:16 PM by terryR | 11 comments »

Wow, cannot believe it’s been over 2 months since I posted a Blog…still behind I am… I promised a bent pipe at the end of the last Blog, so here goes… The challenge for this project was to create a BENT pipe; meaning the airflow and tobacco chambers do not line up at 90 degrees. Seemingly simple, but not so using a lathe. Many pipe makers use specialized jaws to hold the workpiece for this geometry, but I’ve also seen a few use the techniques below… ...

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Part 14: Turned Boxes

09-29-2014 05:59 PM by terryR | 21 comments »

Hi everyone, as promised, no pipes this time! :) How about a handful of turned boxes? What’s that? Ummm…a round box with a lid… ...very handy for storing small items, or just decoration. And a LOT of fun in the workshop to make. As soon as I complete one, I start laminating another blank, or drawing ideas for the next. Of course, you guys already know I have an addictive personality that way. Usually, I’m so busy taking photos during any build, an extra ho...

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Part 15: Saw Sharpening Clamp

10-31-2014 06:31 PM by terryR | 17 comments »

Hi everyone, Welcome to another blog WITHOUT pipes. LOL. I’ve finally decided to take the walk down the saw sharpening path…have been putting it off for over a year! I fully expect a rocky beginning, but hope the trail eases out with time. Luckily, you LJ’s are full of information and love to share. My initial attempts at re-shaping teeth were an abomination to the craft due to lack of fresh reading, and NOT even knowing how to properly adjust my Veritas saw filing jig...

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Part 16: Stanley No.3 Restored

11-11-2014 08:02 PM by terryR | 6 comments »

Just a few quick photos to document a recent plane restoration… This is a Stanley No.3 Type11…with the infamous V-logo on the cutting iron; made from 1910-1918. A lil rusty, and missing a small amount of wood, but in great shape otherwise. As soon as I took off the knob, the small chunk you see fell off…along with another piece. And the tote had an obvious repair needed to the beaver tail…unfortunately it involved the hole for the hardware, and I wasn’t...

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Part 17: 3 Ply Tills

12-06-2014 11:51 PM by terryR | 10 comments »

Three ply tills;Three ply tills;See how they slide;See how they slide;Made with Birch cut on the table saw;Joined with rabbets from Veritas;Three ply tills. Recently, I added a new ply top and Poplar edge banding to my main work table, since the old 1” mdf top was aging badly due to moisture. This table is 4×5’ and stands between my bench and lathe, so occupies valuable space! The new top was screwed and glued down, then I removed the screws and plugged the holes with...

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Part 18: First lathe bowl

12-29-2014 11:57 PM by terryR | 19 comments »

Hi everyone, somehow I managed to carve over a dozen bowls prior to purchasing a lathe, but none since in a year and a half. Thought I’d change that… Started with a walnut blank from kneeBay I bought in 2011… Turned it round between centers, and added a spigot to the base… Then, grabbed the blank by the spigot using bowl jaws, and turned the outer shape. Sorta bland since I didn’t have a plan before starting, but not ugly. I also burned a...

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Part 19: Hock Marking Knife

01-08-2015 04:02 PM by terryR | 15 comments »

Hi everyone. Another quick Blog to share a marking knife I just completed. Have had this Hock blade sitting in the shop for a year, and decided to put him to work since my other main knife has a round handle and rolls badly. This blade has a full-tang, so should make a stronger user! I didn’t care for the square edges on the original blade, so used french curves and a sharpie to lay out a few nice curves. A quick trip to the grinder, and I had a sexy shape to play with. I also...

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Part 20: How to Make a Handplane Tote

02-01-2015 05:55 PM by terryR | 24 comments »

Hi everyone, as usual, I’m behind on uploading blogs…just too slow of a typist. :( I wanted to share a few different techniques on how to make a handplane tote…in case your shop is like mine…sans router table. Also, my Ryobi drill press lacks much of a quill stroke, which makes boring and counterboring a challenge. So, I’ve nixed that tool from the build as well. And, for entertainment value, let’s make new totes for some one year old Lie Nielsen pla...

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Part 21: Alabama Snow and the Meaning of Life

03-22-2015 11:11 PM by terryR | 27 comments »

Hi everyone, I’ve decided to try a new format for Blogs for a while and see the response. I’ve been reading Paul Sellers’ blogs nearly every day, and enjoy his ramblings on tools, woodworking, and life in general. So, thought I’d start sharing more of my shop life instead of focusing on one build. Since I’m such a slow typist, I’m always behind on sharing recent projects from my shop anyway. Maybe this unrestrained format will let me introduce builds in ...

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Part 22: FlintKnapping is my Friend

05-05-2015 12:44 PM by terryR | 22 comments »

Hi everyone, Spring has suddenly arrived to our place, in fact we’ve seen daily highs over 80 degrees regularly the past week or so! Since we live in a very fertile floodplain, a small amount of sunshine means the grass is already growing out of control. I’d estimate that I try to mow 5 acres of ‘yard’ including around the house, around the barn and pond, around the shop, a good 1/2 mile of road frontage (both sides of the road), and a mile-long path around our larg...

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Part 23: June 10, 2015

06-10-2015 08:12 PM by terryR | 22 comments »

Hello everyone, I cannot believe it’s been over 5 weeks since the last update, but you know how life goes… Sadly, the major event the past month for us was watching the passing of one of our elderly cats, named Leo. He was 18 years old, and finally succumbed to end stage renal failure. Leo was an awesome friend who lived a sedentary life, sleeping on the couch most of His time. He weighed close to 20 pounds most of His adult life, but was scared of His own tail! :) If we...

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